Pete Townshend - Join Together Lyrics

When you hear the sound a coming
Hear the drummer drumming
I want you to join together with the band
We don't move in any 'ticular direction
And we don't make no collection
Won't you join together in the band

Do you really care
What you eat or what you wear
We want you to join together in the band
There's a million ways to laugh
And every one is a path
Come on and join together in the band

We want you to join together
We want you to join together
We want you to join together in the band
Come on and join
Come on and join
Come on and join together in the band
Come on and join

You don't have to play
You can follow or lead the way
Just want you to join together in the band
We don't know where we're going
But the season's right for knowing
Come on and join together in the band
Come on and join
Come on and join

It's the singer not the song
That makes the music move along
Come on and join together in the band
This is the biggest band you'll find
We're so deep and we're wide
I want you to join together in the band

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Pete Townshend Join Together Comments
  1. Lance Bonnington

    4:55 to 5:40....the cosmic heartbeat.

  2. TheSanityInspector

    This is the most "English" rock song I know of, outside of Jethro Tull's catalog. I can't imagine an American band coming up with anything like it!

  3. robert brunelle

    big crowd for a demo

  4. beadbop

    Pete's a flippin' genius!

    I remember when this song came out in the summer of '72, and I danced to it on the sands of Zuma Beach.
    45 years ago and six thousand miles away, and it still makes me dance. :)

  5. MrMissy1964

    I don't get it. How can a track recorded live in 1989 be a demo for a song released on vinyl in 1968? You are confused. Either it is a demo recorded in 1967 or it's a live track from 1989.

  6. Cynthia Kent

    well YAY

  7. Monty Daniels

    I'm liking these demo's. I've heard different band demo's that have a ton of changes when the album came out but Pete does a great job of filling everything up.

  8. cosmos 85

    Great demo

  9. Margaret Gordy

    The Doors? Grand Funk? Huh? American bitches need to get British boys took OUR R&B BLACK BLUES and scrambled it up and became and are the MASTERS without really even trying...
    Pop tarts shit music can't touch a real rock and roll BAND...( join together indeed)💜💙❤🍀🌹

  10. MR. NWE

    I've always wondered if the line
    "It's the singer not the song that makes the music move along" was a little ode to Roger somehow . As we all know their relationship around this time "1971-72" was at best contemptuous for each other
    Maybe Pete was saying "I know I'm the brains here but without you I wouldn't be so rich"

  11. paul simon

    Join together from afar. Don't climb onstage with the who .bad things happen to poor fools who tried.

  12. cosmos 85

    Brilliant version

  13. Stefan Hamilton

    One of the greatest bass lines ever written, I love that Pete holds off on bringing it in so long. A true master.

  14. Yann Pinguet

    This man was a genius (still is ?)

  15. William Swain

    When moving in a ticular direction, I am invariably lead to the genius that is Peter Townshend.

  16. Linda Howard

    I definitely agree with everything you said Matt

  17. trfesok

    It sounds like they left some of the basic tracks from the demo (synth,jew's harp, maybe rhythm guitar) in the final version. This is one of the few times I don't really care for Pete's vocals -- he wrote it in too high a key for himself! The final is much better. I put both in my "Who's Beaty.." playlist. Thanks for the upload!


    I want to think the flute part is from a synthesizer or a Mellotron.


    Probably a synth. Pete never used a Mellotron.

    Bill Loomis

    He probably wrote it with Roger in mind.

  18. Matt Daniels

    I've been a Who fan since my early years ( single figures!) and this recording is a testament to Pete Townshend as a writer and producer of such inspiring music.  In fact the demos that I've heard from this period, for me, reveal the inner workings of a genius. The Who were a band that could then express messages like this with their explosive energy and capture many people's hearts and minds. Many of the songs around this time feel like they want attack the cynic within us with their purity. Townshend seemed a conduit of his time, with ideas that were ahead of their time, by seeking to promote spirituality through stories set to music. 

  19. johnbazy

    Well, Who's Next was compiled from songs, that would have gone on Lifehouse. It's a sad thought, but if they would have gone all the way with Lifehouse, they could have become a MUCH more popular band, held even greater than Led Zeppelin or The Beatles, which they totally would have deserved.

    Michael John

    In my world of music, the WHO are greater than Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, or the Rolling Stones! and I like all of these bands, so ROCK ON!


    Even though they do have some popular hits for sure, the who are honestly a criminally underrated band. big zeppelin fan, but nothing they ever released could ever amount to the genius of something like quadrophenia. and that goes for a ton of bands, not just zeppelin.

  20. anonymusum

    Forget it - there are too many who know to rock.

  21. pauldanielbatty

    I know Daltrey is a much better singer than Townshend, but there's just something about his singing here that makes me prefer this version. Pete's demos are always fantastic, I've seen an interview with Entwistle where he said they would basically be complete songs, but with the drum and bass parts obviously simplified. John and Keith would then do their magic, with Roger's vocals on top and you get the end result. The amount of stuff Pete came up with over the years is incredible.

  22. albert russo

    ya gotta love the's a u don't like the who u gotta be nuts....just kidding..i grew up listening to this band...they were like therapy....i still get goose bumps from some of their music....keith's bombastic drumming, roger's great voice, John's incredible bass playing and pete's guitar..all jelled together to make some of the best rock music

  23. Ian Smith

    agree'd but the the doors im my opinion were one of two band that could stand up to the who. The doors, Jefferson Airplane.

  24. TheSanityInspector

    @Hal9000ize Ah, I think I got it. Yes, The Doors' debut is great, no question. My comment was that Join Together has such an "English" vibe, that I've never heard an American band catch.

  25. Hal9000ize

    @TheSanityInspector Well, listen to there debut album The Doors... They're music is just as grand as The Who...


    i would have to completely disagree. though their music is brilliant, nothing of the doors really reached the level of the who's music. their music is far more emotionally and spiritually powerful, and delved into concepts and ideas far beyond any other bands or musicians at the time. not to mention their music is far more complex and harmonically unique. the doors are great, but you don't see entire symphony orchestras performing the doors music like they are able to with the who's.

  26. TheSanityInspector

    @Hal9000ize Yes, I have. And...??

  27. Hal9000ize

    @TheSanityInspector Sir, have you heard of a little tiny band called The Doors?

  28. Classic Rock Dojo

    I have never been a big Who fan but listening to some of Pete's solo stuff over the past few days has blew my lid off to be fair.

  29. David Riddle

    @dersh65 I can't hear you. Can you say it a few more times and a little louder please? Don't mind me when I join in. ;-)

  30. David Riddle

    @flagstare No doubt in my mind!!!

  31. David Riddle

    @TheSanityInspector I think The Who is the rgeatest band in the history of rock (just my opinion). However, Grand Funk Railroad released We're An American Band (7/73). Similar in theme. I don't understand the whole "English" thing but maybe that's because I'm an American.

  32. ClassicTVMan1981X

    The Like button is now represented as a green thumb pointing up.

    Steve McGraw

    Sir I would like to amend the like button to the new and improved who button

  33. Stefanie Magura

    Yay. I fixed it. I think.

  34. Stefanie Magura

    Is there a like button on here, b/c I clicked dislike instead. Damn.

  35. Richard James

    This is one of the most atmospheric songs I think they ever did - there's a very unique quality to it.

    I love hearing Pete Townsend's demo's. Prefer the final version, with all the band, but his demos are alway interesting. Actually, the final single version has one of the best sounding passages of feedback ever recorded IMO.

  36. Scott Derechinsky

    @flagstare No Doubt about that!!!!!!!!!

  37. Scott Derechinsky

    I have said it many times...and I will say it again....You can't beat Pete!! Pete can't be beat!!

  38. Scott Derechinsky

    @TheSanityInspector It has NOTHING to do with's just PETE!!!

  39. r5t6y12

    Even this demo JAMS.

    Yeah!!!! HAPPY SONG

  40. Matthew Oakley

    For raw energy and excitement, The Who are just head and shoulders above the rest. This is a song of musical exultation, and must be played at high volume.

  41. TheSanityInspector

    This is the most "English" rock song I know of. I can't imagine an American band coming up with anything like it.

  42. MrGb1965

    I dig the remastered track on "30 Years" where the recorder is added at the end.

    Jay Rice

    MrGb1965 agree.

  43. Tom Bloggs

    I think Pete rocks !!! probably more than any other individual in rock history!!!!!

  44. Tom Bloggs

    You can tell where the rest of the band were so important in making a good track a brilliant one, from the drums through to the vocals, this would have been a pretty ordinary track without the individual band members stamping their own mark on the finished product.

  45. noscrub bub

    richard wagner i know him well.

  46. noscrub bub

    pete the ultimate control freak.-- dictating moon and entwistle--- he did say he was song writer. daltry varied from the lyric bit--- to my pleasure-- uh oh pete, daltry just laid you to waste. pete is a good old man - i am too- not seekin anymore.