Perfume Genius - Not For Me Lyrics

Ballads are being sung
But not for me
Church bells are being rung
But not for me

I've never known love
Or been shown love, you see
Maybe there is such a thing
But it's not for me

Poems are being read
But not for me
Prayers are being said
But not for me

I am without love
But I don't doubt love can be
Warm and tender for some
But not for me

Let all of your singers be singing
But not for me
Let all of your church bells be ringing
But not for me

Let all of your singers be singing
But not for me
Let all of your church bells be ringing
But not for me

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Perfume Genius Not For Me Comments
  1. Kobe


  2. Robert Silverman

    One of my favorite artists. Nice job directing Mike! Will this song be on the next album? No Shape would've won a Grammy in a perfect world.

  3. i love all music on the inside

    This might sound crazy...but I feel like a collab with Perfume and SOPHIE would be insanely good

  4. Ishabaal

    Oh god why can't I get this shirt off. Please send help.

  5. Sim Barr Fidel

    Pure genius to be able to pull out such raw emotions from what was pure pop in it’s original incarnation. Really heartbreakingly beautiful ...

  6. New Alternative 40 Chart

    "Not for Me" debuted at #7 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week!

  7. Bret Wheatley

    so fucking beautiful

  8. Chris G Sharp

    bloody beautiful

  9. joepmc

    Really impressed by your directorial debut, it's perfect. Didn't realize it was a Bobby Darin song, I thought it was a personal homage to the Gershwin tune. I hope you're well and that you're still together & happy with your partner. Thank you for being such an inspiring artist <3

  10. Sergio Ramov

    dulce psicodrama...

  11. GST Errr

    Fantastic song and video!

  12. Tissue Fanzine

    Bravo, Mike!

  13. blingster1


  14. veronikaflores

    Wow. This is such a serious heartbreaking song.

  15. Anastasia Rayner

    The best thing I’ve seen in a while.

  16. יהונתן V

    Thank you

  17. Nayeli Sausage

    Another album please?

  18. MareaInky


  19. Alek Kopulsky

    This is some good art

  20. Keevan Dance

    Yo MMPH Killed that production <3

  21. Daniel

    please dont make me wait another year for another album, i beg.

  22. ShannonF27


  23. Alysha Hipes

    ugh stop releasing so much stunning music with stunning visuals, my heart can’t take it

  24. leo

    i bet troye sivan is taking notes to copy this concept in his next album

    i love all music on the inside

    We need Troye Sivan and Perfume to collab, we need the gay duo of the century


    @i love all music on the inside i guess

  25. Ca Ahearne

    Absolutely love this!

  26. Pranshu Singhal

    You're such an interesting and intelligent artist. Thank you

  27. Caitlin Mcdonald


  28. Zara Djakovic


  29. Queen Annecy

    wow nice job michael thanks for blessing my day u rock

  30. Novak

    Real Genius.

  31. MrEllegi1

    Me every time I tried to put on a t-shirt on my own as a child

  32. sam mortazavi


  33. živa

    perfume genius, my favorite artist of all time? its more likely than u think!!