Pete Townshend - Mary Lyrics

Mary, you are everything a man could want
And I want you, Mary
Did you know when you pushed me once away from you
The thing I knew grew inside me

People are dancing for you now
But I can't see why
Can't they see that they can't beat
Nothing I have for you

Mary, you are everything a man could need
How I need you, Mary
How I need you

When I look at the hole in your coat
I have to love you more
I remember when I was a child
And my brother slept on the floor

Oh, I know that the sun don't shine
Down on every man
But when women let the my brother down
I swore one day I'd land
Me one Mary
Swore I'd land me one Mary
Oh, Mary

When I look at the hole in your coat
I have to love your more
I remember when I was a child
My brother slept on the floor

Oh, I know that the sun don't shine
Down on every man
But when the woman let my brother down
I swore one day, I'd land me Mary
I swore I'd land me Mary

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Pete Townshend Mary Comments
  1. stellam

    One of his best songs. This performance is perfect.

  2. Chris Lester

    Man what a gem!

  3. Marcelo França

    The greatest

  4. MrGb1965

    What a gamer. Maybe the best.

  5. Stella Fokas

    Genius can't wait to see THE WHO one last time in Toronto, Sept 2019!!

  6. Edwina Wilcox

    So so great.

  7. Conrad B

    Blooming' brilliant! One of Pete's lesser known sublime classics.

  8. Jim Haas

    Definitely one of his best - and least appreciated - songs.

  9. Green Sombrero

    one of the greatest artists of our times......incredible.....what a singer....(and guitar player, not needed to be said)

  10. Miu Meu

    Just such spellbinding acoustic playing from about 2:30 - 4:00 especially.

  11. Dan O

    Phenomenal 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

  12. thankyoupourlavideo

    James May playing much better guitar than a car sounds on piano

  13. Iron Mike

    He's a gui-tar wizard, there has to be a twist. A gui-tar wizard's got such a supple wrist.


    Huh. I've never thought of Pinball Wizard being about Townshend; it was about Tommy. But yes, Pete always had and still does have a wonderful ability to play triplets. In my opinion is less a guitar wizard and more a musical or lyrical wizard.

  14. Kevin Barron

    dreadful song writer....

  15. Kevin Barron

    floor analogy i adore...

  16. Kathleen M

    Beautiful song. I have always loved Pete.

  17. MrGb1965

    Those harmonics look to have carried into the acoustic section of Who Are You.

  18. MrGb1965

    Has there ever been a better performer?  I'd like to know who.

    nisa campbell

    Who the fuck are you? :)

  19. kingdom777866

    Theres only 'ONE' talented Pete Townshend !!

  20. Aaron Yarlas

    The song is brilliant and this performance is impeccable. he is a wizard on that guitar.

  21. Luileadolfo

    The Who recorded this song in 1971, for the Who s' Next /Lifehouse album. Sadly the tapes were ruined or lost.

  22. Jeff Goodwilling

    This is one of Pete's greatest songs. I love it. I have actually played and recorded this song.

  23. unionjack515

    Incredible command of the instrument.

  24. JCMM

    ufffffff too much for my ears.............simplemind is Mr.TOWSHEND

  25. Kevin O'Connor

    Scoop is awesome!

  26. JoshDone

    Ever since I bought "Scoop" decades ago, I've loved this song.......

  27. JCMM

    mooding the world,mooding the consciencious.........i

  28. Rylee Strange

    i love the chord change after "mary, you are everything a man could want." what a killer chord.

  29. Kevin Glassco

    one of my favorite deep cuts

  30. petefen40

    When I hear this, I know why he's my musical hero...I don't care what the detractors ya Pete!

  31. Mike Lee

    thank you so much for uploading this! i love the demo of this, and seeing it live is amazing

  32. albert russo

    the guy's name is phil palmer..


    The James May looking backing guitarist?

  33. Tony From Syracuse

    ugh what a waste not to put that orchestra on this song!

  34. 92piova


  35. monroe_collectables

    Holy shit, this is amazing.

  36. estoesesto4

    Wandeful song! Long life Pete Townshend. ¡"Genious"!

  37. tomthefunky

    That's Ray and Dave Davies nephew on second guitar.

  38. RefinnejLincoln

    his guitar playing is mesmerizing-

  39. trammix

    Been listening to Pete Townshend since I was a teenager. now I'm 51 & still listening. He makes my world a better place with songs such as this.

  40. Michael Leeming

    Wow!! This is the great man at his very best here!! I love this track...Great song Great voice.. The best songman ever!!

  41. Mary Capriole

    I just love this song! Thanks for posting!

  42. moontheloon1969

    demo of scoop amazing ,petes drums suited the mood ,some songs like this only pete could pull off not a who song

  43. Mary Cole

    Have to admit, its one of my fav Lifehouse tunes. So nice and sweet in Pete's demo, just beautiful. Nice to hear it again.

  44. john683011

    The Who's version of this, I'm thinking, would sound pretty close to the demo version, like their version of Time Is Passing did. The Who did actually record it, but the version is lost to history at the moment.

  45. The Federation Conversation

    I could imagine The Who really rocking out at 1:25, if this were ever a Who song. Pity Townshend favours the quieter stuff.

    John McDaniel

    The Federation Conversation The Who did record this song in early 1971, during the Lifehouse session, but after the album was abandoned, so was the recording of Mary.

  46. Gene Cricco


  47. Gene Cricco


  48. Daniel Johnson

    What a great song!