Perry Como - Linda Lyrics

Linda, Linda . . .
Morning noon an' night I find
Linda's always on my mind . . .

When I go to sleep,
I never count sheep,
I count all the charms about Linda!

An' lately it seems,
In all of my dreams,
I walk with my arms about Linda . . .

But what good does it do me,
For Linda doesn't know I exist,
Can't help feelin' gloomy,
Think of all the lovin' I've missed!

We pass on the street,
My heart skips a beat,
I say to myself, "Hello Linda!"

If only she'd smile,
I'd stop for a while,
Then I would get to know Linda!

But miracles still happen,
And when my lucky star begins to shine,
With one luck break I'll make Linda . . .

Someday I'll betcha,

I'm gonna getcha!

[instrumental break]

Oh, Linda, Linda . . .

[instrumental break]

My Linda, Linda . . .

[instrumental break]

We pass on the street,
My heart skips a beat,
I say to myself, "Hello Linda!"

If only she'd smile,
I'd stop for a while,
Then I would get to know Linda!

But miracles still happen,
And when my lucky star begins to shine,
With one luck break I'll make Linda . . .

I'll make Linda mine!

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Perry Como Linda Comments
  1. Linda Reed

    My name is Linda but I never knew there was a song about Linda.

  2. carpentersdaughter2

    I saw my wife Linda for the first time walking across the street. it was love at first site, (at least it was for me) she took a little longer. I found this song not long after and played it a lot since. Linda is CarpentersDaughter2 and I use this channel to continue her ministry which has over 1.5 million views. and almost 5,200 subscribers. she went home to the Lord in 2015 and now I play this even more. Thanks for posting this song.

  3. Maxie's Three

    The comments for this above the usual. Several references to Dad.

  4. Linda Orr

    I was named Linda because of this song.

  5. linda hirsch

    Daddy I miss you

  6. Linda aumiller

    I was named for this song

    Linda Fogelson

    Me too!

  7. Francis Alan Wormald


  8. Nan Fagan

    Ah yes! Back in the days when girls' names were feminine and accepted by society. As far as today's girls' names go, there's nothing wrong with Ava, Olivia, Grace, Sophia, Brianna, and Kayla. Hannah and Emma are old ladies' names. Taylor, Madison, McKenna, and McKenzie are common last names.
    Since these celebrities give their kids such weird names, can you imagine them making songs out of these girls' names? Moon Unit. Blue Ivy. Moxie Crimefighter. Apple. Memphis Eve. Come on now! Let's go back to the days of giving your kids society-accepting names. Here's a real doosy! There are a few videos on here featuring a little girl named Reagan! Not very feminine for a girl's first name!
    If I had girls, I would have named them Lisa, Sheila, Diana, Maria, and Angela.

  9. P. Knomad

    This song was actually written for Linda Eastman (eventually Linda McCartney)..."Jack Lawrence (a client of her entertainment-lawyer father) composed 'Linda' for the future Mrs. McCartney in 1947, when she was just six years old. It was a hit for Buddy Clark, and was later recorded by Jan and Dean and Perry Como.

    Read More: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Linda McCartney |

    Josh Campbell

    Thanks! I was trying to remember the name of the singer who had the earlier hit with it--Buddy Clark :)

    Linda Workman

    Wow! I never knew that.

  10. Kinseydsp

    Linda will always be my darling even though she won't be!

  11. Athena Hill

    I love this.  My father, who had a beautiful voice, used to sing this to me as a little girl, especially just before falling asleep.  I remember it well.


    What a wonderful memory! Thanks so much for commenting :))

    Athena Hill

    ;)  Thank you.  He used to change the name "Linda" to mine...somehow.  Ah yes, I remember it well.

  12. Linda Atamian

    Very nicely done "Linda." I love my name because it means "Beautiful."

    Linda Workman

    Me too!

  13. Lin Cassidy

    Seems this tune was very popular in the 40s and 50s, Linda was the only female name my parents could agree upon before I was born. Although I prefer LIN, today I have a new appreciation for my birth name. Mom is in ICU due to double bi-pass surgery Wed June 26 2013 and Daddy passed away Thurs, June 27, 2013. At family get together, which seemed to be other week, my Aunt Annie would play the piano and everyone would sing Linda; inevitably I was always embarrassed. How I wish I could go back.

  14. TheSorrowfulFlower

    I'm so glad this brings back wonderful memories of your sister. Thanks so much for commenting!

  15. Vic de los Santos

    I have a wonderful sister named Linda. She passed away several years back but the ever-beautiful song always reminds me of her and our wonderful moments together. Thanks so much for making this song available!

  16. TheSorrowfulFlower

    What a wonderful memory--thanks so much for sharing it. I'm glad you were able to hear this again, especially today. :)

  17. athenazzz6

    Thanks. I hunted for this and am so glad I found it! My father, long passed, used to sing this song to me almost every night, changing the name, "Linda," to mine. He was a great man with a beautiful voice and we sang all the time together. Thanks. I'm sending it up to him today, for Father's Day. <3 Athena

  18. 10skylark

    this is the only version of the song sung by Perry Como that i first heard a long time ago, however i don't think it's the original recording somehow, but it was a long time ago and i was just a child, still good to hear this!

    Mauricio Durón

    Ray Noble's from 1946 was the first recording.

  19. TheSorrowfulFlower

    I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Jim!! I hope it brought back some good memories! I haven't heard Jan & Dean's version--I'll check it out! Thanks so much for commenting--have a great rest of the weekend :)

  20. Jymster46

    Wonderful version of the song here by Mr. Como, Heather! Love it!! I grew up listening and cruising to the version by Jan & Dean. Great stuff, for sure! Thank You!

    Linda Workman

    I have always loved Perry Como. His was, and still is, the only Christmas record I own. Every year my daughter asks me, did you listen to Perry yet? Of course, the answer is always yes. Such a sweet man. My mom once requested "Linda" to be played on our local radio station (Montreal), but I was in Vermont. I need to go back to listening to CJAD. I miss it.

  21. TheSorrowfulFlower

    An amazing talent, wasn't he? Thanks so much! :)