Pete Townshend - Football Fugue Lyrics

I was listen to a guitar, bass drum thing
Started hearing chairs screech, thought I had a gut strength
Then I saw a big band, right on the pavement
Violins and heavy boots, wondering where the wave went

I'm talking to you, you're wearing the wrong colored scarf
So what?
Well you're playing your tune, to the terrors of the enemy hauf
Hey you!
I'm talking to you, concentrate on the game
What for?
Well the whistle just blew, the conductors prone to complain
Play the song, on the wall, come on son pass me the ball

Don't let the violinist trouble your playing
Fierce looking people, but their manager's gay
Syncopation to the sound of the ball
Trouble with the ref, on in the concert hall
Hey you!
That cellist was fouled, that conductor must be blind
It's a goal!
Oh look at the crowd
This session has run into extra time
Sit back, face off the senior, doesn't walk alone

Music has arrived at the football stadium
A logical step would be spurs at the Palladium
Fifty thousand watts screaming out for a goal
Why don't they blow a whistle in rock and roll
Hey you!
Get back in your seat the song has only just begun
So what?
We need two encores to beat, and the band needs space to run
Hey you!
Get down off of the wire, the spirit of the game is still strong
Say's who?
Well I'll never tire of kicking my piano along
All you fans of the score, if you give a show of support

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