Pennywise - All Or Nothing Lyrics

What's The fucking problem with this
World today you've become what they
Wanted and now you're numb when will
You stand up and say we're living with
Decisions of the feeble minds the
Limits are intended and imposed by time
A poison disease called complacency is
Taking control of our lives we'll
Never know until we try the times is
Now It's all or nothing we are alive
It's do or die we must believe it's all or
Nothing now why don't you take a look
Around you the answers lie in your
Mind it's up to each and every one of us
Until the day that we die we only need
To motivate and realize alleviate the
Censure and you'll redefine defeat the
disease so you can break free from the
Struggles you hold deep inside we will
Never know unless we really try you
Will never see that there's so much to
Life I have stood confused but now i'm
Open eyed we're never going to slow
Down I believe that we can move on
Conquer our goals and right what is
Wrong I believe that we can stay true
true to ourselves and find something
New find something new

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Pennywise All Or Nothing Comments
  1. ClassWarrior87


  2. Stigma Negative

    That intro like same a "Superiots -Senjata Baru"

  3. Mike Whipkey

    editing out Fuck.. How Punk Rock of you

  4. Hardcore Hope

    zoli , ignite and pennywise! best thing happened to hardcorepunk

  5. VampireofMisery

    that bass is sexy I had a orgasm

  6. Space Munky

    Fuck _censorship_

  7. adrian fernandez


  8. Simon Baldo

    Pennywise's best Album :)

  9. Tom Frcis

    What's the fucking problem
    With this World today?

  10. Stryker Steel

    Nice edited version Walmart is proud..

  11. Jalair Dagvadorj

    zollywise is also like

  12. Attila Szécsényi

    Fuck the cenzorship!

  13. Maxime Gazze

    censored, rly....

  14. mj jordan

    I am jezuz ? Lol I don’t have any problem with your beliefs don’t hammer me about my shit.

  15. Roaddawwgg wurldwide


  16. mikdre

    Clean version of a rebellious song. The man 1 people 0

  17. Jorge Díaz


  18. Kafre80

    Great song!!!

  19. Waldo Marrero

    Straight up sounds like Dexter Holland..

    Mike Faller

    Agreed but Offspring stopped making punk years before this album came out.

  20. Gestão Estratégica FGV

    Best Pennywise album ever. Ciao

  21. CrimsonRiver

    So, Let Us Hear Your Voice isn't censored, but this is?

  22. Leonidas.of.Spartan

    this is sacrilege but could you imagine offspring covering this?!


    leakage182 Yes. There's a few songs on this album that sound Offspring-ish to me because of Zoli's voice.

    Ryan Urquhart

    Well. I knew it was not pennywise, the riffs sounded just like them, but the vocalist was the straw that broke my baxk.

  23. LoveThaMusic4Ever

    the intro sounds like early rise against!

    Jake Ben

    So turns out it's not just in my head :p

  24. Roope Mäkelä

    zoli sounds like dexter holland:o


    +Roope Mäkelä Not even a little.

    F SR

    Dexter barely can sing

    Joe Wyatt Roxas

    Waaay better than Dexter.

    curtyct {ct

    I can hear it alitlle
    Much better but I hear where
    coming from

  25. Derek Moore

    This is not Pennywise!!!



    Chris Huene

    Hmmm, their name is there. I dig Ignite, I dig this!

    LE Ti Cave

    Pour cette album ils avaient échanger le chanteur de ( pennywise ) contre celui de ( the black pacific ) après cette album de ( pennywise ) le groupe pennywise on repris leur chanteur car cette album de pennywise ci ( all or nothing ) n'a pas marcher et le public n'aimais pas


    Have you ever listened to penny wise?

  26. Nikola Bevanda

    F**k your censor! :D


    Fudge your censor

  27. Alex T

    is that Ignite singer???


    +Alex Teilhet Yes, it's Zoli!

  28. Patxy López Chacaliaza

    ♫...Qué carajos pasa con este mundo de hoy?? Te conviertes en lo que quieren y entonces eres insensible.....♪....Great fucking album guys... (Y)....lml....

  29. reuploaded content

    Why the fuck did they censor a punk song? You don't do that ;-;
    (I know you can find this album all over YouTube, but the fact that the *official uploader* is doing this is ridiculous.)


    @SnowWhiteHasRabies Aye! I was also disappointed they decided to edit out lyrics! 

  30. Sacramento Gonzalez

    Mad respect for these guys. They Influenced one of the best hardcore bands I know:Rotting Out

  31. Lawrence Szot

    why is this fuckiing censored omg i cant stand that shit

    Wubster Belle

    Punk shouldn't be censored

  32. o justiceiro

    offspring kick ass :)

  33. blueridger28

    Did they get the guy from Propaghandi to sing for them or the guy from Sum 41?


    Nope, That's Zoli, he is the lead singer of a band called Ignite.

  34. Jon Izma

    This album kicks ass with the new singer.

  35. AJ Bear

    This band reminds me so much of the music from Tony Hawks games and i love it.

    Oscar Gajardo Cortés

    Fuckin' agree with you man O.O 

  36. Sonic Jet

    wow i love this new offspring album :) 

    John Hamel

    Sonic Jet this is pennywise dumbass


    The Black Pacific..cheers

    john dries

    Sonic Jet hi dum dum get bands right it is penny wise so wise up dum dum

    Aiden Getto

    Yo this is pennywise

  37. Ivan Truquis

    .-O no , son los punks!

  38. TheFlock83

    First line                                                                                                           
     "What's the fuckin problem?"

  39. Patrick Stoeger

    j, got instrumentally good
    feels right band music
    f d drummer f 1st stroke till last
    love it

  40. Adam

    HAHA internet good guy over here. but on a serious note fuck this guy punk rock over anything

  41. Nadiyah Mahmood

    Love it!!!

  42. Harry Hill

    song is bad ass love pennywise new and old!!!

  43. Kamadox

    And if i love Punk and electro ?

  44. Kamadox

    Just a bit so !

  45. Chad Jensen

    You're on crack.

  46. JuggalotusHeat

    You are entitled to your opinion but The Black Pacific is much better than the "new" Pennywise.

  47. Upvotes To You

    Except for the lead singer...

  48. cruel but lovely

    This just sounds a bit like Rise Against .I love it ^^

  49. Bagus Kartika

    in my perception,their songs in this album are similar with the old offspring's. but well,i still love pennywise. :)

  50. Mathieu Perrier

    He never called himself underground though...

  51. PatLike93

    people wo listen to one genre suck anyway.
    you guys preach for equality and accept only one kind of music.
    how dumb is that?

  52. Bree Ivy

    Pennywise is by far one of the best .

  53. NicenEasyuk


  54. JuggalotusHeat

    Bring back Jim. The singer from ignite sucks.

  55. Chandler Cockle

    Pretty good song, but their older songs are better like the land of the free album or the pennywise album!

  56. savagemtbryder

    i like electronic and punk and many other genres, 123jimmyt can hate who he wants, and the world is fucked up!

  57. Joe Hickton

    I didn't say everyone did. Just most younger people.

  58. Joe Hickton

    Not much, but some.

  59. Habtor12

    There is hope for the younger ones

  60. Joe Hickton

    I'm 13 and I hate the dubstep/techno crap that everyone of my generation listens to. I love bands like Pennywise, Avenged Sevenfold, Papa Roach, Blink 182, Old Good Charlotte, Old Green Day etc. I get called emo, goth and greb at school but I still hang around with the popular people who listen to Dubstep and Techno.

    Daniel Lugo España

    Holy shit you're such a poser and proud of it.

    Vincent_vuoso 123

    Joe Hickton same with me I hate that rap crap that they listen to Sometimes I just want to tell them to go listen to some real music

    curtyct {ct

    Joe Hickton I'm not sure what a greb is but you sound like you might be a greb

  61. Austin Griner

    Thank you so much man!

  62. Austin Griner

    What the fuck's the problem with this world today (First line of the song)

    I hate people like you who say just because you don't like it, it's automatically shit, the world is full of them. If you like Punk, but not Electronica, that's okay; just don't shove it down everyone's fucking throat.

  63. Dries Herseele

    I don't believe in guilty pleasures.I think you should be able to like what you like,if you like a fucking kesha song listen to the fucking kesha song.~Dave Grohl

  64. ClusiveC


  65. ruben broekman

    that's a matter of opinion

  66. ClusiveC

    Best true punk band is Bad Religion.

  67. CM Punk

    Very Nice

  68. Julian

    Those of you talking about "mainstream" and "underground" seriously have to shut the fuck up. The most annoying people of all are the retarded teenager who say "My generations music sucks" or "I wished I lived in the 90s". You need this /watch?v=wO6aPeQ84bY in your life you brainless idiots.

  69. Zmaenlplibi

    The Dubstep or Elektro kids aren't the worst. I hate this fuckin Taio Cruz, Rio Mainstream shit. Linkin Park is still my favourite band even though I only listen Punkrock the last year. The new Linkin Park songs suck but the first Linkin Park album is still the best album of the world.

  70. Rozer Ramone

    This album rock!

  71. Jesse Hess

    The Offspring? Lol...

  72. Bénédicte Hamende

    Good music or bad music is never a matter of non conformism or being underground or mainstream. It's all about how it sounds to your ears and how it echoes in your heart.

  73. Alfie James

    Vocals remind me of the Offspring, which isn't bad, its just very different.

  74. aspegik

    If you understood anything at all about music you would not say that.
    1st this sounds like Pennywise with another lead (just what it is) and Rise Against like it or not, are one of the best music making bands.
    You might not like it (i had a hard time liking the new stuff as well), but i gotta tell you, THEY'RE GREAT at what they do. Don't hate, apreciate!

  75. Helter Smelter

    the new singer is kick ass! good job

  76. A. Stone Thorn

    I like this song. Zoli did great. I liked the new material. I didn't enjoy when he sang the old stuff, though. Much like Van Halen.

  77. Lukinhas gameplay


  78. Richard Lee

    Fuck Simple Plan...

  79. jakersisawesome jake

    someone tell me why the fuck a pennywise song had a commercial?

  80. Alonso Bustamante

    nice...... but sorry i've been listening pennywise with jim for so long that it's just like another band


    pennywise rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. firemedic30ca

    Yuck...absolute shit. Sounds like Rise Against except they arent seeing about mistreated puppies. They should have just waited for Jim to come back. Maybe fletcher will let him play a guitar now lol.

  82. 23breeny23

    FUCK YES!!!!!!!!

  83. Greg Shope

    no no your not your a fuckin tard.

  84. sbcistheboss

    I don't like their new singer :(

  85. pwfullcircle

    They should have just called themselves audio-wise or penny-slave. This is NOT PENNYWISE. Don't be dooped.

  86. Violetta Aleksandrova


  87. MusTy ShOws


  88. Joco

    listening to metalcore because it's cool is actually an incredibly typical teenager stereotype.

  89. Franz Roth

    What's the fucking problem with this world today? It's CENSORSHIP!

  90. earl jennings

    Axe Ripper - Losing STreak (Detroit Thrash)

  91. last chance blueprint

    Every Pennywise song seems to be recycled.

  92. Javier Landa

    does anyone interested to learn the bass line :) ??? i made a video playing a bass cover...just visit my channel

  93. Nyrox

    i love this band but the name is form the movie es (i hate penny wies ....) fucking horror clown ...

  94. Timmy Parcell

    Yo ho ho dipshit, I'm a teen, I despise techno, Metalcore or punk all day anyday. Don't go around be so narrow minded bud.

  95. crsini520

    oh man you listen to Pennywise. So underground! I hope to someday be as much of a non-conformist as you.

  96. Jay Stanton

    Just saying, I'm a teen and I don't like most techno stuff, but I'd sooner listen to good punk than mainstream shit.

  97. Lennart Fernandes

    I actually like this singer better than Lindberg, am i still punk? :/
    Focking awesome album guys! :D

  98. CDYJKR

    This is awesome, good to see you guys coming back with quality punk.