Pendergrass, Teddy - This Gift Of Life Lyrics

This gift of life
Ooh I treasure it above everything
This gift of life
I'm so thankful, Lord knows I'm thankful to be livin'
It's the only thing you can't buy with money
It's the only thing you can't buy...
It's such a pleasure to be born
This gift of life
Ooh, I really love, I really love, I really love, I love this feelin'
This gift of life
Every day it's keeps on keeps on keeps on revealin'
All the wonderful, the marvelous the glorious things of
I'm so thankful that I'm alive with this gift of life
I'm truly blessed, yes I am
With this gift of life
It's so wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, it's so wonderful
And I wanna thank you for giving me the privilege just to live
So I that I can give all that I can
I'm so thankful to be able to make this long long journey
Ooh, Lord, I appreciate all the little things that you do
'Cause I like, I like the sunshine
And I like the cloudy days
I like the rain
I like snow
And I like to hear, I just like to hear the wind blow
I like everything on this earth
This gift of life

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Pendergrass, Teddy This Gift Of Life Comments
  1. Latarcha Kirkland

    2019 still love this song my testimony

  2. Tracy Knowles

    thankgod wild dont care mo things . rebuke pain cancer dont understand ast disease prey

  3. Mrs K. Williams

    I dedicate this to my dad August 7th 1951-October 26th, 2019. I'm gonna miss our 3-5 hour conversations I'm gonna miss pretending you were my lawyer you are/were the smartest man I have ever known I'm gonna miss our arguments I'm gonna miss rubbing your face when we listened to music together Thank you God for the time I had with my father altho not always good but when a person is gone you miss every single thing I was never a perfect daughter but I am Your Daughter I may not have always showed it but I love you from the depth of my soul I love you daddy sleep easy rest peacefully until we meet again...💓😘

    Mrs K. Williams

    Oh dear God comfort my aching heart.

  4. Tammy Davia

    Beautiful 😍

  5. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #31 on the R&B charts in 1982!!!

  6. Renee Roberson

    Such a true strong statement
    Many people today can't relate to true love they've never had the experience of it which is so sad💋

  7. Lekita Davis

    This is my sign on song. WTYJ 97.7FM. Natchez.

    Mr Delivery

    Lekita Davis my beloved Hometown...

  8. The Scatman

    How can I slow dance with a lady to a tune that throws in a 5/8? (LOL!) Probably why the producers went Earl Young on drums for this, rather than Charles Collins or Keith Benson! Those Philly cats were beastin' with this joint! And Teddy comes in and delivers the knockout! Damn.....!

  9. Thandi Qinga

    I'm so thankful so truly Blessed to be alive...

  10. Dappdaddy666

    ..,greatest pure vocalist ever 💯👍🏿✔️💪🏿👊🏿👑....

  11. Vaughn Kelly

    Treasure it guys! Tomorrow is not guaranteed..

  12. Nunya Bizz

    I remember hearing this song at a teen retreat & one of the counselor had the campers really thinking hard about how we take life and most of all, our loved ones for granted. Back then I didn't take the song seriously but I now try to mean it every time I say thank you, be it good or bad.

  13. Louis Ruckes ,Jr.

    Yes this gift of life is a blessing and we take it for gratitude !

  14. State P9988269

    I was laying here and my childhood song my mom use to play hit me

  15. Louis Ruckes ,Jr.

    A Great testimony about the Goodness of Life by a Really Wonderful Singer


    TP has nailed it ,wish it could be played for all youth especially in this era when drug abuse and usage is at its peak and most of them don't appreciate life.thanks Tp

  17. Gerald Johnson

    Teddy Pendergrass. Singer. 'Nuff said. Beautiful song. Profound. Thanks for the upload, Soulman163. RIP Teddy Bear. Blessings

  18. kikik boyd

    please listen to the lyrics......and Teddy is the only one who could have sung it..this perfectly....

    Neisha Tate

    kikik boyd this was a testimony. What am I saying about was, this is a testimony. This song will 4ever b timeless. "It's d only thing u can't buy with money and it's d only thing u can't buy". Ain't that d truth

  19. Lawton Davis

    I've sung this song as a tribute for my Grandmother whose 93 years old at my aunt wedding she cried. Sung it acapella style.

  20. Dapp Daddy

    ...greatest pure singer of all time...beautiful song..I luv everything on this earth...

  21. elliotscottie

    Love you T.P.

  22. Eugene Crawford

    Teddy sing this song.

  23. PiFF Rushing


  24. Pamela Allen

    I love thus song

  25. Kim Hall

    I love this song

  26. marvin mcdonald

    a wonderful song

  27. gospelslim

    I'll be 40 on the 18 of this month. This songs means so much to me now!!!!!!!! "Slim"

  28. Violet Downs

    Very good, this makes you think about your life and how blessed we are from the lord

  29. stiretec

    What do you mean by that?

    Louis Ruckes ,Jr.

    You should appreciate ( value) your life every day that you live to see another day , one that is with blessings (grace of God )

  30. Rita Goddard

    Thank you Lord for the Gift of Life and ears to hear beautiful music....Music removes the dust from our soul....Planting trees in Memory of and the Celebration of Life....Thank you Lord for eyes to see a beautiful tree...

  31. PutmanFranklinAvenue

    Please! I need lyrics of this song!!!

    Patrick Boyela

    PutmanFranklinAvenue it means a lot Darling

  32. Lateisha Kelley

    It would have been his 62nd birthday ( had he lived) R.I.P.

  33. Snoopy D

    This reminds me of my 1st year out of college. I love this song.

  34. quince farmer

    This was the song i played All the time when i was in the ARMY

  35. rebelsportswear1

    The greatest ever....this is the way real music suppose to sound. No "B" and "H" words

  36. jaya34ish

    Beautiful Song...So MANY TEARS!!! Thanx for uploading this SONG.

  37. Dee Harp

    it's funny how he made this song right before his accident, God was sending him a message. I know he listend to this song after the fact. Just something to think about.

    Neisha Tate

    Dee Harp yesssssss

  38. rickames

    I love this his voice!

  39. Deterral Brockington

    u will be gone but not forgotten r.i.p teddy

  40. ILoveEmilee

    Very powerful lyrics

  41. Jeffrey Oliver

    I Love this song I'm a grown man and I get choked up evrey time I hear this song.....

    Mr Delivery

    Jeffrey Oliver I'm "choked-up" now

  42. Javelle Boykin

    fav teddy joint, 2nd- you're my lastest, greatest, inspiration,3rd when somebody loves you back- i love n ms teddy p

  43. Javelle Boykin

    it makes me cry everytime i hear this song, i've known this song sing i been 15 in hg sch, i am 36 now, i love teddy, R>I>P>

    Neisha Tate

    Javelle Boykin me 2

  44. Javelle Boykin

    it's my fav top 3 also

  45. Steven Falcon

    My favorite TP song, and, really, probably in my top 3 favorite songs ever. RIP TP.

  46. bighurt2009

    My favorite TP song. It's so beautiful it makes me cry. Rest in peace, Teddy Bear.

  47. stiretec

    I just heard this song today...this gift of life...what a wonderful song...thank you TP and I will miss you...God Bless You! You were a gift to us!

  48. thatkoolkatal

    I'm so glad that someone else remembers what is my favorite TP song...RIP


    RIP Teddy! You will be greatly missed. This was one of my all time favorites of Teddy's. I'm glad to see that others were so touched by the sentimental side of Teddy too. "I Love You Teddy, I'm gonna miss you baby! May God Rest Your Soul"

    Una Grealy

    I will never forget this song it was played at my friends funeral andy pearson rip where ever you are up there with reddy x