Pennywise - Brag, Exaggerate & Lie Lyrics

I don't believe in
You or what you say
The lies you're
Telling me are so insane
It's time for you
To stop and quit it all today
So sick of watching you brag exaggerate and lie
You're telling lies
I don't believe a thing you say
Exaggerate - you know it
Never was that way
You're bragging now the
Truth is dead and bound
It's just your way you
Brag, exaggerate and lie
Just like a smoke screen the truth is
Hidden in between
The tales that you
Weave are ill conceived
Spare me the small details your
Stories shot to hell
Down in a ball of flames you
Brag, exaggerate and lie

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Pennywise Brag, Exaggerate & Lie Comments
  1. Frédérick Germain

    One great Bad Religion song

  2. Mike LeMaire

    Best album!

  3. Alfred Eireaball Liath

    Best Pennywise album!

  4. fanofjoestrummer

    mind over matter yet still a fully band with the pulley/poly sound.