Pennywise - No Reason Why Lyrics

I look at my self
the person in the mirror is asking me
asking me why I lie to myself
what's the meaning of this charade
or the reason why
cause no one knows me quite better than I know myself
but that doesn't stop me from asking myself
the reason why no reason why
we lie to ourselves or anyone else
I look inside my life
cause I can see the things that no one else can see
about the real me
cause it's only the outside
you really see so don't ask me why I keep inside
the things that I choose to hide
still it doesn't stop me from asking myself
it gets me farther behind
cheaters never prosper
I've heard that line
but it keeps me set in my ways
look me up after you've found out

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Pennywise No Reason Why Comments
  1. Stigma Negative

    Dewa 19 - Kangen

  2. S G

    One of my favourite high school albums. Fuck, I'm old.

  3. Cole Koopmans

    Great song! That guitar riff and bass sounds like "No Way" by The Adolescents ;)

  4. caseysniper308

    52 and still love this shit.

  5. Natasa Petkovic

    This is about when u wake up from a trip u lived in and u know u made it, but u now understand that there's no reason why u would lie.

  6. desmannn

    Yes Yes

  7. Mr. Flumberton

    Honestly the offspring brought me here

  8. Weetalic

    чудова пісня

  9. Gropiaf

    Pennywise rules


    Plan B - Questionable video 1993!!


    AGENTARMES what part

    Samuel Noble

    BMXunion1 I think it's the contest and demos section.

  11. nafas kala

    !!! gave me chills

  12. Chad deez

    These dudes talk about life, not off on some fantasy bullshit.

  13. Chad deez

    Most people don't realize how fuckin' hardcore this Shit is!

  14. Jose Lee

    fuck. yeah.

  15. TheKid 9

    pennywise caralho!!!! :D

  16. stalter4000

    Rad song. The best from this album for sure.

  17. Kazzadorr

    The Offspring have brought me here. :D

    wild jester

    I love Offspring and really like Dexter's vocals. I also love Pennywise and still prefer the original song :P


    @Cheetah Chrome
    PENNYWISE <3333333333333

    ThermoNuclear GR

    Guilty,same here

    EviLLivE Clan

    +Kazzadorr youre about 20 years too late :D


    Where are you now, 5 years later ? Listening to Spazz ? :D

  18. All My Best Friends Wear Turtlenecks

    Heard this on the BBC Radio 1 punk show last night!

  19. wavvedash

    Plan B Questionable brought me here :P

    Corey Newcomb

    Yessss.... Love the Iron Maiden segment with Colin McKay baby!

  20. Marcelo Alves

    Oh, man !!!! Pennywise ROCK´S... It reminds me, skating, and PlanB´s Questionable...
    (one of the best skate video parts EVER !!!) I'm 37 now, I was just a 17 years old kid first time I heard Pennywise, but this song still rock´s... Good Times Inc.

  21. Adam Moreira

    hell yea I'm right there with ya. @fishoil74

  22. Vade Retro Records

    i did !!!!!!!!!! i was looking for the name of the video actually :D
    it was pure adrenaline !!!!

  23. Vade Retro Records

    dude , this is a masterpice , i can't see the reason why not to listen to

  24. Randy1337

    haha true that.I listen to fucking Jimmy Hendrix too.Good music never gets old or more like you get never too old for good music :))))

  25. john frost

    pennywise kick ass whether your 40 or 14 this music kicks ass

  26. Leandro Salem

    Most of the people who are almost 40 turned lazy, fat and sad. I´m 39 keep listening PW and Punk Rock and keep on surfing and bring my daughter to learn to love the nature and the live. I want to die old but ith my mind young.

  27. summerdaez lovett

    plan b rocked this big time ,, fitting song to an amazing ground breaking piece of history ,, although ozzy at the beginning always did it for me ahhahaha

  28. d7b

    best video ever. what an era

  29. thomas blubb

    like sazeé clothing on facebook!

  30. Alby5606

    @Alby5606 38 in two week. no reason why. Need to go surf some wave at sheepies with this old song on and a long neck of Coopers sparkling ale no make that 3 long necks. Fuck you mid coast.

  31. Henrik Elseth

    @HungryKFC I'm 34 and couldn't agree more, whoops I'm a poet I just didn't know it...

  32. Nextablessid

    Thumbs Up, And This Does Remind Me Of The Original Momentum !

  33. Nick Orluk

    people dont realize they will die too

  34. Euclides Jimenez

    skate, surf and PENNYWISE!

  35. Sérgio Alves

    Thumbs up if this reminds you Momentum

  36. noodlezer

    @fishoil74 LOL. Same here :) Thanks PW for your message who has never changed, and never will!

  37. xxxMental187xxx

    i know right 32 and still listen to better music then all these jonny pop coller pussys......... crusty deamons of dirt pennywise ..... LET SETH RIDE

  38. Joe Fontaine

    Coolest Intro Ever

  39. GodlessMartyr666

    I got a turd stuck in my corn hole and the people who dislike pennywise are worth about as much as the smell of my farts today

  40. lance browning

    two dislikes REALLY .......FUCK YOU

  41. Milan de A

    Badass: experience level up!

  42. 64abadfish2

    Im 27 and have been listening to the wise since i was 13. Still my favorite band of all time.

  43. Jb Oby

    This was the greatest song.

  44. napalmfred

    One of my fav PW songs. Simply brilliant! Lyrically amazing. This bands music really helps me get through life.

  45. beatshack

    @HungryKFC haha i'm 32 too, loved these guys when i was 16. funny how listening to this brings back all the nostalgic feelings again :D

  46. Nick Orluk

    i wanna blow my brains out

    Steven Williams

    Nick Orluk do it!

  47. summerdaez lovett

    36 and still skating ahahahaha

  48. joecutts83

    2 people lied to themselves.

  49. Lickamahfeetz

    Copesetic in San Bernardino?

  50. Broke Downdodge

    Saw them in 92 at copesetic cafe. It can't get any better. awesome punk rock!

  51. Erik Hansen

    @qster Im with ya bro

  52. de j

    no reason why theres 2 dislikes

  53. Alby5606

    Seen them live on my 21th birthday still love that shit 37 in 2 months

  54. Erik Tingle

    @fishoil74 , that's fuckin awesome, I am with you bro...

  55. Erik Tingle

    RIP JMT PW 4EVER....

  56. Susannah Swanson

    "No reason why we lie to ourselves or anyone else..."

  57. Hugo Ayala Tobar

    I discovered pennywise by a school band back in '98 Im from El Salvador, Central America, they started with their cover for Stand By Me felt in love with Wildcard/ a Word from the Wise then I purchased their ST album and I just loved them so here I am 12 years later and still in love with PW but its not the same without Jim, keep up the good work Zoli

  58. napalmfred

    Such a good fuckin song.

  59. jonas ness

    Thumbs up if you first heard this song on the Plan B 'Questionable Video'. Those old skate vids of the 80's and 90's introduced my friends and I to so many rad punk bands.

  60. Jesse Quirk

    some good ol' kick ass music, crank that shit up and crack a cold one

  61. zsa zsa zsa zsa

    barcelona 06/05 @Apolo the best!!! I'm 32 and always have been my smart ass since ever...
    Skate forever :)

  62. Souloh V.

    no fucking reason whyyyyy

  63. Franco Bara

    uno de sus mejores temas ...

    años de adolescencia y skateboarding ..


  64. Angélica Es

    años de escuchar rolas tan buenas como las de pennywise

  65. magnetictheory

    This song, along with "Disappearing Boy" by Greenday from the Plan B "Questionable" video (or was it "Virtual Reality"?). Who remembers that? Skaters need only apply.

  66. Nick Orluk

    jim is a bitch!!!!!!1

  67. sensei autotec

    great memories

  68. Rigoberto Aguilar


  69. darkseer100

    the best song for skate video

  70. threatfactor

    best band on planet earth

  71. mariano capuano

    fantastici i love pennywise

  72. Phabio Seventynine

    Snowboard with this track in my Mp3 reader. No price.

  73. Don Shizzl

    FUCKIN BAD ASS ISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Helter Smelter

    summer time drinking !

  75. enjoiCam

    i still remember picking up this album, my first PW one not really expecting all to much.

    holy shit did i have no clue what i discovered lol xD

  76. raoulduke881

    it does not matter which version is better, they're both dedicated to someone you miss. that's what really count!

  77. peak7dgashc

    remembering 92, the questionable video, and all the gooood times.... no reason why that there is no more music like that in today. sad !

  78. Kungini22

    Yeah dude, too bad there's no more punk like that.

  79. arghone

    good shit bro music brings us together.

  80. Tiago Sanzovo


  81. starcraft90

    I agree!!

  82. Filipe Vincent

    Is THE BEST!!!

  83. Sylvain

    Salut Sophie !

  84. fleury danny

    very goood song; remember me great memories

  85. Buddhist2k

    best pennywise song ever written