Pepper - Do This Lyrics

Why you wanna leave me in the dark
Chewin on the tree's and spittin out the
Yell at me at me and it feels so good
wanna run with you like I should it be the way you left me back there I was in agony
I call you back, nothing to say, baby why you wanna leave me this way so far I try to talk to you in my car but when I do it's hard to explain it feels me up with so much pain.
Baby why you wanna do this to me [X8]
I said do me a little favor and hit me on my pager but for now I know its gonna be a see you alligator there I go with all I knew hopin that your missin my lovin' too. Don't say screw you, you know I do love you and that I got to be true because I go down with the dream i'm leavin all the originality you know I say, I believe, I believe, I believe in you and me. I believe, I believe in you and me

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Pepper Do This Comments
  1. Pablo Stuardo

    Best pepper song

  2. Macd Macd

    love this album!

  3. EL LOBO

    seeing subime was just liek (=

  4. Fernando Hernandez

    This album is by far their best. Such a distinct sound. Although I would have to argue that all of their albums have a distinct sound, but this has got to be my favorite.

  5. Chelsea Kailianu

    Peppahhhhh <3

  6. shane Cooper

    seeing them june 1st warped tour 2011!!! Cant wait im stoked!!!!!

  7. Randy Burnett

    Do me a favor and hit me on my pager but for now i know its gonna be a see ya alligator, there i got with all i knew, hoping that youre missin my loving too. Classic.

  8. Protains

    my favorite pepper song. its hard to believe this album gets basically no recognition!

  9. Candy Halo

    I fucking love this song<3
    Just bought this CD a couple days ago and it's already one of my favorites(;