Pet Shop Boys - Axis Lyrics

Turn it on


Electric energy
Turn it on
Electric energy

Power it up and turn it on
Turn it up

Feel the power
Electric energy
Turn it on
Plug it in
Charge it up
Electric energy 

Turn it on
Electric energy
Turn it on

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Pet Shop Boys Axis Comments
  1. Aven Avenn


  2. etan De Keijser

    If only he had a 3d printer...

  3. Richard Back

    Find the ad for Faberge Turbo Cologne on YouTube and you can see a clear inspiration for the intro to this song!

  4. COD&BF Gaming

    this song looks like old times

  5. charliepr65

    PSB ... so underrated ‼️

  6. AQT Black or White

    Pet Shop Boys

  7. ematech

    sempre geniali

  8. Tom Kruzoff

    Hi from BELARUS !!!!!!!!

  9. IP F

    Fabulous track! It somehow seems to pay homage to Patrick Cowley’s Menergy album.

    Roland Baldwin

    I hear that now. Yes it's so good but there doesn't seem to be the kind of clubs to play this in anymore. Sad really.

  10. Fernanda Candida


  11. NoMoneyG

    Very Reminiscent of Giorgio Moroder's work who did most of Donna Summer's music, remixes & many soundtracks from the mid 70's to early 80's vibe to it. Also it has that PSB sound. I guess if Giorgio Moroder did the remix of another song it would sound like this!!


    Indecent, vicious...

  13. Magdaléna Jerigová

    Amazing 👌👌👌

  14. Antonio Aljama

    Muy chula

  15. Rene Schmidt

    more electric energy is not possible👍

  16. Лариса Гордиенко

    Теперь, когда ученые нашли бозон Хиггса, Большой адронный коллайдер будет искать еще более неуловимую цель: темную материю. Нас окружают темная материя и темная энергия — невидимые субстанции, которые связывают галактики, но никак себя не выдают. В новой работе излагается инновационный метод поиска темной материи силами Большого адронного коллайдера за счет эксплуатации относительно медленной скорости потенциальной частицы. Короче портал они открыть стремятся и выпустить бесов.

  17. Марина Неонова


  18. swordfish00007

    Wow these guys sold out to the dark side a long time ago. Clearly showing who they worship in most of there videos. Bad choice and I pray they get to know Jesus before it's too late.

  19. NicoleWattersonShow

    Rainbow Dash - Axis (Official Music Video)

  20. orlando e. Herre

    Still Amazing

  21. Antonio Jose Palacian

    I just listened yo Patrick Cowley "MENERGY" and I found that sound like Doppler Efect sounding in the distance. Love to search about these geniuses..

  22. Peter Uit Kampen

    The last epic PSB song

  23. Jose Termes

    Que grandes🎹genios🔊🎶🎵

  24. Genomizer

    This is electronic music at it´s best, both the song and the video. There is no making this genre better!!!! PBS always delivers, never lets us down!!!

  25. Peasant Jay

    For fuck's sake it's awsome!!! That's all I can say...

  26. NicoleWattersonShow

    Rainbow Dash Show

  27. NicoleWattersonShow

    Nicole's Teron Dash

  28. Gino Genaro

    Terapy brain devil fantasy of electro shok.

  29. Paola Tennant de Williams

    Super song and video!!!!!!💕💃💃💃🎵🎶😎💖

  30. You Are My Life Pictures

    I just realised the reason for the orange cone at the beginning. Who remembers the artwork and strange costumes with orange cone headwear for their 1993 'Very' album? 'Axis' was released in 2013, the 20th anniversary of the album 'Very'. The boys outfits in this video as well as the video itself are more advanced versions of the 'Can You Forgive Her?' video (also off the album 'Very') released 20 years before. Go back and watch 'Can You Forgive Her?' and you'll see the parallel between the two videos. Very clever.

  31. ☆Rabelo ¥ ☆


  32. Bsdero43a Anonymous

    great singers of the world.

  33. Arte Maricon


  34. Adriana Suárez Zúñiga

    I love PSB 💓💗💓💗💓💗😍

  35. Alexander Dahoola

    Electric energy.


    Nice baphomet dancing. Tom Watkins Wonky Satanists.

  37. Mediaflashmob

    Where did they write this song? the country

  38. LoLzZ85

    Good stuff from PSB! Not heard this before.

  39. John Torrez

    Time flies. Sure cant be 5 years since this song was out. :-)

  40. Alexandre Guerra

    Uhuuu Crazy!! VERY GOOD!!

  41. Tony Tafoya

    ... I gotta admit: This one still kinda scares the hell outta me.
    It's about the large Hadron Collider ...

    And the possible out come of fucking with other dimensions and things that we don't understand ... maybe unwittingly unleashing something real fucking bad from another reality, or maybe even hell itself.

  42. Shelly Hogg

    Sounds like a gaming soundtrack x

  43. Policarpo Aroca

    One of latest and best videos by PSB. They quit doing them.

    Haris Baki

    Watch "On Social Media". It is fabulous.

  44. big busty belinda

    It's impossible for me not to think of Rod Stewart watching this, every time!

    NorthSea 1981

    Why Rod Stewart?

    Although - him singing some cool lyrics over this track would sound awesome.

    NorthSea 1981 The dancing 'bull thingy' on the left reminds me of him

    NorthSea 1981

    Ah ok...LOL! :D

  45. lukas fortin

    project blue beam?

  46. Maran

    This like soul butter!

  47. ruby yogaswara

    love psb ....sad to hear the death of tim b , avicii forever

  48. Luis ramos

    Me encanta .... El ritmo... Quien 2018

  49. Club Boy

    great !

  50. revir lee

    Muito bom

  51. quique valencia

    no me canso de verlo

  52. quique valencia

    que maravilla de cancion .

  53. Mark Nolan

    The album version is much better - why edit out the good bits to avoid criticism from the pop softies?

    Haris Baki

    This is for radio-friendly version; that's why it was butchered like Minimal...

  54. ys triangle

    I feel energy
    emotional PV!

  55. Mr. White

    Też chce się zabić.

  56. Pedro Pinilla

    2018 and still strong!

  57. Stephen Zevon

    Daft Punk left in the dust behind PSB

  58. Lisa Wray

    he was a musician too :) RIP 416011

  59. Lisa Wray

    i escaped from my mentally insane husband in 1981 .. that's probably how I missed PSB

  60. Lisa Wray

    Im 61 years old .. how did I miss this band?!!! But I'm so glad i have something to inspire me and to listen to now ...

    Robin Marshall

    Their first breakthrough hit, "West End Girls," is just as amazing today


    pet shop boys had been great in the 80s. they were also one of the first bands outing themselfs as homosexual. but their sound has been great way back then and it just got better year after year. since homosexuality was a big deal still in the 80s, i could guess that many ppl ignored them or did not let them on their radar

  61. Cledson Rodrigues


  62. Oracle 4 Orion

    There is something very special about this video, the visuals work right on with the very very cool music. He really put a lot into timing it just perfect. Highest praise on the piece of work. Thanks Chris Lowe for this track I consider a masterpiece. this is my first indulgence in this piece and with many viewings to follow .~~~Peace To All.~~~~~

  63. marco avila

    Satanists goat heads dance funny

  64. marco avila

    This track would be bad ass if they used in a action movie James bond or John wick movie

  65. ItaloDisco4U

    So visionary and so great! Disco is back!

  66. Ramūnas Grigas


  67. Ярослав Васильев

    Уже с Рогами блядь!

  68. gfan83

    World of Warcraft - Pandaria.

  69. James Forbes

    Anyone else notice that Sauron is in this video? ;)

  70. Ana Flávia Amaral

    Eu amo vcs

  71. Andrea López Delgado

    I´m a mexican girl of the ´92 and when I was 8 I meet this duo. Since then, they have been the most important musicians for me, besides E-Type, Kamelot and Deine Lakaien.

    chia hen chun

    Andrea López Delgado hi

    chia hen chun

    Hello, you are lovely

    AQT Black or White

    Andrea López Delgado Oi gata.

    Gene Che

    Where did they meet them?


    xtz yeaa!!!

  73. TheDefiant

    Now this is what I'm talking about!

  74. LordHeath1972

    WARNING: This video may contain flash photography!!! Holy shit this is probably the best PSB video in the last 20 years!



  76. Shelly Hogg

    it sounds like an old computer game soundtrack maybe for racing or something like Wipeout x

  77. snaglet 22


  78. AQT Black or White

    👁Pet Shop Boys é show

  79. Marnie M

    Love this video!

  80. Pet Shop Boys Türkiye


    Haris Baki

    Ne zaman açtınız kanalı :)

    Pet Shop Boys Türkiye

    2014 den beri varız

  81. brer rabbit

    I just had an electro orgasm.

  82. gene webb

    i have not heard new pbs music in a long time even tho they keep releasing material. the new music is better than ever.. who would have thought 35 yrs ago these guys would still be recording? just unbelievable... rediscovering the brillance of neil and chris!

  83. Lito

    ///__ con todo el Power pethshpboys siguen siendo los mas geniales del mundo -.´+-.+´.-´+.-

  84. PQ music (TYCHY)

    :) :) :)

  85. themaskedredbandit

    This song was new to me, I'm speechless

  86. Art Durbano

    Is this clip supposed to convey some sexual connotations? The only about sex I'm getting is the nausea all these strobe lights are giving me.

  87. PinguinPVPninja

    me encanta

  88. Marc Domicello


  89. colordata datacolor


  90. hunkyvampire

    Love this. No homo.

  91. Stephen Shields

    wats up with the satan horn shit ...pls pet shop boys dont jump on the illumanti fad ..


    Stephen Shields they have always been anti bible indirectly. Being gay is anti bible God so its Satanic in a way. Electric!

  92. Darlisson Pereira

    i love Pet Shop Boys

  93. Javier Zapata

    Love Pet Shop Boys

  94. VegemiteExtreme

    I love this song but I just can't unhear "I want your cabbages"

  95. Veronica herrera szalinka

    wow claramente tienen pacto con el diablo. Me encanta su musica.

  96. Emilie

    Super !

  97. ByteOn Computer Services

    Does anyone remember the early Commodore Amiga demo scene? That's what this clip reminds me of. Awesome track, PSB rock!