Pennywise - Enemy Lyrics

Well, it comes as no surprise,
don't you realize you can't back up deceit with more sad alibis
Because you never are to blame, drivin' you insane cause
when your words are gone the damage still remains
You don't wanna believe that you're human just like me
(By blaming me you gain control)
I'm not the enemy
(You want a scapegoat for your crimes)
You're just like me, me, me
And I'm not the enemy
You're just like me

It seems impossible to me,
a tragic comedy that I'm the villain in your twisted fantasy
But to me it's not a game drivin' me insane,
we're all just victims in your sinister charade

You don't wanna believe that you're human just like me
(By blaming me you gain control)
And I'm not the enemy
(You want a scapegoat for your crimes)
You're just like me, me, me
And I'm not the enemy
You're just like me

You don't wanna believe cause you're human just like
You're human just like me
(By blaming me you gain control)
I'm not the enemy
(You want a scapegoat for your crimes)
You're just like me, me, me
And I'm not the enemy, you're just like me, me, me

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Pennywise Enemy Comments
  1. Gustavo Vale


  2. mj jordan

    We’re cancer

  3. mj jordan

    Just like me. Bang

  4. mj jordan

    Been engineered for a blood line is a bit to take in ! That’s where it’s going wrong ! That’s not united! We all the same goddddddddd. Load of shit "? U giving up on everyone else ? Why test me then.

  5. AlvinSawce

    point across. empathy? tragic, yes..

  6. mj jordan

    Sometimes just like the tun e

  7. AmySavage6

    It's funny in a morbid way that this album predates 911... The atmosphere and lyrics fit perfectly to the immediate aftermath and the punk reaction to the PATRIOT act.

  8. Gabriel Barata Aguiar

    amaaaaaazing, hard fuck

  9. insidesteplab

    drums here are insane


    Byron killed it.

  10. zdravko hraste

    favorite song of them.


    the books on the table!!!!!!!!!

    mj jordan

    LEANDRO GONCALVES old super visor
    I told ya I wouldn’t look at it here because people can just say to me ?

  12. _ Deviationist_

    A McDonald's advert? on a Pennywise video? *facepalm*

  13. wanderer1031

    thank you. none of that crap needs to get done.

  14. wanderer1031

    autonomy. but i'll settle for some nice fire breathing chaos.

  15. Deadspacer101

    land of the free people

  16. Alex Jackson

    Why? I'm not an idiot, but you seem to think I am. Give me a reason.

  17. Zac6230

    you're an idiot

  18. Jesse Pinkman

    @RitzDaCracker1 Doesnt need to be done true but it sure makes your life more comfortable haha


    excuse the replying to a 5 year old comment, but the question is of course, does it make your life more comfortable? Considering you have to work your ass off all the time to be able as a society to make all the unnecessary crap and as an individual to own it/buy it.

    In my personal experience the amount of comfort you need/want is directly related to how tired you are. The more tired you are, the more comfort you need. But see, in current conditions we tire ourselves out in order to get more comfort. So there's a crazy feedback loop going on here in which the solution (comfort) for a problem (tiredness) is itself the cause of the problem (since you wear yourself out in producing comfort).

    Or, to put it differently,
    "what needs to get done" wouldn't actually need to get done, if we didnt do it.

  19. MIngalls

    @nssurge right but none of that stuff needs to get done. None of that stuff is a necessity. Its just un-need extra crap.

  20. Jesse Pinkman

    @RitzDaCracker1 I mean they didnt get towns built, design cars and stuff
    people need to work together to get stuff done i guess

  21. MIngalls

    @nssurge what do you consider getting things done? No, they didnt invent guns and weapons of mass destruction so i guess they failed right? lol i dont get your comment.

  22. Jesse Pinkman

    @RitzDaCracker1 but they didn't get much done did they ? no industry and the like

  23. MIngalls

    @TheOfficialSyndrome Ya but now days i dont think thats possible. People would take advantage of shit too much. But ya i wish it was still like that.

  24. Alex Jackson

    @RitzDaCracker1 Like how the native americans lived before the fascist white man showed up? I would like that very much. They lived hundreds of years in that lifestyle. My favorite philosophy of that time period was that land can not be owned we all share it to live on and with. One can use the land but must give back to it.

  25. TheMotorCity2011

    @RitzDaCracker1 it depends on whether or not the sociopaths will agree with it. lol

  26. MIngalls

    @adhdspazzdude anarchy isn't just total chaos tho. If anarchy was to be established everyone would basically be in small tribes. Each tribe trades with each other to get what they need. There would still be a leader (alpha male) of every small group of people. Anarchy is basically what humans had during the hunter gather days and yes it did work just fine.

  27. Patentex

    Ten numer wymiata w kosmos

  28. LionheartRix

    This song has heart. Fking rights man... I miss real punk rock

  29. dexterproject

    @imissherLaugh money just makes the world controlable. we'd be off just fine trading what we have.

  30. Groove Crusader

    @adhdspazzdude try looking at america in 1776

  31. Groove Crusader

    @SeanMcC1989 there's isn't a workable communistic society that EVER work, why can't commies get that through there head? individualism prevails, the countries that are communist used the communist manifesto word for word and they fail, why is that? because COMMUNISM DOESN'T WORK AT ALL. end of story, there isn't a "different" way of doing it, it's been tryed over and over.

  32. Groove Crusader

    liberty is the answer.

  33. clemsonjami

    land=money=power, which all comes from greed, it's inhuman nature

  34. HeadHunteR1988


  35. adhdspazzdude

    @lnindseybailey people running over masses. It just is not right by any means... Sadly there is no, and may never be a perfectly equal form of government. But when there is I will gladly throw myself behind it.

  36. adhdspazzdude

    @lnindseybailey I'm not closed- minded haha I used to be an anarchist... Then I realized something, it is impossible to have any legitimate, equal form of government, because every single person thinks differently. And a lot of the time people say anarchy but they are only trying to look cool. The way I worded that comment was hostile, and I didn't mean it to be. I actually think government and politics is an entire load of bullshit... I hate that every country has one person, or a group of

  37. Lindsey Bailey

    @adhdspazzdude close minded judgmental people like you are the ones ruining the world...shut up and run for office or something you'll fit right in

    The Angry 88

    Say it again for the dumb shits in the back

  38. adhdspazzdude


  39. adhdspazzdude

    Let's see what's wrong with anarchy, hmm let's think, who has ever lasted with anarchy? Hold on I need to think a bit.... oh wait, that's right NO ONE. Anarchy can't work by any means, unless every single person had no emotions and they thought the same way. With anarchy there would be so much violence and destruction, we would be in more chaos than ever. I mean I hate to sound like a prick, but the best options are, 1. True and pure communism, without a hierarchal leader, or lassiez- faire

  40. soflo23

    @themusicmatterz sooo....i guess the bush family wouldnt fall under politicians then?? the "work force" is the true enemy? oh!! i see wut ur doing! are u one of these little anarchist, black bloc tree huggin liberal douche bags?? my bad. fukin tard

  41. Timothy Riley

    @imissherLaugh I'm broke too...

  42. soflo23

    @themusicmatterz you forgot the liberal obama admin

  43. valdos01


    sure thing you dont know what to do when u never have the time to think about it

  44. HeadHunteR1988

    @Xproletariatx fuck yeah m8... i love your comment! LIBERTARIAN COMMUNISM NOW!

  45. Katharina Hess

    Hey guys
    I've a stupid question.. Do you think would anarchy work?
    Sorry for my bad english ;)

  46. Xyluss Nelms

    @Darigaazgr You honestly think a lawless anarchistic society will be a happy free life? Grow up already

  47. LaserGadgets

    In my opinion, the problem is: The people who are after money are after power as well. The more powerful, the more money they need/want...
    People who just do things because of talent or interest arent interested in gettin most powerful dude in the world.

  48. wender fil

    fantastica rola ...mexico pennywise...punk rock forever...

  49. Max Joyce

    best song ever!!

  50. Sokratis Hikken


  51. Jordan Mitchum


  52. Irish Disaster

    amen to that! i've actually dealt with a few pigs that are like that.

  53. hank10111111

    can someone please help me and accually respond im trying to find a song by oennywise and he says something about smoking a roach on the porch

  54. Eric Reese

    i think we kinda need the cops but politicains suck

  55. Robinholo

    Pennywise Are The Best Band I saw them Live :D

  56. doncuco

    Fucking awesome!