Pell - Phantoms In Space Lyrics

What's better than sliced bread, the cheddar to go with it
I'm maintaining my digits and calling girls to come kick it
Must have not heard the music if they get to bullshitting
But really
I like alone
I need no one
Though I'm Sunshine stating with homies who helped me make it
Tell haters Salam alakum while I soak a couple Rays in
Just living
Still like alone
Don't get too close

Flashing arrogance because I'm better than them
Like How you still a champ if you ain't study my film
How you still the man, when your presence exempt
From every nook and cranny I could hear em bumpin my shit
Full moon eclipse I'm hiding and shining at the same time
Now I got em all hooked muthafuck a top line

Wings spread
Fly king's threads
Diamond gold ruby bling green red sit atop the black Kings head
Things pledged in the past
Every dream in the lab;
About the cream and the fans
Came from teamwork and plans
Everything but Grammys seen yet
Floating like Pharaoh
No you never seen a King Jet

Counting the stars until the nights get colder, Cycle through time but never seeing change
Once I get fly I'll see the lights get closer
We'll be the phantoms in space
Flying away, away
Away, away
Away, away
Away, away
Away, away
Away, away
Away, away
Away, away
Away, away
Away, away
Away, away
Away, away

With my current love for music it's been hard to be a bachelor
Committed to Levi's fitted I'm the corduroy Casper
We dancing into their hearts, I'm learning from Michael Jackson
I Been on the road faded, I'm learning to stop attachments
Got homies out there in Brooklyn, my heart in the big apple
... girl I see you, you bad a mf
I would speak but from the substance, paranoia strike in public
Don't judge me
Cause I'm lucky
Got some people overseas that were, looking for me tell em 2015 I'll be in they reach
Parasailing might find me
Feeling better bitch I'm smiling
Haters doubting I'm deep guess they all shallow minded
Giving nookie from my conscience steaming like the marijuana
Why the ones who love the culture gotta starve like Calcutta
Kawabunga all I'm screaming to the dudes that wanted trouble
I know that y'all be hating, but I still fucking love you
That's real

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