Pennywise - Fuck Authority Lyrics

Someday you gotta find another way, you better right your mind
and live by what you say
Today is just another day unless you set your sights and try to find a way
I say fuck authority
Silent majority
Raised by the system
Now it's time to rise against them
We're sick of your treason
Sick of your lies
Fuck no, we won't listen
We're gonna open your eyes
Frustration, domination, feel the rage of a new generation,
we're livin', we're dyin' and we're never gonna stop, stop tryin'
Stop tryin'
Stop tryin', stop tryin'

You know the time is right to take control,
we gotta take offense against the status quo
No way, not gonna stand for it today, fight for your rights,
it's time we had our say

I say fuck authority
Silent majority
Raised by the system
Now it's time to rise against them
We're sick of your treason
Sick of your lies
Fuck no, we won't listen
We're gonna open your eyes
Frustration, domination, feel the rage of a new generation,
we're livin', we're dyin', we take the time and will endless try and destroy,
enjoy, you fight the world, become a new toy, dominate, eliminate,
do you feel the wrath, wrath of hate?

Fuck authority
Silent majority
Raised by the system
Now it's time to rise against them
We're sick of your treason
Sick of your lies
Fuck no, we won't listen
We're gonna open your eyes
Frustration, domination, feel the rage of a new generation,
we're livin', we're dyin' and we're never gonna stop, stop tryin'
Stop tryin'
Stop tryin', stop tryin'

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Pennywise Fuck Authority Comments
  1. Cecelia Dollinger

    Just quit my job! 😁

  2. Jay Flippen

    I did not know that a group of high ranking government officials had created their own band.... But for some reason I thought that this hit was called "screw legitimation".

  3. Titan Uranus

    Vans warped 2003 they played this song and it was the best pit I've ever been in!!

  4. lynn horton


  5. King Fartquad

    I brought myself back

  6. Kevin Edwards

    2020 soon!

  7. Roland G

    Fuck authority

  8. Brad Wright


  9. Jordy Anthony Paredes

    YES fuck athourity 2019

  10. Hank Hill

    Fuck censorship needs to be there next song. The music video is censored

  11. Highland Reel Vs Bricks And Mortar Elate

    Sounds better live

  12. F. And

    Fuck fascist authority

  13. Robert Fields

    This Bobbo IE what the heck is going on in OUR huge would off. Supremacy And. Everlasting buity.

  14. SHK13


  15. Do Jane

    meanwhile in Hong Kong

  16. elchiponr1

    too bad the authority is now heroically fighting total idiots

  17. Consteple Lautermachen

    Came here from the censored version. Who the hell censores "Fuck authority"? 😂

  18. Hiram Abiff From Sirius

    Why do I still hear Ukfey authority?

  19. Edu Teisa

    Fuck authority!! Big hi! From Argentina

  20. Graham Willway

    i love this song

  21. dust. wind

    I disagree with this, I see alot of young people doing what their told they are easily manipulated into following what politicians tell them, great song though sounds awesome

    Holden deWit

    dust. wind lol it’s honestly ironic how they want to resist “the man” or the “people in power” so they shut up and do what politicians tell them to do and what is popular claiming they are the underdogs even when they’re the majority

  22. SLR107FR31

    This song was written with President Bush in mind.

    Now in 2019 it couldn't fit more appropriately

    Oompa Loompa

    still better than any democratic leader.
    Bernie = more goverment,anti gun rights,anti freedom of speech.
    Bernie = authority.
    Just bash his head in with a baseball bat

  23. MVLGUS

    Miss the old pennywise

  24. BloodyPandaAE86

    the right wing(capitalism) is for lesser govt & lesser "big brother".

    the left wing(socialism) is for more govt & more "big brother"

    however, anarchy will never win and neither will the Independents.

    think about who you vote for next election season.


  25. Mavxadez

    This song is revolutionary always will inspire me.

  26. Jordy Anthony Paredes


  27. Jordy Anthony Paredes


  28. Jordy Anthony Paredes

    FUCK Authority!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Олег Лазебный

    Fuck Authority! 2019

  30. hi i'm another youtuber ok have a nice day

    You just censor the word "Fuck" on the description while the name of the song has the word "Fuck"

  31. stratos tzortzoglou

    Gate 13 everywhere

  32. JIngeRubbyBear Z

    Sic song!



  34. Sabrina A

    Escuchando acá en el 2035.

  35. AnarchyBurger

    You know that I'm here, no further explanation needed

  36. hanson724

    this song made me a fan for life. Best band ever!!!!!R!

  37. 209 Club

    I listen to this looking back on how i sold out fuck y'all! And fuck the system!

  38. Skate Anicus

    Trump, the rapist, now throws any imbecile that serves him in front of the bus. We have to just laugh and watch as the Republicans commit suicide with this criminal.

  39. Sam Dryden

    that fucking riff...

  40. Titan Uranus

    Fuck yeah. Saw these guys at warped tour back in the day. Awesome live.

  41. Landon Rankin

    Who’s born in 1996 and listening to this on October 9th, 2019 at 11:36pm!?

    209 Club

    Prolly was

    drake stendor

    Who’s born in 1976 and...... yup fuck em

  42. Daniel Smith

    Fuck ya kicking punk rock since 76'

  43. Al Orsini

    I said it then in 1969... I say it now 2019 ... FUCK AUTHORITY!

  44. My Yummy Biologically Female Penis

    But muh Democrats... give up your guns!

  45. Mathew Mathew

    Fuck the cops here in Brisbane Australia... true pigs of the system

  46. Tj Sandy

    even in 2019

  47. El Rider Master

    The best music

  48. Grey Ghost

    Perfect for your anti Democrat sound track!

    MrFox Games

    If anything its anti every American party, like, fuck America and shit

    Ken Jankowski

    Republicans too they are just as bad

    Grey Ghost

    @Ken Jankowski No! Ken doll

  49. Skate Anicus


  50. Kevin Fowler

    There playing live this Friday with Rancid in Salt Lake City. I’m going. Who’s going with me?

  51. NightAngel867

    Attention ladies and gentleman, we have 433 Trump fans in the house.

  52. danglez

    damn... song brings a tear to my eye just thinking about the memories growing up listening to punk waiting for warped tour every summer

  53. Bryan Roschetzky

    Please come out with a new album saying fuck trump and fuck oil companies and fuck republicans and fuck the nra and FUCK CORRUPTION!!!!!

  54. schwarzenibba

    FUCK AUTHORITY! That is epitaph records for censoring this song on their channel.

  55. Maxis Talich

    YouTube decided to play this right after Cop Killer by Body Count and I have never seen such angst in the span of 7 minutes 😂

  56. Stanton Hibbs

    I love my government and i like this song

    American Psycho

    Can't fix stupid.

  57. TheReverseEffect

    Who is here in 2020?

  58. The Grand Supreme

    There’s nothing free about the US.

  59. Jonathan Hamel

    2019. stilll dope azzfuk 😍😍😍

  60. Spaniol Ian

    Fuck authority french gouvernement

  61. SupremeLeader GNKdroid

    When most of you talk about being against authority but are some of the biggest pushers of the establishment

    Oompa Loompa

    Im against authorithy but im gonna vote for Bernie Sanders.
    I want freedom of speech banned.
    Im anti gun rights.
    I want more goverment and authority.
    I want goverment propaganda (media) to be played 24/7.

  62. SupremeLeader GNKdroid

    Mmmmm I wonder what This song is about ?

  63. clayton sandland

    Twitch and Scummy 🤘🏻

  64. Will Dodge

    Was expecting a GG Allin cover. Damn it.


    cade os brasuca nessa porra?

  66. Jason McGuire

    To have a president quite like this is crazy. "Silent majority" if you don't like trump come to the conclusion you are a part of the global/NWO/Golden Dawn.

    Aadarsh Ghosh

    Fuck Donald Trump. Just another authoritarian imperialist

  67. some twat

    No one fucking cares what year you're listening in. You dry highlighters.

  68. Channel X

    Well,that’s an interesting cover.

  69. Dave Longmore

    I would love to see them play this in Hong Kong right now.

    Kropotkin The Bread Conqueror

    @TheGusRo U know what? U are right. I do apologize for that and thanks for the username auhahuauhauhuha
    I do think that those who want the US intervention are CRAZY AF and horseshit, but u gave me a new sight.


    hk is soros backed protests they apologized to a fucking bank for property damage making them just nazis

    West coast renegade

    @fkujakedmyname so you support China?

    Black Templar

    @Kropotkin The Bread Conqueror pretty sure they are waving flags of the UK mate, you also know that waving flags is symbolism, it doesn't mean they want that country to rule over them, its a banner to rally behind


    The only flag I want to see raised is a black flag

  70. Michael Avatar

    We all need to be just a little bit more Pennywise

  71. Bored

    Fuck Trump and Bolsonaro.

  72. Josh Pickett

    Hey admin fuck Authority and your guidelines

  73. Keegan Penney

    We need punk again

    Joshua Shank

    We haven't gone away.

    Oompa Loompa

    This is not REAL punk but POP punk


    Cops lives dont matter

  75. Bruce Slaughterhouse

    Fuck Trump, Xinping, Jong-Un, and Bolsanaro they are all the same.

  76. Deevon Dee

    Great song! still relevant. Main stream can suck it! These losers gotta be mocked cause its ridiculous!

    Oompa Loompa

    This is pretty much mainstream.
    Its POP punk

  77. Danny Lindberg

    What was old and forgotten is now shiny and new
    Bless the black cross

  78. hellraiza

    I dedicate this to the people of Hong Kong

  79. Oier Lopez

    GG allin es el maestro, bastardos!!!

  80. LibertyTalk FM

    Seems a most appropriate anthem on the day you realize your government is wholly infested with pedophiles unto Jeffrey Epstein.

    May they all rot in hell.

  81. Guardian Of The Duat

    So many edgy boys in this comment section 🙄

    Oompa Loompa

    So hilarious people saying FUCK COPS.
    Especially women i mean RAPE ... 😀

  82. Cinemashot Critique

    As someone who sees how Jews control the world, this motivates me.

  83. SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder

    We're sick of the treason!!!

  84. John Lane

    Been Pennywise fan for 17 yrs...used 2 rock thus album for yr straight....I'm much older n wiser now, even the government gets lied 2. Congress and "the most powerful" person in the free world our president is on a need 2 know basis. I'm a vet now and of 11Bravo soooo know lies must be kept and or knowledge held 2 those who need 2 know. Great song still!

  85. Techno Punk

    Fuck The Po Po

  86. lafox 283

    So many arguments in the comments.

  87. Vorghan Rakham

    2019 not dead you bastard !!! o/

  88. Willber Wilson

    An oldish tune now but still fuckin properly uplifting and just as relevant as when it was written much love to Pennywise

  89. Samue Killa

    Fuck over authority fuck systems fuck cops 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟living or the illegally life's 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

  90. Ratfacedkilla

    Listening in 2050! Food and water are running out and only upper Canada, Greenland, and Siberia are habitable.

    Michael Williams

    Ironically funny, unironically true

    Oompa Loompa

    Listening in 2050 and the authority has lied about global warming.
    All a goverment scam to tax the people and enforce more goverment.

    Cole Doucette

    @Oompa Loompa thank you. Being punk doesn't mean being a whiny dumbass crying the world's gonna end

  91. sheila colclasure

    This should be played while we kick all politicians out of American government!

  92. White sharks

    Banda noantri in Basso a destra

  93. Danny Thompson

    Your better right your mind and live by what you say.. Pennywise such an underrated band.

  94. CareandCompassion

    I think we should protest

  95. James Search

    Fuck the Conservatives, Anarchy!!!!

  96. TrueFoundations Ae86

    lol more like fuck the legislators

  97. Iron wall

    Anarchism baby😎😤

  98. ParadiXe311

    Not all authority figures are unfair, but the ones who are, need to be fought against.

  99. Cashed Out My Luck