Pendergrass, Teddy - You're My Choice Tonight (Choose Me) Lyrics

Now you know we've been through a lot today
That's why we need to just sit back
And enjoy this evening
So if you'll choose me and you're my choice tonight

Right tonight, you're my choice tonight
You really got me, yeah, feeling right
Look out, girl, sure gon' be a heavy night

Choose her, beg her, what's your pleasure, girl
In the evening when the day is done
Why don't you ease back, honey
And let me be the one

To hold you, just to know you, girl
There's got to be a way
All the signs we go, easy, soft and slow
So how can we no, when

Feels so right, you're my choice tonight
It's you, baby, you, you, baby
What delight
Down right heaven like

Take this love, let it fly, oh girl, in the midnight sky
I said you got me, baby, feeling right
You're my choice tonight
Yes, you are, yeah

Come on, choose me, baby
Ooh, choose me, baby
Come on and choose me, baby
Would you do that, would you do that for me?
I did sound so good

I got love inside, made with us in mind
And it's ready to be tried
It's an all night plan for love makin'
As much as we can stand, ooh girl

Feels so right, you're my choice tonight
What delight, down right heaven like
Why don't you take this love
Let if fly, in the midnight sky
Feelin' right, you're my choice tonight

Come on and choose me, baby
Choose me, baby...

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Pendergrass, Teddy You're My Choice Tonight (Choose Me) Comments
  1. Stokes Jones

    Wow smooth track definitely some ride music right here!

  2. Josephine La Rosa

    This song is on the soundtrack from one of all time favorite movies. The song is so very sensual and so is the movie. Love this song by Teddy!

  3. Shonnah Johnson

    This song should've been more played more than what it was!! ❤ this cut!!

  4. D.j Scott

    I just love this song so much now that’s what you call good soulful voice and heat. I played at a night club and at the end of the night i play this song.

  5. joni jacques

    My song.

  6. TheDiamondLife90

    Luther gave him soul with a touch a nu wave! Hay!!!

  7. Deahra Shelton

    Aren’t you lucky ... your my choice tonight.😎🍷💋😤

  8. The Scatman

    The Luther crew should've done more joints with Teddy!

  9. Derek Overton


  10. M&M Love


  11. Deahra Shelton

    Hey naww

  12. Kathy 'Silkyy' Hayden

    This is my FAVORITE TP song... Choose me baby, choose me baby, choose me baby... The lyrics to this song are fire... You're My Latest, Greatest Inspiration is 2nd... They don't make music like this anymore... The 80's is the best music genre EVER... I made my own tapes by recording music on the radio... People were always stealing my cassettes and pissing me off... I had to start threatening people to get my stuff back and then I made them a copy of it... My house was the party house... I didn't drink or smoke, but I loved to dance... Those were the good old days!!! 😍🔥💯😉😂

  13. Yvonne Harris

    Happybirthday Teddy

  14. Tas J

    Written by Luther Vandross ❤️‼️

  15. msfeliciam

    Love-making soundtrack.

  16. Karen Bannister

    What a voice

  17. London Sounds

    Vasilopoulos supermarket in Greece brought me here. So random!!

  18. Lou Kaye

    First heard Ms Whitney Houston on this album - Hold Me

  19. Troy Lewis

    The phrasing... outrageous soul, love the film as well Feminists should watch it :)

  20. Cecelia Johnson

    I am crying for him

  21. Cecelia Johnson

    Love him

  22. Lucindia Hays

    A fucking JAM ! I have been in love with him since my Mom would get up on Saturdays and clean up and listen to Teddy P miss you RIP one of the sexist Black man that we had the pleasure of those you seen him and kbow him!

  23. barry parker

    Where in the hell have I been. I came across this song by accident. I am mesmerized and hooked. I choose you tonight Mrs. Parker.

  24. che10461

    Gaaaadamn... my fav joint. Lyrics Teddy!

  25. Richard Griffin

    I listened to this song 30 times straight. Real smooth song this brother created

    Donna Johnson

    Choose me!

  26. Stevie Wonderz

    Damn good movie. '84 was a good year!!!!

  27. Ronette Pulaski

    Choose Me was a great '80s movie: Keith Carradine + Genevieve Bujold + Lesley Ann Warren under Alan Rudolph's direction = stylized '80s magic (and how can you go wrong with a theme song like this one?) - check ot out!

  28. Leon Daniels

    This reminds me of those days when people had those red and blue light parties at there house and you where grinding with the one you choose..💘

    Donna Johnson

    Choose me!!

  29. Kurt Adams

    Luther Vandross = Genius

    Donna Johnson

    Choose me!

    Kurt Adams

    @Donna Johnson yes indeed

  30. Kurt Adams


  31. Clive Mckenzie

    Awww Maan! So Suave And Smooooth!!! Just Like My Chocolate :)

  32. Gerald Frank

    The movie is even better! 👌👏👏💕

  33. Shelia Cooke

    Music like this make your hair stand up everywhere. Songs that sounds like that make a sweet sensual and sexy mood come over you. Choose me baby, choose me baby, you got me feeling right. I want to be your choose tonight. Ladies don’t you agree!!!!!!?

  34. deporres .J

    Killa track

  35. James Rowland

    Back in the day, really miss you Teddy Bear. J. Rowland

  36. Bethesda Willis

    Old school sure knew how to get the panties off.

  37. Famous Chanel

    This my jam

  38. Josephine La Rosa

    The most sensual song....from the equally sensuous movie "Choose Me". From a time when people really connected!

  39. Lucindia Hays

    Good song to a pretty good movies as well , but how could anything else be good by this Great Man and survivor as well Miss U Always Teddy RIP!

  40. Good Juju

    Sexy song from a sexy movie

  41. D'Artenya Granger

    Teddy Pendergrass - You're My Choice Tonight (Choose Me)

  42. Antoin Townsend

    Teddy Pendergrass Your My Choice Tonight Choose Me

  43. Janice Mayo

    love this song so much always

  44. Lucindia Hays

    l grew up to this man every Saturday morning clean up RIP one of the greatest!



    Evelyn Price

    And I cruise to it all the time, this song always takes me there!

    Chiquita Smith

    This is One of my Favorite Cruisin Cd’s too. The light baby blue disk.


    Yessss i love this song !!!!!!!!

  47. Nikki Wilbert

    sounds sooo good!!

  48. Linda Ifunnaya


  49. da don

    11 people dont know real real music. Your ears dont deserve to be blessed by the late great Teddy Pendergrass!! <3

  50. ShaNaè Pretty Life

    First herd this song in a movie called "Choose me" this is a jam

    Dexter Duskin

    ShaNaè R. Movie had Leslie Ann Warren "sache'in" down that dark street to Keith Carradine. Teddy's mellow voice was custom made for this movie......"one of my top 3 Teddy ballads"!😉👍

  51. sonya cunningham

    This song was played at my wedding reception 20+ years ago. My husband he truly love this song

    Kathy 'Silkyy' Hayden

    Awwww how sweet!!! 😍😍😍

  52. shaundaboo

    old but goodie yasss..

  53. Houston Tx Baby

    love this song..nothing like that old school!


    Houston Tx Baby love old school I’m 32 and love it

  54. Lucindia Hays

    What can you say it's Teddy l grow up on him always will love him

  55. Evelyn Price

    this song is so on; I play it all the time. My💩

  56. Sharon Freeman

    song is sexy just like Teddy I just love this man!!!

  57. Donald Miller

    I hear Miss Cissy Houston

    Phyllis Tate

    Donald Miller.
    You're hearing right !!!

    Tracey Nix

    Nooo it's Whitney Houston not her mom

  58. EssentialClassic

    This first time I heard this song was during the opening credits of Choose Me. I searched high and low for it, and I'm glad that I have.

    Mozella Tyler

    EssentialClassic same thing!


    Mozella Tyler The movie came on one morning unexpectedly. The song stood out.

  59. Dwight Jackson

    one of my favorites dedicated to my girl Tanisha from DJ sr

  60. Tyreef King


  61. Carl Walls

    a great song period

  62. ekcj1

    To me this is classic Teddy. It's just sexy and haunting. <3

    Evelyn Price

    Right; that's how I feel about this song too.🎤❤👍🎶💋

  63. sammie smith

    Classic Teddy back in 1984.

  64. Womanmad

    The backing vocals

  65. Ken Donahue

    he was one of the best

  66. babstenne


  67. Thickbaby3

    Soft, sensual and seduction....

  68. beverly delello

    Great song,,loved Teddy!!

  69. g bap

    Bad Bad house party tune. played early early in the morning everybody be singing n dancing to Mr Pendergrass

  70. Kurt Adams

    RIP MY North Philly Brother

  71. John L.

    So fine.

  72. Anthony Coleman

    Luther wrote and produced this. If I'm not mistaken Cissy Houston is the female lead you hear standing out in the background.

    Lawrence Malloy

    Yes that's correct

    Isaac Harris

    That's Lisa Fischer not Cissy Houston.

    Blanco Tarantino TV

    Isaac Harris that was most definitely Cissy.

    Kathy 'Silkyy' Hayden

    @Isaac Harris I think you're right... I love Lisa Fischer!!!

    Kathy 'Silkyy' Hayden

    @Isaac HarrisI looked it up on CD Universe after I listened to it again closer to see if I could hear Lisa Fischer in it and I wasn't sure... It's Cissy Houston... CD Universe is one of my favorite go-tos when it comes to music

  73. Naomi Blanton

    After all this time You're My Choice Tonight sounds As good As The first Time Miss you Mr. Pendergrass

  74. patricia eichelberger

    I Remember a long time ago when i met this Guy this song was playing prefect song at that moment... and it was on ... still to this day when i play this song it puts a smile on my face..

  75. osostl

    I see 4 people haven't been chosen.

  76. Denis Philips

    top music this guy was a legend

  77. Thickumzkandypoo007

    Opening Song From the movie Choose Me

    Todd Kort

    +C Foster Great film, great soundtrack.

    Mine Kara

    This film stayed with me due to sound track

    Kisha Jenkins

    I watched the movie only because of this song

  78. Theartis Wilbert

    this is the jam

  79. goinbroke32

    This is that back yard party music from back n da day.

    Nikki Wilbert

    you're so right!!

  80. Whisper5244

    Teddy Pendergrass . . . such a classic voice.  We'll be listening to you for a very long time.  May you rest in peace.

  81. Pytaro Nguon

    Great song and great movie too!

  82. Teddybear Icysmile

    Doesn't get any better than this!

  83. Melvina Booker


  84. Nila Sanders

    Teddy P. and this song are so great.  It was totally perfect in the movie of the same name.  Yummy.

    g bap

    Bad house party tune played early early in the daylight morning time.

    Nila Sanders

    +g bap Also effectively used on the sound track of the 80s movie "Choose Me".

  85. sheslyn sweet


    Michael Murphy

    smooth dude

  86. Esmeralda Fortes

    he's soooo sexy and his voice kills you....I miss him so much

    Kathy 'Silkyy' Hayden

    I miss Teddy Pendergrass, Luther Vandross and Barry White... Their voices were AMAZING!!!

  87. james brooks

    Down,but not out.Teddy recorded this one after the infamous car accident.

    Arthur Fuller

    I think "Joy" was the comeback album, not this one.

  88. Espenmann

    this song is crazy good. I must have liostened to like 60 times yesterday and today.

    Richard Griffin

    I can dig im on 31 straight in two days

    Kathy 'Silkyy' Hayden

    I keep replaying it!!! 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥

  89. SirStamford27

    Early to mid 80's Luther Vandross really was the man.

    Tiana Haley

    🤔 First the all Teddy was out first do your research on real 🎶🤷

  90. Katrina White


  91. iamanubus2

    Breaking it off on the clowns of today.

  92. boobie1967

    Three people were never chosen

  93. Barbara

    The only entertainer I've dreamed of making love to me_ from the first time I heard his sexy, love making voice I've dreamed of making love with him in the rain in a building with a tin roof. Ah heck, I better quit, no one around to take Teddy's place!!!!

    Kathy 'Silkyy' Hayden

    Who hasn't dreamed of making love in the rain!!! 😉😉😉

  94. olli manninen

    What a pity Choose me Soundtrack was never available. Great movie, great songs.

    james stegall

    olli manninen Teddy's 1984 album was pretty much the soundtrack to the movie....his songs are all over the movie...

  95. michael blackston

    Understated music here very good song!

  96. 76grandprix

    Yes indeed. Luther and Marcus Miller. He threw Cissy up in the background, too.

  97. PhflyDan1

    Big. BIg. BIG tune..

  98. Sangria3

    Such a relaxing song. Saw the movie and fell in love with the song. Nobody can sing it like Teddy "P"... He can sing to the depths of your soul and make you feel the words. It makes me think about all the real loves I had in my life. Thanks for the memories...