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Baba was unveiled as to his divine consciousness and function at age of 19
When a Sufi perfect master named Baba John kissed Him between the eyes
And Baba said this kiss symbolically showed him who in fact he really was
The next nine months he neither slept nor ate

His Mother was disturbed by this, all mothers would be
And after seven years of working with, the five perfect masters of the time
Baba came down to share,
All earthly consciousness as well as the consciousness of infinity

As you'll be able to see He has a fantastic sense of humor
And God certainly needs one Baba says

Baba says he especially loves children
Because it is the purpose of people too become totally childlike, but with full consciousness
It is a Birthday party!

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Pete Townshend Alan Cohen Speaks Comments
  1. Om Sadasiva

    Babajan, not Baba John :))

  2. seniorspecialist86

    ouhhh// 0:34 Sia Furler's mommie :D so cute, she looks exactly like Sia. Or Sia looks like her mom? eh whateeverrrrr
    this is the best discovery evaa