Pete Townshend - Goin' Mobile Lyrics

I'm going home and when I wanna go home
I'm going mobile
Well, I'm gonna find a home and we'll see how it feels
Going mobile
Keep me moving

I can pull up by the curb
I can make it on the road
Going mobile

I can stop in any street
And talk with people that we meet
Going mobile
Keep me moving

Out in the woods or in the city
It's all the same to me when I'm driving free
The world's my home
When I'm mobile
Beep beep

Play the tape machine make the toast and tea
When I'm mobile
Well I can lay in bed with only highway ahead
When your mobile
Keep me moving

Keep me moving
Over 50
Keep me grooving
Hippie gypsy
Keep moving
Keep moving

Every place is the same to me
Any time of the night or day
You're welcome to pass me by
Or drop in sometime
If you catch me up, I'm mobile

I'm going home and when I wanna go home
I'm going mobile
I'm gonna find a home and we'll see how it feels
Going mobile
Keep me moving
Keep moving
Keep moving

I don't care about pollution
I'm an air-conditioned gypsy
That's my solution
Watch the police and the tax man miss me
I'm mobile
I'm mobile

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Pete Townshend Goin' Mobile Comments
  1. chip tmcc

    ".... Watch the police and the tax man miss me...."

  2. chip tmcc

    Watch the POlice miss me!

  3. Luis Bahiana

    Isso me leva de volta aos anos 70.... Programa de Rock na antiga Radio JB

  4. Mallory Langford

    Pete and me have tinnitus probably for the same reasons, Won't get fooled again. Going Mobile. Etc. My favorite bunch of musicians! Thanks for the awesome video!

  5. GoldShower1


  6. Paddy Charles

    keep me moving. ... superb

  7. C. Rivaire

    Oakland colosseum Grateful Dead opened The Who brought it... goin mobile is the song I remember... Townsend leaping in the air hitting three chords landing on his knees sliding across the stage... the freakin best....

  8. David Maholchic

    Pete demos goodbye cruel world for awhile

  9. Joe Nicholls

    Who's Next is a shit kicking rock album, maybe the best of its kind

  10. davo2003hd

    make the toast and tea

  11. Inacio

    Hearing this makes me think, hey, what the hell happened to good music nowdays anyway??

  12. Kevin Holtz

    As an ad-libbed lyrical suggestion Townshend/Daltrey should've added a "Motherf***er" in there at 3:43 to give the song some 'uncensored' substance against the establishment...a sprinkle of vulgarity is necessity in a good rock song! 😉

  13. Kevin Holtz

    AWESOME effin tune right here! I heard it on 97 Rock just a few weeks ago and now it's ingrained and dancing around in my head to the point where I can't stop singing along to it...aloud at random, in the shower, you name it! 😋

    Did Roger and the gang release a version of this song with him on lead vocals, because I could've sworn the version that graced my ears just a few weeks back had Daltrey at the helm, I could be mistaken though!

    ASS KICKER of a tune nonetheless...keep all us 'diehard' rockers 'mobile' boys! 😋

  14. Mike Cordisco

    Was this the intended order Lifehouse or the way he figured it work best in 2000?

  15. MadForItLFC

    What a demo.

  16. Allan Cerf

    superb drumming one which was closely followed on the album cut by KMoon.

    Lair of the Mastermind

    Pete was a great drummer but Moony took all the best bits and then took it to a whole different level

  17. Vic Tripathy

    Pete takes the lead vocal on the Who's Next version as well.

  18. Hum0ng0us

    "I'm sorry, but even though this demo is WORLDS better than almost every other bands fuinal cuts, The Who version is just another world better as well" is what I want to say, but really I just can't.

    This is SUCH a great song!! Pete is GENIUS!! Pete's GOD!!

  19. JohnQ1127

    I agree with you but my main point was that his Demos were fantastic, best I've ever heard. I've heard a lot of other demos from other groups/acts from this time period and they're usually pretty awful.

  20. RobbyMinx

    Yes, he has said that he was at his most "Brilliant and Creative" during this period and the others just could not grasp the concept of Lifehouse. Apparently no one could.

  21. formaface

    Unmistakably of the greats..

  22. I Win

    Pete is great!

  23. JohnQ1127

    Pete made the best Demos I've ever heard from that time period. His demos are basically as good as finished product.

    william dechant

    Ahead of it's time. These days anyone can plug into a laptop and record and mix fairly cheaply. Demos and a finished product are really one and the same depending on what your producer thinks if you have one you may only have to make a few adjustments.

  24. davo2003hd

    make the toast and tea

  25. bondurango

    Definitely Pete's best demo. But by making the bold & brilliant decision to drop electric guitar & keyboards, the finished version has the most extraordinary use of synthesizers on any song ever made.

  26. JohnQ1127

    Great version.

  27. therealdmt

    I think it shows that Pete already had the whole song fleshed out -- and more. And of course, he could sing and play all the instruments himself. He even had the envelope filter lead idea down. But The Who's recording takes the song to another level, even with Pete still doing the vocals. Moon's drums, as always, simply raise the whole endeavor. Perhaps less obviously, Entwhistle's muscular bass also drives the song, raising it to "Rock" instead of an acoustic demo with some weird effects.

  28. George Sasek

    This is truly a sliver of Pete's genius. The Who took it and made it their own. Both Entwistle and Moon tighten the track to where it inescapably, The Who. It shows what they we capable of, as a trio. Add Daltrey, and it was complete and winning combination. And to think they laughed at me in H.S. for not listening to Donna Summer, Michael Jackson, and other dance disco crap. Glad I stuck with ya boys.

    glenn stclair

    screw your HS!

  29. DoovallianStallion

    Please, find me ONE person that sings along with the drum part. Please, find me ONE hit song that started out as a drum beat as opposed to vice verse.

    Fasima might be a bit extreme, but your comment is downright reckless.

  30. CR King

    hahaha that could not be more wrong

  31. tetedepoulet

    Yeah, you need to listen to the drum track in the original...

  32. Exilemainstreet

    Really shows what Moon added.

  33. Ralph Franco

    I like this better than the original! i'm a pilot and play this song in my head as i fly then blast it when i get in my car to go home!!!

  34. John Bickle

    is that a stoned Pete driving a truck on that CD?

  35. Steely Fan

    amazing!!!!!!!! dont let it stop!!!!

  36. Ainh oita


  37. glorifiedp

    can't get enough of this demo! pt is a true genius.