Perry, Steve - I Am Lyrics

We were lost and alone
Somewhere so very new
Caught in the magic of love
And your forgiveness
Selfish and too blind to see
Love was our music and, oh

I am lost in a world of emptiness
I am learning to tell the truth

Somewhere, somebody new
We shared faith without truth
With only my words left I turn
To your forgiveness
Eyes in the darkness they cry
Tears are forever and, oh

I am lost in a world of emptiness
I am learning to tell the truth
So many roads to choose

I am lost in a world of emptiness
I am learning to tell the truth
I am lost in a world of emptiness
I am learning to tell the truth
So many roads to choose

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Perry, Steve I Am Comments
  1. Maria da graça silva

    Congratulations Steve Perry hepp birthday god bless this, voice that so enchanted a generation that ,grew up Wirth you,congratulations my idol.🥂🥂❤❤❤❤

  2. Maria da graça silva

    Steve Perry, my ídolo.

  3. French Pizza

    Silver Bells baby 💙

  4. French Pizza

    I Am. Every piece of dust. Infinity you

  5. Karen Cramar

    So very beautiful

  6. Kim Magazine

    Steve. Do u know u sing me to sleep every night?? 🥰

  7. jMF My Music

    Easily in my Top 5 fave Perry solo tunes. Much, much love.
    Added to my 20.This.Week Playlist! Check me out!

  8. Geetally Gee

    🎶Feeling this beautiful song❣️
    Timeless masterpiece, timeless Steve 🎶

  9. Vince Champion

    Beautiful song. This whole album is incredible.

    Geetally Gee

    Vince Champion I Agree❣️ 💯%

  10. patricia fedick

    Hello Stevee Babee, Hoping all is well as Your Cause Event Aproaches...
    I Wish Much Loving Energy That all Goes as Planned...
    Also , hoping I was able to aide in some way to make a difference for the better...
    And,I'm very excited for you , enjoy it...
    I do feel a calming sense every since yesterday around 11:30ish Saturday...Must be the Reflectional Energy change...
    Also, wanted to update you on mine...
    I spoke with Philippe at The Studio I told you about awhile back that I had spoken with Nick...Well, it happens that he (Nick)owns it.And, was waiting for my call back..So, I have .I only need to give them 48 hrs, excited about it.As I thought Ineeded to give a week in advance notice.Bt, Philippe says that's jst during their Summer Season...So, I told him perfect.And, that I'd like to schedule atleast 2 to 3 days with them each week coming up after the 1st.As I explained about the video I'm looking to do in Georgia's Lavender fields. . .He Said, Great is perfect for them as well...So,It Looks Like I'll be testing the Waters here within like a week or sooner...
    And, if your ever curious as to how I'm fairing, I'll keep you posted as to the dates.And, you'd always be welcome to add your energy...How could I ever refuse my own Reflection, right. h'lolol. Jst ' remember these are Baby steps for me ,k.. I told them dont be surprised If , I tell them jst to turn everything on and step outside till I'm done.If ,they arent going to stand next to this lil'chorus girl and sing along 'lolilololol...All jokes aside, they are able to handle the instrumental side , I explained how the music is coming in as C minor, D major at times through notes from a Handpan/ Hangpan tune coming in ...Philippe says no problem this sounds like its going to be fun. SO, tummy is a little nervous when I think about it So, I wont .I'll just go in not thinking, lolol, right.. .
    Would Love for you to be there under much more low key Elements.As You e been my Courage this far surely . As I've stated before never have been interested in the lime light of things, not afraid .Im Jst' not one to seek it... Even though I do realize several different areas of my lifes path are taking me through it. And, are definitely Presenting me with Lots of Decisions. Things are Changjng up Quite Quickly on this side of things.. .As The Young Lady I've mentioned about colaberating with.Is wanting to Do things in Germany too. I'm supposed to be talking with her this afternoon...
    Also, On another Note. . .
    The only way to get a where I mentioned .Is To make a personal visit after purchase.So, was thinking maybe A Safe Deposite Box Through Wells Fargo it's not expensive .So, There appears to be one there.Bt, I'll have to seek the other info. at my local banking here &to find out how it gets transferred to there of the sketches .Im looking into it Monday. Surely...
    As for now I gotta get back into these accounts..
    Sma'wah Good Luck,k then..
    Anyway, I send You
    Much Love & Light,
    (Your Earth Bound Angel)
    Trisha/Purple Poetry

    patricia fedick


  11. patricia fedick


    patricia fedick


  12. Debbie Blaylock

    Just a beautiful song ❤️💜💜🌹

  13. adiazb4


  14. patricia fedick

    Never Let You Lonely,
    Learning the Love In You,,,
    In All Ways My Only,,,
    You're Never Without,,,
    Look In Your Reflection,
    It Is My Arms Holding you closely,,,
    With You,,
    With We,,
    You Call to Me,,,
    Step with Me ,,,
    Step with Me,
    My Babee,,,
    I'll Never Let You Lonely,
    Learning the Love In You,,,
    In All Ways My Only,,,
    Never will you Doubt the Whispers that brush your Lobe,,,
    She Calls to you,,,
    You , My Babee,,
    Your Learning the Love In She,,
    Her Aqua Staree Eyes
    You will Be filled Completely,,
    Never ,,,
    Never Are they Empty ,,,
    Never will She Let You Lonely,,
    Never Empty,,
    Come Step With Me,,
    Come Step With We,,
    You Fill Me,
    Learning the Love In Me,
    In Always My Only
    My Only
    My Only,
    Your Reflection,
    My Arms Holding you Closely
    My Only....Only ,,,,,,,Only,,,,,,,
    By Patricia G.Fedick/Des'Marest
    June 17'2019 (C)All Rights Reserved.
    Thank you Again Steve...I'm not finished with it I'm just getting so much on this one at this second. And, didnt want to forget any...And, as Always I Love Sharing how Your Gorgeous Melodies Inspire in Me... So, I thought to tuck her in safely till I can finish up here and get right back to tweak it and finish up..
    Much Love,
    Trisha/ Purple Poetry 💞🐞💞

  15. DeniseWva730

    <3 <3 <3

  16. Kennedy A. Smith

    Liked #191

  17. patricia fedick


  18. Donna Lazzaro

    I just read that Steve Perry wrote this song! I always wondered if he did. This song is absolutely beautiful. My admiration for Steve Perry just went to another level. Mr. Perry, you are amazing.

  19. Tricia 77


  20. Ann Visser

    So beautiful and emotional song. I cant help myself but always cry when listening ❤

  21. Donna Lazzaro

    I so love this song. His best and my absolute favorite. My gosh, what an "artist".

  22. nancy gibs

    Love this song

  23. lourdes m

    Hay tantas canciones maravillosas de steve que yo desconocía : es tan grande su repertorio de este genial artista y compositor estadounidense ; yo lo admiro mucho el es una persona maravillosa encantadora ; yo veo todas sus entrevistas y comentarios el es una persona muy grata muy especial : 😘fiel fans de Steve admiro mucho : 😍💋🎶🎤👍💖

  24. lourdes m

    Grande steve perry
    Ídolo por siempre
    Eres irremplazable
    Nadie tendrá esa voz tan hermosa y como la tuya
    Steve eres único por siempre ;
    Febrero 2019Chile,«

    Maria da graça silva

    I Love Steve Perry.

  25. Violet Midnight

    Beautiful!!! He sounds the same as this today!!

    Peter May

    Yes i thought the same...he has that rasp in his voice on for the love of strange medicine album.

    Deep Blue Sea

    Peter May he has the rasp on the 1984 album Street Talk for the song “ She’s Mine.” He’s said many times in interviews that he uses different vocal characters for his songs. His vocal character for Journey is different from his solo work which is more R&B.

    Leslie Holker

    Yes he does! He still has that amazing voice!

  26. V A. GrayShinesTheSun

    I am too

  27. V A. GrayShinesTheSun

    "Somewhere, somebody new
    We shared, faith without truth
    With only my words left I turn
    To your forgiveness
    Eyes in the darkness they cry
    Tears are forever..."

  28. Cynthia VanVoorhis

    I LOVE this song.

  29. Shelley kay Klinke

    I too am learning to tell the truth ♪