Pendulum - Midnight Runner Lyrics

Just let it slowly drift away
Drift awaaaay
Let it slowly drift away
Drift awaaaay

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Pendulum Midnight Runner Comments
  1. The sandwich

    Literally playing this at 00:21 while running home in storm Ciara...

  2. snakev10v5

    That moment when the electric wind up in the song sounds like your kettle whistle. Then you realise kettles don't change notes like that.

  3. ExplosiveMan645

    In my humble opinion, I loved 0:47 its so fucking smooth and silky and chill, and those drums, god D A M N.

  4. NFSjam

    That 5:02 part kinda reminds me of that GTA 2 theme. I never actually played that game, but just heard the theme. XD

  5. Umberto Tortellini

    Every time I hear this song I picture a train speeding along a railway through an Arabian desert at night time.... Where are they going? No one knows

    Hive Gaming

    Holy shit I knew I wasn't the only one... for me it's trucks in the African desert at night though.

  6. Adolf Gianerochi


  7. Sam Sneed

    lol this song barely has any lyrics

  8. SinistaUK

    2:15 when those drums kick in and start smacking, fucking hell. I can’t listen to this when I’m driving 😂

  9. Christopher Norris

    Favourite Pendulum track

  10. Blaster Hard Master

    I always think in a train crossing fields and after 4:05 it starts to fly out of the earth

    Tank lover RC

    I picture a baja buggy hauling ass fleeing from cops

    Riok Shutt

    I imagine a car drifting like a god, in the midnight while something is pursuing it

  11. Big Cazza

    what lyrics you mong cunt

  12. areteees

    4:49 HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!

  13. Zachary Picone

    God this is such a good song. Don't know why, but the lead at 1:09 invokes some kind of nostalgia in me.

  14. it'sonlyatest Usofgdi

    4:33 wtf question mark

  15. it'sonlyatest Usofgdi

    4:05 when something dropped this hard WW2 ended.

  16. X6Herbius

    Favourite song off In Silico by a country mile.

  17. Miguel Francis

    Favourite part 1:31

  18. aguywhodoesntexist

    4:05 sunrise runner begins

  19. Busher50

    *Nods slowly in jest and tranquility , then goes batshit crazy at the **4:50** drop*

  20. löl

    2:57 best part

  21. wolf various

    Pendulum is my best song !!! Ever !


    2:59 rave

    KaZa Nova

    DOCTOR HK cs188!

  23. Katika Z

    I just love that off beat drum so much @3:08 and @3:53

  24. Millennian Emperor

    4:27 a 4:50

    N-woo de lluvia de hamburgesas 2

  25. Dragon Warrior Productions

    Rock 'n' roll drum 'n' bass. The first and, presumably, the last of its kind.


    I know its an old comment but: Zardonic


    There are tons of that stuff in DnB genre, just search for it. Qemists, Zardonic, Blue Stahli to a degree, Muzzy - just check those guys.

  26. Sandra Colnar

    Best: 4:10


    totally agreed

  27. Rhey

    4:05 that moment when you realize the final boss has one last form..Then as you look upon your team, barely able to stand, having given it their all, you tell them without saying a word, "One more round". And they look at you, nod, and ready themselves..

    Lorenzo Graziosi

    ahahaha this deserves to be voted as the best comment for Midnight Runner haha

  28. Cameron Brown

  29. Lolo

    i get goosebumps when the part at 2:37 begins everytime


    me too, since so long time i know this song, always goosebumps at this right moment.

  30. Tugboatpb

    Everytime I hear the beginning of Runaways by the Killers I switch to this song.

  31. angelsayshi1

    first time hearing this

  32. Darkrai

    Best part: whole song

    Fabián Véliz D'Angelo


  33. Jake Jorgensen

    i've always thought this song would be perfect for snowboarding, idk why it just set's that perfect mood for it i guess


    +Jake Jorgensen Alright, then continue your thinking :)


    i can 100% confirm it is.


    If only they'd make another SSX in the vein of tricky with this song on it

  34. Crimson Walter

    I think this sounds like a Dr. Eggman boss theme

  35. Crimson Walter

    anyone else think that Pendulum's symbol looks Forerunner?

    maartje val

    The one from hlo?


    +8bitspartan again dude. XD

    Cyberg editing

    +8bitspartan Yeah, the one from Halo.

  36. Purring Thunder


  37. Restless Wretch

    0:00 best part

  38. Bonzi the Great

    5:00 best part


    +Phil Eatron 6:61 best part

    Bonzi the Great

    everyone has his own best part


    That part reminds me of the GTA2 theme (never actually played that game). XD

    Connor _

    NFSjam bit late to reply lol

  39. Ismael Lerga Aguayo

    Awesome ♥

  40. Varun Sharma

    thanks man! Please upload all the remaining videos :P