Pennywise - Waste Another Day Lyrics

Six revolution mindless actors a few that
Know the score refuse the setup
Break down the door recoiling with no
Way out hungering for more don't let
It play out you have a choice
Unwrittingly you hope it's not too late
This is your soul get up and go believe
Me they are signing for your fate so
You need to say won't give up I'll never
Fade away I don't wanna waste another
day I don't wanna no way I won't give up
I'll never fade away I'm not gonna
Waste another day their hunger's
Never ending encroaching at your
Door You can't stay hidden forever
More the cold and gray upon you
Suffocates your core a fatal layout
Prepare for war the pressure's
Bearing down what will it take open
Your eyes and stay awake you can't let
Them decide don't hesitate so you need
To say you won't take it we are the
Truth we won't take no for an answer
It's me and you and this time we need
Something more let's start all over
Again because it's never too late to make it right my friend

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Pennywise Waste Another Day Comments
  1. Carlitos

    Pure crap


    The fuck?

  2. Red Leader

    Am I the only one who can still hear Jim singing if you ignore the existing vocals? I've heard enough Pennywise to have a good idea of what it would have sounded like. And it's beautiful.

  3. Davis Conservative

    Zoli >>>> Jim

  4. LiveFastDieYoung

    I recently rediscovered this song. I didn't really paid much attention to it before but now I love it. 
    I don't wanna! No way!
    It's good

  5. hans peter

    he is back !!!!

  6. hans peter

    new singer sucks

  7. muichtube

    Best Song On New Album!

  8. WarNerve85

    Is the same singer :)

  9. Lester Molina

    Is it just me, or does the new singer sound really similar to the singer of Ignite?

    StageDiveBomb number 0

    Lester Molina It is actually Zoli

    Chris Huene

    Yep it is Ignite's singer!

  10. Ed Still

    triple j has been promoting it heaps but

  11. tampon tammy

    BECAUSE how much have you heard about this cd, honestly they are not pushing it to much, and thats prolly the wises choice since the "real fans" of pennywise are so ready to swear it off without jim...its sad how stupid people can be when they get together and make a banwagon

  12. Ed Still

    why so little views?

  13. WowlxX

    I made sure to check up the actual listing of the songs to make sure I was listening to the album in the right order. Always sounds better that way.