Pennywise - Homesick Lyrics

I walk down my old street
Used to be home for me and
now there's spraypaint on the walls
I see a house that at one time looked nice
but now it is abandoned
There's nothing left at all
So why, why must we let our chances fly
When oh when oh will we ever see hope again
Why, why, why is it hard to say goodbye
Well oh well oh at least I can still remember when
our city used to be such a beautiful place
Now you can't walk down the street
the same and think you'll see the same
My hands are in the air
It makes no sense to me
I cannot explain this tragety
My first trip to city
I remember thinking
that the buildings stood so tall
and when I see that my old stomping ground
is just a ravaged
they seem so small now rather
feel like I'm living in someone else's-dream
It doesn't seem this is the way
that things should be
it's like a dark cloud swallowed up humanity
Whatever it is it is be-yond-me
Homesickness is the flu that surrounds me
A virus spreading through the street
It astounds me

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Pennywise Homesick Comments
  1. BobbyBars14

    Always loved their music.

    But always hated their leftist politics.

    Cal Holden

    BobbyBars14 hand guns are gay though


    Only when they fall into the hands of violent minorities.

  2. Buried Axblade

    haha, that's alot of pistol whipped to death people. guns don't kill people

  3. K. Hikki

    *anti-gun propaganda*

  4. I say shotgun, you say wedding

    This was one of my pop's favorite bands in the late 80's. This song's about gun violence---talk about foreshadowing. It's strange to realize that your parent's just may have been cooler than you lol

    James Smith

    80's. They were after that. So cal boy here saw them on the strand. I was under 11 in the 80's. They were 90's, 200's and now. Their latest album kills it!

  5. D- train

    Are thay against guns if so I'll never listen to them again. If thay try to take are guns in America I'm shooting back, THAT'S REAL TALK.....

    K. Hikki

    They promote progressive ideals. They are anti-gun

  6. Man Ransom

    So gangsta Mexicans and blacks killing eachother = me giving up my guns. Haha fuck that

  7. brendan Dan Casual

    1993. It's only gotten worse since then

  8. Dana Doozer

    One of the best 90s punk bands, they always carry a powerful message

  9. wagner gripa


  10. 1krazyking

    Currently expanding my knowledge of music and this IS it cheif.... just wish i knew how to kickflip... and had a deck (currently riding a cruiser 32’)

  11. Raymond Noodels

    Hahahaha..look up the stabbing. Burning..and vehicular homicide numbers for those countries...punk rock about taking freedom....interesting.

  12. jeff rockwell

    Their best song

  13. TheLordofTheRibs


  14. moonewitch

    One of my favorite bands!

  15. Brie Rising

    I agree!

  16. Koi No Yokan

    Nazi Germany:
    O U R S I C K

  17. Moses Alexander Cruz

    I've edited this song with the beginning of the facts and the ending out, and its whatever I want it to be about!

  18. Unknown City

    Argentina Nowadays!


    Old Skool Pennywise 🤙🏻

  20. CambodianForged InFreedom2AIII%ER

    This shit makes me wanna go skate

  21. Roosters and Ravens Ministries

    Lol. Take away my freedom for a fool's lunacy? Also, put a leash on your pistol, take him for a walk and let the little booger choose who he wants to shoot today. Feisty little guys.

  22. Animotion Designs

    Guns are for pussies.
    This is real talk
    Hardcore 1980s kid truth

  23. Mike Lloyd

    Fucking ‘ell y’all just don’t get it! Less accessible weapons won’t help? Stick your second amendment

  24. Jay Voorhees

    We will always need guns and will never rid of them.just hope it isn't you.

  25. Puvin Terumalay

    i love . wholly.need more need more need more need more need more. Pennywise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Vcs_Stars

    Where is IT

  27. Mark Gero

    85 people died in one horrific attach in the south of France last year. The only gun involved were used in the aftermath to shoot the terrorist, by the french police. We should also ban the fully automatic box truck's, they seem a bit more dangerous in the case of number of death's.

  28. lacrymal1

    What's with the anti-gun-ness?

  29. AJ P

    Guntards be hella butthurt here.

  30. Marie-Eve Lacroix

    The fact is that yes "guns do not kill people, people kill people" but still America one of the not Soo many "developed" countries in the world and out of these countries probubly the one with the most mass shootings per year. So yes guns are a problem at this point because yes people have mental problems and looking at how the health of someone is taken care of when you dont have money, it juste sucks.. i am not talking about a few hundred dollars im talking about a Lifetime supply of medication compared to a one time buying a gun ( sorry for my english) in my opinion it that crap should be illegal

  31. Bouncing22

    Letting authorities ban guns is sooo punk rock.

  32. nobody

    Not to play the so called devils advocate here.. But I bet you dollars to donuts that if all the countries mentioned in the video had the same population as the usa, their respective numbers for firearm related deaths would be almost identical. Canada for example.. The entire countries population is less than that of New York City! Soooo obviously they're comparing apples to asteroids here.

    Nik Birkett

    just look at the per capita ratio not that hard to research

  33. Daddy Cooks Rad Food

    Until Pennywise came to creation then the city went to shit!! Punk AF! i love this song but it also sounds like a cry baby snowflake song too...

  34. Pikachu The Gay

    I'm very confused

  35. Noah Riot

    It's actually more of a punk rock stance to support guns these days. Government is trying to push the ban of guns, so that when they start to go after your basic human rights, you can't fight back. This isn't just my opinion either. Look at any dictatorship in history. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, all waited to take control after they disarmed the citizens, and then established a police state. There is a direct correlation between increased police brutality and banning of guns. Think about why that is. It is no coincidence. ...Also majority shootings occur from people who bought their guns illegally, off the black market. A ban of guns does not apply to police or the army either. It just disarms the citizens. It allows only people in positions of authority and criminals to be armed, while you are defenseless.

    Nik Birkett

    Noah Riot yeah we burned down your white house during that war. After you gained independence you used slaves to help build a country. You had a civil war to change that but that war is has never really ended. Your right to carry arm's to protect yourself from your own gov't have gone to everyone thinking mass shootings are normal.
    I actually enjoy being part of the Commonwealth. We share it with a lot of awesome countries. The Queen has come here maybe only a handful of times in her life time and we have been completely independent of them since 1982. Basically just traditional now. Your country is going to shit so fast good luck keeping your rights. Everyone can see it. Take off your dumbass glasses and realize it. We have 10% of your population and live in a larger country. We have free space everywhere where I can enjoy peace and quiet. You can enjoy your overpopulated, resource depleting, polluted, fake and baked California. Suck the corporate dick of your president. Just him getting voted in just says a lot about you guys. Last night, Pennywise had a lot to say about you guys and said we should be proud to live here. We should build a wall and you should pay for it

    Noah Riot

    Lmao Bitch, you didn't even start to gain any sort of independence from britian until the 1950's, and still aren't. America beat England, gained independence of 1776, and became the number 1 super power of the world. All you have is bacon and hockey. lmao The civil war ended a long time ago. What are you talking about?? Stop watching CNN. The racial tension that you see in recent media is between two fringe groups from the left and the right. Both are morons, but their numbers are so small, it could never be considered a civil war. Most white people and minorities get along just fine. The media makes the groups seem bigger than they actually are, as a way to scare the public into supporting government agendas. It's purely race bait.

    Nik Birkett

    I can say Lmao, Lmao, Lmao over and over.. fuckin nerd. Your ass must be long gone by now. I just said we signed the Canada Act, also called Constitution Act of 1982, Canada's constitution approved by the British Parliament on March 25, 1982, and proclaimed by Queen Elizabeth II on April 17, 1982, making Canada wholly independent. So do your homework dick. Plus bacon is fuckin delicious and hockey is the best sport in the world.
    You keep moving away from the gun topic. Explain why the US has approx. 11000 gun related death a year and had 46 mass shootings last year and a ton so far this year. Why is that happening? I don't watch CNN im in Canada. I just hear what your president has to say to confirm all the bullshit he's preaching. Its basically racism and xenophobia. Sure those are "buzz words" but they describe what's happening.
    The only reason the US has been a super power is from bombing the shit out of everyone or flexing their military muscles. When was the last time you actually won a war? Started a lot of em in one way or another. You know shit about Canada, like most americans, you guys barely know anything about the rest of the world

    Nik Birkett

    Noah Riot independent from what? Pretty much everything you own is made in china or somewhere else. Everything you eat is processed or GMO. Your guns laws are fucked. You have crazy people everywhere. Your the fattest nation in the world. And most Americans don't even know where Canada is. Lack of education is your norm. So go stick your gun up your ass where you want it.

    Noah Riot

    You were triggered. Yes, cause we are too stupid to figure out that Canada and America are part of same continent. Note my sarcasm. Just shut up. Everything you said sounds like an opinion of someone that has never been to the u.s If you had, you'd realize you're talking out of your ass. You, are a dingle berry. lmao Btw we are only the fattest nation in the world due to over abundance. Some people have a hard time controlling themselves. Not all americans though. As opposed to socialist countries that have to worry about shortage in food and resources. I think we are doing pretty well. Thank god for capitalism. Even our poor don't starve.....Americans also have the option to buy gmo or organic. Nobody is forced to. You pick your own groceries.

  36. Nathaniel Morris

    Dumb question for y'all...who da singer in dis and the winner gets not prize

  37. e haden

    the last number is completely bullshit! I won't listen to the d bags again.

  38. Brie Rising

    Americans are fuckin stupid. Ye will never learn anything. How many incidents are needed to make the people believe in gun control. Fucks sake.

  39. reptile 420

    gun control isnt punk

  40. reptile 420

    is this song about gun control , or going back to his city

  41. Derek Remington

    People kill people, not hand guns, we are not robot terminator's, not yet at least

  42. Michael Roos

    really hard stuff. the beginning inspired me :-) real punk, from the best musician of the world. archangel

  43. GG Allin

    Fuck Gun Control.
    You Come in my house uninvited with intent to hard my daughter and me you're a fucking dead man.

  44. Maximus Wolfe

    Guns are not and will never be the problem. Inanimate objects do not have a conscience. Blaming the availability of guns for the will to murder is quite stupid and a copout.

  45. Ryan Huron

    How can you be pro resistance and be anti gun?

  46. roboticterror

    Mass gun-ownership is retarded

  47. jim garcia


  48. the wrong one to fuck with

    People nowadays thinking hardcore means asking alexandria xd

  49. SlayerDaGamer

    For Christs Sake Guns DON'T Kill People, PEOPLE Kill People

    Nik Birkett

    with guns

  50. Samuel santos nascimento

    I walk down my old street, Used to be home for me,
    Now theres spraypaint on the walls.
    I see a house that at one time looked nice but now it is
    theres nothing left at all.
    So why-y-y must we let our chances fly,
    and when oh when oh when will we ever
    see hope again
    and why-y-y is it so hard to say goodbye,
    oh well oh well at least i can
    still remember when our
    City used to be such a beautiful place,
    but now you cant walk down the street and think youll see thesame
    my hands are in the air,
    it makes no sense to me,
    and i
    explain this tragedy...
    My first trip to the city, yeah, i remember thinking
    that those buildings stood so tall,
    but now i see that my old stomping ground has just beenravaged,
    they seem now rather small,
    So why-y-y must we let our chances fly,
    and when oh when oh when will we ever
    see hope again
    why-y-y is it so hard to say goodbye,
    oh well oh well at least i can
    still remember when our
    City used to be such a beautiful place,
    but now you cant walk down the street and think youll see thesame
    my hands are in the air,
    it makes no sense to me,
    and i
    explain this tragedy...
    feels like im living in someone elses dream,
    Nothing seems as if its the way that should be,
    Its like a dark cloud swallowed up in humanity,
    Whatever it is, its beyond me.
    Homesickness is the flu that surrounds me,
    A virus spreading through the street, it astounds me,
    our City used to be such a beautiful place,
    but now you cant walk down the street and think youll see thesame
    my hands are in the air,
    it makes no sense to me,
    and i
    explain this tragedy...

  51. RedWhite&Blue 78

    How many people were killed from drunk drivers???

  52. Mauro Bueno


  53. killerpot. stuclaire

    pennywise one of the best punk band in the fucking historie of humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you agree pepole put a thumbs up!

  54. ALIVE845

    Pennywise, I love you guys as a band, but I'm going to keep my 1911 and AR15. I will do what ever it takes to defend my family, the people around me, and my country if it were to ever come to that.

    Proletarier aller Länder vereinigt euch!

    The “and my country“ killed me. I hate all fucking states. Everyone who love the USA is a idiot!

    Nik Birkett

    people like you are why usa would come to that

  55. ALIVE845

    Blaming guns for violence is like blaming spoons for obesity.


    Dude the spoon part lol

  56. Mike Rusinko

    guns ,are our second amendment ,,right to bear arms ,9th amendment is to stop them assholes from weakening our constitutional rights were not giving them up ,also that 24,000 that died probably more than half was suicide,accidental ,and dumbass people that got a hold of the gun more guns and open carry will stop that shit I doubt you will go in to Rob some store when everyone has a gun on there hip ,that ratio would not work for the scumbag thief keeping our rights ,gaining shifting power back to the citizens and have the government work for us ,not govern us like slaves ,that's punk it's rising up to the crooked government regain control,fuck this queer society promoting trans and breaking up families and destroying the youth ,were the Fuck is Lee Harvey Oswald, when we need him ,quoted from smut pedlers

  57. xKen-Oath

    @Clamum I'm guessing you don't understand the definition of Amendment lol

  58. Punk Rock Mike

    I was at Christmas party last month in orange county - old man says he'd shoot anymore breaking into his pad, I ask even if they are just hungry and cold, and he says yes,... this gun nut mentality goes back generations.


    You're a fucking moron. What should the old man do wait till the home invaders get in to ask if they are hungry?

    Tread Knought

    That's 'cause you're a pussy.

  59. Nils Sju

    Are you really complaining about the lyrics here? Shut the f*ck up and travel the world. Gun control works fine in every civilized society. You just don't know shit, that's all.

  60. Sebas- kun

    aguante pennywise locos conchetumare!!!!!! los queremos en chile pronto....

  61. RegainingLife

    You fucking posers need to shut the fuck up. You don't define punk. Who cares if the song is about gun control.

  62. Danfrombackhome

    Guns arent the problem. Mental health is. I own guns and NEVER onced had a thought or urge to shoot an innocent person. Mine are only for home protection and shooting at the range. Sick of this anti gun shit. If you dont like guns, dont have them or own them. Dont try and take mine away.

    Ian Johnson

    Danfrombackhome well this proves a point america is fucked up now and was in the 90s too lol


    Oh its a mental health issue. So the problem has been sent to the ether to be dealt with, case closed.

  63. Sinister Puppy

    How I feel about the dirt under my feet this morning.

  64. clamum

    After about 20 years or so of listening to Pennywise I still like them but blaming the violence on handguns and calling for their ban is a childish, moronic, knee-jerk response to violence. Not to mention it ignores the Second Amendment, but I guess that isn't too surprising since so many have no clue what it was even meant for.


    You can keep your long rifles, you can't hide those in your pants walking down the street. Its childish and moronic to act over-possessive of stupid objects.

    Bee Love

    +plateofshrimp If they're so stupid then cops don't need them, right?

    tas Mo

    lol guns keep us free... most stupid thing I've heard in a long time.

    Stefan S

    Do you realise that the second amendment doesn't function anymore? It's a relic from another time. Guns don't fit into todays world anymore.

    Fuck guns and fuck people hiding behind the second amendment.

  65. Jason Darr

    Too many people have died...

  66. Havoc Herseim

    Sick of the punks today. All calling for communism and socialism. Wanting to be fed by the government. Fucking pigs at a trough.

    The Angry 88

    Not all punk rockers are liberals. I can see where you're coming from though

    Maximo Mas

    There's many punk rockers tired of the ignorant punks that are too fucking dumb to look up socialism and communism and instead regurgitate the party line that these mere ideas have something to do with state control. Do you have the Internet?

    Brendan McHugh

    Tbh I don't see why individualism has to have to relate to politics at all. If you are a hardcore capitalist that loves trump but your favorite band is NOFX then so what, music is music listen to what you enjoy and don't base your beliefs off other people's, you should form your own opinions end of story.


    This song is from 1993.

    Joshua Crampton

    Anarchy all day! Fuck government and the pigs that work for them.

  67. Nic

    Gun control.. IS NOT PUNK!!

    SELF DEFENSE IS PUNK!!! Get it straight! Mass murdering lunatics are a product of a broken society!

    e haden

    only people hurt by gun laws are law abiding citizens

    Rudy Makina

    Guns is not punk,guns are for cowards. The real punk can self defense with only her hands.
    But is a good think ;) society is the problem not the guns


    Gun control may not be punk but neither are guns...

    Peter Hughes

    Too many guns is also the product of a disfuntional society.

    c s


  68. Kenster707e

    Blah blah blah (hateful YouTube comment) I love this song. The music video is great it's like I'm watching a penny wise / Michael Moore film


    +Brian Mull dude, I have no idea if you are even tryin to make a point or. Not. Listening to punk yet caring what others have to say about it isn't very punk now is it?

    Brian Mull

    +Kenster707e sure it is, difference of opinions is very punk.


    +Brian Mull missing the point.. Now I've listened to this song three times on this Sunday afternoon. Now I'm going to shoot anyone I see on the sidewalk that is playing Pokemon go

    Brian Mull

    +Kenster707e have fun



    lmao, Michael Moore is a fat pig.

  69. R JN

    Anyone concerned about the obvious gun control message - it more so speaks of the violence of American inner city culture than anything else. Sweden has guns and less murder. Take that as you will.


    Nami Mahdavi I love YouTube comments!

    Noah Riot

    Sweden has really high rape rates. Sweden also limited their citizens right to free speech. You take away guns and you end subject to an oppressive government. If only they had guns to fight back against such a tyranny.

    Noah Riot

    Completely false.

    DividingByZero FPV

    it is a fucked up statistic even back then regarding 24000 people killed by handguns.

    about gang culture my fucking ass.

    it is an antigun message pure and simple where they are lumoing everything from legitimate self defense, to criminal use, to suicide, and accidents all into one.

    fuck you Pennywise your song was more meaningful and sentimental when it didnt carry a stupid fucking antigun message. fags

  70. cantinadoburro

    A virada de baixo em 1:39 PQP! VAI SE FUDER QUE FODA!

  71. Church of the Invisible Hand

    It seems like you are favoring gun control here. This seems bizarre and inappropriate for a band who has a song called "Revolution". Without guns in private hands, Revolution is impossible.

    Justin Lacek

    Are you legitimately suggesting that political changes only occur through the use of violence and war?

    Capn Du

    +Justin Lacek What do you think politics is? Of course.

  72. Valerie Summers

    The lack of IQ in this comment section is astounding. I especially enjoy the " handguns are illegal in Chicago and Detroit yet they have the highest handgun related deaths in America" comment. As if the citizens of Chicago and Detroit are never allowed to leave the city to acquire a handgun and no one else is allowed into those cities to bring handguns in from outside the city. what a ridiculous argument. Ya gotta love the old tired line "handguns dont kill people, people kill people.

    Frédérick Germain

    It's like saying it's not voltage that kills but the amps. You need voltage if you want amperage.

    Same thing goes with guns in a way. "It's not guns but people that kill". But you need a gun in order to be capable of a mass shooting, like the one in Las Vegas a year ago.

    Again, I dont condemn recreative shooting or hunting, I just do for killing sprees.


    People don't kill people, hatred kills people

    Noah Riot

    lmao Valerie, you need to stop and examine what you just said.. Just cause they are not allowed doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. You act as if people don't commit crimes. People do plenty of things that are not allowed. If you want to use the argument that it's not allowed, then how do you explain rape and murder??? People do it anyways. Chicago and Detroit have the highest gun related deaths, because criminals don't care about the rules. Hence, crime.


    OP has no idea of what gun control is or what it is intended for. Hammers kill more people than any other when it come to murder. Loved pennywise from the start and still get down in the pit. Great music I just don’t pay attention to the politics

    Alex Monro

    How come no one ever talks about suicide when it comes to this issue? The US has a lot more suicides via gun than it does homicides via gun but no one ever brings it up.

  73. king_crimson

    great music but gun control isn't the answer, handguns are illegal in Chicago and Detroit yet they have the highest handgun related deaths in America and maybe the world, taking guns from law abiding citizens only allows criminals to have the upper hand.

  74. A Carr

    Nice voice Kevin Spacey.

    Raul Suarez

    A Carr thank goodness, i thought i was the only one who thought they looked alike

  75. Daniel Brito

    If you think America's numbers are bad, take a look at the numbers of Brazil...
    And here firearms are prohibited to the regular citizen.


    The difference is, Braizil is still a third country, the US supposedly, is not.

    Havoc Herseim

    The USA is not a single country. It is a Republic with a diaspora that goes over the head of many. Montana is not California is not Oklahoma is not New York is not Alaska. We are different people with different ethnicities, cultures, strengths and problems spread over a large area. What is a problem one place in not a problem in many other places.


    @H Herseim Yupp, the US is diverse. Still a country.

    Frédérick Germain

    Maybe it would be best if the US wasn't united anymore. States should have their own sovereignty independent from an upper entity. Instead of trying to mashup everyone in one.

    Ricardo Aviña

    México its to bad too, to many deaths by guns in narcowars.

  76. Chetan

    We may be top for gun deaths...but if you take the four cities with the heaviest gun laws (LA, Chicago, New York, and DC) and remove them from the equation, we drop off the list like a rock.

  77. Cheetah Thunders.

    for an opposite lament, see Agnostic Front's "old new york" video. NYC used to be grimy, but now is nice.... ad they don't like it.

  78. Dr Eddycore


  79. WhereThereDude

    That odd moment when the bands or songs you liked as a teen became shit ,lame or hypocrites after you became a man.
    like this song or fat mike (the zionist) singing against the church or animal cruelty.


    @marvelousmarvin71 Both religions are from the middle east. Both religions have nothing to do with our culture.


    +WhereThereDude that's right, they should fuck off, especially Muslims.


    @marvelousmarvin71 Im not religious, but you have to admit all the propaganda against Christians in music and movies but the first one to say something against jews or muslims is a "nazi" "fascist" "bigot" etc.
    that's called indoctrination.


    +WhereTheDude good to see a real person who likes punk. You are 100% right! I've been brought up on my avatar by hypocrite pc scum, of course they wouldn't have said nothin if it were an anti Christian symbol lol, fuck all em libtard sheep.


    @marvelousmarvin71 Indeed lots of crazy people out there... trying to make everything PC.
    What happened to the attitude? sid vicious wearing a nazi shirt? johnny ramone saying "god bless president bush".
    they did those things because they want it, without thinking "what are people going to say"... Thats what punk was all about, saying what you really think without caring what people will say.
    Also it was like some kind of "trolling" of society, if everybody wears a christian shirt you wear one with the 666, if everybody wear satanic clothes you wear a shirt that says "i love jesus", just to go against the rules stuff like that.

  80. Derek Frankovich

    Handguns did not kill people, people killed people. If handguns were taken away then people would find other more grisly means of killing.

    Brett Bewley

    @Derek Frankovich then why hasn't that been an issue in Britain or Australia or any other nation that has enacted stricter gun laws?

    I'm not saying take them away entirley. Personally I think guns and military weapons are cool as shit. Provided they are in the hands of trained soldiers vs stupid ass civilians. We just need to get better at regulating at what should be allowed in regular people's home and who can purchase what.

    Tyson Seafoot

    Derek Frankovich not true

    Timothy Hood

    they get what they deserve


    OMG that's so true bro! Same for clusterbombs and landmines. They don't kill people, people kill people. Always the same story. Don't take away our freedom! In fact, I am all for general proliferation and accessibility of H-bombs, chemical weapons and bio weapons. Hell yeah! Murica!

    Marcelo Liebhardt

    You're either too naive or too fucking dumb if you believe that bullshit you just said.

  81. HVAC GOD

    NRA for LIFE! People kill people, if they had to use knives or rocks, car bombs or planes, murder is murder! A gun has never got up and killed ANYONE! People are stupid! Don't blame the gun! Don't take guns from sane law abiding citizens that are trying to protect themselves from the animals in the world!

    Nik Birkett

    just makes it way fuckin easier to kill people with a gun. Its easier to accidently shoot someone then to throw a rock at them.

  82. Conversus W. Vans

    You know why I'm here. Top Skater!

  83. ALIVE845

    I never thought I would have to dislike a Pennywise video :/

  84. Coopersville

    FACT: Guns are also cool.

  85. Mafon2

    These numbers are biased: in places where guns are prohibitted people use knives and stones. See the statistics: yes, guns kill much more people in USA, but the most popular murder weapon in the world is kitchen knife. The 2nd place is taken by blunt object. People will kill each other no matter what. Strangulation is pretty high on the list, BTW.


    +Mafon2 fuck off idiot


    @iamMarkCole well, you're proving my words.

    ian wright

    +Mafon2 i knife is personal and a gun is impersonal as a weapon if you look at history the biggest single mass murder was port arthur in australia gun control was added and for a long time our gun deaths have been minimal.


    @ian wright "personal-impersonal" are empty words. If you wanna kill someone it doesn't mater what you use: your hands, a brick or a baseball bat. 2014 Knife massacre on train station in China: 29 killed 130 injured (ok, it's not done single-handedly, but you got the idea.)

  86. Jonh James

    contra 45 mil brasileiros !!

  87. brycewise

    well I think Australians need to work on their aim. does that mean here were only 10 murders in Australia? I didnt think so. Does that mean all the non Handgun murder victims are "less dead" no didn't think so either. I would take a band like pennywise a little more serious if it didn't sound like all their songs were written by an angry Doctor Suess, inventing words for the sake of rhyming and turning your back on your drummer as he battles with drug addiction, and eventually dies from an overdose


    +brycewise you're grasping at dem straws buddy


    +brycewise fuck it lets get rid of all law, everyone breaks them anyway!


    point taken, we can agree to disagree.


    +brycewise all I wanted. Like I said I support the 2nd amendment but let's have some common sense restrictions.


    good for you, I hope the policy makers don't agree. If im going to use violence to solve a problem, I am going to use as much violence as I possibly can. that means a centerfire rifle, not a handgun. the rifle needs to hold a lot of rounds because anything worth shooting... is worth shooting a lot 

  88. whatever feather

    If you stand in front of a car that is parked with a drunk guy at the wheel, you probably won't get killed. If you stand in front of a car with a drunk guy that is nodding off, you'll probably get killed. LAWS prevent the all drunk guys from getting in the car, and deters behavior! Less drunks driving=less people getting killed. It ruins the fun for all the drunk people who CAN be responsible! Too bad! And people used to do it all the time! Until the public got FED UP with IDIOTS! Gun Makers don't want limits, same as tobacco didn't want you to know about cancer, Beer didn't
    want you to know about DD.. You are being played, hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Diego Martin Cristoforetti

    aguante pennywiseeeee!!!! carajoooooooo

  90. 08bourquem

    Top skater anyone?

    Jonathan Pilo

    +08bourquem I've spent a lot of money , but when I jumped on the table was a pro hahaahahah

  91. JOHN DOE

    Illegal handguns not law abiding citizens defending their home , themselves and loved ones. Also citizens stop many armed robberies because they are exercising their 2nd Amendment RIGHT to KEEP and BARE ARMS, GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE, GOVERNMENT DOES.

    Gregory Chri

    +JOHN DOE Lol go read the second amendment again.

  92. Zach Paul

    The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Police don't, police show up after the crime is committed.

  93. robotdan


  94. Daniel Pfeifer

    A real man uses his fists u get beaten up but u live


    That would be great if everyone followed that but unfortunately there are a ton of thugs that don't.

    Magdalena S

    +1thess523 "thugs" more like cowards..

  95. Daniel Pfeifer

    FUCK GUNS great song unķnown road great album PENNYWISE I agree with other comment 24000 deaths in 1 year is misleading but there a lot of deaths from guns


    +Daniel Pfeifer Cannabis is illegal yet people keep smoking it... same with guns.

  96. Sumoners

    one of best dc

  97. willy wonka

    I know people love the pre this album pennywise.. but I still think its their best. emotions were high. :)

  98. Pretty Jay

    I love this song, but I've heard that supposed statistic "24,000 deaths by handgun" before. To compile that number, they took every death; whether it was a person defending their home from an intruder, a woman shooting a rapist, a person stopping a car jacking, a police officer shooting a guy drawing down on them, accidental shootings and murders and put them all together for this "24,000" deaths, it's totally misleading.


    +Pretty Jay well I think Australians need to work on their aim

    ian wright

    +Josh Emmert india or china????

    Josh E.

    I'm referring to the countries that have the oddballs who complain about gun violence. Never herd anyone from those countries cry about it.


    Yea, you wont be more dead if your killed by a legally owned gun over a banned one


    Yeah... In Brazil we have 75 thousands of deaths every year for stupidity of politicians, corruption and ignorance. Those deaths are a result of a socialist politics that failed since the last century.

  99. Gabriel skylab

    Foooooooooda d+++++