Pet Shop Boys - Invisible Lyrics

After being for so many years
The life and soul of the party
It's weird
I'm invisible
Whatever I
Have said and done
Doesn't matter in this chatter
And hum
I'm invisible

I'm here
But you can't see me
I'm invisible
It's queer
How gradually
I've become

Look at me
The absentee
Disappearing finally
Is it magic or the truth?
Strange psychology?
Or justified
By the end of youth?

Can you hear me?
Can you see me?
Am I really even here?
I'm invisible

I'm invisible

I'm invisible

It's too late
To find an excuse
The party's over
And I'm not much use
Am I tragic or a joke
Wrapped in my invisibility cloak?
Well, quite.

(I'm here)
Can you hear me?
(But you can't see me)
Can you see me?
Am I really even here?
I'm invisible

(It's queer)
Can you hear me?
(How gradually)
Can you see me?
(I've become)
Am I really even here?
I'm invisible

I'm invisible

It's a journey so they say
But in this desert I was only a hazy, lazy mirage anyway
I'm invisible

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Pet Shop Boys Invisible Comments
  1. Agustín Ruiz Rodero

    just one of my ten favourites themes from Pets, wonderful 'tempo 'and mood...

  2. TheBeltrix

    Addictive, thanks for great music!

  3. roberto pizarro

    Cant read all the messages but have you guys listened to the 808 Mix of this song. I discovered it recently and I love it. Check it out!



  5. Charles Wagner

    This was SUCH a great song! Pretty much mentions how I left the PARTY and how I decided how I don't care much about the PARTY life anymore ....

  6. Peťko


  7. Steven Kerry

    This song pretty much nails the experience of ageing (and ageism as well). I have listened to the Elysium album many times, and the the theme of "Invisible" echoes throughout the album in a few other cuts. "Invisible" is a killer album track awash in gorgeous melancholy and it's my favorite track. I felt the same way about "Luna Park" on the Fundamental album. You know the lyrics are excellent when all it takes is the words "Well, quite..." to move you. The album Elysium kicks off with its two best songs, but then becomes pleasant and sometimes goofy pop; it's worth it for those two tracks and "Hold On".

  8. Тома Айнулова

    Это волшебство

  9. Тома Айнулова

    Я влюбилась опять в их музыку, хелп ми

  10. Elena Bédmar

    Esto es lo que sentimos muchas mujeres después de cumplir cuarenta años, convertirnos en madres y perder la lozanía de la juventud. No existimos, no contamos, solo estamos ahí para comprar cremas antiedad y hacer dieta con el fin de aferrarnos desesperadamente a nuestro antiguo yo. Como si no hubiera encanto en la inteligencia, en un cuerpo que lucha cada día en los retos del trabajo y la maternidad. Envejecer no es trágico, es el síntoma de que seguimos vivos.

  11. vjunokaion

    Thank you for the song: this is the language my soul can speak too..

  12. Arundel Mercure

    This is like the theme song for what happens to gay men like myself, when you turn 30 and then 40- forget it, you're useless and over and invisible. The young people on the gay scene think they'll be young forever. I guess they will learn their lesson in time. To not be so shallow. When I was young I enjoyed conversation with older and braver gay men, who grew up in the 60s I guess. I learned a lot. I was young, smart, and not bad-looking at all, but I always appreciated talking to older gay people who had done amazing things, fought for our rights, such amazing personal stories, I really am saddened by younger gay people today that they are so antisocial and obsessed by apps on their phone and instantly judging people. Yeah, you're no one to talk and you'll be over the hill too, soon. It's not even about s-x, young gay people are so dumb and disinterested about our history. They never say hi and talk to veterans of the culture wars that got them the freedoms they take for granted. No, because being old is a sin in gay life; after 30 and forty, OMG forget even polite conversation, you're a monster. This song rings home, and it's also beautiful in a very Zen kind of way. It's gentle like a breeze, very subtle and with a tang of the far East.

    Haris Baki

    I appreciate your honesty, sir, really...

    Edson Degan

    Glad l am like you and also think this way. Life is about to teach these young gay people, l am won't take that long.

  13. Simone Maddii


  14. Peťko

    👍👌✌️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Relax!!!

  15. Steve Boykin

    Mesmerizing...makes me weep every time I hear it. So true...

  16. Ameldan Calippo

    This song should have remained a failed demo.

  17. Amish Homo

    I'm here but you can't see me.....

  18. iannickCZ

    Oh man... I remember them back at 1993 and they are still doing music. <3 <3

  19. TheNaiveJohn

    It's a masterpiece. Thank you for all the beauty over the years. x

  20. Helen Petlin

    Very calm and sweet song.With interesting lyrics and melody...

  21. markandsteve

    How Neil Tennant felt, as some people do, when we age and fade from being the life of the party.
    Very good song. The best track on the album (next to "Ego Music").

  22. Martin Hanzlik

    Forever in love with pet shop boys.FB Martin Miracle.

    Tomcio Dymol

    Forever with MUSIC :)

  23. AMBYNT

    Pet Shop Boys, you influenced my taste in music, this is my new favorite after "Miserablism" and "Thursday".

  24. Romchikthelemon

    I love their songs. I don't like any of their videos.

  25. Martin Hanzlik

    fabolous song

  26. Stephen Woods

    Beautiful as the autumn...of our lives

  27. Neeil Bhatia

    There is everything right in this song. Only PSB


    pues no me deprime al contrario me relaja la canción ,sera por que soy un poco bohemia

  29. Pepe Toño E

    this song makes me cry, is sad, melancholy, real, powerful, realistic, elegant .... I love you PSB from México, you have totally influenced my taste in music.

  30. Armando Rangel

    Esta canción es inmensamente poderosa!

  31. young jason

    one of my fav

  32. artistinstinct


  33. Holger Schink

    So intense and perfect song.

  34. artistinstinct

    THE SCOUT FOR THIS VIDEO IS EXCEPTIONAL! I think the visual artists that allow their art work to be complimentary to the unique sound and open narrative to the "PET SOUND" ARE very fortunate and gifted!
    THIS SONG is the summer breeze! .....and obviously be extended, added and site specific included to the muziak they play at yer local Wal-Mart!? Macy's?...........
    invisiblly yers, artistinstinct

  35. cochyr

    This song is fantastic, it is totally addictive.
    The music is all at once modern, elegant, beautiful and so soothing and peaceful, it feels like a sonic caress. Years later, I still listen to it with the same pleasure, if not more.
    As always with the PSB, the words really mean something clever. It talks about our lives, with an accurate analysis of how we feel at some point.
    When you've once been young and in every party, and now find yourself growing older in a changing world, you may sometimes feel that the world goes on with or without you, and that being here or not doesn't make much difference eventually. A mixture of serene wisdom and melancholy, perfectly reflected through the music.
    This is modern poetry, channeled through words and musical textures, using our senses and our brain to touch what is beyond them.
    Immense artists.


    cochyr Well said!


    I couldn't get enough of it at first, and I still love it.


    I agree that this song is addictive. I couldn't get enough of it when it first came out.


    Its horrible to have once turned heads, and now no-one sees you. That’s what the songs about - it happens to us all 😩

    Tina 1112

    Well said. This was my husband’s favourite band. Initially I used to like their more upbeat songs and never paid attention to these type songs. But I am a huge fan now. Addictive and poignant.

  36. Ricardo Cervantes

    el duo hecho musica

  37. Antonio Jose Palacian

    This elegant amazing song, was totally underated at the time of Elysium, was'nt considered for single, but will be remembered by fans always, as it happened with Being Boring. Is so bitter, smooth and beautiful, and all about them, being at the peak of fame, fighting in the 90's only to be appreciated as living institutions since late 2000's---- I Will always love PSB.

    Mumbles Cares

    +Antonio Jose Palacian This song is absolute magic. Gorgeous lyrics, harmonies, music, story, emotion. Nothing else on this album came close to this and sadly, nothing on Electric or Super does either.

  38. Andrei Valentim

    Love this

  39. agostino perrone

    Pet shop  boys_ Art ._

  40. Feline Enigma

    Perhaps only people of a certain age can really appreciate this song. If you are younger and think you understand, cool. It's lovely but bittersweet for those of us who are aging along with the wonderful PSBs! Peace!


    Or people who grew up listening to PSB! I'm only 22 but I've known them for a while now. And I must say this is probably one of my favourite song from them. It's nostalgic and comforting at the same time...

  41. Addalicent Crofthaenga

    this song is so swagg and slow beating brings awsomesness to my life

  42. rubber chicken

    So fucking good I wanna choke my chicken.

    gerardo lugo balderas


  43. Hugo A. Morales

    My favorite song of Elysium

  44. euphrates556

    Smooth, so Pet Shop Boys. I wish the DJs would play more PSB's music here in South Florida. Everything played now is Rap and Spanish.

  45. mpcloungedotcom

    Love it! One of my favorites.

  46. Μιχάλης Βαρουξάκης

    from the polemical queerness of the 80's the easy acceptance Pet Shop Boys encounter make them question the visibility of the queer as it morphs into "justified/but the end of youth" and then - poignantly - if it is being "tragic or a joke/wraps in my invisibility cloak". The nonchalant twists and click-slick enjambents together with the superb orchestration and production show - but well, they are suave pop masters, all hail

  47. Алексей Чмелёв

    Молодцы! Мне они всегда нравились...

    Тома Айнулова

    Они охуенные

  48. ImagenPD

    Muy cierto! una vez que la juventud gradualmente se va perdiendo...y la vejez aparece, entonces se vuelve uno invisible a los ojos de todos, y esto ocurre en cualquier aspecto y terreno de la vida. "Maravilloso y reflexivo tema"

    Alejandro Gomez

    Muy cierto

  49. John Ford

    Great to hear new stuff from them!


    @John Ford A new album is due next year. Look forward to it.

  50. Andrés Muñoz


  51. 赤白黄色

    It is impressively mysterious.

  52. Richard Price Elliott

    I did not feel for it at first.  Now, I am sitting right in the singers space. 

  53. josef pastora

    NEIL-CHRIS-AMAZING GOOD JOB- by time of "ACTUALLY"long,very long time=nothing,,,plus,minus nothing...and now this great electrobomb with super name:"ELECTRIC"shakeing and grooveing. very great aplausing..please:::going to czech republic.


    fina obra de arte perferct!!!

  55. avivlynker

    Esté tema me transmite mucha melancolía, gracias PSB :)

  56. Maranhense TV

    #FlordoCaribe :)

  57. Katri Kuusisto

    Amazing! Beautiful! I love Pet Shop Boys! PSB FOREVER! <3<3

  58. Edde Jr

    Linda melodia, instrumental e letra. Canção perfeita.

  59. Motry73

    Thanks Neil, thanks Chris...amazing song.

  60. Roberto Niñoles Alfaro

    Fantástico tema, gran estilo tecno-pop muy universal....gracias PSB!!!

  61. elena makarkina

    Pet Shop Boys ____________LEGENDA

  62. GrotrianSeiler

    Beautiful, need more be said?

  63. Vaucemir Antônio

    It's a great soung!!!!!! Love it.


    Neil Tennant má skutočne mimoriadny hlas, no táto skladba si ma nezískala. Tým netvrdím, že by bola zlá. No PSB mali aj lepšie skladby. škoda, že turné 2013-2014 neplánuje zastávku na Slovensku. ich koncerty boli značne spektakulárne. V Prahe, Ostrave aj v Bratislave.

  65. futtle

    Saw them in Tel Aviv last night (23/06/2013). After more than 30 years they can still get 15,000 people on their feet. Spectacular!

  66. Quin Ruiz

    great, great video-art expression....

  67. G7ALANISG7

    21 akefalo

  68. Andrius Stasiukynas

    No I am straight and your question is very vulgare and fool!! You're fucking idiot!

  69. G7ALANISG7

    are u gay?

  70. Mark Nolan

    With a name like 1bigmoneymike the rest of us can imagine what you're like.......and you couldn't have said it better yourself......

  71. rolirMat56

    Sympet Shop You ! @+R².

  72. Ximena Cartagena

    Wonderful! I love this song !

  73. G7ALANISG7


  74. Maria Inês L. Marquez Torres

    wowowowow,lindissima!!!!! ameiiiii

  75. doodledancers

    It is just so good to have them back 3
    I grew up listening to them and they are just amazing x

  76. Arapoa Moura

    I agree.

  77. Mike Da Hustla

    I love the 80s and when I think about psb I want them to make music like they use to.This music is new age

  78. Yes Elysium

    KOKOT !!!

  79. Mª Josep Serrano Hermosilla

    Desde k asisti en directo a uno de sus conmciertos en Torrevieja, aun me entusiasman mucho más, suenan mucho mejor k ya es decir en directo k pasados por grabación.
    GENIALES Saludos a todos los k les gusta el fantastico grupo THE PET SHOP BOYS

  80. Mike Da Hustla

    Pure garbage

  81. Andrius Stasiukynas

    Thank You beatiful girl or lady:)! Kisses!!

  82. Andrius Stasiukynas

    Thank You beautiful girl!! Kisses:)


    YES! I love too! are the man so beatiful...kisses!!


    Pet Shop Boys is ETERNAL, I love!!! Cd ELYSIUM is very amazing!!!

  85. Clara Vital

    Ì´m so sad with this music...this is my moment now...going away... because I still love you...stupid guy!

  86. betweenthreeislands

    The best song of 2012.

  87. Kenneth Baker

    One of their most entrancing songs!

  88. Manuel Dorhout

    Saai zeg heel saai

  89. Mhaza Rock

    love pet shop boys ....

  90. Dmitry Gladikov

    Наконец я дождался, нового шедевра !

  91. Giuseppe Francavilla

    wow, there are 62 assholes here!

  92. Alejandro Camarillo

    Muy sensual, elegante y cachonda rola de Pet Shop Boys: Invisible

  93. joaopsbShows

    Na trilha sonora internacional da novela Flor do Caribe.

  94. Barry Stulberger

    When are you coming back to the States?
    We saw in in Atlantic City with Pandemonium, LOVED IT!
    When can we see the "Elysium' Tour?
    (hmm, Pandemonium, Elysium, am I seeing a pattern here? Next one could be "Orga-sium"