Perfume Genius - Otherside Lyrics

Even your going
Let it find you
From the otherside
Even in hiding
Find it knows you

Rocking you to sleep
From the otherside

Tethered by timing
Let it undo
Aimless and ripped
From the root
Finds you

Rocking you to sleep
From the otherside

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Perfume Genius Otherside Comments
  1. graveyardbread

    this song literally sends chills down my spine everytime

  2. Javier Marmol

    Heard it for Goldfinch came here from Mortel on Netflix!

  3. ᴡʜᴀʟɪᴇɴ ғɪғᴛʏᴛᴡᴏ.

    The Good Doctor

  4. Fabrício Ferreira


  5. Vintage

    Whos is here for MORTEL?🔥🔥

  6. Rrae98

    MORTEL ANYONE? 😭❤️ ending had us in tearssss

  7. NASA And the ESA

    The society from Netflix brought me here and something else. But also this is giving off some real M83 vibes

  8. Mini Mous


  9. MEJ

    thanks shazam

  10. Adam Csernyi

    This song hurts so much, because it remembers me lot of bad things happened to me in the past 3 years. Turning 17, and listening to this song in the middle of nowhere, it makes me think about the past. But this makes me happy too, because the bad gone, and it gets better day by day, also hurts better.

  11. kathlyn

    anyone here because of Mortel?

  12. Tyler Scott

    From mortals

  13. Amber Smith

    Lmao everyone talking about goldfinch. Found this gem in a The Good Doctor episode.

  14. Isaac Bobonis


  15. Chris

    The ending to ‘Mortel’ got me here.


    Chris same 😭

  16. mike brackeen

    Also heard it on “ The Good Doctor” (my first time to hear it) truly is art

  17. Get Deleted 48

    Mortals brought me here show on Netflix go check it out

  18. Аяулым Кажина


  19. Аяулым Кажина


  20. Soo Donim

    Here from Mortel, pretty amazing show, short and sweet length

  21. c a n d e

    I'm here thanks to Mortel, such a good serie!

  22. digger678

    Mortal brought me here......

  23. Andres Osman

    The good doctor

  24. Stranger Fan

    The Society and The Goldfinch brought me here

  25. Stranger Fan

    Rip Emillie

  26. BlackBruce Williz

    Good Doctor brought me here...

  27. Flavia Sofia

    Am I the only one here because of The Good Doctor then? Lol

  28. A.Z

    Also in the good doctor guys since were all sharing here

  29. Okebe Ogora

    Anyone here after the good doctor 😷 season 3 episode 7. THE BUBBLE GIRL 👧

  30. Myedu

    The Society?

  31. Parth Walikhindi

    The good doctor brought me here

  32. Mid Last

    good doctor brought me here.. who else?

  33. Author Mikela Bacon

    the good doctor😍

  34. Daniel Lankford

    And now you can add the Good Doctor.... Which was my first. ;)

  35. Bilal Moudden

    The good doctor 03×07 brought me here

  36. Jeffrey Rittinger

    The Good Doctor

  37. Don’t mind me. I’m just afraid of everything.


  38. Cassy Bonesteel

    The Good Doctor:)

  39. Isaiah Anderson

    The good doctor

  40. Isaac Bobonis

    Anyone here after The Good Doctor S3E07?

  41. Megan Knight

    This song live hits so hard.

  42. Julian Martinez


  43. Mandy Armstrong

    Absolutely amazing video!! The dance brings to life the song! Such heart and heartache portrayed magnificently!❤❤

  44. Landon

    Der's someding impordunt I need to dell you

  45. Miguel Arches


  46. Tiprriea Jackson

    It reminds me of my dads passing

  47. Quaiver

    13 reasons why s03e02 Chloe's abortion. Good job.

  48. norfskate

    Brassic brought me here...

  49. yubtubnation

    I heard this song that sampled this. I knew I remembered this.

  50. BlueColeman

    0:44 1:33 2:38 When The Society's Pilot episode ended with this I got actual CHILLS of beauty and surprise. This is magic.

  51. Jordan McChesney

    I don't care where I heard this, I just know that it is the most hauntingly beautiful song I have ever heard and I don't ever want it to end. Can you honestly tell me you dont feel the tear between sorrow and joy in your chest?

  52. The Coin Alley

    I wish this song was in the Goldfinch Soundtrack

  53. Mr.LoroGameplays85

    Is this the original song or a cover?

  54. Doli Nafati Tela

    *M83 vibes*

  55. ムーンアイアンローズ

    I'm a type of person that reads comments to relate to the feelings of others about the song and not to know about where did you come from, what brought you here, the year we're living in, etc..
    Thanks for reading. That's all.

  56. Sr Jv

    This is beautiful 💙

  57. everything will be ok

    ‘The only thing I want more than death, is happiness’

  58. Miaplayz

    amazing choreography also who’s also here from “the goldfinch trailer”

  59. Suzanne Frausto

    He was a dancer on So You Think You Can Dance. First heard this song on that show. Amazing.

  60. Cyrah Weddle

    I have literally been trying to find this after hearing it in 13 reasons why and finally found u 😭😭😭

  61. T E E N D R E A M

    This makes me feel as if I’m stuck on the other side of a dimension and I can here people looking for me but they can’t hear my screams

  62. Kaylina Mayes

    This is a beautiful and deep song with a deep and beautiful music video ♡

  63. Marton Keyes

    My dance studio did choreography for this and then I saw the goldfinch trailer (shocker) and it reminded me

  64. somebody else

    chloe deserved better.

  65. Amir Kamergi

    It's like a combination between Sigur Ros & Bon Iver

  66. Shadrick josh Nagar

    what episode in the society this song cameout?

  67. Vendetta

    1:30 makes me think of holding a white glowing ball that explodes into a new universe around me. 😳

  68. Laura Fasino

    13 reasons why brought me here...

  69. maddieplays :D

    i love this song

  70. Harshini Raju

    13 reasons why Season 3 brought me here!

  71. Queen Zaiere

    13 reason why Anyone

  72. natiwantsfood ;-;

    13reasons why 🖤

  73. lillbeann

    13 reasons why brought me here :) anyone here ??

  74. McKenzie Babu

    13 reasons why brought me here... who else?

  75. Agustín Ortega

    13 reasons why got so many nice songs....

    Ymke Kok

    The night we met, listen to it😉

  76. SamFitz

    13 Reasons Why
    The Society
    The Goldfinch

    This song is following me and I’m not even upset about it 😭

    Slade Evans

    add Mortel to the list

    Pedro Martins

    The good doctor season 3 epi 7 😊

    100 subs non videos

    SamFitz what scene in 13 reasons why?

    Get Deleted 48

    Garret McMurray
    Thank you when his brother came out

  77. T Brownpixles

    13 reasons why anyone?

  78. pombo alienigena

    13 porques me trouxe, musica bonita

  79. Eva Clark

    *Tbh 'Thirteen Reasons Why' brought me here...but I originally heard this on 'The Society' and forgot to shazam it!*

    *Such an amazing, meaningful and emotional song*


    The goldfinch brought me here too

    100 subs non videos

    What scene on 13 reasons why

  80. Idiotic Loser

    13 Reasons Why?

  81. Venecia Verlaine

    The goldfinch and 13rw

  82. Ryan

    13RW 3?????

  83. Nickolaus Gary

    13 reasons why brought me here, anyone?

  84. Fady Omari

    Anyone from 13 Reasons why season 3 episode 2 ??

    Ashna Rashid

    That was fast. I'm already binge watching it 😭

    Anna Singh

    Fady Omari watching rn!

  85. Lily

    found this song from 13 reasons why when chloe’s getting an abortion then i realised its at the end of episode of the society. amazing song.

  86. Cruz Nagle

    13 reasons why, Season 3 ????????

  87. someone O Brien

    Who else Learnt this song on the piano but just listening to it in the background

  88. Nevaeh Anning

    am i the only one that didnt find this through a show or trailer?

  89. Bedazzled Peach


  90. Gabrielle K

    Who is there after The Society?

  91. Lauren

    why do I always find myself listening to this at three in the morning

  92. Romany Arrowsmith

    I can't get over how the chorus of this song feels like it's literally smashing into me. It sounds like the music of shattering. I've listened to the track dozens of times now; I'm never prepared for the sudden pain and surprise of it.

  93. Dripelias

    Anyone from Los angeles

  94. lanz alvarado

    Me pone sad

  95. Miaplayz

    who else thinks the dance is beautiful?

  96. Miaplayz

    The Goldfinch got me here

  97. That Bro

    50% of comments are talking about the goldenfinch trailer, 50% are about the society. But 100%can agree that this song is beautiful on a whole other level

  98. dead_star GAMEING

    I cry everytime I hear this song cause it reminds me of someone