Pendulum - Axle Grinder Lyrics

You're travelling through another dimension,
A dimension not only of sound but of mind.
This is not a new world or otherwise,
It is simply an extension of what began in the old one.
It has patterned the ripping imprint on the pages of history since the beginning of time.

Time is the future

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Pendulum Axle Grinder Comments
  1. Adam Winn

    This is the version you want

  2. Akustyk

    "That pig" at the end in spectrograph... :')

  3. Valdifer

    This song seems that u are going to fight a final boss

  4. GrizzlyBongo

    Put on 0.75 speed

  5. Esteban Romero

    Playing this at full volume with cranked up bass while driving at 170/kmh is one of the most intense adrenalie-rushed experiences I've ever had. Gave me the strongest goose-bumps, ever!!!

    QuebeC VR

    i am putting this on my bucket list

  6. Dandyych1ki

    Pendulum is the god of drum and bass

    ha ha

    V A P O R Mice Pendulum, Noisia and the prodigy are the gods of dnb.

    The reason why I put the prodigy there is because without them/him, grunge dnb wouldn’t exist.
    Grunge dnb = subgenre of dnb = dnb.

    Edit: Btw, pendulum are multiple people.


    ha ha: I agree with this.

  7. Justin Y.

    B U T T

  8. Jay Chandler

    even today, this song still gives me chills just like when it got released

  9. -jos

    Now this is proper DnB. Love this track.

  10. Valus Ra'lyn


    Thats all fucks!

  11. Роман Варенье

    etalon of dnb

  12. Axel Forsberg

    Kinda triggers me that the most viewed video of this song misspelled the name of the song...

  13. Nini Lou

    The definition of drum n' bass.

  14. Bryan

    I think this song takes "drum and bass" a bit too literally

    Sonic Firestorm

    Yeah, but does it matter? Absolutely not.


    @BGM Love this track, very unique.

  15. AnalogX64

    Anyone know where the vocal sound is sampled from? or was it made for this track.


    +AnalogX64 It's from a TV show "The Twilight Zone"


    +DaniNintendocore Thanks :) It makes the intro.

  16. Cement City

    This puts the "drum and bass" in drum and bass.

    Marko Santos

    More like drum, you cant hear the fucking bass unless you have the strongest subwoofer known to mankind


    Wtf I can hear it just fine lmao

  17. Yamahal

    diz is the best song of the album hold your colour

    Stanisław Szymkowiak

    Yamahal axle grinder blood sugar and slam are fucking masterpieces


    Even though I like dubstep better than DnB this is fuggin masterpiece!!!


    i guess you like dirty dubstep


    @fr0zeN yeah


    @Connor Travers dead thread be alive


    @Xx_Ultimate_Noscoper_xX ?

    ha ha

    I don’t give a shit if you guys won’t get this notification but... listen to poseidon - bad omen. That is just... wow.

  19. OfficialZS5

    Pendu and the penguins discover skullstep

    [ Crossed Keys ]

    +OfficialZS5 you cant put the fucking word 'step' after a word you think is cool to try and describe a genre you wish you knew more about

    charlie davoine

    +[ Crossed Keys ] the worst part is it is actually a genre, n00b

    Marko Santos

    True, [Crossed Keys] is right, what the fuck is skullstep? Does it have anything to do with 2-step? Nah? Then dont call it *insert cool word*step!

    Midnight Runner

    @charlie davoine hey edgy anime boi how ya doin


    Midnight Runner wha?

  20. DNB MATE!

    We have to make music of every type of EDM or non at all ~pendulum

  21. kim smithers

    I just sore a comment about 3 dislikes and that was 3 years ago now there's 4 likes xD


    3 likes and 3 months ago o_O


    @kim smithers dead thread be alive


    Xx_Ultimate_Noscoper_xX Yis

  22. eamh2002

    Now anyone got similar DnB songs that the world needs to know of? I LOVE this style, fast and raw.

    Perfect for driving and getting the right feeling for any sports oriented stuff!

    Pete OneZeroFour

    a few from the top of my head, 
    Konflict - Messiah(Noisia remix)
    Bad Company - Bullet Time (Spor Remix)
    Spor - Running Man
    Noisia & Teebee - Moon Palace
    Twisted individual -  Rusty Sheriffs Badge
    I might be wrong but I seem to think alot of mid 00's dnb or maybe even late 90's have that "fast raw feeling"

    Ben Juneau

    Maybe try "could this be" by noisia. That and the album it was on has some [email protected] and heavy stuff. His sound is pretty cool


    zombie cats - must eat


    @Mandrake Fernflower dead thread be alive

    not a real person

    The tide by noisia sounds pretty similar, its sick as fuck
    Old noisia, black sun empire, etc in general

  23. Teetoos

    an they forever will...

  24. Apple Pencil

    where did you get the stuff? i want that too

  25. ThreeDaysOfDan

    The pastbis created from our recolections. Some things are forgoten and some things are made

  26. Ben Fradella

    I kinda wish they'd mixed the intro into the song somewhere. Would've been epic!

  27. karol.d

    Intro is awesome xd

  28. de_pression


  29. skafabafa

    so the future is imaginary? if so,,then the most creative persons will make the most difference. thats why i listen to Pendulum! :)

  30. de_pression

    History is a series of events created Whether it be in the past or in the future and not only people can create the future.

  31. Skyn3tus

    last time i checked, history is the past, and things that people do is what creates the future, no?

  32. de_pression

    Time is the future because the future it self can produce history and events creating the future

  33. Skyn3tus

    can someone explain to me why time is the future?

    jjames e

    Time is the future... time is the past, time is the present... time is the future

  34. TH3L0STCH1LD

    i think Still Grey is better

  35. AbsoluteLucidityDnB

    The dubplate is far better than this

    Adam Winn

  36. YRacerQv

    Very well said !!!!!

  37. Petrisor Teodorescu

    they`ve made a softer version for all this bitches without ballls !

    Adam Winn

  38. Rhinoizcool

    No they aren't Rob and Gareth are just focusing on Knife party, they say they will be back in 2013-14

  39. Cap't Toffee

    I know man.. Alot of stuff is said on different websites. Some say 2013, some say 2014. Who knows.

  40. Rhinoizcool

    Even with that in mind they aren't over they are taking a break. Rob and Gareth are focusing on Knife party for the time being, they said they will probably be back in 2014.

  41. Cap't Toffee

    Shit me.. Enough with the Pendulum are over shit. Just remember them for what they were.

  42. Baron118118

    Pendulum are over!?

  43. Boobi Boo

    and they will be. 'cause they probably reform the group for another several albums in 2013-2014

  44. doodadamlol

    only 3 of Knife Party's songs are dubstep the rest have been described by Rob as "seizure music"

  45. MiRkIn5

    Bad news guys, pendulum quits... :'( ok, there's still Knife Party (same guys as Pendulum), but they make dubstep.

  46. Vagrant

    You don't know anything at all. Gareth McGrillen made loads of tunes for Pendulum.

  47. Numonkei

    @PatchCornAdams721 It's not 'They'. It's pretty much just Rob Swire through all releases, and Mcgrillin on 'Hold Your Colour', the 'Blood Sugar' single, and 'No One Knows.

  48. Numonkei

    ...Dammit, they re-released this color with the 'Blood Sugar' single and B-side, (this, duh), but at the expense of 'Another Planet' and 'Still Grey'? Fuck that, 'Another Planet is the REASON Pendulum is as big as they are now, that and once that blew up and 'Slam' started going commercial...not complaining though, this is one of my favorite tracks to blast on the highway whilst drunk and speeding.

  49. dieselP0wered

    I know a guy named Jagh Maestro.

  50. Numonkei

    @TheEtienneLantier I'm pretty sure this is the original. I much prefer this one either way, when the 'Blood Single' first dropped this was the B-Side, and if I understand correctly it was remixed for a 'Hold Your Colour' remix. This mix has ALWAYS been much fiercer in my car stereos at least, one of the strongest backbreakers I've heard by way of DnB since picking up the habit in the late 90's. One of my all-time faves, the other version accentuates synth over drums, this=yum.

  51. TheOriginalZero1

    @Dunsparce666 Penulum - Blood Sugar, Pendulum - Slam, Pendulum - Taranchula etc etc

  52. TheNetworkDNB

    @TheEtienneLantier Search Pendulum axle grinder in to youtube, the first video with 200,000 odd views is the dubplate/pre mastered version of this, both are awesome but prefer the dubplate version slightly more, never got released though I believe

  53. binary132

    this is sick!!!!! very infected mushroom psy...

  54. TheEtienneLantier

    The original ?! There is an other Axle Grinder ?? How to find it ?

    Adam Winn

  55. Anders Aske

    @RatchetSK im sorry, i kind of meant the original style, pendulum have few songs that is this heavy :P

  56. Idefixx

    @mini1138 actually this is their original

  57. Anders Aske

    pendulums original tracks are better, i have to be honest, this aint bad.... this is rather really good, im looking forward watching them live and stuff... still, this aint pendulums type of music and i prefer that they stick to their original style :) no bitchin, just discussing :D

  58. mikethe4th

    I didn't know about this song, until a couple minutes ago iTunes genious sidebar suggested it to me. How had I not listened to this til now.

  59. zeGoblin

    I think this is the best pendulum track ever

  60. KrakatoaCoo

    @A113Productions lol, found you! :D

  61. daniel west

    this will always be great no matter how goood the oposision

  62. enty500

    @nicknkub go on then...

  63. Smoochiiii

    Hail Pendulum !

  64. Jakub Vinš

    Thumbs up if this SH1ZZ does have best mthrfckng drops in the DNB realm ever..

  65. Robert Ten Have

    Yes i abused the replay button 2.......

  66. maximinus120

    Perfect <3

  67. Apocalynx

    Pendulum = Gods Of Music <3

  68. Kabir S.

    I mean, I love Pendulum, but even they can't get away with calling 1:05 to 1:50 music. I could probably recreate that...

  69. Chimp Scape

    @XpEAnUTBuTtERsUckSX lol, nothing. xD

  70. ContentiousRhetoric

    @JLSareDeadGay .............WHAT?

  71. Chimp Scape

    3 People need to get a bath!

  72. hampus745

    @flamingweiner1 where can I find the original?

  73. Toby Kuhnert

    such a good tune everytime i play this at a party the crowd go mental :):)

  74. tawandanebula

    ahh the days when pendulum were good

  75. tsunami762

    @Infidel775 OMFG. thats exactly what i thought :o

  76. Terence Gonzales

    HAHAHAHA this makes daft punk and the prodigy look bad LOL

  77. Terence Gonzales

    wow this song is like different from all the other pendulum songs.... its like they made it random EPIC BASS

  78. Terence Gonzales

    @flamingweiner1 agreed

  79. RyanaldotheRaver94

    LOVE IT !!

  80. A113

    sickest intro ever

  81. flamingweiner1

    Seems like they toned this song down for no reason. The original Axle Grinder is far superior.

  82. nathandigweed


  83. MUZZ

    this isnt darkstep, techstep, or anything.

    its pendulum's own sorta thing, a bit of everything i guess.

    if its gotta be something then its techstep

  84. ElfenBudd

    Dark Pendulum FTW!!!

  85. Joel robertson


  86. kryzysss

    aaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. wolboatpo

    second comment!