Pendergrass, Teddy - In My Time Lyrics

You know, I'm no beginner
My hearts been to the wall
I'm a tried and true romantic
Who's seen and done it all

And when you walked into my life
Suddenly I knew
All the love I had inside
Was leading me to you

In my time
I've lived and loved so much
Through each high and low
I let my heart be touched

In my time
There isn't much I've missed
I've seen love come and go, but heaven knows
I've never loved like this in my time

After all that I've been through
I'm in love with you

I've won some and I've lost some
But us dreamers don't complain
We keep reaching out for passion
No matter what the pain

When I looked into your eyes
It all fell into place
I found, what I was searching for
Shining in your face

In my time
I've lived and loved so much
Through each high and low
I let my heart be touched

In my time
There isn't much I've missed
I've seen love come and go, but heaven knows
I've never loved like this in my time

After all that I've been through
I'm in love with you

In my time
I've lived and loved so much
Through each high and low
I let my heart be touched

In my time
There isn't much I've missed
I've seen love come and go, but heaven knows
I've never loved like this in my time

After all that I've been through
I'm in love with you

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Pendergrass, Teddy In My Time Comments
  1. Rolando Manongtong

    I miss my teenage days 80s

  2. Bridget Robinson

    Beautiful song 2019- 2020

  3. Hillton Jonkers

    Who still listen to this song in the last day of 2019♥️

  4. Edite Amador

    Beautiful song love it Rest In Peace

  5. Maria NEGRET

    In my time you were in my journey and I remembered and fell in love in my time.

  6. Eddie De Leon

    isn't it by complimenting to a lady with beautifull and magical words and letters in their most attractive positions you touch her heart coming from mouth composed by heart in tagalog palipad hangin ... thank you

  7. Deborah Sisson

    I really love this beautiful song yes I've seen those

  8. maryjean ulanday

    [email protected]
    Napaganda ng kanta nito
    Parang tumanda k pero bumalik sa
    Pag kabata

  9. Giulia James

    I love this song rest in peace T

  10. Jonathan Nurse

    This song called "In My Time", was sung by the then immortal, now the late, great Teddy Pendergrass, going back to 1985.

  11. Sharon Avery

    Thank u Neil for let me in to your heart Baby I love ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Marivic Sabadiato

    Timeless music,,,love is in the air,,,

  13. Susan Manzano

    Very good this song,,, yes I will be one day I love again

  14. Lucy Odamitse

    Im not perfect, i made mistakes but God knows how much you mean to me..( i've never love like this)...

  15. Michael Grannell

    Songs was the weapon to win 💛not anymore vanity is the new way now sad

  16. maryjean ulanday

    [email protected]
    I miss hem this song old song he wasn't younger that's I love song
    In my time

  17. Op Kennedy

    Love is a many splendour thing.

  18. Hey ItsŞharon

    I'm gonna!!!!

  19. Penbiosyn Alas

    November 16,2019 anyone?

  20. Virginia Nightigale

    Nice Song

  21. Jessa Smith

    I just known this song from Vice Ganda’s love story video. 😍


    Always loved this song and now loving the lyrics even more ....💜

  23. Geraldine Gaggia

    Thank you for loving me so much! I love you too!

  24. Glendon Noble

    Loving this song

  25. berna berna

    Teenager pa ako nung uso ang kanta nyan, 80's pa yan mga panahon pa ni sharon gabby nun..sarap blikan mga song noon❤

  26. Elena Serrano

    I love u too😘😘♥️

  27. Calandra Walker


  28. Rowena Madjid

    In my time 💔

  29. Rowena Madjid

    I keep the passion no matter what happen to our love " love you honey good night I leave my heart with you .

  30. Cidinha Miranda

    emotion so much

  31. Zhel Deguzman

    Heaven knows I’ve never love like this In my time ❤️

  32. Rump[e Stillskin

    I have never heard this before. What a beautiful song. Thank you Alliza.

    Alliza Abkilan

    Your always welcome..thnk for support

    Rump[e Stillskin

    @Alliza Abkilan Now a 6.6 magnitude earthquake. I hope you and your family are safe.

  33. Amorita Legaspi

    Nice song,love it!

  34. suzann143


  35. Noli Dagasdas


  36. Karen Q. del Castillo

    Vice and Ion brought me here.. 😂

  37. Di Bn

    Love is all..

  38. risalyn aquino

    In my time I've lived & love so much

  39. A I

    THIS SONG IS FOR YOU ,.." RAMIL LABAO " (*´˘`*)だーい好き❣❣ とても会いたいわー笑 !

  40. NT Lady

    I thank God I was born in d era of good songs👍🙏👌💖

  41. Joel Mangasep

    What a great voice forever thankful to teddy for having the chance to listen to one of the best song ever

  42. Cindy Lou

    Que voooooozzzzz

  43. Karen Regalado

    Thank u teddy bear for this romantic love song 🎵😍😘😘❤❤❤ I've never love like this in my time

  44. Precy Tecson

    i mssu marcus

  45. Karen Regalado

    Ilove this song sobra 😍😍❤🥰

  46. Marina Gamayao

    Thank you the greatest love.godbless

  47. Ivariorie Dumo

    Thanks for uploading this music,remind my younger days.

    Alliza Abkilan


  48. Fenni Malia

    Nice n lovely song

  49. Ramona Wilson

    Missing a King of R&B.

  50. grace hardin

    love it

  51. Geny Sys

    Reminds me back of my teenage years, learned what was the feeling of having a crush being in love for the first time. To see my crush rushing by makes my heart beats fast while watching her without seeing me. Now all those sweet memories makes me smile whenever i hear this love song now that im in my fifties makes me realize time flies so fast 🙂🙂🙂

  52. Linda Jackson

    Gm edagdwg thanks for sharing song God at work love is a real trip in this world with god giving me a loving man to love like him never so much peace only God can give linda j ☮️ ❤️ a love bug

  53. Donald Cook

    One of the greatest of all time

    Anne Celiz


  54. Lacey Lee

    I love song in my time never heard it before straight to the heart song

  55. Janine Dale


  56. Margaret Gaskell

    In my time...wonderful words of love..yes love.🌹M🌹love and lost🙏

  57. Annaliza Siachongco

    classic lovesong that will remain listineng for

  58. Arjay Espiritu

    Ganda tlga nito sana real life my love is same beautiful like this hayy so fhnnh na tlga

  59. Kehinde Oyesiku

    Great work 👍❤❤

  60. teresa pogorzelska

    very beautiful song ,very nice words.<3.<3.<3.

  61. Carol Efoghe


  62. Kurt Adams

    RIP brother Teddy

  63. Kurt Adams

    Sweet Philly Soul

  64. Sandra Iglesias

    Beautiful song! 🥰

  65. PAul Henry

    Blessings always. My favorite song.

    Alliza Abkilan


  66. Marie Pierre

    Beautiful!!!! That's sounds like my life story.

  67. mamaki gaobotse

    One of the greatest old time productions😍 In my time

  68. Irene Stolz

    With many love partners in life, one keeps splitting their soul apart with each affair. To a point where they start to feel empty and keep looking for more. That is why one life partner totally committed to each other for life is the best emotionally once the love butterflies disappear. As written in the Word of God (His Bible).

    Time, time and more time is needed to get to know someone's character without the sex.

  69. donna br0wn


  70. Youauf Salim

    The best never lasts.Thanks Teddy wherever you maybe.

    Metro Pcsaal


  71. linda

    Good voice

  72. Ona Corona

    Those words are so beautiful and tells about my life.....😘. 😔

  73. Maggie Pinzon

    Very lovely love song .. In my time ." my real Love ." 💘

  74. Chew Bacca

    This was such a perfect song to come across as I'm about to go to sleep. I haven't heard it in ages. Teddy's voice is so soothing.

  75. teresa smith

    Another legend gone to soon. He never gave up

  76. nadine Wilson

    Lovely ❤️ This Time!

  77. Joe Harris

    Simply beautiful.

  78. JoAnn Muhammad

    This precious song speaks my heart to that phenomenal man that entered into my life. John Wong, here's to you "In My Life". I love you baby, and I humbly thank you for always making me feel loved ♡

    Vuyani Phindani

    Your man is blessed 💞

    JoAnn Muhammad

    @Vuyani Phindani thank you!! Believe me I'm just as blessed. He's truly one of a kind. Much love and blessings ♡

    John Wong

    Thank you for all you have given me. Thank you for being " In My Life." Love you.

    JoAnn Muhammad

    @John Wong ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  79. Murna Cash

    all of these words my phoneas becomes my enemy

  80. almel salaan

    @frely_sale i love you so much even love come and go.

  81. Vuyani Phindani

    Oh guys,anyone with me?06/09/2019 Friday 👌⚘📢

    Vuyani Phindani

    @Angel WINGSnop, fortunately it isn't, hey 😊,superstitious people say 13th Friday isn't good, what's your belief ❔

    Ruth Hawkins

    I'm here 9/21/19.... Love me some Teddy Pendergrass

    Vuyani Phindani

    @Ruth Hawkins oh yes,dear,I love you already 🤝🔴

    Ruth Hawkins

    @Vuyani Phindani Have you seen Teddy Pendagrass documentary on Showtime it's call "IF YOU DON'T KNOW ME", ITS AWESOME TELLS ABOUT HIS LIFE HE'S SINGING ALL HIS SONGS ITS AWESOME!!! CH3CK IT OUT IF YOU CAN

    jess 89

    Nov 9, 2019...timeless

  82. Calvin Soafo

    i will take u away

  83. carmen krowel

    Beautiful song. Teddy's video of him singing this song and being wheelchair bound as he is dropped off at his Philly house is really sad.

  84. Arjay Espiritu

    Good my deeam boy khit sa panaginip.nlng ok lng nA mahalin.kita

  85. Yolamda Kelly

    You touched my heart so deeply, that beautiful song explained what your heart is feeling......... I know you love me, I knew it all along decades ago. Baby you are my dream come true.
    Thank you for blessing my heart with this Beautiful song.
    I love you. 😍💏💓💘💕🕊🕊🕊🕊

  86. Joyce Nierman

    One of the prettiest songs I have ever heard and sung with such feeling by one of the greatest performers of his time. THE MAGNIFICENT TEDDY PENDERGRASS !!! WE WERE SO BLESSED TO HAVE BEEN IN THAT ERA AND IN HIS TIME. ENTERTAINERS SUCH AS TEDDY PENDERGRASS ARE

  87. Ms Lady Tee

    Love this song n the Lyrics!!!
    After all that I've been through I'm in LOVE with you 💖💖💖

  88. Gary Lagrazon

    What a beautiful song. Soulful and romantic❤

  89. alro mclean

    Wow,awesome classic!

  90. JUICYRED 70

    simply beautiful ➕➕🅰🅰🅰➕➕
    😚 Sweet Home ✨

  91. Charie Fabinal

    This is by far one of the greatest song ever made...lav it😍

  92. dudz amoncio

    Alliza, your presentation is good. It would be more desirable if you put the words or lyrics before the melody comes. So that, we are ready for the next to come. For starters who do not memorize the song, this would help.

    Taweh Jallah

    This song is for my one and only true love .

  93. Judith Blake


  94. Phyllis Doheny

    The song in time is amazing lwish u did feel that way about me

    Bonga Brilliant

    It's awsome classic🎤🎵🎸🎸

  95. Cheryl Gaulman


  96. Romani Gypsy

    Love it

  97. Melody of love! moralola

    TE AMO!!

  98. Melody of love! moralola

    Estoy embarcada
    Salgo 22 45 hs!!
    Abrazos besos tristeza!!