Pepper - Drunk Girl Lyrics

hey, it's been a long time love
since i've seen you around
you've made a few mistakes
but you've reached a higher ground

how long will you stay
and will we watch the sun rise
oh i see your seas
and the tide is getting high

and i don't believe those screaming words you say
and i don't believe that you go both ways
and oh, the only reason you're here with me
is cuz i love a drunk girl

oh oh oh oh oh yea
and you're just a drunk girl
oh oh oh oh oh yea
and i love a drunk girl
am i the one to save you love?
cuz you're just that drunk girl
oh oh oh oh yea, uh

now don't i make you feel nice
how i remembered your name
remember back in school
when you pushed me thru the rain

well now i want you to feel
that there's no safer place
i'll hold your hair for you
and pull the toilet from your face

and my friends don't believe that that's all it takes
and your girls can't believe that i could be that mistake
but oh! the only reason you're here with me
is cuz i love a drunk girl


you try to kiss me baby
you're screaming let me lady
you're running hot and heavy
most people think you're crazy

i'm trying to keep it steady
you're wet and wreckless honey
don't spit out on me lady
because i need you ready

and i always knew it would come ot this
and in the morning i've got you off my list
but oh, the only reason you were with me
is you're just a drunk girl


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Pepper Drunk Girl Comments
  1. Jasen Renna

    Drunk Girls ROCK! So do you Maria.

  2. Maria Loba

    I'm drunk right now and it's the first time I listen to this lol

  3. Jesus Chavez


  4. John Marcotte

    Who doesn't love a drunk girl? cause I love my drunk girl!

  5. hooliganismilldoers

    saw them live two nights ago, and they definitely don't sound as good as they do on the albums, but their performance is full of energy and it's a great experience. even after their set is over, they'll stick around on stage and sing and dance to ACDC and the YMCA, which is what happened two nights ago. even though the dirty heads were the headliners, it was definitely pepper's show.

  6. Maegan krystal

    i poop too much

    Mike McComas

    And you eat too much!


    good one, but we all know that girls don't poop

    Dayanna Almeda

    +harharhar696969 this is true, girls dont poop. we shit.

    Maria Garza

    Maegan krystal I don't poop enough

  7. Starr Virginia

    8 more days and I get to see them, hope they play this song :D

  8. Starr Virginia

    new favorite pepper song!!

  9. Apoc414

    Love this song! Pepper sucks live but I would still go see them live.

    Chris Martin

    Pepper is awesome live.

    James Gasper

    I agree with you Apoc, Pepper isn't that good live. I've seen a lot of reggae shows and they don't compare to a good amount of artist. 

    Shelby Taylor

    Pepper kills live. Saw them at Warped a few years back and they were amazing. 


    @Apoc414 They honestly were not that good live .. Ive seen them twice now and it just doesn't compare to their studio albums. I still love their music tho!


    I still like them, this is one of those band you wish would capture the quality of their studio music live.

  10. Adam Huber

    every 3 min 14 seconds an average of 25 people go tone deaf

  11. Lucas

    anyone know the chords for this song?

  12. robinhoodofguns

    listen to youtube dot com

  13. Michuel L Jackson

    Drunk girls?

  14. Sui Cide

    I don't understand why people comment about not liking the song. Just move on then. If you can't be positive no one wants to hear your opinion.

  15. sam gray

    is this song not on Itunes?

  16. TheHookersyeah

    Who could dislike this...

  17. Bobby

    this is such a great song i love drumming to it

  18. bangedurmominthebum

    nice send tit pics

  19. Grant

    dude i love grunk girls

  20. molliesorensen

    going to a pepper concert in Santa Cruz tomorrow, I'll be one of 3 drunk girls there. :)

  21. Flabulo

    The fact that somebody flagged you makes me loose just a little more faith in the future. I fully agree with all you have said. I've tryed to start a band but its hard to get my friends to try. Reggae, SKA, Dub, FTW.

  22. IFyouSee Nix



  23. Elijah Jaham

    I LOVE A DRUNK GIRL!!! haha you ever seen one try to skate? lmao

  24. Snorky2011

    Love this song first time I listened to it (x anywho .. Dorky was here "X" hehe

  25. Desert Enterprises

    pepper was amazing at meadowbrook<3

  26. MrSpaceplatypus

    lol perfect song

  27. Jobe McDeebag

    i could just kiss you right now

  28. Joel Toth

    Can't wait to see these guys at Sublime Summer in Toronto, gonna be a sick show!

  29. Westward Tailgate

    i love ska

  30. Ray

    The ONLY reason ur here is cuz I love a drunk girl. Ur a total bitch, but ur really drunk so i love u

  31. yaboypalf

    I LOVE A DRUNK GIRL!!!!!!!

  32. airwalk10

    @MyClusterFuckery amen.

  33. Ghetto Rig Studios

    @drumslayer27 Kinda like when a puritan hears a good song and has to put there two cents in that wasn't even worth one cent. You obviously are not the one the drunk girl hooks up with, and you're sitting on the sidelines thinking 'drunk chicks are annoying' but in reality, you're just envious that they are tanked and still find you unattractive. Put down the hot pockets, get off of World of Warcraft or whatever game you play all day, hit up a gym and start working yourself to become attractive.

  34. Ghetto Rig Studios

    @458237 Sober girls are lame.

  35. Joana Saraiva

    I fuckin love this song

  36. imajakas7

    @ChildofYouth just cause you misspelled Drunk girls I'll thumbs up haha

  37. Shelby Taylor

    this was my life last night...

  38. A McKinney

    Best song when riding out to the beach. B)

  39. Ace Dollaz

    12 sober girls dont like this

    Mercy Martinez

    Ace Dollaz hahhhah

  40. PurpsAllDay420

    @MrRipper222 some?? more like all drunk girls are annoying. its just when they are hotter they seem less annoying. a very small percent of chicks can hang with the bros sadly

  41. Jerkwadd562

    I was @ the concert where they filmed the video for this song.... SOOOO much fun...Pepper Rocks!!!!

  42. Bo Hein

    @mikeccnn i know i missed it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. mikeccnn

    tonight PORTLAND party up

  44. steve martine

    u gota love them!!!! ahahahahah

  45. normlbri

    Peppper tonight in Dallas with the Exspedables Baby. Who is ready for the Smoke Out?!?!?

  46. Sam Harthun

    @vmasters29 uhhh Nice Time is kinda like this, same with Your Face...really all Pepper songs are good, it doesn't matter much which ones you listen to(:

  47. Nic O'Connor

    All the dislikes are from the drunk girls who got used

  48. Suraj Sampath

    Does anyone else know any pepper song's that are like this?

  49. JP Stevenson

    holy shit fuck, peppers dope!

    me: hows the food man?
    other dude: meh could use alittle salt...
    me: fuck that man all you need is pepper!

  50. Samantha Havholm

    My song :)

  51. Christine G

    I love Pepper! They sing the truth about drunk girls! =D

  52. Thigh Theif

    Anyone know the chords?

  53. jason hamilton

    people think im wierd cause ill have necro ,the dead , and pepper all on a playlist, but its all about the samething, getting drunk and rockin lambskins.

  54. Rebecca Maifert

    ONE M0:00RE TIME !!!!!!!!

  55. jim butter

    gotta like drunk girls

  56. Kevin Sanchez

    I remember when i was drunk and a girl

  57. Gerardo Bejinez Montes

    7 people don't like drunk girls

  58. Timothy Boyenga

    i just fuckin love pepper its chill its funky and they remind me of sublime

  59. Damon Vegoren

    Oh drunk girls i love you ever so much...........but next time ur in my car don't puke please... it stinks and its a turn off

  60. Poppy Harman

    i love love loooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee PEPPER !!!!!! <3

  61. fat lipped fish

    check out my band called ...FAT LIPPED FISH...keep the reggae rock sound growing...our first album is due march 2011!!!

  62. Josh Martini


  63. UltraSplatter

    i like :)

  64. Anna Dawson

    i love this song. but i also hate it.

    cuz i've totally been that girl =P

  65. gsboss

    i like peppers reggae style, but the more ska/punk/rock songs like this and give it up seem so good. i think they should come out with an album with all the songs similar to this

  66. LongShotOnTheRise

    The first time I heard this song was last night, when they played at Aloha Tower. They were fucking amazing. I love Pepper!

  67. crazyfool1313

    In the morning I'll cross you off my list

  68. Phil Case

    i disliked this but i love it

  69. PerziE top

    I love PEPPER

  70. PerziE top

    I love PEPPER

  71. somehow888

    bought it on friday. bitchin ep.

  72. PickleKunAMV

    one of the few bands that their new music is actually as good as it always has been :)

  73. Chris Clancey

    Anyone going to their show tonight in Portland??

  74. Lito D

    Pepper is the fucking ish:] they keep getting better and better:]

  75. BDCmagic

    man i feel like this song needs some horns or something. greaat song anyways.

  76. dienefordelta

    this song has been stuck on replay for a long time now. never getting sick of it (:

  77. jojofuller15

    This is the next Ashes song. Watch

  78. BagOfSuck

    Story of my ex-girlfriends life.