Pedro The Lion - My Phoenix Lyrics

I memorized the verses
And the names of every road
Then studying the history saw how badly things can go

And I thought you saw it too
I swear I learned it all from you
But now our home is burning and you don't have a clue

From a disappointed son
To the city that he loves
The flags you wave around have got me wondering

My Phoenix
My Phoenix
If my Phoenix still shines
If my Phoenix will rise

If the vision of the Christ
My family sees
Is not the revision's greatest enemy

Then I still try to tune it in
When I get lonely
You know I chase around this desert because I think that's where you'll be

Whether high and lifted up
Or the dust becoming dust
Somehow I'm still in love

With my Phoenix
My Phoenix
My Phoenix still shines
My Phoenix will rise

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Pedro The Lion My Phoenix Comments
  1. Ben Leiber

    My brother's favorite song on this album is Black Canyon

  2. Gregory Laskaris

    The best song for 2019 and one of the best for the decade. The hard sound of loss.

  3. Agathe Gender

    first! muhahahaha...

    Agathe Gender

    love this double guitar riff!!! btw

  4. Dan T

    Cheers from a Mesa Arizonan. Solid fucking album. All your stuff is good to great never below. Thanks for the solidity that is the Bazan body of work.