Perez, Amanda - It's Too Late Lyrics

So many nites that I cried tears for you
And out of the 5 years all the shit that
You done put me thru
And I can see now love will make you
Do crazy things
No matter what you've done to me
I took you back anyway But now

There's nothing more to say, There's nothing more to do
I don't see myself getting back wit you
And every single way I think about those
Days at the last minute you tried to change, but
It's too late, it's too late
It's too late, it's too late

Now you hate me cause I
Done went and found somebody new
But I feel like you took my love for granted bae
You didn't appreciate the things that I've done for you
And god knows I tried to make it work but
The past kept catchingup to me and making me hurt


Try to tell myself why should I feel so bad inside
When the only thing you've done to me
Was tell lies after lies
Now it's time for you to see all the things that you've done to me
I ain't't got no choice but to let you go
Cause I can't take the lack of love noooo

[Chorus x2]

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Perez, Amanda It's Too Late Comments
  1. Celina SHORTEBEBE Villegas

    When it's just to damn late....

  2. angela sanchez

    Qesfxgzvzg gdgchd

  3. Sentrece Scales


  4. Ashley Wild

    Its too late!!!

  5. Brenda L Dominguez

    😍 she makes beautiful love music

  6. monia hawkins

    I don't see myself getting back with your to all my ex gf's.

  7. Sabrina Rodriguez

    I love this song. After 19 years of craziness in this relationship this song gots me all in my feelings. I love me some Amanda Perez.

  8. bianca cisneros

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    you're supposed to see your sisters females other females you're supposed to see them as sisters not as sex objects ITS DISGUSTING WAKE UP THE DEVIL IS BRAIN WASHING YOU THROUGH THIS VIDEO!!

  9. Jessica Duncan Waiting on Mr. Dreamy!

    I have higher standards now

  10. Tiasha butler

    i loveee her songs

  11. Sherika Johnson

    Yes it is

  12. Elliott Reza

    its too late..

  13. Vanessa Hopper

    Amanda did that yes sir nothing but true words

  14. christian Gauna

    I love everything about Amanda she is so awesome

  15. spookybanana

    she said bae? is amanda perez a slang-seer?!

  16. DominicanaPrincessax

    This is my first time listening to this song and damn its freaken amazing thank goodness to Amanda Perez for making this song for real I can feel her pain deep within my heart and soul ….

  17. Kasi Bell

    Think bout those days

    Yuneris Mota

    what's your favorite r n b singer

  18. Linda Hough

    Just confused!!!!

  19. Linda Hough

    I love this song because I gave my girlfriend everything I had til I had nothing else to give but she gave me nothing in return and I didn't everything I could fix it because I played apart in it too but she just wasn't trying to see it from my point and there was no way around so I stayed til it was too late and then I walked away which sometimes I wish she would've just met me half way with this thing called love so we could be together because I still love her but I guess like the song say now is too late for that so I will never love another!!!!

  20. Ronlishia Wilkinson

    Nothiin more for me to say!!

  21. Ronlishia Wilkinson

    Tear ;) love it

  22. Ronlishia Wilkinson

    Cause its too late....;)

  23. Ronlishia Wilkinson

    My theme song and to every woman out there please let that man know its too late even if u have to send the song to em ...3

  24. Ronlishia Wilkinson

    I Fuckin love this song...its too late 3

    Jamaican Queen

    Ronlishia Wilkinson me to

  25. Ronlishia Wilkinson

    Love ;)

  26. Brandon Ramirez

    im tired of him & there nothing eles too say :(

  27. Tsontelle Manuel

    For reals I tryed and did everything. Gave her my love and even tho I have someone new all I stil want is her. It sucks.
    I still love u Lydia Delia Carrillo Reyes

  28. Aneisha Young

    I listen to this when I'm tried of him and its too late and there nothing more to say

  29. Kabria Jackson

    I deticate this song to my bby SUMMER

  30. Kabria Jackson

    All i do is cry itz like he dnt care about mhe no more cristian miranda ily so much fa give mhe plz we dne so much together nd wat yhu think nd how yhur daurghter fees about diz uh i luv him so much juss cum bac

  31. Asia Frazier

    Real shit love her

  32. anicolewrightwood

    I listen to this all day.

  33. anicolewrightwood

    I swear this song relates to me 100%

  34. sharisa raines

    ♡♡this song is so true to what I'm goin thru.. but its too late!

  35. Val Garcia

    I've Been Waiting For Someone To Put This Song On YouTube!! This Is My Song.♡

  36. Keiona Alexander

    Loving this song its the truth god bless to you Amanda. Download this from YouTube to ur Bluetooth or go to music apps and go from there

  37. Anjélica

    I looovvvveee this song

  38. Kyondra Wren

    Where can I find this song and downloading it to my phone

  39. M M

    finally! thanks for uploading this song....

  40. Natalia Bias

    Thank god for you I been looking for this man lol