Pennywise - You Can Demand Lyrics

Hey listen people, I'd like to say
A million minds have a choice but
they choose to walk this way
So when it's time to
make your decisions true
remember who it is you're fighting for it's you
No one can tell you how you should feel inside
What's right from wrong is a choice
you make up in your own mind
think you should hurry, well you got time
No matter what the case may be
You can demand.
You can demand what you want and take it you can
command all the rules and break them you can demand
And when the time comes
You wanted to do more
just keep you head out of the clouds
and keep your feet on the floor
And when you think that at times
it's tough to do
Remember who it is you're
looking out for you
Don't let them trick you with fancy words
As long as you can read between the lines
you'll be just fine
Think you should hurry well you got time
No matter what the cause may be you can demand
You can demand what you need and I'll tell you
if you can't understand this way of life
your way of living how you don't like won't
suffice, look at all the things you have
then decide it's your life and realize
you can demand.

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Pennywise You Can Demand Comments
  1. Benoit Papineau

    Ps sorry everyone..I've been listening to that since it came out in 92... I am not your dad ..I don't give a fuck ..but listen to this and make your own mind

  2. Benoit Papineau

    I will do it right now ..fuck my life and fuck you ;)

  3. Benoit Papineau

    Hey listen ppl fight for you .fight to be who you want to be..

  4. dembones

    Pennywise is so fuggin rad. It makes me want to go out and skate and cause chaos. But I am a older like 35 with kids and stuff. Man the good old days.

    RED Knuckles

    +dembones haha i feel you bro!

    Ole Sollie

    youth is wasted on the young

  5. Miles Highson

    You candyman!

  6. Cesar Lopez

    you candyman!!

  7. Jeffrey Wason

    @OskarPunk14 weird, i was listening to this song because i was thinking of the law of attraction. and i'm doing it!

  8. gearlock trinity

    This album and bad religion's stranger than fiction rocked my young mind back in 94

  9. BG ANDY

    @ciarrai14 Hell yeah...great times!!!!90'S BABY!!

  10. Norbert Dirksz

    unkown and full circle can't put one above the other

  11. Forgedeath

    fucking THANKS buddy!!!!
    Unknown road.... the BEST pennywise album of all time, hands fucking DOWN

    5 stars/favorited