Perry Como - No Other Love Lyrics

No other love have I
Only my love for you
Only the dream we knew
No other love

Watching the night go by
Wishing you could be
Watching the night with me
Into the night I cry
Hurry home, come home to me, set me free
Free from doubt and free from longing

Into your arms I'll fly
Locked in your arms I'll stay
Waiting to hear you say
No other love have I
No other love

[Instrumental Interlude]

(Into the night I cry)
Hurray home, come home to me
Set me free
Free from doubt and free from longing

Into your arms I'll fly
Locked in your arms I'll stay
Waiting to hear you say
No other love have I
No other love
(No other love)
No other love

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Perry Como No Other Love Comments
  1. John Jurkewicz

    Great to listening to songs like this

  2. Dion1957

    Mister C

  3. Robert Howard

    Perry Como was such a great and mellow crooner. In this song we have a rare opportunity to hear the full extend of his extraordinary power. The climactic moments are absolutely thrilling. What a voice!!

  4. Cid Conceição


  5. Aubrey o. Coar

    This is a great song just great I am looking at a special PBS how about Perry Como this particular song what's the background of a World War II documentary this is just great about the Victorious allies against the low-down no-good Nazis

  6. Alan Magid

    No autotune back then. Just wonderfully controlled singing, rich musicality, sensitivity to the lyric.

  7. WilliamBrothers

    I just heard this on the radio and thought "this sounds a lot like Victory at Sea..."

  8. Janie Chien

    Real feeling in the song and singer!

  9. Frank Chandler

    the press never gave this man his due, Family man, Christian and great singer, the press said almost nothing when he died .. sad

  10. Bob P

    I remember listening to Perry C on the radio whilst sitting on my Grandmother's knee. He was a wonderful talented man. Them were the days. Kids today have NO clue what they don't have. Thanx for this. 🤗

  11. Janie Chien

    the best performance.

  12. Carole Lynn Dent

    Love you Perry your fan since 1952.

  13. Philip Croft

    I like most of Perry Como's recordings, but there is not much emotion in this performance. Listen to Ronnie Hilton's version, far more ''longing''.

  14. Mark Blackburn

    NO OTHER LOVE (No other version compares to Perry's)

    Richard Carpenter on his "Playing Favorites" show on Siriusly Sinatra satellite radio (right this minute) says Perry Como's magnificent reading of Richard Rodgers' NO OTHER LOVE was arranged by Mitchell Ayers (sp?) and the song, is from an obscure Rodgers & Hammerstein musical, "Me & Juliet." Mr. Carpenter, whose musical knowledge is vast (and is shared in a warm voice that's like hearing a brother) reminds us that the music originated "a few years earlier in Rodgers' sterling music for the documentary VICTORY AT SEA." Richard said this after sharing the informed opinion that Perry, beginning in the late 40s was "saddled with what really, kind of was . . . light material" that didn't do anything for Perry's "legacy." If you catch only one of these terrific "Playing Favorites" programs, make it this one.

    I tell you . . . Siriusly Sinatra satellite radio radio -- I could never keep up with all the musical gems it provides us each day. God willing I'll be listening, if possible, on my deathbed, telling some beautiful young nurse, "You really should have this, if you want an education in good music!"

    p.s. Thanks, Trooper7H for the posting, for transcribing the lyric (accurately) and for your informed note, so appreciated, that . . .

    "The melody was originally a theme called Beneath the Southern Cross, which Rodgers had composed for 'Victory at Sea', the TV series about World War II.

    Perry's vocal version climaxes in a full-voiced high note ending that is superb singing and makes for dramatic listening.

    Como's tine control and the ease with which he soars to the top of his register, as critic Henry Pleasants noted, 'so easy, so natural, so inevitable. Como sings so well that few notice how well he sings. Unquote:

    Quote: The original music of this song was the haunting theme "Beneath the Southern Cross" written for the television series "Victory at Sea" telecast by NBC-TV for twenty-six weeks during 1952-1953.

    Lyrics were added by Oscar Hammerstein and as a song it was introduced by Isabel Bigley and Richard Hayes in the Stage musical "Me and Juliet" and recorded by Perry in May of 1953.

    The song appears to one of Perry's favourites and he performed it many times 'live' in public performance and on television but he never again recorded it. Unquote:
    No other love have I,
    Only my love for you!
    Only the dream we knew,
    No other love!

    Just shared a wonderful anecdote (below) with Sinatra Family website in their "Forums" Siriusly Sinatra folder.

  15. Margaret Gaskell

    No Other Love
    No other love have I
    Only my love for you
    Only the dream we knew
    No other love

    Watching the night go by
    Wishing that you could be
    Watching the night with me
    Into the night I cry

    Hurry home, come home to me
    Set me free
    Free from doubt and free from longing

    Into your arms I'll fly
    Locked in your arms I'll stay
    Waiting to hear you say
    No other love have I
    No other love

    (Into the night I cry)
    Hurry home, come home to me
    Set me free
    Free from doubt and free from longing

    Into your arms I'll fly
    Locked in your arms I'll stay
    Waiting to hear you say
    No other love have I

    No other love
    (No other love)
    No other love

  16. Margaret Gaskell

    💕Love .✨🙏🙏* • ♫ 💕Love .✨
    For the good times ...Life goes on
    Your the best thing ....................2no other Love "

  17. mike sutton

    Beautiful smooth arrangement sung by PERRY COMO !

  18. mountainmanws

    My Perry Como Story: During the mid-1980s, I once worked for a microphone design company as a designer. My new microphone was being reviewed for advertisement by an advertising firm in the Mid-West. During the conversation, the question was asked: "Who is your favorite recording artist or artists?" Well, some of the engineers and advertising people said the current pop groups. Foreigner, Michael Jackson, Madonna,... come to mind. It came to me to give my two-cents worth. "Honestly," I said, "My favorite singer of all time and my favorite song is Perry Como singing No Other Love. I've been known to pull my car over to the curb listening to this great tune on the radio." I noticed that a few people from the advertising firm were looking toward a young lady from the firm when she replied: "I'll be certain to let granddad know this." Yep, Mr. Como's granddaughter.

    Mark Blackburn

    What a treasure! Best "My Perry" story I've ever read! Thanks so much for sharing, mountainmansws -- Mark B of the frozen North

  19. Irene Mccann

    What a voice and boy could he hit those high notes , what a singer.

  20. David Bradley

    Love this! Anyone here because of Netflix "Wormwood"?


    Me 👋

    Pirate Aleks

    Super late, but me too 👋

  21. Mia Hess

    PC does it again.

  22. Jackie Mcmeekin

    I agree wholeheartedly with the statement below. Perry Como was a consummate singer with a great voice. He sang with a quality that was unmatched. He owns this song. Thank you for the download. I loved his weekly TV variety show! R.I.P. Perry. 🥰👍☺️

  23. Marti Morris

    Perry Comp was truly a genius! When his wife passed, he put fresh flowers on her grave site...

  24. Eduardo Garcia

    One of the most romantic songs I ever heard, and sung by a master

  25. Cauê Laratta

    wormwood brought me here

  26. Clive Willis

    it is my Parents 65TH WEDDING anniversary .the songs of 53

  27. Lionheart Roar

    Sounds like Perry is singing in a shoe closet

  28. Jskips


  29. Cauê Laratta

    Wormwood brought me here

  30. K Doon

    I became a Perry Como fan when I heard "Don't Let The Stars get in Your Eyes"

  31. Vigilante Justice Huntress

    Wormwood brought me here

  32. TheFrogone

    Music is the oil that keeps life from squeeking.

  33. John Baginski

    Perry Como had a much mellow voice then Sinatra and Crosby he had never got the recognition from the critics.

  34. Leather Daddy

    wormwood brought me here.

  35. Edward Baggett

    glad I didn't have to listen to a scratchy old 78 record

  36. Ben Alfonso

    always did love la Juana mashburn from the  4th grade....rock on, COMPTON........

  37. Lee Gaffrey

    Great ballad I believe from the Stage Production "Me And Juliette".

  38. Sue Scimeca

    This is a beautiful song and he does it so well.... miss those days of "old" TV programs and all the old crooners... class acts they were.

  39. emilia quezada

    Romántico, muy buena música, me encanta

  40. emilia quezada

    me gustó! muy buena época!

  41. Joyce Spark

    So happy to be able to hear this again since I wore my 78 record out! (Also wore my mother's ears out!)

  42. Jeff Neis

    Perry was a great friend of my wife and I, he sent is so msny little "surprises" in yhe years we knew him. made sure we had front tickets at his xmas shows in Indiana, and was just a great talent and all around person. had to write the description of a STAR it would have been him, althought he would never tell you that. Perry we love you and miss you. Jeff and Linda

  43. Kevin Gormley

    To my wife of 65 years I still love you - Draga Moja

  44. Edmund Plunkett

    what a good gentleman he was.

  45. nomo name

    One of the finest singers!

  46. John Brackett

    What a great voice Perry had!

    Daniel TamLung

    John Brackett

  47. jay capp

    Thanks.Very Nice.Mmmmmmmm

  48. CorsetGrace

    Victory at Sea brought me here.

  49. harris gillian

    Beautiful song / so romantic !xx

  50. DenverDurango

    "Quote: The original music of this song was the haunting theme "Beneath the Southern Cross" written for the television series "Victory at Sea" telecast by NBC-TV for twenty-six weeks during 1952-1953."

    Yes, this was one of the greatest series ever done on World War II. A friend of my father's gave him a 78rpm copy of this song which I played on Dad's old record player and recognized the tune from "Victory At Sea."

    Como's rendition has never been surpassed.


    +DenverDurango Another song Perry Como "owns" is "It's Impossible" ... impossible to surpass.

    Ted Vega


    Mark Blackburn

    @Ted Vega Thanks Ted Vega for the information that "the great Arturo Toscanini" conducted Perry's "NBC Orchestra." Thanks DenverDurango for your informed comment about the original music of this song "was the haunting theme 'Beneath the Souther Cross, written for the TV series 'Victory at Sea' telecast by NBC-TV for 26 weeks during 1952-53." I agree to with JudgeJulieLit that this is "another song Perry Como 'owns' " Just posted a note of my own for this one (abover)

    Ted Vega


    William Moses

    Denver Durango,,,, yes indeed Richard Rogers
    wrote this song for the Victory at sea tv series
    i have the complete disc set. the song's title originally
    was 'beneath the southern cross, how it aquired the title 'No Other Love' i have no idea

  51. Gabo Prado

    Hello everyone I'm not trying to advertise myself but would listen to my cover piano version

    Roger Henderson

    +Gabo Prado I can't see it

    Gabo Prado

    +Roger Henderson truly sorry mine it's a Chopin's etude I tagged in a wrong tune

  52. five381

    Perry Como, in my opinion the best of the crooners for smoothness of delivery, tone, vibrato and style. He was exceptional in character, personality and talent.

    john 6rat

    +five381 When I lived in Maspeth, Queens, my neighbor was once Como's personal tailor


    Lucky tailor. I wish I had the opportunity to meet the man if just for a handshake and autograph.

    Jas Hilsdon

    Agreed. My dad was a non-professional crooner, and he considered Perry Como the best, in all those categories you mention. He was the classiest.



  54. djjim01

    The instrumental version of this song can be heard at Victory At Sea - Beneath The Southern Cross

  55. fred greene

    nother 50's great. living legends.

  56. Barbara Stevenson

    I certainly remember this episode of :"A Touch of Frost".One of my favourite shows with wonderful David Jason.

  57. Sandra Botwright

    song from A Touch of Frost. Man murdered by wife because he keeep moaning and wouldn't let her listen to it on the radio. Anyone else remember this?

    Michael Garfield

    Yes, but it wasn't Perry Como singing it. It was Ronnie Hilton, whose version I think is better, but music is subjective so others will have a different opinion.

    Daniel Rea

    Thats what brought me here!

  58. CrooningForLeftovers

    Pure Velvet.  Pure Perry.  Pure Class.

    Tony Delgado

    Sway Dean Martin


  59. James Beer

    Electronically rechanneled for stereo.

    Milton Moore

    Way too much reverb

  60. Gail Williams

    Richard Rodgers composed this in 1952 for Victory at Sea, and "pirated" it for
    Me and Juliet," with these lovely lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein.  The documentary came first.

    Moat Dea

    I had heard about the song coming from the "Victory At Sea" documentary series.I came across an old LP album at a second hand store (I shop for old vinyl music there) of music from the series. Sure enough, you hear the tune imbedded in the music.


    +Gail Williams Just when one thinks Rodgers & Hammerstein cannot surpass themselves, they do ... did ... ad astra.


    Heard Perry sing this when he was about 80, He could still knock It out of the park! What a voice!

    Vaughn R

    I saw him perform this when he was 80 as well. He sounded incredible!

  62. Mark Hall

    Stays crunchy. Even in milk.

  63. M Smith

    I first heard this song when I was a little girl sung by Jo Stafford.  Loved it then and love it more sung by the inimitable Perry Como.

    Richard Dimery

    "No other love," by jo Stafford, was a different song with completely different lyrics,  I believe - That song was based on a piece by Chopin(?)

    teed lassen


    charles stuart

    @james sullivan great catch

    Carol Takahashi

    M Smith Jo Stafford’s song was “No Other Love” not this one by Perry Como which is “No Other Love Have I”. Slightly different titles.


    @Richard Dimery That's right, Jo Stafford's was based on a work of Chopin. Both very good, but two different songs.

  64. Reio Lampreau


    אבגדה וזחטי


  65. Don R

    Perry at his best. I always preferred Como when he really sang out with that smoothly toned but strong voice rather than when he whispered into the microphone.

  66. Boxcar Bubba

    Very nice video creation !

  67. BennyMax37

    Simply "Fantastic" Bss

    george mackenzie

    @Nadia Lynggaard MAGIC


     Я знаю, что вы ... Красивая !!!!

  68. george mackenzie

    i agree but you should check out Matt Monroe you will enjouu

  69. Wa1kerBros4Ever

    So relaxed and so brilliantly sung. Check out the UK singer Ronnie Hilton version. both as good as one another. Great voices.

  70. Justice Seekers

    keyboards guitars and more gone I just wrote 20 songs 200 million dollars 14 cars and motorcycles in our war horses are gone I'm your American Eagle my son is ninja we will fight to the death for this country World War two benefits for 12 people and I build three Italian restaurants in that town my race car was stripped my studio with trip to my custom van 4 track studio I built it

  71. Justice Seekers

    this is my family

  72. ecardon1

    hard to believe this song is 60 years old. Still a classic.

  73. ecardon1

    great tune from the incomparable Perry Como. I remember owning a 45 recording of this song and singing along with it when I was a kid. My early karoke efforts. The lyrics were adapted to the Rogers & Hammerstein (lyrics by Hammerstein) Broadway show called Me and Juliet from the 50s. Perry recorded the song in 1953. Perry's recording hit #1 on the Billboard Charts that year.

  74. William Brown

    In the book I have written to be released in August I make reference to this song, because it was so popular for the time I have written about. The title will be A HORSE CALLED NEVADA

  75. Mark Prigoff

    Love it. Simply the best!

  76. Bob W

    On Victory at Sea, Vol. 1, it's played under "Beneath the Southern Cross" and also during the final song of the album. I still get tears watching the final episode as the servicemen come running down the gangplank to their sweethearts and families. I got to watch the real thing during my two cruises to WestPac. Wish I would have had someone waiting, too. Hence, using it at my wedding.

  77. Donald Raphael

    Thank you for this...The idea is to usually focus on how "laid-back" Como was as a performer-but he was BORN to sing this thing....I'm in your debt...(bigtime...) andre blackxx

  78. dyad2r1

    Como died in his sleep on May 12, 2001, at his home in Jupiter Inlet Colony, Florida, six days before his eighty-ninth birthday. He was reported to have suffered from symptoms of Alzheimer's disease during the final two years of his life.
    (Courtesy Wikipedia)

  79. John and Wanda Puffer

    He was a favorite of my wife's and mine since we were children. You are correct. There was "never a hint of scandal around his personal or professional life." He was married one time and remained so until his death. As I recall he had one adopted son. We especially miss his Christmas program.

  80. dick wignall

    no other singer like him Loved. him

  81. Ed Lonas

    So romantic. Great voice.

  82. Palmer Short

    This music was used for the documentary "Victory at Sea"

  83. foxfoxtruth

    No question that he was one of the best singers of the 20th century. Nowadays, where have singers of his caliber gone. I should say male singers. There are few females out there that sing well and Jack leads the pack.

  84. Steve Flanigan

    Wasn't this song also used in the TV documentary "Victory At Sea"?

  85. Janine Majortom

    amazing. i love his voice.

  86. Bob W

    This song was our first song at our wedding. Picked it out long before I met my wife, Debbie. When my ship came home from overseas, I would hum its melody as we came into port.

  87. Barrie Ploen

    Thanks to trooper7h for posting this and providing the notes. Love Perry Como's voice and he was so comfortable to watch. Grew up not far from Perry's hometown. Just finished watching "Victory at Sea" and recognized this tune in the background. Interesting to learn that the music actually originated for "VAS". Thanks again.

  88. Agrace39

    Couldn't find you on FB, but I loved dancing to this back when people dressed up and had "a night out". I am considerably over 60. Perry's voice still puts me in a nice mellow mood.

  89. Paul Ostroff

    Lovely singing of a great song.TY trooper7h for posting and Candy for sharing.

  90. Stephen Cowley

    thanks for uploading this, love this version of 'No Other Love' from 'Me and Juliet' Rodgers & Hammerstein's vastly underated musical comedy, however I think you will find it was Bill Hayes, not Richard who sang it it with Isabel Bigley in the show, but thanks again though

  91. George B Vieto

    I remember the instrumental version of this song from Victory At Sea television series.

  92. Edward Wilcock

    at 84 I am in ecstasy listening to your lovey voice sang wikth passion.
    Rest in peace Perry. Tedwil

  93. john brown

    I first heard this tune when it was used as the theme from "Victory at Sea" on TV.

  94. Nuance5

    Jo Stafford's recording of the Chopin tune adapted - using the same title as R&H's No Other Love. Stafford's was released in 1950, Como's in 1953. See: Search for SjDqMftHbKI

  95. Nuance5

    @dee4757 You are correct, except the composer spelled his name RODGERS.

  96. Nuance5

    @TheFSGT No! Jo Stafford's recording was a DIFFERENT melody, Different lyrics, recorded in 1950 BEFORE Rodgers wrote his tune. (Even though the same title was used!). Stafford's earlier recording used the Chopin melody, adapted by Paul Weston, with lyrics by S.K. "Bob" Russell.
    It's always important to identify the composer and lyricist of a song, not just the performer, because titles alone are ambiguous. I have identified 20-30 examples of pairs of different songs that have the same title!

  97. dyad2r1

    One person has more than one love :)

  98. TheMusicguy68

    PERRY COMO! Beautiful lovely soft gentle voice! My favorite Perry Como song is "I Think of You." It is one of the mist beautiful songs ever recorded! I suggest everyone check it out on YouTube!!