Perfume Genius - Pop Song Lyrics

My body is stretched
And holding one breathe
And sharpen the pole
And sever the flesh
Harvest the pain
And spit out the rest
To shoulder our pain

Our body is stretched
And holding one breathe
Shoulder our pain
And bury what's left
Harvest the pain
And spit out the rest
Deliver on me

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Perfume Genius Pop Song Comments
  1. Kristof Alexy

    Genius. Like everything else by you. I've seen hundreds of live performances by many artists. Nobody will stay with me like you did.

  2. Aaron Smith

    Well, this is something special for sure... never heard anything like it which is so hard to do these days!

  3. aaron biglow

    Just found this. So happy I did. Brilliant and beautiful. 😘

  4. TheSuperblackmetal

    did anyone else cry while listening to this?

  5. Paul Smith

    Trash lyrics. Trash sound. Trash lazy use of over layering. Just fucking trash. There is zero enjoyment here. Such a disappointment from a band that I love.

  6. Marino B.

    This is like a very commercial pop song a parallel universe

  7. Armaan Kapur

    So underrated!

  8. Io Szeged

    one of my favourite artists❤️

  9. The Wave Show w Trent Kelly

    There are so many layers, it's a different song each time I listen to it..

  10. Paul marsh

    He sure is "Perfume Genius"!!

  11. Jesse Neuro

    Without reading too many “comments”, I will either grow to love or hate this song, and if taken as a “lead single”? He’s an album artist, so I think the song’s “merit” will be in the context of that (its album), and so I hope this inaccessible non-pop thing proves to be a grower, sort of or in between? Huh? That’s my scent, and I’m no perfume.

    Scheneca Crane

    Hmmm hopefully so

  12. victor araujo

    putz me sentindo um adolescente no baile olhando o menino que eu gosto dançando com com outra pessoa, chorei, peguei um cigarrinho , acendi lentamente É ISTO

  13. joe a

    o hell yes

  14. comrade hermit

    Where my genderqueers at!?

    Jimmy Catalina

    On their way out.

  15. Ruhit P

    10/10 .

  16. RayRBet

    Bonito sentimiento

  17. xDx0xDx

    I was expecting so much more than a basic pop song. You can’t give us a pseudo Arabic song like Eye in The Wall, and then give us this. :(

    Liam McFarland

    girl what song r u listening to

    Alexander Rodriguez

    @Liam McFarland I wonder the same lol

    Ruhit P

    @Liam McFarland Selena Gomez, Katy Perry song

  18. MRs-WOmAn-MaN-mR

    the backing vocals are so calming and angelic

  19. Mary Summa

    Beauty Behind The Wallpaper 💐

  20. preternatural

    love whatever sound that is that blooms at 3:40 it sounds like something ceramic

  21. mariana pineda hernandez

    Beautiful ✨💕

  22. Angel Ramirez

    My body is stretched

    And holding one breath

    And sharpen the pole

    And sever the flesh

    Harvest the pain

    And spit out the rest

    To shoulder our pain


    I think it's "harvest the pit"

  23. Angel Ramirez

    the lyrics 💌

  24. Daniel RL

    Mike no decepciona 🇵🇪

    Dylan Givenchy

    exacto! 🇵🇪


    ♡ So unique, i love it ♡

  26. Rebecca

    I feel like I'm laying down on soft moss in a magical forest while watching golden sunlight stream through the trees. love it xx

  27. No One

    This album is going to be great. Mike is becoming an even greater musician than he already was with No Shape!

  28. Mad C

    Oh!!! So lovely! Thanks guys!!!

  29. Seaport

    This is gorgeous, very Kate Bush.

  30. Callum Crighton

    In love with this. In love with you. Absolute ART !

  31. Chris G Sharp

    lover this

  32. Facundo G Molina

    Te amooooooooo <3

  33. leonardo c

    I am loving this, cannot wait for the whole album

  34. Leonardo VM

    When the album?

  35. Paula Zuluaga

    Look at this!
    it's an excellent song! What do you think?

  36. Tim Cummings

    Oooh. Sounds like Bat For Lashes’ LOST GIRLS album.

  37. randomassname

    So good.

  38. eroneno


  39. Kai Woolner-Pratt

    oh wow he changed

  40. Ítalo Henrique

    eu amei kerelhon

  41. Ítalo Henrique

    meu perfume ta vivo!

  42. Fredy Forero

    Amé esta canción. Saludos desde Bogotá.

  43. Meh Meh

    This song will impregnate you with a magic baby


    Impregnated by Perfume Jesus

  44. PsychOrale


  45. Kéthia Pina


  46. Nathan Milkins


  47. Michan Ichsan

    Ethereal ❤️

  48. willian davenport

    love this and love you so much <3

  49. emdots

    Thank you for my life Perfume Jesus

  50. R freire

    Amei 🎨💕

  51. Sergej Lovrekovic

    someone is tickling my ears

  52. blingster1

    layers of beauty pealing at each other til you discover a core so lovely and satisfying that your entire body starts to move with delight

  53. Claudio Henrique

    Vibe muito diferente, mas, como sempre, genial. Mike e Dev Hynes são artistas que se reinventam sem perder qualidade. 🎈💜

  54. Nirlash Karki

    Mike did not have to attack us like this

  55. lacajadelverne ies

    Muy hermoso. Grande.

  56. Arthur78


  57. Maham Khan

    this song makes me feel like a woodland creature in a strangely visceral way

    String Sun

    Maham Khan I see what you did there

  58. ChilledSpirit

    We stan

  59. Goiás Paródias

    Woooooo 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🇧🇷

  60. Goiás Paródias

    Que lindo 👏🏾😍👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🇧🇷

  61. Tiziano Mansilla

    Bien!! Saludos desde Patagonia Argentina 😘

  62. Daniel


  63. MagicRat

    YeEESSS 💯💁💁

  64. Térence Scott

    Been waiting for this omg