Pet Shop Boys - I Made My Excuses And Left Lyrics

"I'm all alone again"

I walked into the room
Imagine my surprise
You were sitting close to him
Staring in each other's eyes

Each of you looked up
But no one said a word
I felt I should apologise
For what I hadn't heard

A silence filled the room
Awkward as an elephant
In the crowded court of your love
I was now a supplicant

And clumsy as I felt
At stumbling on this theft
To save further embarrassment
I made my excuses and left

So long ago
I felt like such a fool
For crying
All that I know
Is when you feel inside
You're dying
It all begins again
Your excuses

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Pet Shop Boys I Made My Excuses And Left Comments
  1. Blue Jay

    story of my life. Good video. great song. peace bro.

  2. philosyche

    this video has a very dream-like quality to it and it's nature of narrative. goes really well with the song, which itself is very dream like in its lyrics and music. great job!

  3. mickypoo4622

    A song to cry to, if you have ever been through the same. Losing a lover or being rejected by someone you want to be closer to is one of life's saddest times.

  4. Elias Rahmani

    Everytime I hear this song fall deep on my memories, those kisses and love making run through my mind and vanish in passing time. Each memory ends and another one starts.
    I love this song sooooooo much

  5. I love u..petshop🤩😉

  6. Pancho Gourmet

    El salame va a ver a su novia o novio y lo encuentra que lo está cagando 😁

  7. 우리는 순간에서도 과거미래현재를 넘나든다 좀아까 잠시후 등등 그건 일상이지

  8. Mark Hoffman

    According to "Pet Shop Boys discuss 'Fundamental/Further listening: 2005-2007" the melancholy voice at the beginning saying "I'm all alone again, I'm all alone" is Chris's voice. Evidently Chris was simply walking along when that phrase popped into his head so he sang it into his phone. Afterward the boys sampled his recording and it put it into this song. Neil also states that this is his favorite song on the album and I wholeheartedly agree.

  9. Gerson Catarino

    this is so depressive and so sad and so beautiful!!

  10. Mark Mahoney

    So haunting great song

  11. townclubber

    Beautiful song

  12. Surfing On Squarewaves

    Rhyming elephant with supplicant - awesome!

    Ronette Pulaski

    the don't rhyme - awkward!

  13. Andrius Stasiukynas

    Fundamental is beautiful album. For me this song is very beautiful, hard to believe it released 10 years ago! Love Pet Shop Boys very, very much and long live Neil and Chris!!

  14. Askytrill

    This is a good video; well-done. Hard to believe you uploaded it nine years ago.

  15. Jennifer Tingelöf Olsson

    Jätte bra video, sett på den om och om igen! Bra jobbat! ♥

  16. Tony Hamflett

    Supplicant: - a person who asks for something in a respectful way from a powerful person or God.

    Ronette Pulaski

    we know, dearie

  17. bitleyTM

    Excellent. You can edit your video _inside_ Youtube to sharpen it. Youtube has tools that usually work really well. One of my all time favourite PSB tracks too. To comment on the video itself I think I myself would have walked at first, then I'd be running to catch privacy enough to cry cry cry cry cry. And perhaps crying in public too. When that shit strikes you're not prepared. Been there. It was night so I could walk and cry without nobody noticing. I walked away from love. And that's another great great track. With Yazoo. Regards from Sweden.

    Robert Reilly

    i'll read again when i'm pished or sober

  18. Triveni satyanarayana

    Amazing Video!
    excuses , Excuses, Excuses is the surest way to Failure!
    I use an iPhone app "roadblocks" which records my excuses, shows statistics and make me overcome my excuses. I removed 2 excuses like this already and has given me amazing personal power!

  19. Christian Katsis

    It's about Cynthia Lennon walking in on John and Yoko....

    The song is from a female point of Rent...

  20. anizio19

    Pet Shop Boys are children of God who came to show us a bit of perfection that is in heaven! HORS CONCOURS...PERFECTS

  21. anizio19

    perfect COMMENT!!!

  22. Benjamin Virc

    The pacing of the clip should be a bit more tense, they are too many reiterated stills ... You shouldn't reveal everything at once ...

  23. Rasputin Varez

    You do realise it's about a guy walking in on his boyfriend with another man, right?

    Jan Schäfer

    It doesn´t matter because he catched the statement of the song perfectly

    stewart baird

    It's about Cynthia lennon walking in on john and yoko

  24. Iliana Gonzalez

    @ImagenPD totalmente de acuerdo contigo amor , vivimos en tiempos donde la suplica y el perdon se agotaron ..

  25. limoncitodf

    I remember when I had to live exactly what the lyrics said... when I found my partner with somebody else in our own place... it was in shock, so angry, frustrate and sad... I didnt know what to do... I just left and walked over the city trying to clear my mind... the relationship was over after that but I remember when I was at work with my headphones listen to this song I couldnt avoid some tears coming out my eyes because this song is very sad, soft and elegant at the same time.... very good

  26. limoncitodf

    En 2006 salio esta cancion en Fundamental y me toco vivir lo q dice la letra exactamente. Un dia regrese del trabajo temprano y al entrar a casa m encontre a mi pareja con alguien mas, no fue necesario verlos besarse o nada para saber q eran mas q amigos, m meti al cuarto para calmarme y ellos s sentaron en el sofa como si nada... al poco rato sali de ahi, solo me falto pedir disculpas como dice la letra... fue el final d una relacion d 6 anhos porque la siguiente vez q nos vimos fue para tronar

  27. Jean de Keranflec'h

    so exciting!!!!!!!!!

  28. tony hamflett

    @djamesv absolutely!

  29. ImagenPD

    Adoro esta canción!!!

    Una historia recurrente a lo largo y ancho de nuestro planeta que no cesa.

    Dicen que echando a perder se aprende y sin embargo; nosotros los seres Humanos, no nos cansamos de equivocarnos y vivimos en tiempos en donde la suplica y el perdon... se agotarón.
    Mientras que las excusas... cada vez se hacen más.

    "I Made My Excuses And Left" sin duda; de mis favoritas del Fundamental del 2006

    Forever... Pet Shop Boys!!!

  30. DarkMomoko

    Fundamental... Great song - great video. I love this.

  31. darren vogler

    "In the crowded court of your love, I was now a supplicant". Awesome....

  32. 22latino

    This is an Awesome some! Definitely a new classic in my book of Pet Shop Boys collection :))))

  33. Hoffnung

    Good song. I love his English perfect pronunciation, it's very instructive for English students like me.

    Ben Aziza Lassaad

    Hoffnung so true thnks to the psb ive been remarquable emprovin my english now i single as well as neils accent

  34. Tamás Juhászi

    The intro of this track reminds me of their song I'm not scared(Introspective),it's very simile,but the song is superb.

  35. Dag Erik Nilsson Mysse


  36. Dag Erik Nilsson Mysse

    Nope, it says in the description who they are;-)

  37. jamiegrifter

    The couple on the sofa look a tad miserable considering they've just got engaged!

  38. Yrai Niev

    Uno. no soy sudaka. soy valenciano o español. dos. ya se qu no son ellos. despues de casi treinta años siguiendolos como para no saberlo. Inglish, no se. pero se enteran los q saben español.

  39. glish73

    I guess you have no soul!!!

  40. Yrai Niev

    pues tu podrias ir a pastar por los prados... a no. que no teneis de donde eres...
    Solo he dicho que para ser un video d ellos es lamentable que no aparezcan, a cualquier fan le gusta ver a sus idolos y mas si no se prodigan mucho en apariciones.

  41. Yrai Niev

    Si este es un video de PSB... me duele mucho saberlo. Es de lo peory eso que soy fan desde el año 85...Nisiquiera aparecen ellos ¡¡¡

  42. ravenfirepheonix

    Very Good. Have a choccie.

  43. Dag Erik Nilsson Mysse

    Står längre ner:-P Ängelholm;-)

  44. BlacksVideos

    Jävligt nice video. Var är det inspelat, förresten?

  45. Claudio bugallo sanchez

    Thank you for answer.-

  46. Dag Erik Nilsson Mysse

    It's not in England, It's in Sweden in a small town called Ängelholm (Where I go to school), just outside Helsingborg (where I live)

    See You In Copenhagen on friday, anyone?

  47. Claudio bugallo sanchez

    What town of England, to film this video?.-

  48. Dag Erik Nilsson Mysse

    Need Minimal with correct codecs too!

  49. Dag Erik Nilsson Mysse

    TXH for all the comments.

    I can now say that I have a project with We Are The Pet Shop Boys, a video with videos of the Boys. I have worked with this project for a couple of months, but I need help to find the videos for Numb and I'm With Stupid with correct codecs.

    There will come new videos like this one but I dont know which song and I don't know when, yet.;-)

  50. BuddahUK

    Very beautiful and sensitive treatment of one of their songs. I wish they would treat their songs with such sensitivity. Their videos are not worthy of them. They're usually shockingly crass.

  51. Omar N. Ariza

    de todos modos creo que yo tambien he interpretado mal tu mensaje, te pido disculpas, entonces son falsos no? jeje un saludo

  52. Omar N. Ariza

    que me tranquilize? ¿como adivinas que estoy nervioso? que yo sepa las palabras en internet no muestran estados de animo creo, estoy muy relajado, soy feliz ademas

  53. Xavier Serret

    I really liked it! Very good job indeed! The official PSB site is giving your video great publicity, you should be proud of that! Congratulations...

  54. Salvador Santó

    el que no se da cuenta eres tu de que todos los demás ya sabemos que no son videos oficiales. tranquilizate!

  55. Omar N. Ariza

    Nadie se da cuenta de que los videos son falsos?? esto es la polla

  56. AminaVane

    lovely sound

  57. CarolineNaomi

    cool video,they like it!congratulations

  58. Dag Erik Nilsson Mysse

    Neil-like guy? The man in costume? That's Me;-)

  59. Dag Erik Nilsson Mysse

    WOW!!! I'm so happy! I can't believe it! It's just amazing that my favourites have wrote about our video on their site! Fantastic!:-D

  60. Chris K

    A very good job by PSB.... good music video

  61. PeterGriffin

    great job