Perfume Genius - Wreath Lyrics

Burn off every trace
I wanna hover with no shape
I wanna feel the days go by
Not stack up

Running up that hill
I'm gonna call out every name
Until the one I'm meant to take
Sends her dove

I see the sun go down
I see the sun come up
I see a light beyond the frame
I see the sun go down
I see the sun come up
I see a wreath upon the grave

Needless, free
No light, no sound
Gone and spent
I'm high, I'm out

I see the sun go down
I see the sun come up
I'm moving just beyond the frame
I see the sun go down
I see the sun come up
I see a wreath upon the grave

Burn off every trace
I wanna hover with no shape
I wanna feel the days go by
Not stack up

Running up that hill
I'm gonna peel off every weight
Until my body gives away
And shuts up

I see the sun go down
I see the sun come up
I'm moving just beyond the frame
I see the sun go down
I see the sun come up
I see a wreath upon the grave

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Perfume Genius Wreath Comments
  1. Abigail Trujillo

    Omg. Cholula!!!

  2. brittany beecher

    This song reminds me of Hounds of Love by Kate Bush

  3. Towed Array

    1:34 my dreamy lady dancing in her kitchen with Berkeley 68 shirt. She stole & broke my heart in 3 seconds flat.

  4. Cinder Man

    Mike, you truly ARE a genius. No doubt.

  5. Carl

    Stayed for the dancing

  6. max max

    Great song and video! On 3:33 there's Kitchen Ruin in Catherine Park near St Petersburg in Russia.

  7. wow thats wild

    at 3:01 they really just said "anxiety who??"

  8. Nora K

    make more music please

  9. LucibelleSuppafly !

    La célébration de la folie douce....

  10. Matthew Lind

    Thanks to everyone involved in this video! Yes.

  11. Ámbar Alejandra

    This is so beautiful <3 <3

  12. Junior Pereira

    Meu Deus como eu amei esse vídeo ❤️

  13. Juan Carlos V

    Cholula <3 00:34

  14. Ingrid Toohey

    Your music emotionally and literally moves people

  15. Mr Darkness

    1:02 who?

  16. greg adkins

    fuck yes

  17. MIk mik

    I love your sensibility...

  18. rocket kid

    post links to the people who submitted vid tho..... i need to see vacuum-cleaner-person's full version


    Yeah, and the fan guy.

  19. CheesecakeLasagna

    I love No Shape a lot, fuck!

  20. Tell Me Why

    This make me feeling happy for alive

  21. Leonardo Heringer

    i want the guy with red fans to murder me 3:30

  22. Kasia Stefanicka

    This video made me laugh and cry and smile! This is so true and real and beautiful!

  23. fratz6661

    pur living woooooow

  24. raja clear

    crazy shit is boring

  25. piotrods

    One of my favorite musicians! Great song and just what I needed to hear tonight. Thanks man!

  26. Lawrence Canning

    Everything is perfect about this. Some real talent.

  27. Ruy Rios de S-M


  28. Shtwaan E.

    The 10000th video with a bunch of different people pushing hard to get their promised 15 minutes of fame, and getting 15 seconds instead.

  29. Phanic! At My Chemical Potter

    Anyone else here from Dan Howell?

  30. Kat Culbertson

    So much joy and hope in one video.

  31. David Rea

    I don't know if it's a trick of editing I simply don't understand, or just a happy coincidence; but the color pallet of these, let's say 30(?) different cameras, is really similar and allows the video to flow.

  32. Yannick Van Keer

    Interesting how it resembles this music video, both image as "content" wise

  33. Ida

    This is wonderfull

  34. 시원윤

    I luv your own sight.

  35. Henriette B

    This video is incredibly beautiful, I can't even put it in words how touched I am

  36. Ivy

    this is so joyful, i love it

  37. Richard Fox

    Cannot stop watching. This is perfection. This is pure happiness.

  38. Scott Gray

    I am going to try vacuuming to this....

  39. Peter Hickey

    wow! Excellent video to a perfect track

  40. Jim Barry

    Reminded me of the video for "Happy" just very sweet.

  41. MrDancingqueer

    Oh my heart just BEAMED a smile for 4mins- 21seconds.   Thank you Mike. See you in OCTOBER

  42. Avi

    Exceptional as always! Thank you!

  43. Larry Zwolinski

    I feel the love ... the passion of the moment

    (I spotted some nods to Bowie and Morrissey)


    really? i hear Gabriel and very surprisingly Springsteen..

  44. Brady Richards

    One of my new deepest regrets is not submitting a video to this project. Such beauty.

  45. Angelo

    Please come to Lima, Peru.

  46. Trevor Harrison

    video of the year.

  47. Juange Ibarra

    WOW 💓💓💓💓💓 and the fact that you mentioned Mexico's tragedy 💓 I Adore You!!!! 💓💓💓💓💓

  48. Lee 23

    was that the great British bake off playing in on the TV at 3:33?

  49. Bieberbändigerin


  50. Joseph Chiran

    Is a one of my fav songs 💕 I love it babe.

  51. Claudia M. Morcillo

    3:18 ¡Dale a tu cuerpo alegría Macarena! Big fan of these dancers.

  52. Alejandro Morales

    ASTOUNDING. We need this more than ever.

  53. Federico Protto


  54. Charles Requina

    <3 beau

  55. Jack Lindsay

    Think I saw my hometown Brighton in there :)

  56. Nina S

    Nic Offer from !!! (Chk Chk Chk) at 1:47 really made me laugh :)

    David Adams

    Nina S I can see how they'd know each other.

  57. Bob Ullrich

    Queer music for the 21st Century. Bravo!

  58. violetxoxox

    This is such a happy video. It cheered me up at a time when I've been struggling with a lot of dark stuff. 🌅

  59. Felipe Paes Piva

    almost all white people, why?

  60. patty heffley

    Great job, a cohesive and loving video. Loving Perfume Genius. That's what you do!

  61. Kamiah


  62. Gino Felino

    <3 !!! @1:47

  63. drink z coffee

    This restores my faith and hope and soul. Their beauty set to Perfume Genius has made my heart cry out with tears of every emotion I'm in need of. THANK YOU. ♡

  64. Yeweird 17


  65. Hector Garza

    How is there only like 2 poc


    hector honey... shut up

    Julie Ogden

    Its self submitted videos

  66. KiddingProductions

    a lot of arm movement... like a lot

  67. 漢力

    何やってるの?意味わかんない 日本人いる?コメントくれーーw

  68. space cookies

    This is so genuine. I was needed to see something like this 💃🏻

    President P

    Love your see

  69. johnnyborealis

    Beautiful song. Beautiful video. Thanks Mr. Genius. (I'm actually kinda teared-up...really arresting)

  70. Sam Gladnick

    so far zero dislikes!

  71. cj22cj

    really lovely song and video!!!

  72. Crissy S

    This is awesome!

  73. Emily Lambert

    I about teared up...your music is so goddamn beautiful.

  74. Zachary Alexander

    This is so precious

  75. alexx

    Beautiful !!!

  76. Daniel João

    So wonderful I just loved the entire album 👏❤👏❤👏

  77. LNgoo67

    I can't stop watching this.

  78. noémie maurice

    *gasps* it's here *-*

  79. Panlert Bent

    1:47 is that Wayne Coyne?

    David Adams

    Panlert Bent Nic Offer, from the group !!! (Chk Chk Chk).

  80. purewonka

    I like the fan dancer guy in his living room at 3:30 .

  81. Morisha Feluar

    Как же это охуенно

  82. Lucas Dall'Agnol

    this is so beautiful and inspiring. thank you.

  83. Olivia Cooper

    feeling connected. thank you.

  84. Edy CarCyrus

    Beautiful !! I love it

  85. Kata Kőrösi

    i got an overwhelming urge to dance watching this superb video

  86. Soaribb

    Thank You Mike

  87. Cal Stannard

    This is so perfect. That's Brighton Bandstand at 0:38, 2:37, 2:59 where that awesome lady is dancing. I got engaged there 1 month ago :)


    I was well chuffed to see that, I live in Brighton. I love Perfume Genius

    molly a

    congratulations on your engagement!! <3

    biddir karim


  88. Aia M

    Beyond beautiful.

  89. MixedMediaInk

    another win

  90. tinfoilhatter

    splendido! bravo!