Pet Shop Boys - Leaving Lyrics

I know enough's enough
and you're leaving
You've had enough time to decide
on your freedom
but I can still find some hope
to believe in love

Our love is dead
but the dead don't go away
They made us what we are
they're with us every day
Our love is dead
but the dead are still alive
in memory and thought
and the context they provide

I know enough's enough
and you're leaving
You've had enough time to decide
on your freedom
but I can still find some hope
to believe in love

Our love is dead
(Our love is dead)
but the dead are here to stay
(Don't go away)
They made us what we are
(That's what we are)
They're with us every day
(Oh, every day)
In darkest night
(In darkest night)
their memory keeps us strong
(It keeps us strong)
and if our love is dead
(Our love is dead)
it won't be dead for long
(No, not for long)

I know enough's enough
and you're leaving
You've had enough time to decide
on your freedom
but I can still find some hope
to believe in love

Believe in love
Don't go away

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Pet Shop Boys Leaving Comments
  1. josé luis sánchez

    i identify whit your letter... wonderful group ....thanks for existing habeis acompañado tantas veces amigos. genialidad

  2. Vanderlei Tadeu Arantes Eureca

    Música otima

  3. Sean Roaney

    What's with Chris' little Darth Vader hat?

  4. Victor Salerno

    I can't believe I'm a PSB longtime fan and only discovered this one today! Love it.

  5. Vangelis Provias

    I think that the Boys are mistaken not to be fully supportive of Elysium.
    It is a good album

  6. John Livere Torkildsen

    Genius, tight, clean.
    A Wolf whistle and love song for our age.
    U-bahn uber alles.

  7. Kleytons


  8. A. C.T.

    Such a wonderful song!

  9. you can't be this empty

    This could be off behaviour.. it's so bloody good.

  10. Master and Servant

    Only stupid people ask for the year something is being done..!

  11. Max Simon

    So relaxing :3

  12. Simon Dent

    Stunning trance 30yrs still rocking

  13. Man in Black

    1:58 - 2:50. 👍 2020

  14. Nelson Bandeira

    I will always love their music!

  15. R MCK


    Marc Becker

    Don't forget to add Let's give stupidity a chance" then !

  16. Claudia Muñoz Merino

    Pet Shop Boys cada letra cada cansion es una obra de arte los escucho desde mi adolescencia fascinante y son más de treinta años por siempre Pethear

  17. Armando Ramos Ramirez

    Este es el album del 2020 ...Que buenos sencillos estan sacando...Se pusieron las pilas los pet shop boys con duetos y ese sonido que te mueve y enamora.

  18. Juliano Garcia

    Adoro us cara😆

  19. Ravindra Chauhan

    2020 :)

  20. Lucas Antunes

    Amo essa música, me transporto pra um outro lugar! ❤️

  21. Pablo Gabriel Talerico

    Casi 40 años de trayectoria y siguen deslumbrando. Genios totales!

  22. Roman

    I am listening and it is the best!

  23. Paulo Montenegro

    Lindo esse som

  24. S.A. M.

    My dad used to play this and i thought he sang; and no one wants to love Angelina, youve have enough time... I was so sure of it i listened to this song 100 times and was so shocked when i read the lyrics in a comment

  25. al gang

    I migliori siete.

  26. Charles Coxe

    THE WATERS! JUST AMAZING! Hilda Acevedo Coxe

  27. Asesor Tecnológico

    The Best of The Best... You never cease to surprise me with some piece. Simply great. Simply thanks!

  28. Shanaka Rabel

    😯 listening to this first time!!! PSB at their best! Neil sounds perfect as Always

  29. Alan Caunce

    Just Another Absolutely Brilliant Track From These Genius Gents.Supreme Vocally And Instrumentally. Thank You For This And Many More Monumental Memories.

  30. ronaldo moura

    Música com suavidade é outro nível. Uma pena que alguns cantores brasileiros não tem essa suavidade

  31. Manuel Lopez

    got cd!

  32. Bonn Castell

    A Brexit song ;-)

  33. AQT Black or White

    Pet Shop Boys

  34. Jason Cutler

    Great!!, you remind me of someone I used to know!!!

  35. Esteban González

    Elegancia pura

  36. Revati

    This song is so great and catchy, a true masterpiece! Meaningful lyrics and Neil's unmistakable, beautiful voice combined with the unique talent Chris has.....And the result is perfection, as always. These gentlemen give so much love and art to the world! God bless them!

  37. Wesley Gomes

    Love this song

  38. fastolph76

    Deliciosa Cancion, se prueba se siente, encanta!! Love psb

  39. Karsten Voß

    I love it!

  40. Betty Edwards

    Musical geniuses, and I love them

  41. Valdemarchik100

    Голос и музыка, которые не спутать ни с чем. Они уникальны

  42. michael taylor

    OMG! listen to that beautiful chord at 2:10......

  43. Коля Исаков

    It's beautifullll

  44. Linda linda

    Psb always the best

  45. Ольга Лехницкая

    I love it’s forever!!!!Pet Shop Boys!!!

  46. Marvin Tufiño

    Increíble!!!, única que pena que mucha gente no conozca a los PET SHOP BOYS saludos.

    David Cardenas

    Ellos no estan hechos para cuarquier oido. Afortunados los que conocen el universo musical de los PSB

  47. Robert Cernak

    This is song ist perfect

  48. Marcus Meneses

    Simplesmente, são músicas gostosas de se ouvir ....E curtir ...

  49. Marcelo Belli

    Sensacional essa música que voz dessa cara

  50. Luiz Henrique de Souza Souza

    Musica linda d mais. Uma viagem no tempo..

  51. Peter Peter

    so much better in every way than most crap nowadays

  52. Cleiton Santos Costa

    Pet Shop Boys - Leaving [Official Music Video] 2019?

  53. Rocky Rathod

    I never got bored even though I listen 2 each track of PSB 100 times

  54. Rocky Rathod

    Love this <3

  55. Miriam Rosario

    Los amo desde siempre

  56. Yura Shishmarev

    Очень стильно и профессионально! Спасибо ребята,за то что до сих пор с нами...Огромный кусочек сердца и души! / St.Petersburg 2019*

  57. Lynda Han

    Very meaningful, the best duo ever

  58. Savio Thomazella Nascimento

    Anybody in 2019?


    @calicostrawberry lol

    Tamás Juhászi

    Listening some PSB almost every day. That makes my days super cool. 🙂

    Spirit Mode




  59. allison baker

    One day I might just leave.

  60. Ll Kk

    Best 🇬🇧 duo.

  61. MaríaJosé Vilches

    Muchas gracias por mostrar que existe música tan extraordinaria, mágica, de dioses, de otro nivel, maravillosa y hermosaaa infinitamente... Son un dúo increíble, los amo👏🏼♥️

    enrique zegarra

    Maria, felicito u gusto por la buena musica que nos brinda estos monstruos del new wave.saludos cordiales...

  62. Makara Nou

    The legend still continues making quality music


    I really wanted to know who are the people at the televisions singing along...

    Haris Baki

    James Fauntleroy, Julie Waters, Maxine Waters, Oren Waters...

  64. Done4Utube

    Los amos y señores del synthpop. Larga vida PSB!

  65. NoBody cares

    All I can say is WOW. I love the Pet Shop Boys for many many reasons.

  66. Eugênio Pithan

    Música p/ adorar a vida!

  67. Larry Rodriquez

    Beautiful harmonies

  68. Timopheus13

    Первое знакомство с видеоклипа "Being Boring", снятым @bruceweber.
    Одна любовь на всю жизнь )))

  69. Claudio Vitor

    Love músic d paz

  70. Bruce Sanderson


  71. Virginia Leon Bichuchs

    Maravillosa música, te hace soñar despierto 💖💖💖💖💖

  72. Gwen Lee

    still wonderful, love Neils voice, still just like velvet! i quality, intelligent pop music! Pet Shop Boys are the best!

  73. C K

    i love his soothing vocals...

  74. REDHILL 00 Gauge

    Who else is listening to this in 2019!!

    Rafael Lima

    @Steven Kerry And those lyrics are just.... incredible.




    I am listening and it is the best!

  75. OldSkool 55F100

    I met them both in NYC.... They are absolutely Fabulous! I was nervous and they made me feel at home.... Fan Forever.... BTW.... I'm 50 ;) They've made the World bearable for many millions...

    Haris Baki

    I understand how you feel...I had to struggle all through my life; too many dark days a few shiny days, especially in my youth. Two things carried me through the dire valleys of delirium and always kept my head above water: Pet Shop Boys and Stephen King...

  76. Robert Isenberg

    Leaving is an elegant Song...Lovely

  77. Joe Preciado

    Love this song! I played this song all night long! Did not sleep! Love the pet shop boys since the 80s!!

  78. Carlos Tello

    2919 🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺 YES

  79. Enrique Peña Nieto

    Excelente canción esto es arte

  80. I Kvd

    Perfect song to describe Brexit😂

  81. Mariana Zalaf

    In love this música and Petshop boys too.

  82. Sveinn Arngrimsson

    1:57 Wow. gives me goosebumps. Chris love again showing his incredible talent.

  83. Camila Louzada

    Cantar com o backing vocal no momento da virada é show! Muito top

    Singing with the backing vocals during the bridge is amazing! Top!

  84. -jade Grioli

    the dead are indeed are still alive i know thats for sure....

  85. Angel Visions

    Classy melow, smooth tune

  86. tom

    Nice polished sound but limp

  87. Luciene Nogueira

    Amo Pet Shop Boys. Inesquecível!

  88. Nilson Bastos

    Muito Muito Bom!!! Amo!!!

  89. Klaudyo Vox

    Bianca S2

  90. Collette Post

    Another Brexit song

  91. marcelino camacho

    Inspiración por siempre !!

  92. Julie Smith

    Still great

  93. Sandro Pereira

    Musica boa 🖒👏👏👏👏👏

  94. Jacqueline Gonzalez

    PSB gracias por su música única y de un nivel superlativo, los adoro

  95. Edgar Filho

    Awesome.I love Pet Shop Boys