Pet Shop Boys - So Hard Lyrics

I double-cross you
And you get mysterious mail
I've tried hard not to shock you
It's hard not to with the things I could say
Tell me why don't we try
Not to break our hearts and make it so hard for ourselves?
Why don't we try
Not to break our hearts and make it so hard for ourselves?

You lock your letters in a box
And you've hidden the key
I go one better - I'm indebted
To a contact magazine
Tell me why don't we try
Not to break our hearts and make it so hard for ourselves?
Why don't we try
Not to break our hearts and make it so hard for us?

Everybody's got to live together
Just to find a little peace of mind there
If you give up your affairs forever
I will give up mine
But it's hard
So hard

I'm always hoping you'll be faithful
But you're not, I suppose
We've both given up smoking 'cause it's fatal
So whose matches are those?
Tell me why don't we try
Not to break our hearts and make it so hard for ourselves?

We make it so hard
(It's so hard)

Tell me why don't we try
Not to break our hearts and make it so hard
Tell me why don't we try
Not to break our hearts and make it so hard for ourselves?
Not to break our hearts and make it so hard for ourselves?
We make it so hard for ourselves
We make it so hard
So hard
We make it so hard

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Pet Shop Boys So Hard Comments
  1. Wagner Silva Viana

    Tempo bom que não volta mais saudades feliz nos que vivemos tudo isso

  2. Selda Kayikci

    love ya guys you are a part of my life

  3. Sergio Rojas Ordaz

    Este track es de 1991. Recuerdo ir llegando a una fiesta universitaria en Valparaíso en la PUCV y sonaba; y yo sin plata para entrar y era mi banda favorita.

  4. Alex B

    I'm from Russia. I always listened to and admired the music of Pet Shop Boys. This group is all the time in the experiments. This is neither pop nor new wave. Beautiful melodies and songs!

  5. legend vito


  6. Cristian Oswaldo Ramirez Rivera

    Ohhhh yeaa!!!!. My favorite song. 👍👍👍👍

  7. Sandra Sandrinha

    Indo pra Brotas ouvindo psb.janeiro 2020.

  8. Ari Oliveira

    Algum brasileiro ouvindo Pet Shop Boys antes da 3 guerra em 2020

  9. Luz de Luna

    Tremendo Temon este....increíble I love you Pet Shop Boys....(Yo diría lo mismo, y porque no lo intentamos, nada se pierde en el intento, si,o,no...?)

  10. Мэрхен Кёнигин

    ЛЮБЛЮ ВАС!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Arty Omm

    Namaste from Russia!

  12. C Lane

    514 people dont like it hard

  13. Simone Gesser

    Why don't we try
    not to break our hearts and make it so hard for ourselves. It is so harrd..

  14. luis marcelo inostroza bidart

    Chris Lowe is the genius of the keyboards and computers.....Always underrated....

    Sven Bartram

    Best keyboard player of all time in my opinion.

  15. Алексей Иноземцев

    0:13 пятёрка и восьмёрка? Россия?

  16. oBaboonMano

    ooh to be

  17. елена грицан

    Мода вернулась...)

  18. barone bianco

    over 30 years of great success thanks psb

  19. jimy de paz salinas

    0:28 suena como a la película “the never ending story”.

  20. lourdes becerra

    rúbrica fuerte e inolvidable, resuena en la memoria de manera inconfundible. Así son los PSB

  21. Travis Jones

    I love the beginning of the verse, that first "I'm...", great note

  22. Zhorell Ski

    They mock violator with the album cover. Holding a bunch of roses. Insecurty much! DM>PS

  23. matthew franklin


  24. Юрий Ларюшкин

    Супер на все времена

  25. Nathan Farias

    Dumb song

  26. Carl-Emil Steen Fordsmand

    I love this song

  27. Edilia Sanchez

    Que gran tema,me encanta! Pet shop boys

  28. Thug music2

    2019? Amazing √√

  29. Mauricio Ovalle

    Amazing videos. This is when stories were told and videos made sense. Got to love Pet Shop Boys forever.

  30. John Baker

    I’m in Newcastle right now

  31. graybermann

    Fantastic record....

  32. graybermann

    Love this...

  33. Juliana Silva Oliveira

    Já ouvi muitas vezes essa música mas não sabia quem cantava... Não conhecia essa banda

  34. Juliana Silva Oliveira

    Achei quem canta essa música

  35. Scot Morley

    1990 at it's best.

  36. Francesco Fasolato

    Moroder mood .. Masterpiece

  37. Tormented Soul

    Gracias papa por eseñarme el buen gusto en la música ❤️

  38. Robert T



    Yo escucho petshop boys desde 1988 en Mexico

  40. Jimmy Kim

    Before ASMR was cool.

  41. Ines Müller

    Klassiker 👌

  42. Sébastien DURIF

    Le clin d'oeil Acid music en intro c qlq chose... ça situe bien fin 80's

  43. Jaromir Čech


  44. Артур Шаповал

    Эти британцы умеют создавать мировые хиты.

  45. Ricardo Soares

    Vocês são bom no que faz ,curto vocês desde do início 👍💟

  46. Genadi Yanakiev

    brexit!!! no gay material aloud in EU. ha-haaaa! :)
    erasure are the alternative. :) :) :)


    здравзствуй инглия
    я высушил футболку
    на себе)

  48. Michael Eckhardt

    top top top song

  49. Евгений Колесников


  50. Mark Dowse

    Always dress well if you can.
    Some people may disappoint you.....
    But the PET SHOP BOYS never will !!!

  51. Ivonete Santana


  52. PREYRA71

    como bailaba en mis 80s queridos estos temas,que bella epoca en mi argentina

  53. legend vito


  54. Reza E

    Beautiful song with strong rhythm!

  55. Михаил Конторин

    Балдею от них 😊

  56. Marcelo Viveros V.

    It reminds me of a former blonde English Teacher who was teaching me the language by the first term of 2010

  57. Александр Гилев

    Heard it in 1991 and became a fan of PSB for life. This song is the greatest for me (but I don`t know why)

  58. Bill Carmona

    This was waaaaay ahead of its time. One of my favs ever.

  59. Alexandre Marques


  60. Kristian Good

    This is timeless , this is cutting, this is where new talent should look back so they can put their heart and soul into the next generation of music

  61. Marcos Jaci De Jesus

    Tem alguém do Brasil ouvido em 2019?? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🎼🎼🎼👌👌👌

    luis vanderlei Silva

    Tamo junto

  62. Nationsorg Asscociation

    Good day!

    Check facebook group Nationsorg for international digital activities:

  63. charliepr65

    Love the song , the video and most of all , Love PSB ‼️‼️‼️

  64. Mark O

    RIP Dainton Connell.

  65. okeithmartin /Badd kittin

    ...💓💓petshop boys😾👍🍧!!!

  66. NicoleWattersonShow

    Rainbow Dash - So Hard (Official Music Video)

  67. Rodrigo Martins Ferreira

    458 Cuckolds dislikes this video

  68. goody gum drops

    Gazzas sister blond hair

  69. C Lane

    Its also raining on Neils Car 1:06, so not knowing for sure, Im betting he said, F this, film me "inside" im not wasting $500 on hair and makeup. Love him.

  70. Soledad Recio

    Como mola

  71. Cleiton Santos Costa

    Pet Shop Boys - So Hard 2019?

  72. C Lane

    456 People dont like it hard

  73. Graham Wallis

    paul gascoignes sister gives the slap

  74. liam obrien

    One of the most classic songs...first time i seen the vid tho...

  75. margus kiis

    I love the old "like a feature movie" music videos.


    Yeah but they stopped doing those largely because modern music videos don't have the budget , with a few exceptions .

  76. Jason Marshall

    Is that Lisa Maxwell at 1:29 ??

  77. Vladislav Evseev

    Отличный клип! Приятно слушать!

  78. Mad Max

    After the times, Pet always..

  79. curly 99

    Una de mis bandas favoritas un clasico que no pasara de moda


    Esse som é muito massa, não me canso de ouvir



  82. Renato Alexadre

    Pet shop boys. Me enviem uma camisa autografadas de vocês.

  83. Alberto Pineda

    Hola 😘

  84. Олег Добринский

    Очень хорошая композиция! Всем писать комментарии только по Русски! !!

    Лана Оки

    Ага, щас!))

  85. Михаил Конторин

    Классное видео и песня. Спасибо.

  86. miguelangel ariza

    Very good 👍

  87. Nathan Clarke

    I simply love how well all their songs are written! That and how the singing always counterpoints the music!

  88. Christian Millendez

    "you've locked your letters in a box..." i suddenly missed getting letters and seeing handwriting instead of popping messages.

  89. Layla the White Boxerdog

    Filmed in Neil’s home town of Newcastle I went to the same school as him 😃

    Graham Wallis

    and whitley bay, my home town ;-)


    @Graham Wallis I recognised the exact arcade and pool table. Many a weekend spent there with all my 10p's. LOL!

    Ben Aziza Lassaad

    I sing tve psb thats cool

  90. Ignacio Naranjo

    Lo amé al tema

  91. Sharon Park

    always love this song

  92. Andrew Graver

    Most played album in my life when in my teens.. love you so much pet shop Boys xxx

  93. Dean

    Great song, I had such a massive crush on the blonde In the jeans and crop top

  94. Александр Иванов

    Simple the best !!!

  95. Rachel Maree

    Love this and the whole album.

  96. Gary Davies

    A classic from their best album

  97. Ll Kk

    0:23 brilliant

  98. CampSecXXI

    4ever / thanks //