Pendulum - The Terminal Lyrics

In through the maze through your reflection,
We enter from a terminal connection

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Pendulum The Terminal Comments
  1. AwesomeGraczGie21

    It sounds a little bit like a James bond, those trumpets

  2. El Remolino


  3. zensama

    still a banger in 2019


    hell yeah this song is top 3 on Hold Your Colour album 🔥

  4. George West

    2018 son

  5. Shane Gleed

    Remember is song playing through my headphones when I was 15 blew my mind... It's now 2018 I'm 27 and it's still blows my mind!

  6. Adam W

    Ahh 2005. We meet again!

  7. Kent Clark

    I was hoping this was going to get remixed in their album coming up. I want you to think of the X-Men score from the movie and you'll never be able to get that out of your head now on that part of the Track

  8. Jaystings

    Give me a better pendulum album man, I bet you can't

  9. OnE gRuMpY bOi


  10. Vietnam Ball

    This is a crazy Spy music

  11. faustod

    10 years OMG

  12. ? ? ?

    Lorenzana de la buena!

  13. Jenksshd

    Imagine how awesome this would've sounded on Need for Speed Most Wanted :D


    Agreed, the bassline immediately made me think of driving fast in the BMW M3 GTR in the game.

    Doppio Dagger

    O5 or 12?

    Fernando Freitas

    05 of course

    OnE gRuMpY bOi

    Jenksshd yea lol

    El Remolino

    At least we got celldweller on there.

  14. arsenic sore

    Just a random 2016 comment passing through

  15. milahu

    boo silence @ 5:40

    ad am

    its so you can cool down

  16. Jonathan Zavala

    It's sad that the only reason I know pendulum is because of the pony pron, the typo is on purpose, but man am I glad I said "hold on this music sounds to badass for... this!" curiosity birthed the cat for me!

  17. Moe Baller



    donny classic DnB radio station material lool

  18. Martinus

    In through the maze through your reflection,
    We enter from a terminal connection


    @***** rofl


    +MartinusHUN Discovered this for the first time and those lyrics sound awfully familiar.

    Dewitos Alt

    +Marsayate i hear at some points "erection" no joke


    +Dirge Pendulum's song 'Mutiny' has the same lyrics.

    Syntaxes VA

    You're Right

  19. Atomikko

    This track has probably one of the best intro in existence.

    zGJungle ZG

    @Atomikko yeah it's fucking nuts , though I would say The Vault has a build up that makes me feel like I'm going to explode

    Syntaxes VA

    Yeah I Agree With You XD, I Like That "Wink" (Like That) Sound at The Intro XD

  20. Sticksanity

    Look at the name. Obvious troll account.

  21. Brony Clopper

    this should be used in next tiarawhy pony sex video

    How I did in PE today

    T3chnoNerd lmao XD


    _N E I N_

    Conner Stormblade

    Stop it. Get some help.

    Conner Stormblade


    El Remolino

    @Brony Clopper do you have problems or what?

  22. _OatZ

    Why is this spam

  23. Cyrus the Glaiveman

    Nope. can't agree with that in the slightest.

  24. moss

    The best song from Pendulum hands-down.

  25. Nebulous Fumes

    dafuk man really?

  26. Phirenor


  27. Phirenor


  28. Christopher Gustavo Moreno Bazalar

    7 minutes of my life recovered


    Good parody to a bad fad

  29. Dick Kickem

    so old but still sound fresh

  30. Tuna


  31. Moussa Taha

    This song is VICIOUS. Such a huge adrenaline rush!

  32. 11ari11

    You'll love knife party then if youre into dubstep and edm though, because two of the frontman for pendulum are knife party:)

  33. olieaveling96

    I think that pendulum were better as pendulum rather than knife party. But knife party are still epic

  34. Brony Clopper

    not bad but nothing can beat Out There for clopping.

    Jeff Jefferson

    Brony Clopper tf

  35. tbc23

    Same :)

  36. Protoka

    I first heard pendulum in the motorstorm demo. HYC is still my favorite album they've released so far.

  37. Alec N

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYtheysplitup :c

  38. Thecrashvictim

    I've been listening since 05

  39. Astral Manta

    also i started listening to pendulum from In Silico into HYC and last the Immersion, I LOVE ALL OF THEIR ALBUMS! (even if it's electro rock in Immersion)

  40. Astral Manta

    i remember when i first heard pendulum in nfs undercover when i'm 8 years old and now i'm 13 still hearing their old awesome music, wish they get back together after doing their side project...

  41. magic fox

    applemac avi. eeyup!


    well said

  43. TheCrayzeeMan

    Does it matter? You should drop the hipster attitude and be happy not all kids today are ignorant when it comes to music.

  44. Videogamer1010

    Perfect Gigantic boss music :)

  45. Ludauss

    I don't like their album Immersion, what the hell happened there?

  46. OhYesImaDuck TM

    1:30 , badassery begins.

  47. Edward Storms

    So many younglings listen to Pendulum now lmao this was my shuffle music in highschool and now its my rave music in college

  48. Andamarokk

    in german its "Keine Beschreibung verfügbar"

  49. aMpeDDUp

    I didn't know Legion from Mass Effect was featured in this song.

  50. Jakob R.

    2.090 vs 34, Common, thats all what you have? xD

  51. Podo

    I found out that immersion even existed from my classmates, they called it "dubstep" xD

  52. NickySheep19

    I'm 13, and I'm still listening to them in 2012. That's how bloody epic they are.

  53. Rhinoizcool

    I started listening to it when i was 12 and i first listened to pendulum While playing Tf2 around the time Immersion came out but i didn't hear about it until after i listened to all of in silico and hold your colour :P

  54. ASmackOfJellyfish97

    As a 15 year old, the first song I discovered by Pendulum was Fasten Your Seatbelts, and that was because my friend sent me a link to it. Today, I am a fucking addict to Pendulum, and that means that I love the albums Hold Your Colour, In Silico and Immersion, not to mention the first few songs they made, like Vault.

  55. screamriot86

    Im 15 and I knew them for about a year now because of fasten your seatbelts.

  56. Chris Stf

    fucking epic !!!!!!

  57. Raging Lemonz

    Since their songs were being used in porn.

  58. Deep Explorer

    22 been listening to pendulum before this album came out with there voyager mix

  59. Sucker Punch!!

    17, started with this album

  60. Lynxinator

    I'm 14 At the moment, And i listened to pendulum around about 2006 :D and they were legends now! It's a shame they broke up and now 2 of them are working on Knife Party, I miss Pendulum... Maybe they might come back :D

  61. Logan Roper

    i started listening to pendelum when the song blood sugar came out

  62. machjac

    DO IT. Man. This stuff. YES.

    Try finding a good vein too.


    That's real pendulum bitch!

  64. Zhao-P

    i think he wrote 1.000.000. thus it mean's he clicked it only 1 time....

  65. SunriseDictated

    It's cool to read 9gag while listening to this song. Try it, it's like playing Amnesia drunk.

  66. Mathew Nine

    Which one 1 aid or 2 aid ?
    (never make fun of aids...)
    just say... they 're depressed

  67. Alfred Hitchcock

    34 have AIDS and are taking out their frustration at life by doing insane tupid things, like disliking this video.

  68. ace reborn

    fail on 34 people.

  69. joshua dickens

    y cant pendulum go back to this sort of stuff

  70. Luke l

    no description available, more like no description needed.

  71. Johnathon 759

    *finishes song and plays again*
    *one minute in, my bro and two siters come in and start listening too the song*
    *three minnutes in, most of my friends come over and start listening in*
    *near end of song again, huge party going on*

  72. Johnathon 759

    *starts up song*
    *starts playing race game and mutes racing sounds*
    *awesome race game with this music playing*

  73. Tipsy Gypsy

    oh cheers man i was never sure

  74. Saminat Whatevs

    holy shit, epic!

  75. Tipsy Gypsy

    is it 600,000 unique views?

  76. Spin Jumper

    sudo like-video
    [sudo] password for spinjumper:

  77. Scrod99

    Awesome, those lyrics are also on Mutiny from In Silico!

    I love Pendulum!

  78. lukas schouten

    *grammar nazi

  79. Joseph Frombaugh

    Into the maze through your reflection,
    We enter from a terminal connection.

  80. JeroxB

    True Story.

  81. MrSoup2504

    Funny thing about that, the quality on almost every youtube-mp3 website is absolute shit, it feels compressed more than it should be, the bitrate is way too low(resulting in lower volume and lower quality overall).Buy a song in a 320 kb/s mp3 and listen to it, then listen to your youtube-mp3'd mp3 of the song RIGHT after in the same volume. Alot of the sub-bass/smaller elements will be more noticeable, and the quality will be overall higher. I would know, because I make music. Support the artist

  82. Matty Sumner

    hey guys jus wanted to point out if you want music on your pc or mac or linux you dont have to pay, just as long as there is a youtube video, you go to wwwDOTyoutube-mp3DOTorg and then you get the URL of the music vid, copy and paste it into the box shown and then it will convert it and then you can download it for free!!!!!!!!

  83. Boris's mom

    nothing is better
    ThUmBs Up!!!!!

  84. EveOracle

    This got 45 thumbs up? really?

  85. Def24

    well i think ther last album is better? but they still ROCK

  86. krootmen

    So many grama Nazi's here, cumon' is that realy what this type of music teaches you!

  87. Sigwulf

    *Ear orgasms if i may correct you

  88. Kaipax


  89. spiritofsyth

    @spiritofsyth But it is varied slightly here and there.

  90. spiritofsyth

    @BurningReaper16 Totally.

  91. spiritofsyth

    Definitely pendulums best track along with dusk.

  92. Hm Kay

    sickerning !

  93. Numonkei

    This is the track that sold be on Pendulum when Hold Your Colour was released...I got my lady friend the record for a 'fuck-valentines day' gift...didn't realized they re-released it without 'Another Planet' and 'Still Grey', but the 'Blood Sugar' single and B-side replaced...a slight disappointment...but the whole damn thing, and the 'Blood Sugar' single remain the best highway blast track there is...In Silico is pretty good also...Immersion is growing on me, I just miss the DnB.

  94. C C

    YES i found this again used to listen to this 24/7 WE ENTER FROM A TERMINAL DIMENSION.

  95. Slau

    Holy fuckenstrüdel. this is awesome