Pete Townshend - Let My Love Open The Door Lyrics

When people keep repeating
That you'll never fall in love
When everybody keeps retreating
But you can't seem to get enough

Let my love open the door
Let my love open the door
Let my love open the door to your heart

When everything feels all over
Everybody seems unkind
I'll give you a four-leaf clover
Take all worry out of your mind

Let my love open the door
Let my love open the door
Let my love open the door to your heart
(To your heart)

I've got the only key to your heart
I can stop you from falling apart
Try today, you'll find this way
Come on and give me a chance to say
Let my love open the door
It's all I'm living for
Release yourself from misery
There's only one thing gonna set you free
That's my love
That's my love

Let my love open the door
Let my love open the door
Let my love open the door
Let my love open the door

When tragedy befalls you
Don't let it drag you down
Love can cure your problems
You're so lucky I'm around

Let my love open the door
Let my love open the door
Let my love open the door to your heart

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Pete Townshend Let My Love Open The Door Comments
  1. Tinkaluisa

    The summer right after high school graduation -- camping in the San Juan Islands with my boyfriend -- aw yeah!

  2. Ian Robinson

    A hatred for paedophiles brought me here

  3. Kevin Mccarty

    ...I thought the lyrics were "Let Milo open the door"

  4. Matt M

    New kids!

  5. chuy1211

    Along came Polly

  6. Garrett Pruett

    “David brought me here” well anyone from Mr. Deeds? That’s a great movie

  7. zuerichraphael

    David Dobrik ❤️

  8. Will's Music

    Californication brought me here!

  9. deqew1

    Red dog and Mr Deeds brought me here...

  10. Up the ra

    Erin go bragh

  11. Up the ra

    Tiocfaidh ár lá

  12. Up the ra

    Up the ra

  13. Danny Thomas

    The only good post-'78 song from anyone in The Who.

  14. Robbie Landrey

    Isn't he from The Who?

    Gregg Todd

    Robbie Landrey it’s more like The Who is from him.

    Robbie Landrey

    @Gregg Todd my dad still has his album All Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes!

  15. Robbie Landrey

    Mr Deeds brought me here!
    It's one of my favorite Adam Sandler movies

  16. Abdel Hamiid Abiid

    i came here from Mr deeds ( adam sandler movie )

  17. scott engle

    From August 1980... I remember it WELL !!

  18. Roman Garcia

    LOVE this song - but is always reminded me of a re-write of ‘you better, you bet’.

  19. who is like God?

    so apparently Final Fantasy 7 ripped this off

  20. The Sharktocrab

    Scanlan brought me here

  21. Elgin M. Brown

    Mr.Deeds 2002

  22. Jason Perez

    Love this song....end of 2019

  23. ILoveallthegirls1

    Having parents with a decent taste in music brought me here, and drugs.

  24. lilly peña

    Los años no pasan en.vano. Nunca imaginé a Pete Thousand y the Who con.una romántica.canción. Y de paso, preciosa

  25. malsimian

    Mr. Deeds brought me here...jeez this song seems to be in a number of movies.

  26. A megalodon with internet access


  27. WizardOCE

    Let Scanlan open the door

  28. Jessica Durso

    just because it's Tuesday:)

  29. Shem Roldan

    The Movie "Take Me Home Tonight" brought me here.

  30. Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium And Warehouse!

    I'm here because I fell


    Who is Milo? and why don't they want him to open the door?

    Tivroc Saig

    That is how I sing it.


    My love.

  32. Detroit Gamer

    If i ever directed a movie this would the ending theme

    Mikayla Smith

    It’s at the end of Jersey Girl, Look Who’s Talking, etc etc 😂😂

    patrick diaz

    Dan in real life ended with this song

    Alexander The Great

    You'll be better than Steven Brill. I guarantee you that.

    Detroit Gamer

    @Alexander The Great lol bet

  33. Survival2019

    Pete Townshend put on sex offenders register
    Townshend placed on sex offenders register
    Jamie Wilson
    Thu 8 May 2003 09.00 BSTFirst published on Thu 8 May 2003 09.00 BST
    The rock star Pete Townshend was yesterday cautioned by police and placed on the sex offenders register for five years following his admission that he accessed child pornography on the internet.
    Townshend, 57, received the caution at Kingston police station in south-west London for "accessing a website containing child abuse images". 

    He was arrested in January as part of Operation Ore, the largest investigation into child pornography in the UK. He admitted using his credit card to access images but claimed they were for "research" for a book. 

    Scotland Yard said in a statement: "At 12.00 today the musician Pete Townshend was formally cautioned for accessing a website containing child abuse images in 1999.


    "After four months of investigation by officers from Scotland Yard's child protection group, it was established that Mr Townshend was not in possession of any downloaded child abuse images. 

    "He has fully cooperated with the investigation. 

    "As a routine part of the cautioning process fingerprints, a photograph and a DNA sample will be taken; additionally in these cases, the person concerned will be entered on the sex offenders register for a period of five years." 

    In a statement released by an aide outside his mansion in Richmond, south-west London, Townshend insisted that police had "unconditionally accepted" that he was looking at the site as research for his "campaign" against child pornography.

  34. Kal Solo

    I’m here for Mr. Deeds

  35. Jeffrey Fletcher

    They don't em' write like that anymore.

  36. Nick Flores

    Make me want to get drunk now lol

  37. Anfernee Smalshyager

    Notice Rabbit Bundrick's Japanese-esque synthesizer intro? Wasn't that an unexpected treat?

    Japan was a big topic throughout the 80s, both in the U.S. & A. and The U.K. Back then, a cottage industry of fear books emerged, predicting Japan's economy, with perhaps only 100 million people was going to dominate.

    Part of that was probably to convince the totalitarian Soviet Union to just give it up and implode. Part of it was probably to motivate American workers to work harder.

    Here's an interesting stat: in the U.S. 3/4ths of its population is unhappy. In Japan, it is slightly lower, at a mere 2/3rds.

    Those numbers are astonishingly bad. Appallingly so.

    Methinks making self love part of their cultures, and all countries throughout this world could fix this opening the doors to every heart out there, and thus transmogrifying the world for the better.

  38. SSJ _Ray

    This songs make me feel nostalgic

  39. webmillions

    Strange to go from The Who to this

  40. Bruce Lee • Hace 17 años

    The guitarist of The Who!!!

  41. TheDogsDay

    My inability to cope with reality brought me here

  42. Michael Vazquez

    Mr Deeds > David's vlogs

  43. Matthew Malone

    This is what happens when you put your whole sole into a song ✓ for God's sake hold the door

    Dawn Sutton

    Or rather, dont let go the coat!
    The Who n Pete, Some of Britain's finest.

  44. Jmoore

    David dobrik

  45. KYRITO kun

    Cadê os brasileiros que apreciam música?

  46. hotcake8

    The radio bought me here

  47. avtausb

    This man is standing equal to Lennon/McCartney. I love his songs.


    Pfft! Way better!

  48. Click Bait O’ Clock

    I discovered this song at a really young age when my mom let me watch “Look Who’s Talking” and I always loved this song. I could say it’s somewhat nostalgic

    Lady V

    Same here same movie that made me lik the song

  49. Fletcher Blackmore

    Red Dog brought me here

  50. apearonatree

    This song was in my head

  51. Jenn Koko

    I saw Steve Winwood last nite in Bakersfield...acting up I gave him time out and he wouldn't listen so I let it be...

  52. John Kirk

    Who is here from David's vlogs

  53. Mark ONeill

    Listening to music brought me here. I'm only 4 years old and I love this stuff.... I also really like cliches.

  54. Garima

    DAN IN REAL LIFE movie has this

  55. Martino V

    Mr. Deeds ???

  56. Katie Ring

    Empty Glass ❤️❤️

  57. Nah

    This is low-key a worship song

  58. Андрей Толстых

    Офигенная песня..

  59. GjpgrD

    I know Pete's voice is kind of thin & reedy, but there's something about it, a unique quality that really touches my soul. Roger's great, of course, but Pete singing the bridges on so many Who classics is my jam.

  60. Randomguy12

    Bruh itz sas that im here from davids vlog. I shazamed that song

  61. HarryScTam

    Who here is for scuba?

  62. Jenn Koko

    Sure man....

  63. Josh Hogue

    I was rewatching old movies. Hit & run came about and here i am

  64. Johnnie lee

    Can anyone say Hans Gruber? Die hard.....

  65. Norron leganda

    I know this song from David, didn’t know Pete sang it!!

  66. Fit Mind

    thanks david i love this

  67. Yo it’s Joe

    David dobrik is my dad

  68. Mr. Nik

    Yes David brought me here

    Jenn Koko

    david who?

    Bilal Aslam

    @Jenn Koko David Dobrik

    Jenn Koko

    @Bilal Aslam Thank you my friend...


    Yeah David dobrik brought me here

    Jenn Koko

    @SHABA PAPA hopefully he gives you a ride home

  69. Pawan Productions

    Thank you David dobrik for your best outro songs, like this one 🔥

  70. Lara Bakar

    I wish David would just put the song in the fucking description so i didn't have to closely listen to the lyrics and hunt the song for a decade

  71. Brad Akin

    Who is here from David’s video??

    Ishe Rubaba


    Maria João Borralho Marinho


    Pee Pee


  72. ellie !!!

    Not good

  73. gisel Pena

    The Goldbergs brought me here. I’ve got to say, this song lifted my blues. It simply makes me smile.

  74. Johnny #5

    I still think of Mr.Deeds when i hear this song lolz.


    Lmao thank you I know this has been other Adam Sandler movies too

  75. Soviet Kingdom

    Goldbergs 4x15 brought me here

  76. Annabeth c:

    I'm here from Dan in Real Life

  77. anne hudson

    never get hearing this PETEY keep on making music and helping the newbies ANNIELEE

  78. Frank Castle

    If you play at 0.5 speed it kinda sounds like Baba o' Riley

  79. Dkyguy1995

    I've never in my entire life known this was Pete Townshend. Must have heard it 1000 times and never put it together

  80. Marcus Games


  81. Dark Star King

    Every decision and choice ive made my entire life brought me here to this moment.

  82. marjorie perez

    David Dobrik brought me here and now i'm in love with this song

  83. ryan m

    Such an ear worm. Would make good ice cream truck jingle.

  84. Алексей Александров

    Hello.Может кто скинуть аккорды без каподастра?) тут есть русскоговорящие?) please to help

  85. Paul Dunn

    Let my love open the door to your.....crèche

  86. Steven Dalloesingh

    Came here from Old Dogs.
    R.I.P. Mr. Robin Williams❤

  87. ThePizzageek

    Pete's prayer

  88. Paul Landrey

    This song is from Mr. Deeds.

  89. Dwight Plock

    Late Summer of 1980. Starting college for 1rst time. Everything was new. And they were playing the heck out of this on the radio! Still haven't gotten tired of it!

  90. tai tai love

    Looks who's talking brought me here

  91. InfinityCalcs

    Who's here bc of David Dobrik!?

  92. Kevin Padilla

    You’re here cause of David aren’t you😉

    Zaki Shirazi

    Kevin Padilla nope

  93. hifijohn

    If I worked at Dupont I would be singing " let mylar open the door".

  94. Andrew Andrew

    Not sure why I thought it was an indian dude who sang this

  95. YEET

    The good doctor trailer for season 3 brought me here!