Pete Townshend - Love Reign O'er Me Lyrics

Only love, can make it rain
The way the beach is kissed by the sea
Only love can make it rain
Like the sweat of lovers
Laying in the fields

Love, reign o'er me
Love, reign o'er me, reign o'er me

Only love can bring the rain
That makes you yearn to the sky
Only love can bring the rain
That falls like tears from on high

Love, love reign o'er me, reign o'er me
Love, reign o'er me, reign o'er me

On the dry and dusty road
The nights we spent apart alone
I need to get back home
To cool, cool rain
I can't sleep and lay and I think
The nights are hot and black as ink
Oh God, I need a drink
Of cool, cool rain

Love, love, love reign o'er me, reign o'er me
Love reign o'er me
Love, love, love reign o'er me, reign on me
Reign on me


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Pete Townshend Love Reign O'er Me Comments
  1. palacerevolution2000

    You guys sure this is all Pete? Could be that he took the band's basixc track home to then work out the LV.

  2. John Surabian

    ! ! Rain On Me<3! Cool , Cool --_-- Rain!

  3. Gregg Johnson

    A musical genius a great song writer and I think the greatest rock n roll guitarist.

  4. Martin Carlos

    The composition, the feeling and the man behind it. To me that makes the whole thing.

  5. just4music

    Fucking amazing. Love Pete so much. xoxo So tender and so powerful.

  6. Lorena Silvana Pasquetti

    Pete Townshend molto sottovalutato anche come chitarrista. Molto piu' bravo di altri tanti artisti molto osannati

  7. JD L

    This is amazing! Get rid of the sound effects and you get pure excellence.

  8. penntocali

    Has anyone come across a piano only (with vocal) version of this?

    John Garbarzyk

    +penntocali I once saw Pete Townshend perform this song solo on piano at a show in NYC in 1993 but I've never heard heard a recording of it yet.

  9. Burt Reynolds

    And to think this was recorded in a small analogue home studio. Sounds as good, if not better than a lot of digital recordings.

  10. Joaquin Shang

    Legendary album and version.

    Lorena Silvana Pasquetti

    Joaquin Pete Townshend e' sottovalutato. Molto piu' in gamba di altri artisti tanto osannati. Grande chitarrista

  11. Joaquin Shang

    fucking genius, the most emotional song ever made.

  12. kewrock

    The Who should have been a three-piece. I always preferred Pet's demos over the actual finished product. Pete on vocals and guitar, John and Keith.

    Jerry K.

    Daltrey brought a significant degree of in your face, fists clenched, anger and danger to the equation, and it's clear that Townshend's writing took advantage of Roger's blossoming abilities from 1968 on. But most importantly, during Tommy and after, Daltrey was able to expand his vocal range with great subtlety and sensitivity, making how confrontational The Who's music is that much more powerful. I love Townshend's voice and his songwriting speaks for itself but Daltrey is as legitimately integral to the sound and "attitude" of The Who as are each of his bandmates, Entwistle, Moon, and Townshend. Without Daltrey it would have still been good music but it wouldn't have been The Who. Still, Townshend's demos are brilliant and I think he's possibly THE single most influential composer and musical artist of the 2nd half of the 20th Century. Townshend is a great artist.

  13. Cam

    This demo captures the sonic idea of thunder, lightning and rain better than the Quadrophenia version does, even the 1996 remix. I have a friend who always contended that Quadrophenia was a great album badly mixed. Maybe it was just a collection of great songs badly recorded mid-breakdown, its best musical ideas lost in the pursuit of that stupid story.

    Andy Nicholes

    Cam Roger Daltrey agrees!!!! He hated the original production and probably still curses the original engineer Ron Nevison!

  14. Alien Martin

    His vocals are great!

  15. Henk Westerik

    Love this version. Great singing too

  16. Mary Holzrichter

    Just saw this performed on Jimmy Fallon by Pete Townshend. Still awesome!


    Only The Who.

  18. Lily H

    I think I found a touch or heaven

    steve Campbell

    You did.

  19. DMaria Woods

    Love this song!

  20. ThatFlo

    Can I use this song in my YT Video? ^_^

  21. Giulio Messina

    my opinion, best song ever!

  22. Gina Mori

    I'd like to play with Peter

    David S Cameron


  23. Isabel Townshend

    I love so much to Pete, his voice is my favorite. He is GREATEST 😍

  24. Michael Ashley

    There's Townsend and there's Zappa.


    I was just thinking what a reggae breakdown of this would sound like and Zappa was first to my mind.

  25. Andy Reeve

    Would love to see Pete perform this as a one piece band !! Haha :)

  26. Pianoman 70s style

    I really like Pete's piano playing.

  27. Dan De Palma

    Pete is genius.

    Oppie Oppenheimer

    +Dan De Palma: he truly is

  28. mike stratocaster

    Pete's bad drumming is epic. He must have known that this was a perfect song for Roger to sing...... It's amazing how much of the arrangement he had developed before he took it to the rest of the band.

    Lexie Luff

    @mike stratocaster How much money have you made with your music? As much as Pete?

    Henk Westerik

    Bad drumming??????

    Classic Reddit Stories

    I think in this case, "bad" means good!

  29. Maskofanarchy1

    What a revelation. I've never heard such a crisp, clean version. Lovely.

  30. Kimi Raikkonen

    Without the rest of the band, this song would seriously suck
    Without Pete, this song would not exist
    Together, they made one of the greatest music ever

  31. Cynthia A. Pacheco

    Love this song, and love the who

  32. 878set

    For a demo, this sounds pretty damn good.  It's tough comparing this version to Roger's.  I like the way Pete sings the verses better, but I prefer the way Roger sings the chorus.

  33. logicalfallacy234

    Awesome version, but why is the ending sound bit of Drowned tagged on at the end?

  34. meandollie316

    BEST version! Pure Townshend. Pure GENIUS !!!

  35. raintalonwindclan

    This version is so good because it's his theme.

  36. raintalonwindclan

    I completely agree.

  37. machia0705

    Always preferred Pete's vocals over Roger's. Roger is powerful but Pete seems to have more heart. Hey, THE WHO is a great and very underated band. Townshend a musical genius who isn't fully recognized for his incredible talent. Great demo here, thanks for the post!

  38. Peter Kroll

    It is 95 % there and just needed a bot producing.. A demo? Plenty other bands don''t have this quality as a final release.

  39. Eileen Potocnak Arnold

    my god, pete is a genius that NEVER gets the credit he deserves. i love him...this is as good as the whole damn group.

    Politely Correct

    Pete is a genius WHO never gets the credit he deserves.

  40. jrm5115

    ever get that les paul? :)

  41. HailFireAndIce

    Pete is a genius. I like the Who version better, but this one has so much heart in it it's ridiculous.

  42. janette mills

    typical it gets no dislikes but not many likes as in history shockingly never one british number one. That song there you can actually feel it

  43. Vin Gleason

    One of my all time favorite songs

  44. Gino Padula

    Pete would have had a hall of fame career on his own! His song writing and talent for composing alone is legendary.

  45. Dom Brazzale

    No dislikes, THATS WHAT I THOUGHT!

  46. Peter Kroll

    This makes it absolutely clear who was The Who.

  47. eurochrissy2

    Roger said 'I will always live in the shadow of his songs' (about Pete Townshend),that's humble of Roger for me,and sums up Pete's craft...

  48. albert russo

    if this was the only song that he ever wrote, it would still make him great...

  49. albert russo

    @1StarProductions i don't agree about him being "Thin". I do agree that his finished work w/the band were better than his demos. Listening to his demos give u a bit of an inside track of what makes the man tick musically...

  50. nellrb72

    @LeeJTurnock i prefer it too....he was an artist and it shows thou in his work x

  51. nellrb72

    @batosai370 too.....omg this is much better than Rodger singing.....even thou i love him too x

  52. 1StarProductions

    It's true... Townsend's ideas are brilliant, but solo, he is "thin".

  53. Ginger McCarthy

    How very beautiful

  54. loraccap

    This is really good, I always thought Daltrey's voice was too hard for this song. Pete Townshend's voice is more emotional. This was truly moving.


    I love both vocals, but there is something so thrilling about hearing the composer sing his own song. So beautiful!!

  55. Raelsalmacis

    @drummer78 Ok man,sorry then :)

  56. High Number

    I was talking about Pete's age at the time he recorded Quadrophenia.

  57. Raelsalmacis

    @drummer78 37 years old ;)

  58. Happysundaze

    Bought Scoop on the strength of a great review in Rolling Stone and am I ever greatful. This is my favourite ever 'demo' tune, calling it a demo seems ridiculous it's so majestically polished. I think it beats the eventual album version hands down. Musically and emotionally more intense and true, Thanks Pete.

  59. High Number

    27 years old but who's counting. Still bloody young.

  60. ChazStrummer

    I think he sings it much better than Roger.

  61. Jack Biggs

    pete is a genius!

  62. Lifelong Lesson

    holy shitballs!

  63. zagatoF1

    nie im radio, wunderbar

  64. mod69

    einstein of rock&roll

  65. Lowell Huntley

    The intro reminds me of halo music

  66. townshend1969

    No, it's a Fender Princeton Reverb

  67. Blaire Ronzel

    This is off the "Scoop" record.

  68. Strentanator

    this is amazing. i think i prefer rogers voice and john and keith make the song more complete and unique, but this could easily have been a finished product and would have been just as successful.

  69. Kevin Kunreuther

    I've always preferred this version rather than The Who's version. Scoop made me a great fan of Pete's demos .

  70. כרמל גל


  71. ManiacDrummer1212

    those first 3 piano chords are so fucking epic. seriously i can't even take how epic they are. every time i hear them it feels like everything that has ever happened to me is flashing in my ears. its the craziest feeling, but dont think im nuts :) its just a very powerful song, is all im saying, in fact the most beautiful and powerful song ever

  72. cheappassion

    Not sure, but I freaking love it.

  73. Lele seba

    Genius , around 20 yearsold , no media , never hear this kind sound before ...and he create a beatifull song ...60' s Amadeus .Thanks Pete

  74. nownzen77

    killer good!!!!

  75. TheWholigans

    Very good, but Roger ,John & Keith added balls and made it The Who.
    Pete is obviously the mad scientist/genius but the others are the bricklayers and welders that make The Who...THE WHO.
    An army of 4 no less.

  76. Ben Pook

    yep I absolutely agree, and also probably the best I´ve heard pete sing...

  77. Seth Tea

    agreed. its MUCH more raw.

  78. kari biel

    woooow! townshend's amazing.