Pennywise - Nothing Lyrics

Life - I was a lonely man
with my lead boots nailed to the floor
dancing the best that I can
Sweets-took the pain away
I saw a cold death at the end of the line
so I started to pray
Up towards the sky but knew no one would
answer me. I asked the trees why they
grew toward the sun. I asked the clouds
and they rained down bad luck on me
Oh my god why hath thou forsaken me
I asked the teachers who taught me rules
to obey. I asked the gaes and prophets
through time. Came up nothing but
a hole where my faith had laid no
reason, no rite......nothing feels fine tonight
crime it was a price to pay
I found the hole world as guilty as I
It took the danger away
Hate-it was so easy to do
You just directed all your anger at fear
and then you follow it through
I went to churches and schools to decide
for me. I went to prophets to plea for
my life. Went to my parents who gave
this dark life to me. I don't need to
I don't want to. I don't want to
wonder why. If you don't want to
hear my problems well you can fuck
off and die. You do not know. Don't
say you know. Give me some answers
for my life.... now got some explaining to do
I've got to come up with solutions in time
before my future is through
Hope - for my new promise today
Still I got this strange feeling that
time is slowly slipping away...

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Pennywise Nothing Comments
  1. Ramp Shark

    I also feel some Cool Hand Luke Vibes too

  2. Ramp Shark

    I almost feel this is Job writing a punk song about his lamentations and frustations to God....


    If you've been reading Job look at Satan's words to Eliphaz the Temanite: "they are completely crushed from morning to evening, they are crushed as easily as a moth; they die without wisdom" (meaning a lifetime) This is what happened to JMT. This desperate spiritual war. Solomon knew these things. "whoever increases knowledge increases pain" - Eccl. "And death will shepherd them" -Jeremiah.
    ////Matthew 7:7-8////

  3. Gropiaf

    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that

  4. Jackie Singleton

    "Life, I was a lonely man. With my lead boots nailed to the floor, dancin the best that I can."
    Says my tombstone someday. Wow what a great song! It has so many poignant verses, but that first line is incredible!!!!! P

  5. Acsabi44

    1:33 to 2:05 this is me. This is just me all over. I'm a grown up now with a job and a house yet this is all me as a confused and abandoned and angry child. If anybody gets close enough to me to ask me "who are you really?" I always refer this song to them. God I was so angry. I would have never made it if not for Pennywise and Bad Religion.

  6. Jedidiah Bowman

    Man , this song has always been so powerful and relatable. I guess thats why it's still so good after all these years.

  7. Broly, The Legendary Super Saiyin

    If you want to hear my problems you can fuck off and die!

  8. Brian BigB Clark

    I didn't get the their logo tattooed on me for nothing! Awesome song!

  9. The Kniving Complex

    2 Justin Beiber fans Disapprove.

  10. mike lud

    true !!!

  11. thisisaname182

    someone needs to upload the full album

  12. Buddhist2k

    i just love the Psalm hook in the lyrics! one fo the best songs by Pennywise!

  13. marleySux

    my favorite pennywise song.


    Mine too.

  14. Sean Denizen

    You seem like you need answers... Check out HangnAil... They might give you answers

  15. Erick Costa


  16. Hugo Ayala Tobar

    pennywise got me thru a hard time called adolescence

  17. noodlezer

    you should like the guitar cover i did then,check my channel ;) leave a comment!peace!

  18. danpats1

    best song on this album