Pepper - Fuck Around (All Night) Lyrics

Ooh she give me something right
Ooh just let me in your life
Give me something more
Cause I need to score
Ooh and now you're doing it right
Ooh I love how you twist that knife
Give me sweat and war
Worth fighting for
Tell me if you're satisfied I need to feed your appetite
Amplified by the night ready for the milky white moon till the sun comes up
Cause I don't want to fuck around unless you want to fuck around
(all night) I'll make you feel good
(all night) darling cause you want me to
(all right) this ain't a game
Cause I don't want to fuck around unless you want to fuck around
(all night) I love your attitude
(all night) I'm right on top of you
(all right) this ain't a game
Cause I don't want to fuck around unless you want to fuck around

Ooh sweeter than Mary Jane
Ooh higher than an aeroplane
Anywhere you want to go
Bumpin from coast to coast
Ooh them boys are lookin at you
Ooh but I got you
And I'm taking you all the way
Time to blow you away
Cause I could be your worst habit if you let me do my magic
And I could fly at altitudes and you cant even handle it
Do it till the sun comes up
Cause I don't want to fuck around unless you want to fuck around
(all night) I'll make you feel good
(all night) darling cause you want me to
(all right) this ain't a game
Cause I don't want to fuck around unless you want to fuck around
(all night) I love your attitude
(all night) I'm right on top of you
(all right) this ain't a game
Cause I don't want to fuck around unless you want to fuck around
This is not the time for talking
Shaking her hips and now she walking
She walking my way and shes shaking that thang
But I ain't gunna fuck around unless you're down to fuck around
(all night) I'll make you feel good
(all night) darling cause you want me to
(all right) this ain't a game
Cause I don't want to fuck around unless you want to fuck around
(all night) I love your attitude
(all night) I'm right on top of you
(all right) this ain't a game
Cause I don't want to fuck around unless you want to fuck

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Pepper Fuck Around (All Night) Comments
  1. Dirt merchant

    Pepper is so underrated. Shit is so tight

  2. Sarjant Bob

    Forget the girls, who's the guy that stole the show at 2:30?

  3. Tony A

    I was expecting a black couch in the back🤷‍♂️

  4. Joshua Williams

    I like girls that look like angels too✌🏻

  5. joey

    damn rachael pringle what a sexy

  6. Roger Paterson

    This song in my opinion is better live.

  7. Compton89!

    Why do all these girls look like they live in North Hollywood

    David Thompson

    Cause they did lol

  8. Donald Trump 2020

    So hard

  9. Josh Carmona

    Best music while having sex.

  10. Jasen Renna

    I'm feeling what all you heads are saying,but it is a good FUCKING song.... Random chicks at a bar love it! (And they have no idea who PEPPER even is) and if your games tight, this song'll get you laid EASY....LOL. PEACE,LOVE&UNITY...!!!!

  11. Lisa Lovely LPA

    Love it , brings back memories of Alyson’s Secret Dance club lol


  12. RedPillMale

    Hot Shluts.

  13. Shreddy Kruger


  14. dc_andrade

    I fuckin love women.😍 Oh and Pepper of course.😂

  15. Lane Cannon

    Sure, I'll F$%^& around all nite. Not much of a surf song, but great to F$%^&* to - So Cal Love & Aloha

  16. J C

    Man this shit sucks ass!!! Just play some roots reggae and stop FUCKING AROUND!!!

  17. Jinjo

    See you at Warped Tour guys!

  18. 711lucas

    best song ever !!!!!

  19. Titomate

    Theres no way you can be gay after seeing this video

  20. Rupert Cornholio

    what the fuck is this shit? Im drunk as balls trying to listen to music and all i get is this weird music video shit? 

    Rupert Cornholio

    on second tHought, those chicks are pretty hot

    michael wood

    Rupert Cornholio

  21. PartyBoyPaddy Lolas Master

    well ms Cringle ...although my name is Patrick u can call me Chris and we can celebrate Christmas all year long ;)

  22. j l

    Weak, lame ass crap, waste of space, these fools shouldn't be even breathing our air

  23. Francis Dirte

    idk how to feel about this

  24. DonaldJ22

    This Pepper sucks. Just placing my vote. Fake feminine vocals, timid drums, boring.  This is a song ABOUT NOTHING. I might stop listening to their old stuff, which I previously thought was pretty inspired.

  25. suprskater5

    This would be a good song if it wasn't pepper.. I understand bands change as they age but this mainstream sound doesn't cut it for me.

  26. Davina Aponte

    Rofl. I really thought there was going to be some girl on girl action when he asked her if she'd make out with another girl....


    that is in the other version of the music video for the song lol

  27. Dude

    nothing will ever match their first album. 

  28. Kevin

    The girl with the black leggings and white shirt is fucking sexy

  29. Jeremy C

    Chick at :54. Damn

  30. Kerunou

    Fuckin love this song. Old fan of the band and I'm really digging their evolution.


    damn straight.


    @***** Fair point, music may have caught my ear, but the video also caught my eye lol.

  31. Danwilson123

    Pepper Killin it yet again :)

  32. Robert Giancarlo

    Some people like it some people don't. People need to get over themselves. Bands tend to mix their shit up sometimes

  33. DB Cooper

    Who are you, and what have you done with pepper...this is a fuckin atrocity...sounds like justin timberlake...oh well, better get a fresh shave for the mtv interview...

  34. paul baird

    Cool song

  35. momakesgoodmeatloaf

    pepper this song is not the best

    DB Cooper

    To put it mildly...

    russ stappen

    Dont know what happened to them!

  36. FunkySpunky91

    wow i used to love pepper. Sorry, but this is total fucking bullshit. Worst song I've ever heard from them

  37. Jester Divina

    Girl in red top… amazing tits.

  38. Brian G.P

    Whatever happened to the "Kona Town", "In with the Old", "No Shame" and even the "Pink Crustaceans and Good Vibrations" days? This ain't the Pepper I dig! I'd rather listen to Sublime with Rome (which is actually pretty good if you think it's a totally diferent band to the real Sublime).

    DB Cooper

    I like kona town, but i find this to be hideous. Sounds like hip hop, but not good hip hop. Bubble gum garbage hip POP.

    Right Coast

    Bands change with time, nobody enjoys making the exact same music album after album.


    Brian Giovanni, its called growth, i dont know about you, but i dont wanna listen to a band that sounds the same throughout their entire career, this is magic, hope you feel it the vibe brah

  39. Josh evn

    This song was probably made by Pepper in hopes to get laid more. You are forgiven. Just don't do it again.

    Joseph Luttrell

    You've never listened to Pepper then. "Dirty Hot Sex" ring a bell?

    Vini Andrade

    Yeah! they obviously wanted to get laid with these kind of women in this video that don't shows up any thing about themselves, just that they are tryhards in this society.

  40. MrBoards777

    What the hell happened to this band? They used to be good before this song. Seems like a completely different band.

    Right Coast

    Every band evolves over time, I actually like this song... No it's not Kona Town... But it's still good.

  41. Felicia Morel

    If you use the word hipster to bash someone then you yourself are most likely a hipster.

  42. Hockey Man

    It sounds like it is a album for girls and gays.

  43. Hockey Man

    Hey the New CD is a fucking joke. You guys fucking suck now pepper. I am very dissapointed. Its to damn pop, what are you trying to get on the radio and get payed? bitches.... you just put the final nail in the pepper coffin. Its been slowly getting worse ever since that amazing album KONA TOWN.

  44. eljefe808

    you guys need to move back to the 808.  don't lose your musical roots.

  45. Dayna Danes

    I would watch this video a hundred times over your then.... dub video of the first. I am you biggest fan from Hawaii.. who then moved to California and is now in London...please do not disappoint me.... the first video was worth waiting for... but the end video was NOT THAT WORTH IT. the beginning was better. Xo Hahahahah your biggest fan. Keep it right!

  46. Honest Reviews

    They're still great, sort of took the New Sublime (With Rome) Approach.. don't know why you fucking hipsters have to hate on anything new that comes out, just enjoy the music, shitheads.

    James D

    ...Maybe don't compare it to new Sublime if you want people to stop talking shit.

  47. DtoWnSux1

    they deserve all the fame though. i agree but they deserve to be HUGE.

  48. yes1969able

    love it!

  49. loverhater38

    Love it. Great song

  50. Brad Porterfield

    Pepper reminds me of a hybrid mix of Van Halen and dub/reggae for some reason.

  51. Gun Tongie

    Their all right.

  52. Rob C.

    Its not their best, but im not hatin the new sound :)

  53. Rob C.

    they were never fully reggae. Their sound has definitely changed though. Some will like it and some won't. .

  54. LaurelLoie

    This video was posted on my birthday :P

  55. OakRidgePunk777

    Just when I thought I was really getting into them.. =/ damn shame

  56. Don Metheny

    Uuuhuyuuyuhy by yhuuuuuhyuy

  57. Dana Grant

    Fuck around!!!! One bad ass song i play it over and over and over love it good job!

  58. Kevin Krupa

    sounds like Lenny Kravitz, lol.

  59. mushran rahman

    Pretty sure I just fell in love

  60. Justin Sherr

    Love the song

  61. Caleb Scruggs

    I didn't come to listen to Rome Ramirez

  62. AdmiralTriscuits

    I dont like the new style, i miss the old pepper. This album sucks And there are only 3 hot girls in this vid. Disappointed

  63. DerpyDuck1

    For everyone who wants to skip past the beginning: the music starts at 0:33.

  64. Adam H.

    RIP Pepper. You guys were a great band.

  65. patmon1293

    I'm meeting them in St.Pete on Wednesday, so excited!

  66. Luis Sandoval

    you're right. but still.

  67. George Rajan

    im surprised. cant come of out the reality of getting a iphone for doing some questionnaire :) . dont think its funny, give ur delivery addr with phone number to make sure you get it. rush it here ==>

  68. Garrett Bell

    We love this! We think you should put out videos of each audition with the music to go along... especially Rachel Pringle... Woo!

  69. april perkins


  70. Eric Glass

    Such a shame... I was expecting classic pepper not this crap

  71. Capt. Guac

    This is not the pepper I could listen to all day. The guitar I definitely could, but come on guys be a little more clever with the lyrics especially where nowadays the lyrics of songs are terrible... Lazy...

  72. kendra johnson

    you dont listen to pepper very often then

  73. Juno Chaos

    always will be the boys hitting me up for beer after work and playing in the garage. Love you guys.

  74. Real Talk Gaming

    they still have a lil ska feelin...a lil too much pop for my taste hope its not all like this...

  75. Justice Jensen

    i think this should be the music video

  76. Jtizzle398

    Ahhh this song is so addicting!

  77. Luis Sandoval

    Yep. Still sounds like Pepper to me :)

  78. Luis Sandoval

    Yep. Still sounds like Pepper to me :)

  79. Luis Sandoval

    Yep. Still sounds like Pepper to me :)

  80. phuc yoo

    they are a ska/reg/party band it is a slightly different touch but somewhat just evolved pepper

  81. jimything8

    Great! Who wants to F**k Around?

  82. Fc3s808

    Vevo grew some cajones

  83. w0rm9191

    Who is the chick in the pink top doing the splits? I need more of her.

  84. Robin S

    amen to that!!

  85. Robin S

    I'm not even a lesbian and I'd do her lol

  86. Robin S

    I cannot stop listening to this song or get it outta my head! I'd never heard of this band previously, but I love this song.

  87. Mel2391

    I may be the only person who is a pepper fan and The Bachelor, but I'm pretty sure that is Courtney Robertson from Ben's season.

  88. NecŤaЯβox

    + less clothing + better quality + MOAR Rachael Pringle, and just make this the video.

  89. phuc yoo

    i just picture at 2:44 that chick asking "can my bf be in it?" and all the guys in the band going errrrrrrr.....okay haha i fucking love pepper

  90. Henry Grijalva

    Gabriel ,Babriel la es

  91. Henry Grijalva


  92. Boomer reviews

    Ok, pepper is a band where it's influenced by reggae and rock, I this is not pepper, it's rock mixed with pop with a small amount of reggae, even though I like this band, this song sucks

  93. MrTwiggums


    I thought that too.

  94. Logan LaValley

    Not conscious .

  95. Logan LaValley

    This sucks

  96. Logan LaValley

    I miss when they were a reggae band ...

  97. Logan LaValley

    Where's pepper????

  98. Jarrod Kennedy

    @Jordan Moss - I said the exact same thing lol who doesn't