Perfume Genius - Sides Lyrics

[Perfume Genius:]
Sometimes you forget
To just let me in a bit
Baby just -
Where do you go sometimes -
Idle and empty-eyed?
Why still no love?
This loop is wearing thin
And I won't be here when it ends
Baby trust -

[Weyes Blood:]
Lately baby
I've been hiding away
Don't wanna start our game
That we play
If it ain't easy to love me
Cut the chord and set me free
How many times I leave
When I used to stay
I'm a fool
For the games we play
Wish I had the
Strength to leave
Running free
A millions tired things
That you used to say
Don't want to watch
The world we made break
And it's never too late to stay
Hold me right
Don't cut me down

[Perfume Genius and Weyes Blood:]
Baby, it ain't easy to love

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Perfume Genius Sides Comments
  1. RJ Ledesma

    Came back to watch this again after more than a year and i just noticed Mike dropped a True Detective S1 reference before playing Normal Song. Gaaah. Two of my faves colliding

  2. Paul Kettle

    Love his voice, not a fan of his nipple showing wardrobe.

  3. ToT

    I clicked caused of the thumbnail because I thought this was gonna be some morissey shit

  4. Abs Reekhaye

    Mo Salah on the drums?

  5. Unity Love

    Best 🙌

  6. 박나진

    경이로운 무대

  7. Daniel Kim

    always thank you pitchfork for the great and beautiful performance uploading with good quality as a music lover who has unfortunately a poor accessibilty..

  8. jub

    20 people don't know their Queen.

  9. Paulo Santiago Music

    New Morrissey!!!

  10. Mr J

    So good the music reminds me of Talk Talk.

  11. A Rise

    my favourite video clip in the entire world 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  12. Ardilla Voladora


  13. mujudrx3

    Why he reming me of Ramsey Bolton ? xD
    Would he torture me ?

  14. RIENKANGKUL Jaruwat

    Love "Die 4 You"

  15. Thomas Sands

    Gay radiohead?

    Unity Love

    Exactly ☀

  16. Kristin Timoteo

    he is so talented. As soon as he stops performing he turns into a completely different person. I love his music.

  17. nita mei

    damn he is an angel

  18. Angel Ramirez

    I dunno but Mike Hadreas is Sexy.

  19. Jorge Moreno

    Saw them last night opening for David Byrne. The sound was incredible and they had a big stage. The whole venue was blown away by their performance, What a treat (both bands)

  20. Mr. Beiorg

    I hope someday we can meet ❤

  21. some body

    this concert is truly incredible! thank you! 🌈🌈💖

  22. Jana Bolz

    I thought of taking this for background music to listen to while working :D... now, I can't focus, I melt away and I have to move with him. There genius and he's Performance here is incredible!

  23. Laura B

    this is the most beautiful thing i've ever heard

  24. ThePlato66

    I have seen them live in Warsaw, Poland. This was a magical experience. Precisely the same order, although interrupted by the guy expressing his love to the vocalist :-). No Shape is the album of the year 2017. No competition.

  25. Kelly O'Brien

    absolutely captivating  falling hard for PG

  26. Angel Ramirez

    I need to experience this in person. mesmerizing!

  27. jjtimson

    Amazing talent. Should be and will be a Superstar.

  28. Madator

    Went to see them last week here in Seattle and by far one of the best shows/concerts I’ve ever seen. He’s got style and so much talent.

  29. mikdouble

    Fool is so good, holy shit

  30. Hueramo De La Arcilla

    Perfume Genius, you've succeeded in singing us to another world! 13:20 and oh my love take your time 55:04

  31. bluecid

    mike always has me cracking up lol

    patty heffley

    He doesn't take himself seriously while being completely serious. I adore him. Yes, he's funny,

  32. CardinalSessions


  33. Liam McFarland

    the ʰᶦ⋅ ᵗʰᵃᶰᵏ ʸᵒᵘ⋅ at 4:29 killed me

    Nik 4711

    he speaks just like he sings, i think it's so very cute.

  34. goekberk soenmez 1870

    7:53 / 44:24

  35. hawcubites

    Amazingly talented...A pleasure to see him perform live.

  36. oshizzle & j-dogg

    For music that could be classified as pop, Mikey n the guys rock way fucking harder than any other current indie rock band

  37. ShannonF27

    I am SO grateful I got to see him live recently. Words can't describe!

  38. Jake Smith

    Amazing. Wish Weyes Blood had shown up. Sides is the best track on the album.

  39. Noah Halton

    Incredible. Through and through. Can't wait to see this in person.

  40. Dyego Alba

    Elton Jhon debería adoptarlo.

  41. Durian Rider

    Simply amazing

  42. Anastasios - Tassos Sofroniou

    He s truly special can t wait to see him live in Paris hopefully soon

  43. Kristina Koppel

    wow, what an amazing show. so much talent.

  44. Alberto Chavez


  45. jiggrinder

    Album of the year for sure !!!

  46. aaron marko

    Someone needs to buy that guy a new shirt. I guess he lost all of the buttons on the one he's wearing.

    macy’s boring channel

    aaron marko don’t you know your queen?


    It's called fashun look it up

  47. deadbody

    <3 This.

  48. Mitchie Ocean

    1:17 Otherside
    4:45 Go Ahead
    7:53 Longpig
    11:22 Fool
    15:32 Just Like Love
    19:15 Valley
    23:10 Normal Song
    26:41 Dark Parts
    29:52 Wreath
    34:13 All Waters
    37:27 Body's In Trouble (Mary Margaret O'Hara) (Cover)
    41:32 My Body
    44:24 Grid
    48:00 Run Me Through
    53:20 Die 4 You
    57:29 Slip Away
    1:01:24 Alan
    1:04:15 Kangaroo (Big Star) (Cover)
    1:06:30 Learning
    1:08:58 Mr. Peterson
    1:11:32 Hood
    1:14:34 Queen

    Liam McFarland

    Mitchie Ocean ask Choir is at 0:00

    Virtual Blaze

    Don't forget the intro, which is Choir.


    Mitchie Ocean 0:00 Choir

  49. José Daniel Isidoro Reyes

    tracklist please !

    Gen Void

    I´m quite stoned but i think it´s kinda like this (I copy-pasted the first songs from Y. Mitchie ):

    1:17 Otherside
    4:45 Go Ahead
    7:53 Longpig
    11:22 Fool
    15:35 Just Like Love
    19:19 Valley
    23:33 Normal Song
    26:41 Dark parts
    29:56 Wreath
    34:15 All Waters
    37:20 Body's in Trouble (Mary Margaret O'Hara -)
    41:33 My Body
    44:27 Grid
    48:03 Run Me Trough
    53:30 Die 4 You
    57:29 Slip Away
    1:01:30 Alan
    1:04:22 Kangaroo (Big Star -)
    1:06:33 Learning
    1:09:01 Mr Peterson
    1:11:43 Hood
    1:14:32 Queen


  50. Mitchie Ocean

    He is and his music is unbelievably beautiful

  51. Juan Cant

    1:14:35 Queen

  52. Scott Knettle

    that's a god damn show bitch

  53. Soren Call

    Amazing performance

  54. ohthepeppers

    Pansy and The Cockgobblers would be a more fitting name.

    Lazy Belphegore

    And what have you done lately?

    Liam McFarland

    ohthepeppers hm, you seem threatened by a man who is comfortable expressing his gender in a way that isn't emotionless and stoic. what's that about?🤔🤔

    David Rea

    Mike would probably love that name, honestly.

    April Ruff

    Get a life

  55. TheNinito25

    Great voice! Too bad his performance on Colbert was lack lustre.



    Timothy Pullins

    He just gets really nervous

  56. Immaterial

    mike is soooo talented

  57. pilar

    not sure how but i love it

    Liam McFarland

    thegroove probably cuz it's good

  58. agent paranoji

    he is so good.