Perry, Steve - Missing You Lyrics

Whoa, I'm missing you
The hurt on your heart
Through your eyes it shows
The past can't relive
What we both know

Still I remember
Things I never meant
Memories surround me
Won't let me forget

I was so wrong
The secret's not worth keeping
I had no faith
That you would still believe

No, now
My heart's in your keeping
Here I am
Missing you
(Missing you)

Fear in the dark
Stares from my wall
Your eyes in your picture
Won't let me go
If I could remember
How you felt the pain
The king of pretenders
Alone in shame

I was so wrong
The secret's not worth keeping
I had no faith
That you would still believe

No, now
My heart's in your keeping
Here, I am
Oh here I am
(Missing you)
Missing you

Oh, I'm missing you
You were there
Now I'm here
You gave much more than I did
I gave what I had to give
If I could, you know I would
I'd make it up to you
Instead I'm missin' you

In the place you used to be
You were lying next to me
Oh, I'm missing you
Whoa, I'm missing you

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Perry, Steve Missing You Comments
  1. Chevy taylor

    WOW its 2020 and this is my first time hearing this...

  2. Alice Patton

    This song reminds me with my mom missing her. I believe he made this song for his mom. So emotional for me but I Love it.

  3. Mike Lucas

    Voice of an angel

  4. denise fiorelli

    How many times can i fall in love with this man. Countless. Love this song. I sing at the top of my lungs.

  5. Maria Lucia Domingues

    Que voz maravilhosa. ... Steve é todo lindo,,, esses cabelos compridos ,,,aí fico doida, ,,,,.2019,,,,Brasil

  6. TuxyKat 1111

    Still looking good, still sounding good. Steve always had total control of his voice, making it look easy, never missing a note. They all made it great, but Steve added the MAGIC ✨🌟🔊💥⚠ 💋💓

  7. nora fish

    i know how it feels to miss someone m
    the love of my life died july 16 2014 of a heartattack in his sleep that was a real life changer and he nails how i feel everyday

  8. Betty Davis

    Wish he was missing me

  9. yester day

    I'd LOVE to hear this live.

  10. Rosey Gates

    Beautiful message, keeping secrets

  11. Dwayne Martin

    This man's voice ...the passion, emotion and sincerity. I am tearing up. Makes me remember lost love from years ago.

  12. Lorraine Chambers

    I really like this song called
    Missing you by Steve Perry
    He is sexy in this video your
    Friend Lorraine.

  13. Kimberly Pepper

    Beautiful song. So heartwarming.

  14. yester day

    This was a great song! Man....he writes and sings so beautifully...... I remember seeing Journey as a kid and almost fainting cuz I weaseled my way up to Front Row and couldn't believe I was there! He definitely has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard in my life, it is such a gift from God.

  15. Yvette Yvette

    Steve sings from the ❤️ you got love him always I do keep singing darling 😊🤩

  16. Scott Singley


  17. alessandra brant

    Não tem como escutar essa música e não sentir nada todas elas nos tocam a alma. Viva Steve Perry!!!!!

  18. grilled cheez pleez

    This is True definition of a Love ballad.😭 Frail and beautiful,😭Longing to be with the one you want the most. Lo❤e Ballads need to make a comeback❣❣

  19. Sandra Nelson

    Lost my love August 2016...this song touches my heart deeply. Thank you

  20. Nicola Nardelli


  21. susane tagayev

    Tears , such a beautiful tribute to the love lost . She had cancer and died.
    Steve your voice shows the love and compassion for her
    Steve you are still one of the best voices I have ever heard
    God Bless

    yester day

    This was released before he met her.

    susane tagayev

    yester day yes I read that . It such a beautiful song God I love his voice!
    So glad he’s back singing again ❤️

  22. Brad Sullivan

    What a voice.

  23. Betty Ryans

    Missing you the Voice forever🎶🎤🎶🎤🎶🎤🎶🎤

  24. Ruby Colvin

    This man is truly beautiful voice and soul

  25. Penny Talmage

    I love his voice so much and he is so handsome !

  26. Ms Creek

    I caught myself letting out a big sigh because the song was done.💞💕💕

  27. phyllis darley

    I love his voice he is the best

  28. Cathy Andresiak

    Beautiful, Steve can make a person cry, maybe that is a good thing, a process of healing he has given us.

  29. DaveSpecter1065

    I’m 53...he’s still the best vocalist...ever.

  30. Carol Misrole

    What A Voice!!What A Beautiful Song!! Great Stuff Steve Perry ✌👏❤🇿🇦✔

  31. Nicola Nardelli


  32. Kat Samples

    I want to marry him! 😍

    Robyn Hawkins

    @Kat Samples once Peter gets ahold of me he'll sing who is Kate samples?

    Kat Samples

    @Robyn Hawkins 1st... I'm Kat. Not Kate. And he is Steve not Peter. You are comical, and I'm laughing. Have a real good day.

    yester day

    Whoa, I've had a thing for this guy since I was 14. I gotta call dibs. The only thing more beautiful than his voice is his integrity. He's the best kind of beautiful, cuz it starts with what's inside and just kind of comes out everywhere!
    P.s... I think the song might have been remastered, it sounds just a bit different from my tape.

    Robyn Hawkins

    @yester day we can share him can't we? Because he has so much Integrity it should be enough to go around. BTW, I've had a crush on him since I was 2 years old.

    yester day

    @Robyn Hawkins
    Hmmmm...well, now that you've asked 🤔.........No. No, I'm sorry, that would destroy his Integrity and I couldn't let that happen, it's part of what makes him amazing!

  33. Ganell Mcmcllion

    Love me some u SP

  34. Just Timm

    For me Steve Perry needs journey for that magic, and Journey needs Steve to be recognized as the greatest rock band ever!!!

    yester day

    There was definitely a Synergy there. But you know, staying in an environment with people who things just dont jive with for whatever reason, that can adversely affect everybody, and everything they do. My point is if things were wrong at all in the dynamic, things would have gone wrong with the Synergy of the music that they produced together. And I think that's probably why he won't perform with them now.

  35. Poly Jones

    Wowww, what a powerful voice, love it.

  36. Patsy Viars

    I love this song, so honest & heart felt!

  37. Vickie F.

    Never heard this track before. OMG!! To me, this has an almost religious quality; liturgical music...classy. He has such talent...the gal in the song...she's not worthy ;-)

    yester day

    You should listen to 'Melody'....same kind of impact...almost a spiritual quality...beautiful doesn't even begin to cover it. Oh...and
    'why can't this night go on forever', so enchanting...sigh....smiling just thinking about how amazing that song is and how well he sings it.

  38. Dav Allen

    Steve Perry is the new king of music a.amazing voice

  39. Kim Martin

    I love Steve Perry! Best vocalist and performer ever!

  40. Giovane Fortunato

    Inconfundível a voz , lembro na hora.

  41. Antoinette Albarado

    That voice!!!! Sing me to sleep please!!! Ahhhh.... As per to dream!!! 💞💞💞💞

  42. Claude Monete

    💛❤😇MISSING YOU😇❤💛

  43. patricia fedick


    patricia fedick


  44. Saudi Boy

    Missing you😢😢😢

  45. Ron psm Magnum

    One beautiful heart felt song that truly touches parts that no one could ever touch within the true essence of a righteous SOUL and a royal covenant made in heaven itself, respectfully SO*

    SELAH - [email protected]

    MAGNUMISM FOUNDATION FOR LIFE & academy of higher supernatural metaphysical learning of the highest ORDER, respectfully SO!*****

    YOUTUBE - Ron PSM Magnum

  46. Mary Ann Geyer

    He makes me emotional His voice oh that voice I can’t get enough of it or him. He uses so many great hand gestures to

  47. Gagina

    Pure soul !!!

  48. Wayne Jackson

    Damn I do miss her. Love you forever Keren

  49. harvey burgess

    Guys great

  50. West Winds

    This is a beautiful song and Steve does a great job with it.

  51. Kathy Reid

    my daughter gave me her heart at 4 yo ;-) <3 #StevePerry ~~~~~~~ <3 <3 ~~~~~~~ mussing her,

  52. Rickey Engle

    don't want too hear it,,

  53. José Marcio

    The VOICE. The Man. The Soul. 👏👏👏

  54. James Carson

    Journey is by far the best Rock and Roll band to of ever existed. Everytime I hear Steve Perry's voice I think of angels....

  55. Cristian D B C

    Que viva siempre tú música!! 🌙🎵

  56. Pam Christensen

    Great song

  57. patricia fedick

    💞💜💞, oohhh'k now this is crazy.Im passing it back your way.Something must be going on with Retro. Lolololol oh'k, jst wow Oh My Stars,lolol.

  58. The One I Know

    Life after Journey... Yes there is...and sometimes forever isn't a very long time but forever and after is..... ALWAYS... Eternal !!!

  59. The One I Know

    Missing you don't call me baby

  60. patricia fedick

    My Heart & Soul are
    free to be...
    My, Babee
    Walk'in ,
    My, Babee
    Compassion I have
    had to Give...
    My Heart & Soul are
    free to see...
    Comparing the difficulties I'm refusing to Live. . .
    My Heart & Soul are
    free to leave...
    My, Babee
    Nothing to hold me. ..
    No Emotions inside to Bind Me. ..
    My Heart & Soul
    Belong to Me. . .
    My Heart & Soul
    Free Inside & Out to Be Me...
    My, Babee
    My Heart ,so free to give. . .
    My Soul ,so free to receive. . .
    I hear My Mountains,
    They are calling out to me..
    To My Babee,
    A little closer each Day. . .
    My Heart & Soul
    Are Free to Be,
    My, Babee ,
    they belong Me. . .
    I'm Nearly ready to Fly to where I want to Be.. .
    My Babee
    My Heart & Soul
    So free,
    You Found In Me. . .
    So Free,
    So Free,
    Freeee.. .
    My Reflection ,
    Your seeing the She In Me...
    My, Babee
    Heart & Soul,
    I Am Free..
    So, free. . .
    BY:Patricia Fedick/Des'Marest
    July 4'2019(C) All Rights Reserved.
    So, this is a special Thank you to you once again Stevee Babee & your Tom Petty * I Need To Know* song share led me straight to Ink& Leaflet once again... And, on this very special 4th of July release, also goes out to Anyone finally finding The Free in Your Heart & Soul.. .
    Much Love,
    Trisha/Purple Poetry 💞🐞💞

  61. mystic starrlight

    STEVE PERRY!!!🎶🎶❤️❤️💋💋💋 FOREVER!!!!

  62. Peggy Corbett

    This is more than a beautiful song. Lyrics and all. Steve Perry is at his extreme gorgeousness in this video.

  63. patricia fedick

    💞💜💞, This is the One I ve decided to Go with For the Video... Just got off the phone with my mother of heart... Since my answer leaflet was A dedication to her & a thank you to you for so much Inspiration... Also,am looking into a local studio for the musical side so this,way it wont be so hard to mesch the two.And , was thinking the lavender fields in Georgia might be a good setting ,My friend in Cali was asking if I'd consider that area , maybe the mountains turan, Bt, I'm really Loving the Lavender idea lots, & sheesh if you can Drive your bike in the Alfafa fields .So, why Not For Me The Lavender Fields of Georgia for Healing Energy work ,lol,right.. . Just keeping you posted as it happens as promised ,k...And, as so much I'm learning from you, I'm finding the True Trobairitz in myself,lol.Did a little read up on it as you peaked my curiosity information as such.
    P.S. Went back through my phone a day back & Found the Song you had co wrote on that I did a Songlet after getting a thumbs up, the Name of the Song was Rosalie,and I did a Songlet female answer Labeled * Reaching for my Candies & My Keys (C)* on Spudsters post.. So, thank you as Always..
    Much Love Stevee Babee,
    Trisha/Purple Poetry 💞🐞💞

  64. Jeff Graham


  65. Lisa Sills

    Love his voice..even after all these years it has changed to a deeper gravely voice...still so beautiful..adore his old work..his new work is really proves with age comes knowledge and more talent

  66. Vince Champion

    One of your most beautiful songs.

  67. Sunny Maus

    Wow...what a great your voice Steve.

  68. Cheye one

    I feel the passion. Love this song!

  69. Gabby Sojourner

    A voice and song that always brings our loved ones closer in our remembrances. Such a beautiful voice and sentiments.

  70. Diane Keller

  71. Cak Redi

    The influence of Sam Cooke, his idol, is immense here in this song.

  72. Stefanie Ellebruch

    💖💖💖💖 maybe now that he's singing again my dream of seeing him in concert will finally come true, at least I hope so!!!

  73. Shane Dorsey

    I don't believe anyone can bring that amazing voice to life but the original Steve Perry

  74. gol 1000

    Steve Perry the best!

  75. Enough Corruption

    This song shows once again why he had the best voice ever! Extraordinary!
    This song is so touching
    If you dont tear up, you have no Soul!!!

  76. Jane Woods

    Damn I miss you baby.

  77. brother thor

    I just sang this song for karaoke tonight and my friends said that I did a good job.

  78. Ralph Reynolds

    The best most gifted vocalist to ever grace the music world bar none

  79. Mac Chapman

    If I ever meet Steve Perry I would diffinatly scream, cry, smile & faint. Steve is my all time favorite singer, his such a really good singer & a really good man. I love Steve Perry so very much, I really wish that I could meet him.

  80. Alejandro Ocana

    .... the best voice...

  81. Muhd Firdaus

    reached to my heart

  82. Sherri Frediani

    Thank you, Steve. You gave us so much with your music. May God richly bless you, dear music man.

  83. Nancy cloninger

    Just stopped by to Hear this Song,It was my Song Back Then,At a time I needed it Most,I know I am not the Only One Too!! .Thank You Steve Perry !!

  84. Chuck U. Farley

    Damn... how did I miss this Song ?.... I am a 52 year old Lifetime fan of Steve Perry.. and I was Listening to the New Release "Traces", and youtube brought me here... so incredible !

  85. Cindy Ferster

    Most beautiful voice of all time! Untouchable!! Thank you Steve!!❤️

  86. Laura Boschen

    I feel Steve Perry never met the one woman he could really love. It's in a lot of his songs. His voice has been missed. I'm glad he is singing again. Anytime he wants to meet me, I'm here.

  87. Imelda Torio

    Yes missing you Steve!

  88. Tamra King-Nappi

    I have loved this man since I was 13.... His voice is still so beautiful....

  89. Anomalous Realities

    This is beyond words! So much heart and soul in this song. absolutely beautiful. A masterpiece! x <3

  90. French Pizza

    Luminous voice. Infinity is you. We will always know you. In Next life TOooooooooo

  91. Natércia Sá


  92. sherri was here

    How did I miss this gorgeous song in 1994. Rhetorical question really. I see it only reached 74 on the billboard chart. Was this released as a single? If so people people were crazy not to love this song. Powerly sad lyrics along with Steve's perfect voice sung with such feeling! Should have been number one hit.

    Stayin’ Sane

    sherri was here the charts were dominated by grunge bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. He was away for 9 years before this album.

  93. Lyndon Woodward

    His vocal phrasing is perfect! Perry's voice is clear- still powerful

  94. Dawna Glasser

    I think Steve perry should put out a dvd with traces i would love to see him back in videos the ones like he did with Journey i would love to see him sing instead of just hearing his beautiful face an voice to an i would love 2 see him again with long hair .I love to see him with some long hair an him put out a video dvd of Traces please think about it ,it would be a great dvd

  95. Karen Morgan

    I truly LOVE this man, he is talented, his voice gives me chills to this day. His songs take me back to the 70"s and remembering a true love of my life. How I wish I could meet him. God bless him