Pet Shop Boys - Rent Lyrics

(Again... Again... Again... Ooooh
(Again... Again... Again... Again... ...)

You dress me up, I'm your puppet
You buy me things, I love it
You bring me food, I need it
You give me love, I feed it

And look at the two of us in sympathy
With everything we see
I never want anything, it's easy
You buy whatever I need

But look at my hopes, look at my dreams
The currency we've spent
(Ooooh) I love you, oh, you pay my rent
(Ooooh) I love you, oh, you pay my rent

You phone me in the evening on hearsay
And bought me caviar
You took me to a restaurant off Broadway
To tell me who you are

We never-ever argue, we never calculate
The currency we've spent
(Ooooh) I love you, oh, you pay my rent
(Ooooh) I love you, you pay my rent
(Ooooh) I love you, oh, you pay my rent

I'm your puppet
I love it

And look at the two of us in sympathy
And sometimes ecstasy
Words mean so little, and money less
When you're lying next to me

But look at my hopes, look at my dreams
The currency we've spent
(Ooooh) I love you, oh, you pay my rent
(Ooooh) I love you, you pay my rent
(Ooooh) Ooh, I love you, you pay my rent

Look at my hopes, look at my dreams
The currency we've spent
(Ooooh) I love you, oh, you pay my rent
(Ooooh) I love you, you pay my rent

Look at my hopes, look at my dreams
The currency we've spent
(Ooooh) I love you, oh, you pay my rent
(Ooooh) I love you, you pay my rent
(Ooooh) I love you, you pay my rent (It's easy, it's so easy)
(Ooooh) You pay my rent (It's easy, it's so easy)
(Ooooh) You pay my rent (It's easy, it's so easy)
(Ooooh) I love you (It's easy, it's so easy)
(It's easy, it's so easy)
(It's easy, it's so easy)
(It's easy, it's so easy)
(It's easy, it's so easy)
(It's easy, it's so easy)
(It's easy, it's so easy)

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Pet Shop Boys Rent Comments
  1. Mek irv7

    best song from billboard hit

  2. Eduardo Santi Gonzales Llerena

    Te amo porque pagas mi renta

  3. Jose maria Rivas carpio

    Is wonderful

  4. etan De Keijser

    Today i Will call you robinfellow vs rent.

  5. ewil man

    Peters Pop Show- 1987!!!

  6. ewil man

    Desember 2019!!!. I love this music!!!

  7. Наталья Николаева

    Мне достаточно .

  8. Александр Сухоруков

    I'm your puppet
    I love it....

  9. karbritt

    Love this song it tells a mini story

  10. Giuseppe Facciolo

    Rent suoni melodici uni tra i brani più magici e sentimentali del duo pop più importante al mondo

  11. Fernando Businessman

    Himno glbt 🏳️‍🌈! Forever love this song 🍾🥂 and one Don Perignon with my boys toys

  12. Kimsan Goipov

    Отличный трек! Спасибо админ!

  13. Natia Geliashvili

    No coments, always the best, still I'm listening to pet shop boys

  14. mikey mike

    Trevor Paul you there?


    Just one of the greatest songs ever


    2030 whos still listening?

  17. Paul Whelan

    Im here because Carter USM do a outstanding cover

  18. Sindhu CVM

    This song always makes me want to fall madly and sincerely in love with someone... anyone.

  19. Lola Else

    I love you, u paied my rent.
    No final, era só isso mesmo...Que coisa, não? Nunca estive errada. kkkkkk
    Eu sempre soube de tudo e mesmo assim esperei muito por muito tempo. Que coisa não?!

  20. ericyanikov

    The best. Listen and listen.

  21. Gilson Salutto

    Musicas da minha adolescência, só me trás boas energias.

  22. Sławek-eSAudio Lab

    Poland 2019♡

  23. no más robo a mi pueblo chile

    Q tiempo aquello cuando la música era de verdad q época nostalgia

  24. кирилл корзун

    супер ваще

  25. Mayra Varela

    Yo te amare tu paga mi renta 😀😀 que letra por favor 👌 pasa en la vida

  26. Kasia Furman


  27. Al Ruiz

    "Camarada Hawaiiano"! this one is for you Rito wherever the fuck you are!!! Miss you bud..... I've looked for you in Palmdale, Salt Lake City, Reno, and El Sombrerete with no luck whatsoever... Have looked you up on FB and other social media... It seems like you just vanished form the face of the planet.......! Anyway if you are alive and reading this then cheers to you my AMIGOE!... Miss those fun times listening to toones like this dreaming big the world was ours huh???? FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!

  28. Laura Rowe

    I Love it......🤣😎 Brilliant song!

  29. Omar Luna

    I've been listening to the PSB since the very beginning of their journey. Blessings!

  30. Raffaele P.

    Da sempre una delle loro più belle canzoni in assoluto ! I love Pet Shop Boys!

  31. Desirable Jodie

    Best use of a drum machine ever.

  32. Lupo Solitario

    Ok 👌 bellissimo ricordo

  33. Allen Landis

    Love comes quickly, two divided by zero, and rent, the pet shop trifecta.

  34. A Dollar

    This song was my heart beat when I have no money and food love this song even I don’t understand the lyrics those days but this song still giving me a strength thanks pet shop boys

    Mike Hughes

    Hope things improve for you

  35. Lee

    This is so very much about being a "kept boy" that it's uncanny. "You phone me on tell me who you are." "Look at my hopes, look at my dreams, the currency we've spent." perfect. He sold out and his life is essentially over whether he realizes it or not. Doesn't happen so much anymore but was definitely going on when this song was written. I never know anyone who went into that kind of arrangement who didn't regret it.

  36. Esperanza Restrepo

    Espectacular 😘

  37. Вадим Куянец

    Ностальгия.. Просто в кайф!

  38. gianluca rizzo

    Eccezionale 👍

  39. Antonietta Paone

    Trentadue anni fa........
    Madonna come sono invecchiata..

  40. Indah lestari

    i like it

  41. Scott Wiecenski

    The Band "Behind the Scenes" did it better.

  42. Mark Sullivan

    80s superb decade I had pleasure of working with Chris n Neil realy nice guys 👍👍👍👍

  43. John Guti

    Yenny when i paying you rent you love me.

  44. Букля


  45. Алексей Богомолов

    Сегодня это классика

  46. Barča Barča


  47. chris bobobo

    i was 12 when this came out
    miss them times
    love togo back

  48. Rosildo Anisio de Souza Souza

    Escuthando em 2019

  49. alexsandr487

    огромная работа спасибо

  50. Bibliophile Lebenswelten

    I´m just here to pay the rent.

  51. The hour glass has few grains of sand

    Like the cure underestimated. Artists. To say the least

  52. Sebastian Kowalski

    2021 anyone?

  53. Aaliyah Domke

    I love this song. 😍🥰♥️

  54. Juan Pinto

    ❤ 🎸🎶🥁🔊

  55. Revati

    I love this song so much! Neil's voice is just heavenly beautiful, and the lyrics make you contemplate - things and especially relationships aren't just black or white, almost everything in life has different meaning from different points of view. That is what I especially love in Pet Shop Boys, they not only make great music, but all their songs make you think.
    And one more thing: Neil is so handsome and hot on the picture :) Both him and Chris were very gorgeous and cute when they began to make music together. And they still look great, no matter how many years passed :) And they still make awesome music, I just love them!

  56. Anderson lima

    Look my hopes Look my dreams

  57. Leeann Mansfield

    Leeann mansfield 2019

  58. grafen73

    1987 zakochałem się w muzyce Pet Shop Boys i trwa do dziś a minęło 46 latek Pozdrawiam wszystkich

  59. kokloo

    je ne peux jamais oublier cette musique, cant never forgot this track
    When i listened this track for the first time i was 13 old, 1987 i didnt understand the message but i have loved the melody

  60. C Joe

    If you paid my rent I'd love you too.

  61. francisco hidalgo

    Temaso ,me trae recuerdos mi epoca del colegio 1989

  62. Robert Clatworthy

    Totally unique and they are still with us. Thank you Boys

  63. Justus Rufus V2 band

    Best of the best

  64. Desiree Lowen

    More than 4 MILLION views and TOTALLY out of key!! WAY to fast! Shame!!!

  65. sabrina joon

    Anyone that keeps posting what year they're listening to this song, you're not special. Just listen to the song and post an original comment.

  66. Red engel

    The Best of Pet shop Boys

  67. Gloria Arteaga

    Tremendo ritmo la recuerdo de niña...

  68. George B

    Do you remember when music had soul?

  69. kaliman buda

    From dominican republic with love..
    Any woman who shares this musical me 829 408 0355 kevin

  70. Josep Duran

    I have this record. My brother was an Iron Maiden fan and made and still makes fun of it. I don't care...


    Che ricordiiiiiii bellissima

  72. Mummel

    Habe alles was es gibt denke ich von den Pet Shop Boys.....😊

  73. Ксения Карасева

    Браво! Браво! Браво!

  74. Kousik Kanjilal

    Those were the times.

  75. Glenn Juane Hernandez

    Look at my hopes, look at my dreams. _the currency we spent

  76. miroslava djuricin

    Beautiful. 😁😊👏👏👏

  77. Rosana Villanueva

    Que grosos!!! Me encanta hasta hoy los escucho, cuantos recuerdos!!! Gracias x subir este tema!!!

  78. Joanna Czesak


  79. wiwied wicaksono

    Lol with the lyric

  80. Guillermo Ramirez

    They best forever

  81. Guillermo Ramirez


  82. Guillermo Ramirez

    Very very nice

  83. Francisco Rojas

    Yo. Buena. Música. 80

  84. Mannes Berti

    Da brividi!

  85. Ania Kowal

    "I love you. You pay my rent" so sad

    Juan Pinto

    Yeah i love you for ever pay my rent

    Peter Nicklin

    it"s still happening ania, men and women sleeping with strangers for money to to pay for rent and food, very sad

    anthony mcneil

    exactly, it's about rent boys

    Vyacheslav Koval

    As usual!

  86. Juliana Silva Oliveira

    Voz bonita

  87. Juliana Silva Oliveira

    Música bacana

  88. AnaLaura Piñon

    Si siempre🤙🤙🤙

  89. Susana Torres

    Crecí con su música actualmente tengo 41 son un grupo formidable todas sus canciones son un éxito saludos desde chile pet shop Boys
    Sin nada más que decirles son una agrupación excepcional todos mis aplausos para ustedes muchachos we love you from Chile!!

  90. Nagy Peter

    ‎Tímea Palácsik liked this video.

  91. Наталья Николаева


  92. sbh123yt

    Some think this is PSB best song. 30 yrs ago I thought the same, but PSB have so many good songs, I don't think that there is such thing best song for such a great band.

    Haris Baki

    I still think that AOMM is their finest hour although many many other songs come so close to it :)


    @Haris Baki AOMM is not original song of PSB, so I cannot put it on the list

  93. Nicol Šimara

    Golden Song Best Hits 80S Golden Music Pet Shop Boys

  94. Евгения Борисова

    Классная песня!!! А голос супер!!!

  95. Barbie Isabella


  96. olek bolek

    Самая любимая у Петов

  97. paul espinosa

    I bought this album when it was first released. I thought it then, and I still believe that backing sample says 'F*'k yeah'