Perry, Katy - Last Call Lyrics

Hello, hello I'm searchin' for a man
With love filled eyes and them healing hands
Hello, hello I've been waiting for so long
Don't disconnect me cause it's my last call

For help...yeah help
For help...

Cause it's 8-9-9-3-8-3-3, come on and listen to me
Take my call, collect my change,
Cause Lord I'm calling on Your name

Don't wanna leave, don't wanna say goodbye
Still fifteen minutes for my thrity-five
And where's this good in goodbye?
Cause talking to you is bringing me...

This life...yeah life
This life...yeah

Cause it's 8-9-9-3-8-3-3, come on and listen to me
Take my call, collect my change,
Cause Lord I'm calling on Your name

Cause it's 8-9-9-3-8-3-3, come on and listen to me
Take my call, collect my change,
Cause Lord I'm calling on Your name

[Music break]

Cause it's 8-9-9-3-8-3-3, come on and listen to me
Take my call, collect my change,
Cause Lord I'm calling on Your name

Cause it's 8-9-9-3-8-3-3, come on and listen to me
Take my call, collect my change,
Cause Lord I'm calling on Your name

Cause it's 8-9-9-3-8-3-3, come on and listen to me
Take my call, collect my change,
Cause Lord I'm calling on Your name

Cause it's 8-9-9-3-8-3-3, come on and listen to me
Take my call, collect my change,
Cause Lord I'm calling on Your name
I'm calling on Your name
I'm calling on Your name

This is my last call
This is my last call!

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Perry, Katy Last Call Comments
  1. JM Gibson

    There are some outstanding vocal performances here. I think especially of "My own monster" second part, the one with the plectrum. I was stunned by the power of her voice and the emotion she carries with it. Definitely one of the greatest female singers I've ever heard.

  2. Daini

    ¡La amo! Es hermosaaaa.

  3. Cheri kieff

    Wow... Just Wow !!! This is the first time I've seen this side of Katy... I Love it !!! That Amazing Voice and Guitar Playing... I think You were meant to be a Rockstar Katy !!!

  4. Invisible Girl

    Go Katy go! Sing that song girl!

  5. IT_WasFrozen

    My Katy ❤️ i love her so much and im a KatyCat 💖🎤🐱

  6. Scott Wagner

    wow, kate.. to be that young again. you havent missed a heartbeat.. let me know if i get annoying. when i play and sing.. age no longer matters.. forever young scotty.

  7. trufaithmax

    I've worked in the music industry for 20 years and i must admit that Katy Hudson (Perry) is very talented, one of the most talented girls that had emerged in years.

  8. TheXIIth

    Last Call is a BOP.

  9. Michalina Ruśniok

    I love her songs, I love her voice and I love all her

  10. Michalina Ruśniok

    My Own Mosters is 1000/10

  11. Meg

    she sounds so young when she's speaking aw

  12. Dafiny Rodrigues

    linda maravilhosa musica linda te amo katy perry



  14. Let

    I love Katy !

  15. Luz Zanini

    I love katy.♡♡♡♡♡

  16. Lauren Rashelle

    AHH! I love her freaking voice!!!

    Lauren Rashelle

    @Kristin Heimbigner GOod someone finally agrees with me. Most people at school think I am a lunatic for liking Katy Perry. 

    Lauren Rashelle

    @Kristin Heimbigner It so cool how someone else is actually a Katy Perry fan, not just one of those people that say they are but they only are fans of her when she has a concert. I hate it. Lets just say they aren't real KatyCats. There is a huge difference between fans and KatyCats. KatyCats are dedicated, fans aren't.


    @Lauren Rashelle all of her songs are helping me (big katycat to) :3

    Lauren Rashelle

    @ZwartNoortje lol what are song of your fav songs?


    I love them all but lost is a faf

  17. Dirrtysouth1

    What event is this?


    it was a Christian music club where independent Christian artists could perform.

  18. Victoria

    I love this so much. Everyone who calls them selves a katycat should know of her old stuff!

  19. Robert Issac

    Nice voice.

  20. Corinne Riley

    wow *_*!

  21. Giulia Maia

    she's jesus

  22. Oriol Buscà

    This is incredibly amazing

  23. J2thePower0f3

    god, that first song is the friggin jam. Can't get over it. Would love to see her perform this song again today.

    Carl Andrew

    Hmm, perhaps the irony would pierce even her clouded heart. The song is a Christian song, like all her early material...I doubt many would call her videos, imagery, lyrics or lifestyle particularly Christian anymore

    Carl Andrew

    @Kristin Heimbigner
    She sold her soul, she admits it.

    Seek the Lord.

  24. Anant Bhagwant

    Wow! she is an amazing singer...even thought im into old school rap...this is some good shit lol

  25. PHI Entanglement

    Obviously the real katy.

  26. Anahí TheKatyCat

    I love her! ♥
    Thaks for the video Nataly! :D

  27. ricofernandez18

    wow, that is so impressive. i prefer her songs from today but this shows that she is incredebly talented and a great songwriter


    @Rnc Dmnck
    You have no idea about the American music industry.. what she meant was she slept with whoever it took to get to where she wanted... and the American music industry is very into Devil worshiping, google Beyonce and devil worshiping and look how she even promoted the Devil when she sang at the Superbowl.

    bahrta sai

    @Kristin Heimbigner somebody believing in God does NOT make them Christian. There are many different "gods" & they are not all the same one. I prefer this version of her.


    Her music now is garbage. This on the other hand isn't bad,.


    @Zak Heimbigner
    I have worked in the US music Industry for 24 years, Im on the scene, not gullible. It is you that is Gullible. I wasnt talking about Katy as being part of the Satan ratpack in US music but she did sleep with some powerful people and sold her sole to get where she is. I was talking more about JayZ and Beyonce when it comes to devil worship. Jay Z's T-shirts that he has sold for years have Satanic quotes on them. Google the words Beyonce, Satan and  Superbowl and learn something you didnt know.. The song stealing bitch is a devil worshipper and a compulsive song stealing liar.


    @Zak Heimbigner
     Plus have you seen Katy in concert?. I'll give her credit for singing live unlike so many of the  big names out there but she cant sing half of her songs anywhere near the same pitch as the recordings. Her voice is so digitally enhanced on her recordings she sings most of her big hits at least an octave lower than the recording. I respect her a lot for singing them like that though because many big names would just lipsync like Rihanna, Celine, Mariah, etc etc. So Katy has my respect for singing live even if she cant singer her own songs like they sound on the radio.

  28. Jeff Coulson

    Please youtube Jeff Coulson and Please youtube my band Anderson Counsel thanks Much Love :)(:

  29. NatalyPerry

    her voice is still the same ... it just depends on the song she sings ... :) this gospel record is more melodic and its better for singing that nowdays pop songs :D

  30. Rindurs

    She's so much better here than when I hear her live now :/ I wonder why?

  31. KennedyConspiracy

    Oh I didn't say it was worse, but very different. I just don't see the correlation between this and E.T but more so between this and Thinking of You.

    Not surprised since Dr.Luke makes pop sellable songs.

  32. KennedyConspiracy

    I think her song Thinking of You ressembles this style very much. Much more so than ET and Firework...ET, really?

  33. Alexa Fonseca

    She's so perfect I want to cry s2

  34. NatalyPerry

    awesome ... love ♥

  35. cdub722

    i love watching videos of her perform before she became famous.i find it amazing to see her so young with SO much passion into her music,its a beautiful thing&i still see it in her performances today which makes me even happier bcuz it just shows how she hasnt changed&shes not putting on concerts for $ but bcuz that passion&love for music is still inside her&i strongly believe it will always be there.its rare to see celebs like that&thats one of the main reasons why i love&respect her so much :)

  36. NatalyPerry

    yes ...when she was 15 she told she would never want to do POP music ... :) but it happened :D

  37. Klaus Geltl

    All you 'godly' folks from way back then seem so worried about the poor child erring in her ways. Well, if you cared to listen to what she says today you'd know Jesus is as real for her now as he was then.

  38. NatalyPerry

    no. she has a new band since 2008 or 2007 ..and it depends if you want buy or download this album :) Its hard to buy it in stone store but internet is full of these songs :) and its probably on Katy´s iTunes :)

  39. María Jesús Versin

    She is the best! And she isn't changed

  40. Skye Tyla Barry-wilby

    She hasn't changed much

  41. camila Karen

    16 aninhos,meu Deus...Amo

  42. Nataly Williams

    Why she stop to sing Gospel?


    Nataly Williams she flopped

  43. Holly Hampton

    This stuff should be all overthrow radio.. Wow!!

  44. Holly Hampton

    I wish I could get this albumn somewhere

  45. dropje97

    haha her voice really changed, when she said this song is called last call you really don't recognise her voice , but when she 's singing you really recognise it .

  46. Chris Martine

    LOVE Katy ! She`s such a great talent and will always do great.Always building,growing and moving forward. Katy rules !

  47. NatalyPerry

    U know ...Katy is that kind of artist that change song as many times as she sings it :) Thats why i think she is awesome :) her live performs are awesome ..u never know what u will hear :D

  48. NatalyPerry

    almost all :) she was 13 when she wrote first song for that album ... :) I think she had a little help :D

  49. Giga Tanuki

    But why did she have to change the tune of Last Call's Chorus? The recorded one is better I think...

  50. Giga Tanuki

    Last Call is my favorite song on her first self-titled album, because she really sounds amazing on this song... And correct me if I'm wrong, but I think she also wrote it all by herself.

  51. Th3BeStGOST

    it gives me chills all over! KatyCats forever ! ♥

  52. Lazy fucker

    Christian or not SHE IS AWESOME :I

  53. NatalyPerry

    She was bort to christian family ... she has Jesus tatoo :) but U know she is singer and an artist ..she can´t be the good girl who visit church every day :) but she told she has never believed in all those details as her parents believed about GOD ... she is an Awesome artist but if she wanted to be popular she could do christian music :) she´s a rebel :)

  54. Mary Mary

    bc she sold herself and her religion for earthly treasure which in the Bible it clearly states we shouldn't do. However, maybe Kathryn was never a Christian to begin with. Maybe Jesus was never real for her. She just grew up around it and had the talent and her daddy needed someone to sing in church??? However her lifestyle now pretty much clarifies that she is not a Christian!!! Bless her heart! So young and confused...


    Mary Mary who are you to judge her & say whether or not she’s a christian ? doesn’t your religion tell you to not judge people

  55. Graci Galdino

    katy is queen <3

  56. NatalyPerry

    hah yes my own monster is such a great song ... but there is more songs she wrote entirely by herself :)

  57. Calbenmike

    She played a guitar during her entire set in 2001 too. She reminded me a lot of Jewel and Fiona Apple. I wished I have had her sign her cd for me then. Awesome performance. She either wrote or co-wrote every song on her Christian cd. "My Own Monster" she wrote entirely by herself. It happens to be my favorite song on the album.

    Emir Özen

    Calbenmike if you have any vids or photos left from that era could you please share them? KatyCats would be so grateful :)

  58. NatalyPerry

    and she still can :)

  59. MalachiVEVO

    I had no idea she could play guitar.

  60. Calbenmike

    Back when she was on the straight and narrow. I saw her in 2001 and it still bothers me how she's turned out.

  61. Katy Cat

    OMP i Love her so freakin much she's just Flawless and stunning i guess it is also called Purrfection *__* stop saying that something happened to her she's still the good gurl from St. Barbara if you don't like kittens or cotton candy get the fuck out :) !

    Naomi Cortes

    Katy Cat She is stunningly beautiful I agree and love her. But nothing or no one is perfection. No such thing. But something has happened to her, even she talks about her torment she now lives in a interview here on you tube. Even she can admit it. The interview made me cry because she is sharing her pain she now lives in this so called good life people think she has. Watch it. She has to put on a fake smile with kitties, rainbows, cotton candy etc type vibe but hurting on the inside. Watch the interviews and truly listen.

  62. stanczyk11111

    it's a good video .. it shows "some true" about life/world ..

    she choose the easy way - she even "jokes" that she sold her soul to the devil :)

    watch some iuminati hollywood exposed .. :)

  63. NatalyPerry

    why do u think that something happened to her ? :D

  64. FrancoFerreira5

    what happened to her ?

  65. NatalyPerry

    she doesn´t sin g close to this cuz she sings different songs :D but she is still great singer :)

  66. Arun M

    omg she was actually pretty good here.. better than now!

  67. NatalyPerry

    she still sounds great :) u can´t judge her for one video ... and qnother reason is u know actual pop songs are not so easy songs for singing if u know what i mean :) try to watch MTV unplugged Katy sings there song she love and not songs she want to world to love :) songs that are not so popular :) just check MTV unplugged and then let me know :)

  68. Annie Ross

    what happened to her voice O_O she sounded so great in this video and now sounds like crap D:!

  69. Dawson Wisner

    like the christian katy perry not sanist :(

  70. Bigtimerushlove3

    Well yeah but sometimes it matters were your playing! Maybe the people in the crowd don't really know the lyrics to the song! Oh sometimes people just want to listen! But yeah i do know what u mean!

  71. Bigtimerushlove3

    This is amazing I love her voice she always had great songs but now its more auto tune and stuff (though it still is great)

  72. Cristina DSN

    o quantìè bona!!!

  73. Sherelle ღ

    Her voice is so sick x

  74. NatalyPerry

    no I am fan since I heard kissed girl in our radios in 2008 :) and I found these videos on internet and than i made one :)

  75. NatalyPerry

    No dhe didn´t if u are not Katy´s fan so here is the truth ... sha said it like a joke because katy is like that .. Katy is christian and she always talkking about god :)

  76. KatyCats Power

    LEGEND ♥

  77. NatalyPerry

    yeah ..u are right .. i love her music ... but I can´t compare part of me with Long shot or other songs ... I really hope her music will return to the One of the boys times :D

  78. KatyCats Power


  79. LiDoLI

    This breaks my heart.

    Naomi Cortes

    What you mean? Just truly wonder.

  80. choko whaboo

    this doesn't sound much like a christian album

  81. NatalyPerry

    yeah ... its sad but it is truth :)

  82. ilyandelle

    this song sounds so much better live then her songs now

  83. MillsCrew88

    she's so adorable. the person holding the camera needs to be a little more steady, lol.

  84. Jeroen van Essen

    not really, it just shows that people don't think anymore and they just follow the herd, and if the herd says that Katy Perry is good, then so many people follow. I do not want to sound like a hipster, but you are just a drop of rain that flows with the mainstream.

  85. MillsCrew88

    hhmmm.... i think 5 number one singles off one album can argue your ridiculous point! So shut your mouth!

  86. Jeroen van Essen

    At that time I did not want to spend too much effort on a guy like that :) Though I appreciate the fact that you pointed out that my use of the English language was not 100% correct in that comment.

  87. megan8360

    and your English spelling and grammar isn't much better mate

  88. Jeroen van Essen

    @DaNiFriNtOn she is just as amazing, as your English spelling and grammar :)

    So to be short, she is not!

  89. Marte Pimenta

    @Aalice12 Not now.

  90. Jeroen van Essen


    she WAS good... not the best... and now she is crap

  91. Josue Hudson Diamandis

    She is the best <3

  92. Marte Pimenta