Perfume Genius - Choir Lyrics

I can't dream
Something keeps me
Locked and bodied
Pawing at the edge
It's weird here
Choirs threaten
In voices I only feel
Something tightens
If I don't hold still
What if I promise
To keep it quiet?

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Perfume Genius Choir Comments
  1. Denko

    How to Get Away With Murder anyone?

  2. Daniel RL

    Una atmósfera muy oscura

  3. Weber Candy

    I feel...Thank you for make me to fly with your music!

  4. Marie M.

    Hypnotisant, vraiment génial! La musique rend encore plus vrai la scène de fin du film

    Alessandro Plazio

    Hai ragione

  5. jean philippe vidal

    Everybody should listen to Perfume Genius ... All the records are great !

  6. Ange Vazquez

    I love this song❤️

  7. Soja G

    I love love this sooo much. Touches My inner core and what I have experencied.

  8. diane rocher

    Very great end. I love this song