Perry, Katy - I'm Still Breathing Lyrics

I leave the gas on
Walk the alleys in the dark
Sleep with candles burning
I leave the door unlocked
I'm weaving a rope and
Running all the red lights
Did I get your attention
'Cause I'm sending
All the signs that
The clock is ticking
And I'll be giving
My two weeks

Pick your favorite
Shade of black
You'd best
Prepare a speech
Say something funny
Say something sweet
But don't say
That you loved me

I'm still breathing
But we've been
Dead for awhile
This sickness has no cure
We're going down for sure
Already lost our grip
Best abandon ship

Maybe I was too pale
Maybe I was too fat
Maybe you had better
Better luck in the sack
No formal education
And I swore way too much
But I swear
You didn't care
'Cause we were in love

So as I write this letter
And shed my last tear
It's all for the better
That we end this here
Let's close this chapter
Say one last prayer
But don't say
That you loved me

I'm still breathing
But we've been
Dead for awhile
This sickness has no cure
We're going down for sure
Oh we've been diagnosed
So let's give up the ghost

I'm still breathing
But we've been
Dead for awhile
This sickness has no cure
We're going down for sure
Already lost a grip
Best abandon ship

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Perry, Katy I'm Still Breathing Comments
  1. grey perry

    The real reason why I fell in love with her, I Kissed A Girl was catchy enpugh for me to find it here, still breathing.

  2. Sugarmint12

    To me this song is about depression (obviously), but not necessarily romantic relationships. To me it's more about friendships or relationships in general. She has a lot of people around her who love her, so why is she still sad? Why can't she cope? Why doesn't she feel good enough? She'd been doing so much better, what happened? This is like her thought process leading up to her suicide. She's talking about her suicide note and talking about the various ways she could kill herself. But most notably her funeral. At funerals, everyone says they loved whoever had died. Of course they do, that's normal. But she doesn't want to hear that they love her because if they loved her, why couldn't they see she was suffering? The use of plurals like "we", to me, feel like a coping mechanism - a way she convinces herself she's not alone. I don't know, maybe I'm reading too much into it


    You're probably reading too much into it. The use of "we" is for her lover and herself. "Maybe I was too pale, maybe I was too fat, maybe you had better, better luck in the sack." has an obvious meaning about her trying to think why their relationship ended. By the way this is definitely one of the best breakup songs I've ever heard if not the best (ahh nah, probably not, just remembered By The Grace of God). Still that's saying a lot because they're everywhere.


    @Matter? I did think I was reading too much into it, then again, I read too much into everything lol. I dunno, maybe I'm reflecting a little bit or something! And if you ask me, there are more breakup songs out there than there are actual breakups happening, yknow?


    @Sugarmint12 Lol, that sounds about right.

  3. Manzur E Khoda

    July 2019... Love it!!!

  4. Crimson Avenger

    2019 :3 love Katy Perry so much

  5. varethan shimphruii

    February 2019 the feeling


    October 2019 the feeling

  6. Tina Jenkins

    Rumor is: this song is about Matt Thiessen from Relient K. After he wrote the song "The One I'm Waiting For" about her.

  7. Sarah Randall

    Love this song, but you've obviously got no education because your grammar fucking sucks.

  8. Amelie Houdet


  9. Tone Deaf

    this song has same vibe of teddy sinclaire song. props to both

  10. Rupali Das

    Why are people being so rude like 'i don't like the new Katy n blah'..... Just becoz someone cuts her hair short n colour it blonde doesn't mean she has changed, gone psycho....!!

    May be this was in her bucket list... Stop being rude..this is her life n let her do whatever she wants to do with her body.

    She is a queen n I loved her since the "teenage dream" days n will love her the same always. Katy ♥️


    ya, i love her too, very much

  11. x Ava x


  12. Tina Jones

    Fave song by her

  13. Angelfaith Nabunat Up

    Not avail whyyyy

  14. Bianca Smith

    still listening in 2017

  15. Angelfaith Nabunat Up

    i fuckin love this fuckin song

  16. Joice Bezerra

    Minha música favorita da vida

  17. Hudson Perry


  18. Kaden Lacey

    I don't even like Katy Perry what am I doing here


    She's secretly good, it's just that we don't hear her good stuff. Same with Kesha. Seriously-go check out Kesha "Goodbye". Trust me, I'm just as confused as to why I'm here as you are.

    Tone Deaf

    i hate her new songs too i just like this song

  19. Christelle Miriam Harrison

    correction- maybe

  20. corneliastreet

    "Say something funny
    Say something sweet
    But don't say that you loved me"

    Hudson Perry

    +Katy's Cookie ayh mütiş

  21. Ashley Ayla

    i love it shes soooooo amazing i love it.......

  22. lCaKeSl

    For some reason the sound of this song reminds me so much of The End by Blue October

  23. krys woods

    This song did something to me! I miss the old Katy so much, not this pop shit she's doing. She's such an angel

    Sofía D.

    +krys woods have you ever heard Prism? I'm sorry but that isn't pop shit, listen to Love me or choose you battles

    Minh Anh Nguyễn

    if you only hear her single but not the album then sure, all you see is simply catchy pop song, one of the boys which is the album including this song is the same. She hide all the gold in the album, you have to dig it to find it.
    In teenage dream , track like "not like the movie, pearl, who am i living for" is damn amazing
    Prism is an album full of positivity but then there is "by the grace of god", "ghost" about her suicidal thought and failed marriage.
    And as you can see, the problem is no fucking one dig deep into the album, no fucking one care about these kind of songs . It was not her who doesn't make good music anymore, it's about the audience did not appreciate her music.

  24. Scarlett Letter

    The spelling could be better & it's not don't say you loved me it says don't say that you left me


    +Rickie Pate
    It's actually "loved me".

  25. Melissa

    but seriously dude learn to spell

    Wig Snatcher

    who cares? this video was posted 10 years ago

  26. Melissa

    i dont really like this song but its okay... i guess it sounds too sad for me
    but i LOVE prism its awesome i love ALL HER SONGS

  27. Katy cat

    love this song ♥ 4ever

  28. Dylan Peters

    One of her best songs ever

  29. Vladica Vulin

    Don't like her new stuff, but this is one of my fave songs off this album.


    Her new stuff is great, but I do like her old stuff too. Prism is still bæ

  30. Zeynep Aydoğan

    They can forget this sometimes : i'm still breathing.

  31. anastasia

    I realy liked it!

  32. Sabrina Lazare

    The person that made this video didn't have any formal education either



    Bryce 5870

    ᴏᴍɢ ʟᴏʟ

    Tone Deaf

    wtf youre not grateful at all

  33. Nekromeowncer

    blew up in a good way or bad way?

  34. 25mariko

    bad spelling

  35. Nour Jawabreh

    im sorry but katy didnt go anywhere, she developed just cause she has more pop songs on her teenage dreams album doesn't mean she changed , she still has awesome songs which make sense and i hope her upcoming album would be as great as both one of the boys & teenage dreams .

  36. Crystal Jewell

    In my opinion this is one of her best songs! I'm not much ofa fan but I do like this song & it's morbid sense of humor. I listened to this alot when going through a 11 year horribly domestic violence relationship. I would lock myself in the bathroom and play this song. Well we did end that year but I walked out alive & never looked back.but our relationship was dead for awhile before I left .i just abounded the ship and saved myself.. And I'm still breathing !

    Lauren 335

    Crystal Jewell Good for you, you go girl!!!

  37. Victoria Garivalenz

    She never blew up!!! :(

  38. Jayleen Perez

    Thi wasnt about russell tho.

  39. Ashley Taulbee

    Ok so katy perry did not want to start a family with russell because she didnt think you was ready for kids!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Fiorella Ramirez

    hand up if your watching this on 2013

  41. Rose Ward

    v~v kinda sad, it reminds me of him

  42. Kyla Horbul

    not really. she had one album out before this one called katy hudson and this one is one of the boys. so no, not one of her first songs but it was before her major outbreak, yes.

  43. M D

    This was like one of her very first songs right? Before she blew up?

    Perry Abruz

    It's in her debut album, the one with I Kissed A Girl

  44. Sherry teal

    I'm still Breathing .... it's a Wonder Why~ jusss love it!

  45. Hannah C

    that awkward moment when you read this comment after her divorce.

  46. monicafur

    Ipod was on random

  47. Huey Banks

    im terrified u should be to

  48. Huey Banks

    y would u do that

  49. Huey Banks

    u tell that shit hell yeah

  50. Jasmine Branca

    I couldn't agree more!:)

  51. samantha lynn

    Katy Perry <3
    You inspire me.

  52. Sydney

    DUDE IT "dont say that you LEFT me"

  53. monicafur

    the first time i actually listened to this song was when i was trying to kill myself ahah!

  54. Lucia Bevilacqua

    What is this song about?

  55. Vivi Suhana

    gahh! the spelling errors annoys me -.-'

  56. theaprilthing

    Actually, guess what? she's going though a break up right now.. unfortunately S:
    And I agree with you, people change and so do their music.

  57. michael reynolds

    i don't

  58. Kris Plank

    im still breathing


    Ironic, right?

  60. Katy Cat

    FYI: On her album One Of The Boys she wrote or co-wrote all of the songs, LOOK IT UP! Think before you type! o_e

  61. Destiny Kelly

    I freaking love this song.

  62. sianrhyiann

    to be honest, I love all her songs. @kaywhyelleh is right, let Katy Perry be :)<3

  63. cheeerchickk14

    play this song with we are young by fun and they are weirdly similar sounding

  64. Rosie Harkin-Adams

    This song's too dark and emo for me.

  65. PurpleSneakers16

    @fadedlove03 she does

  66. Tyler Gonzo

    katy doesnt even write her own song guise lol;)
    amazing song tho<3


    katy co-wrote this song with 1 other person genius...

  67. liz dean

    Well done Katy for changing and moving on despite 'fans' whining about it. At keast she's doing what she wants with HER music and not selling out to pressure.

  68. Devin Clarke


  69. Devin Clarke

    @kaywhyelleh ohhh her next album gonna be a break up 1 too OuO

  70. Finding Fay

    I can relate to this song much.. :'(

  71. Echelon525

    awesome song


    Katy Perry and her husband are getting a divorce... Maybe she'll write another song like this

  73. ajautumnfun

    man i love this song
    i know the feeling :/

  74. bade

    I dont really ask for the old Katy, at least she's a lot happier now :) <3 Really good song though.

  75. Viridiana Yaeggy

    @Bubblepopglitter Never Met a Popstar that is more than just a PopTart she is a true musician she fits right in to any gendre of Music. WOman is Amazing!

  76. RaynbowKing

    Every time i hear this song. i picture her singing it from a coffin. get it?
    favorite shade of black, the organ in the background, weaving a rope, suicide? my LAST letter?
    idk i love this song and i think she painted a very good picture and i felt like i could relate to her anguish..

    luis Lopez

    RaynbowRay it’s the base of it

    luis Lopez

    RaynbowRay she’s said “ you’d best prepare a speech “ also it’s called I’m still breathing meaning say everything you want to say while you still can

  77. Rocio G

    i love katy perry

  78. karlii8

    @gabbyvickers8975 holyyyyy shit ! I've been asking that same question..some people say she's no different and I want to kick themm

  79. SMoon714

    "So as I write this letter and shed my last tear.."

  80. DeedeeBaby213

    I love this song soooo much!! I understand what she means... :(

  81. Fariyal Saleem

    like my story ..

  82. Lexi Peters

    @Sumerpeavey SAMEE HEREE! hardest. thing. ive. ever. had. to. do.

  83. Shania Presby

    Idk why but this reminds me of twilight saga

  84. Summer Peavey

    I felt this way after a break up with my boyfriend and he fb me and said that he misses me and loves me. it took all ihad not to fall back into his arms

  85. Tyler Gonzo

    I'm still breathing.

  86. Anna Rose

    this song helped me fall for them, but it also helped me to get over them <3

  87. Bonquisha Letitia Simone

    does anyone know a piano tutorial, or the chords to this song? would love to learn this as it relates so much to me, beautiful song.

  88. Jessica Butler

    <3 fav song

  89. Aubree Oliver

    i love this song 15 likes and i will sing this loud in my neighbor hood

  90. issy gibbons

    this song gives me goosebumps.

  91. sarah mae ♡

    i'm still breathing, but we've been dead for awhile.

  92. swagliad

    @MsNewyorkyankees1 what is up with these stupid chain comments? seriously. its not gonna happen just because you say it will. either leave a comment that is about the video, or get a life. god >.<