Perry, Katy - Broken Lyrics

I wear the red shoes
With the holes
To remind me
What we went through
Sit down here
Kick 'em off enough
Not had enough of you
I tell you
You know
The car you drive
Keeps breaking down
And never starts
Next thing
I'm pulling up to you
We're in the backseat
Driving it home
No one wants
To be alone

What do you do?
What do you do
When everything
Is broken?
What do you say?
What do you say
When no words
Fit the moment?
'Cuz you're not here
And even if you were
All I could say
Is what do I do?
What do I do?
We're broken
But I can't
Throw us away

The video
Of our vacation's
Chewed up in the drawer
Beside me
She thinks I never got
To watch it
I'm so glad
I made a copy
The sky
Got bitter twisted
Just like you and me
I miss it
You snap it
Bend it
Burn it
Then you find
That you can't fix it
Fall back on whatever
Still remains


Breaking you in
Breaking your heart
I was taking it all
And I tore you apart
Breaking me in
Breaking my heart
And the damage was done
But I took what you got
We were breakin' it
Smashin' it
Takin' it
Lovin' it
Hatin' it
Drivin' it home
And now I'm all
Now I'm all alone

Oh, yeah [4x]


What do I do?
We're broken
But I can't
Throw us away

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Perry, Katy Broken Comments
  1. Marii Agostii

    Who 2020? ✨

    Cuby Donato

    Me 😆

  2. Elsa Müller

    2020 ??

  3. TOP.

    Ok good


    Forever will love this reminds me of my childhood walking to school 🤪


    I Love u Katy 😍💖

  6. Lia Altar

    Still my favorite song🖤

  7. Léo Zippy

    2019 katycat forever

  8. Emanuelle Sousa

    2019 HINO

  9. Tristan Anderson

    Love this. Does anyone know if katy has a wig or is that real hair thats hers?


    Tristan Anderson probs her real hair at this time

  10. River Elise

    Who's listening in 3019?

  11. Star

    Where's the original video?

  12. Berre

    Good old days ha?

  13. Anne Therese Rama

    2019 ?🤘🙋

  14. Юрий Поляков

    Yes Bebi 2019

  15. Никита Потапчук

    Katy forever💗💗

  16. J D NEO

    So underrated

  17. Adrian Aviles

    Katy ❤

  18. ibnandaloussi

    2018 still awesome song

  19. Matheus Vicente

    2018! 🎉

  20. Hisami Akira

    2018? I think it's only me:)

  21. The Best of

    our kween nvr change still hot and gorgeous...

  22. Pinkerton

    John Seabrook brought me hire🎵📖

  23. Mr. Perry

    Columbia Records: I don’t like her style she won’t be a good fit in the industry, she could be the next Abvril Lavigne, but she doesn’t want to be that so we’re not gonna let her release any of the songs she wrote. Maybe you can try working with the Matrix to help boost your career. Flops.
    Katy: I hate you guys why can’t I just be myself?
    Columbia; don’t go! You have potential!
    Katy: Bye
    3 years later
    Capitol Records: I like this girl, she has a different style choice, she wants to be something different and I can totally see it. Let’s sign.
    3 months later
    Haha Columbia take that!
    Columbia: Katy come back😭
    Capitol: you didn’t support her as an artist. Your loss.
    10 years later
    Capitol: Thanks Katy for helping us become so rich, but you are starting to flop. Got a plan?
    To be continued.

    Kshitij Vats

    Not Flop
    No no no no no no. Nooooo
    Good story btw
    Write about her files stealing.
    And Cozy Little Christmas and Immortal flame

    katycats india

    She never flopped

    Emir Özen


  24. Hermione Potter


  25. sovereign amamoy

    Please tell me they have an album

  26. Isabella La Cuesta

    You don’t know how long it took me to find this song again

  27. Claudia Mayerly Ochoa Ochoa

    Yo amo a katy perry

    Yop m3

    Yo tambien

  28. 3000rrrr

    adam is my dad

  29. Gavin Wieland

    This video rocks.

  30. Bianca Grego

    Listening in 2018. Anyone?

  31. ū ω ū

    Aweee 2018 💫

  32. Stephen Allan Weir

    Not ever BITTER... HEH... ALWAYS BEEN A TAD twisted...🤗😉😍

  33. María Burgos Castro

    hace años que tengo esta canción y no sabia que tenia vídeo :'v

  34. jyoti chauhan

    Holy shit this is so old n still slays

  35. spread it

    I know the song is from 2004, but was the video made at the same time?

  36. Jhonny Kevin

    Minha gente, como eu nunca tinha visto o clipe? Socorro!

  37. Shannon Warner

    I cannot find anywhere to buy this song. I realize this song is older, and we're now into 2017...but it's a good song and I want it. lol


    Shannon Warner its on iTunes, search for the matrix

  38. Ivan Hernandez

    hugo weaving rocking that guitar!!

  39. Wasian Beauty

    Rock that tambarine

  40. Aaron DiFrancia

    How do I get this on iTunes?

  41. Twenty one Crybabies and Katycats! at the disco

    2017 who will be here?

    SamarTaim SaadnSidra

    Twenty one Crybabies and Katycats! at the disco we are here

    f r a n z i

    Twenty one Crybabies and Katycats! at the disco Meee ❤️

    Marii Agostii

    2020 😍😍😍😍😍


    were broken but I can't threw us away :(


    were broken but I can't threw us away :(

  44. Another Doge

    i miss this song so much

    Another Doge

    its just sounds so fricking good

  45. Jamia

    Who else is watching this in 2015?! 😂💖


    +Jamia Cuadrado fuck 2015, 2016 in the hizzy!

    Tofe Alwerfaly

    Jamia Cuadrado
    2017 😊

  46. Luz Zanini

    I lovee youuu katy and very very very very godd song.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  47. Hope Havey

    Katy Perry herself hated the music she was being forced to make at that point in her career. It's not her true identity.

  48. Richardson Crown

    they're regreting the day they let her go

    John Frank


    nabeel vm

    What hpnd to the band exactly?

  49. Kamen Rider

    seriously an agent smith like guy playing a guitar wtf.. this is hilarious

  50. Kamen Rider

    this just explains how the 1999 sci fi has had such an impact on todays culture

  51. ChemE Perry

    from that to Teenage dream and Prism :3 great success


    a thief can be successful. Cheating is the only way in this world

    Raz & RiRi

    more like a failure tbh

    Tristan Anderson

    one of the boys and chirstian album and POD, smurfette and 25millionAmerican idol judge. WOWWW
    career ide like. she come long way in a short time.


    she so hot

  53. Vicky PP

    LIKE if you are in 2013 listening and enjoying this song

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    hahahahahahahahaha Katy perry better than Gaga? hahahahahahaha lololololololololol

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    love her voice and eyes is complete KATY PERRY

  56. Hey you

    Katy perry eyes *__________________________* ♥

  57. María Jesús Versin

    She is perfect! 3

  58. Anna

    Katy Perry is SO GORGEOUS!!! She is incredible! I love her and her great voice!

  59. batsarecool09

    She's GORGEOUS.

  60. philip allem

    Todo mundo consiguia ver que mesmo nessa epoca ela ja era uma estrela,so nao tinha sucesso por isso que nao deu certo the matrix tinha inveja dela bando de racalcados.

    Giuliano Richarrd

    philip allem só vi verdades👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Denilson Alv's

    Os fatos

  61. Milagro Luyo

    i love katy perry ♥

  62. Shey Herz Tarots

    she it's the true katty

  63. Priscylla Karollyne

    high quality :)

  64. Miriam Schwagger

    Lol I luvvvv Katy's mom-esque dance moves here!

  65. James Stonne

    funny........that is graham edwards from go west.i just met that guy at my step grandma's memorial service.

  66. maspqsarah

    brazil loves she

  67. Ewan Phillips

    Like if you came here cos of Part of Me!

  68. Chloe Perry


  69. Mel FW

    I know Adam's brother

  70. Isadora Brandão

    Those eyes always stunning

  71. niceguy oncp

    WTF stupied song

  72. jwientge95

    For all you who say her producers gave her this image? This is BEFORE she was even signed by them. Katy invented herself

  73. 23Arshaviin

    Finally Katy :) you havent caked yourself in make up. and you look even more beautiful without make up. Love you Katy :D

  74. Christie O'Connor

    I like Katy so much better in videos like this where she's not all tarted up and wearing no clothes - she's naturally really pretty! And I do love this song :)

  75. Kate Tibayan

    i ♥ you KATY!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  76. Kate Tibayan

    @kehaha25 AGREE!!

  77. Kenny Supreme

    @kehaha25 but Katy Perry cant sing live, Lady Gaga can :D

  78. Imee Malabonga

    @melrose1996 this song/record was made ages ago but they released it last year. it's on itunes and in cd stores, just look for "the matrix" :)

  79. Bea Saburova

    when did they released this song??? btw . I LOVE IT!!!!! <3

  80. George Coronado

    i love this song and check the new song california girls woo0w i love it and i love katy

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    luv katy

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    ♥♥♥katy i lo ve you