Pepper - Loving Arms Lyrics


I've got no loving arms holding me down.
I ain't got no time to listen to your whining, cause I hate that sound.


I read the news today and the front page read:
You don't want me so why follow this method just to play with my head?


Now I'm wishin' I never met you, and think of all this mess that you've put me trough
So I've been waitin' at that lonely train station too loong, I just can't tell you how to feel
Cuz how you feel could be wrong, oh wro---ong

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Pepper Loving Arms Comments
  1. Sabrina Tor


  2. Pamoma Veniegas

    I missed my Tatay Pacio ,my lolo❤️😥 upon listening to this song . God will comfort you Tay ,God will be your comforter ❤️

  3. saiysaiy fronda


  4. Frederick Hewlett

    IF you haven't had a piece of this "mind bending" situation ,,,,, where have you been ???

  5. Gou Mate

    My favourite 🎶🎶🎵
    Love from India northeast

  6. phi 25

    I tried to move on,but my dreams wouldn't....iv been dreaming you're holding me in your arms. I miss you so much, why'd u leave me?? Pls come back

  7. Mhiracle Alberto

    I really really love this song or music...its relate in my life promise tlga...where are you when in needed you most in my life...if i only i can turn back time....hmmmmm i misss u so much so much my idol promise mhal n mhal n mhal kita...

  8. Queen Angel

    01.06.20 💜

  9. Soul Guitarists

    It's just flick into my memory and i search I've been too long in rain, and it came up that the title is loving arms, January 2020 anyone? Make this blue

  10. Theo Donor

    Nice song. Reminds me of good old memories

    Carlito Estanes jr

    Ilove this song . Touch from my heart

  11. My Little Angel

    One of my favourite song
    Dixie chicks ♥️

    Roland Balanay

    Same us,.

  12. melchor baer

    dec 19, 2019 1:12 am one of my best choose

  13. Lito Gambon

    Make it blue if youre listening dec 12 2019

    Gabriel Luz

    I like it very much the lovely song that i heard...

  14. Noie M

    If i could hold you now, just for a moment if i could really make you mine...

  15. Rose Aspera

    My fav since elementary days 😍

  16. Cassandra Mills

    I miss my dad and late sister my heart is broken pray for me I am sorry miss them

    Donna Many Fingers

    I lost my son December 24th I'll keep you in my prayers this time of year hurts the most

  17. lirpayoj Ashroy

    One of my fav song, ❤

  18. Veety Lebany

    My all time fav

  19. Anga Kashung

    I'm all alone

    Frederick Hewlett

    Sometimes a lovely way to be ,,, but your never alone with this melodic melancholy , ,,,,,,,peace ,,,!!!!

    Donna Many Fingers

    Your never alone I'm here n hope that one day you find comfort prayers sent your way

  20. Karen Peralta


  21. Brenda Kazembe

    I love it.

  22. Jeraldine Hermoso

    Listening it right now

  23. Amador Camba

    Grade 2 ako nung narinig koto now I'm grade 12 na pero still you are my loving arms

  24. Renee Goings

    So love I can cry😢😭😭

  25. Kieldrex Castillo

    Who is listening now 💗 all time favorite 21 years old loving Dixies song 💕💕

    Renee Goings

    Kieldrex Castillo ...

    Renee Goings

    Kieldrex Castillo um

  26. Rinch Hnialum


  27. xSerenityGamingx

    ...dreaming of the arms that held me tight 💕💕💕


    singing somewhere through the lonely nights 💕💕💕


    Sometimes very sometimes a cover is better than the original.👊👊😎

    Abby Macaroon

    Don't u ever disrespect my Dixie again like that


    @Abby Macaroon Fuck off boy !

    Frederick Hewlett

    isn"t the Dixie Chicks version the original then? and who wrote te song ??

    Florence Villanueva

    I agree

    Letcia Garnett

    I too was trying to remember the original...grew up with this song. I love both but the original more

  29. Lucky ASMR

    When I heard this song I remembered my grandfather😔😔😔miss lolo doming and we always love you😭😭😭💖💖💖

  30. Analiza Madia

    Kapag napakingan q papa naalala kita lagi m ito pinapatugtug ng kw ay nabubuhay pa mis u papa dodot..😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    ηαιΗσσω Acuyong

    Mis u papa

    ηαιΗσσω Acuyong


  31. Steve Wheat


  32. Lisa Hatton

    I've been listening to them when they came out around 1999-20000,and here it is almost 2020 and still jamming to the chicks?? I'm my car with the window down and having my own personal car karaoke anyone else

  33. Jonathan Bongcayao

    Ang dmi mng maalala pg nriring tu..

  34. caster troy Acato

    Bakit ganon

  35. Arwen Vertucio

    "Soon you'll get better" by Taylor Swift brought me here..

  36. Tiger Princess

    I really love this song😍💕💘

  37. Pyrine Ocampo

    I like this song

  38. Ayung Shiro

    Loving arms.... how I wish you were mine ... those silly memories I will cherish forever.. 💓 I’ve loved you always 🦍 Wishing you all the best to both of you ... and here all alone ... I will miss your loving arms over and over🦍

    Tona Aomi

    So inspiring

  39. Robert Gocoyo

    This is my dads Song... I Iove it you deserve this subcribers 365736483t3826483373673583673573739283t7363736464637457263728282882828282828247646 ZILIOB

  40. Lirose rudy

    This is my favorite song when I was 10😍

  41. yhe yhe

    Its august 2019. Still lovin dis song.

  42. Sheila Flores

    I really love ths song...

  43. Albert Langne2

    I love da song

  44. Peterken Jularbal

    Still I'm lovin' this song and it's NOSTALGIC! Aug.2019 anyone?


    Its still reminds me when I'm in ur arm leaning on with ur love

  46. Analiza Madia

    Love it

    Analiza Madia

    Mis u papa dodot 😭😭😭😭

  47. Chanel28 Unating

    nakakamis nmn ung mga palagi m pinapatog m tuwing hapon mis n mis n kta papa mananatili kng buhay s mga alala ko...

  48. Manibeth Pinto

    Iloveu Asawaq lagE ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  49. Aira Perez

    Karjack brought me here

  50. Virgel Zantua

    Looking back for the freedom of my change

  51. Arniel Capal

    i love this song

  52. Charlie 47

    Très joli très doux.... From France...

    Danny Barcenas

    Allez Charlie Como sava How about some Charles Aznabour?

  53. Remy Rivera

    Wow so beautiful songs

  54. Inashi Marzah

    I really wish I could hold you even for a moment

  55. Francis Favor

    It’s my first time listening 👂to this song and I think I love 💕 it, its sound like a country music 🎶

    Kenneth Gangte


  56. Mathani Fanai

    Sure listening...never stop liking them

  57. Olive Aye


  58. MaryRose Villas

    loving arms and you were mine is my favorite..

  59. Resty Concepcion Jr.

    Hey guys, please give a listen to the acoustic version I did for Loving Arms. Thanks for listening!

  60. Zheruja Asongie

    I just heard my neighbor playing this song and it just made my day 😊 so I decided to come listen to this song ❤❤

    Reynaldo De Guzman

    Everyday i always play this song.. This is my no. 1 favorite song and also you were mine,without you,travel in soldier... I love you idol dexie chicks....

  61. michellenicole

    Reminds me of my best friend April I moved away, we'd always sing this on her karaoke machine :) :'( love u April

  62. lolo suu

    21-06-19???Any one??

  63. BRD

    That sucked

    Mr Goodwrench 3

    You Suck !!

  64. Priscy Lona Sia

    Thanks a whole lot for this song. This is the first song I tried playing on a guitar with the help of Rebecca who is a good friend. Brings a lot of beautiful memories. God bless.

  65. Virginia Mayola

    Love this song

  66. kamal prashar

    the song is so relaxing...I love it.
    RIP my Boy. Mama loves you <3 xxx
    loving arms and you were mine is my favorites song of Dixie chicks ....

    Chasiti Lenae

    RIP! Have you heard "without you" by Dixie chicks? The words aren't about losing a child but I always relate to the lyrics in my own way and not how their meant. Always relate them to my children not a lover.

  67. Samaurai S

    this is the song that when you hear it, automatically you'll love it

  68. Johnford Coley

    I cnt fell your almost arms loving you again😭😭😭😭

  69. kris Bedz

    Araw2 maya2 kitang pinapakinggan👌💓

  70. Jeff Gregory

    Man, this takes back bout 20 years!!!

  71. Ezelagustin Nitsuga

    rip our mvp.... brylle jhon...💔😭😭😢😢

  72. Marites Bone


    Marites Bone

    Dedicated to My husband Edwin/Loving arms by D.

  73. Marites Bone


  74. Prince Alnor

    I love these song🌈

  75. Wanda 77

    Im feeling sad right now :'(

  76. George Michael learns to rock

    I can almost....

  77. Remy Rivera

    Its my favorite song

  78. Bryce Mills

    To my sister she left me a while back we miss you I love you so much till we meet on the other side❤️

    juvy sabben

    Yes this song make me cry when im listening

  79. Ken Flores

    Whenever I hear this song, it reminds of you. I miss you, everyday. I pray to God that you'll be in my arms... someday.

  80. Mari za Chavez

    I love thes song

  81. dylan Bragado

    Nice song

  82. Rodina Ralte

    nice song

  83. Remy Rivera

    Wow so greats song I Like it thaks a lot

  84. Emelita Perez


  85. marami ralte


  86. Edna Villegas

    Nice song, love it

  87. Michael Barrett

    The group that opened their mouths and ended their careers.

  88. Abegail Namuag

    :'( Taking any comfort that I can. :'(

  89. michellenicole

    Awww reminds me of gr9 with my best friend April she had the best kareoke system. We used to sing all the time

  90. Ljane Abayon

    I love this song i sing. This if i am lonely and anger

  91. Benjamin J


  92. Anna Decierto

    I love this song so much 😍😍😍

  93. Marivic Calivoso


  94. Marivic Calivoso


  95. Marivic Calivoso


  96. Violeta Cabuyadao

    Remember my ex bf before