Pennywise - It's Up To Me Lyrics

Held down by a heavy sky
I followed rules and I don't know why
Ignored the options that I could not see
Indecision had a hold of me
Followed the path that was forced by fate
I never saw the hour was getting late
I never cared what I turned out to be
I sensed something wrong now it's up to me
I got the chance now I'm gonna take it
I don't know I might not even make it
I'll follow rules that are made up by me
I wasted time too long now it's up to me
It's up to me-to be all I can be (R.W. Emerson)
It's up to me
Looked to the past for some history
Looked for the sum of humanity
A list of laws they passed down through time
A ruthless plot to control my mind
I gotta make a plan for myself
Can't look to you can't look to anybody else
Only this way am I truly free
I wasted time too long now it's up to me
all the rules that I see
have taken old inside of me.
So much to lose so many kinds
One thing comes to mind-time
I gotta make a plan for my life
I gotta take the time to get it right
I gotta be the person I gotta be
I gotta make a plan and now
it's up to me

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Pennywise It's Up To Me Comments
  1. jasos murray

    Doug Henry Terrafirma 1

  2. mj jordan

    Crown land uk un own road load won Juan bunk crowd rail road I’m in

  3. gary bishop


  4. Kevin Allen Toole

    Absolutely Bad ass .........

  5. caseysniper308

    one of many outstanding tunes by pennywise

  6. Mithra Charon

    A Bright album, but I don't know for the others !

  7. dizzybynature


    Chad deez

    Oh rally?


    Mad Beef brought me here

  9. Matt Osmond

    Twitch brought me here

    Jimmy-James Olivier-McCutcheon

    terrafirma 1 too

  10. SebsExotics

    Childhood soundtrack

    Bettina Szabo

    SebsExotics Mi van

  11. Keith Aardal

    So many memories rush back. The person I was, the person I am now, but man this song just did it for me and the whole CD, hangin' with bros, you know.

  12. JakeHarthill 167

    Good old school punk rock motocross music! I don't care for that new hip hop shit, love this punk rock!

  13. Chad deez

    If this song doesn't motivate you to try and save the world I don't know what will!

  14. Cochí Romano

    that's me !!

  15. Brian Heitert

    A motivational kick in the ass!

  16. Howard Crampton Jr

    What's with the Emerson reference?

  17. CM Punk

    Musica legal e banda incrivel

  18. MrMotherfuck123

    This is great !

  19. rick marshall

    just wanna skate hahaha

  20. Nick Orluk

    i know your going first

  21. Akash Tandon

    Plz Launch the official video of this song on youtube....Very very inspireable song.....

  22. tylerdurden870

    this music just went so well with boarding, gettin high, and havin a blast as a punk ass teenager

  23. gearlock trinity

    God this album brings back memories, so good!!!

  24. Martín Vaccare

    escuchalo a 120 db

  25. Martín Vaccare

    ojala te explote la cabezaa

  26. BG ANDY

    @megadankk LOL...exactly!!!

  27. nocontrol06

    the other sunday i was getting laid

    Fedrick Wiley

    nocontrol06 it's now been 8 years😂

  28. peak7dgashc

    unbelievable that there is so less pennywise coverage on you fuckin tube.

  29. Alexandre Pretyman

    thanks for the effort putting the lyrics in the video