Pedro The Lion - Breadwinner You Lyrics

A sinking feeling has been lurking at your door,
That it is real you can't deny you must ignore.

Sing like the angel that you know you'll never be,
And try to pin the blame on me.

The heart that beats inside your chest the awful need,
It burns with holy fire, righteousness, and greed.

Sing like the angel that you know you'll never be,
And try to pin the blame on me.

Like the angel that you know you'll never be,
But you still try and pin the blame on me.

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Pedro The Lion Breadwinner You Comments
  1. Jim Leonard

    Gas and Matches ! Awesome!

  2. MearlyBird

    I thought they broke up years ago! Heck yeah!

  3. Andyouwillknow

    Dear David, I have been supporting your work (both solo and with PTL) for many years now and your latest record is probably your most balanced and mature. Thanks for this great record, it's exciting and heartfelt. Kudos to the rest of the band as well. It's not easy to make a trio sound so rich but you guys pull it off. Finally, as a drummer, I love what your drummer is doing with such a small drum set. Love the dark tones of the ride/crash (Should be a Sabian from the Big & Ugly series if I am not mistaken). Greetings from an Italian fan!

  4. Ewerton Felipe

    Pedro the Lion is so good, sad they'll never come to Brazil...

  5. RWL de Bruijn

    Keep swinging Pedro!

  6. Gregory Laskaris

    So far, the best LP of 2019. In contrast with his previous works.

  7. Ariel Pagliero

    I just found out about them thanks to mewithoutYou.
    They're AMAZING.

  8. RUOK

    Anyone else get disappointed when David plays bass instead of guitar?

  9. Derek Zurovetz

    Jim Adkins Tele?

  10. Holger Hetschko

    By listening to only the first track I was taken back to the late 90s. What an exciting musical discovery. Keep up the great job!

  11. Nick Bryant

    wish they played arizona :/

    Ted Diepenbrock

    Nick Bryant yes, I was looking for a live performance of Arizona when I found this.

  12. Matthew Rhoades

    This is so painful to watch. I can hear David selling his soul in the act.


    Elaborate. I am not a fan of this new album for other reasons, but I'm intrigued by your visceral response.

    Matthew Rhoades

    @trahnettilhcS It's almost like David has evolved so far from his past hit songs that it seems like he's selling out by playing them and he knows it. I dunno, I have a profound love for the man.


    I’m so lost by your comment. Selling his soul? Selling out? To who? For what? A kexp video on YouTube? This isn’t commercial television or nationwide/worldwide radio. Before YouTube, I had never heard of kexp here in Los Angeles. This is hardly selling out. He seems like a songwriter who’s written so many good songs that now he’s in a mood to revisit them again, as well as write new songs in that style. Pedro was always a very different sound, instrument wise, to his solo stuff or headphones or even the Lo Tom stuff. Now he’s returned to this style. And it’s great. A little repetitive but that’s bound to happen with songwriters who have written a lot. There are only so many notes until you’re repeating them again, and only so many words. He’s used up so much and has said so much. When you see him on the today show or some crap like that, then maybe I’d entertain your theory

    Matthew Rhoades

    GCWS1 touché. Yeah, I was a little inebriated with those comments. Saw what I wanted to see. I totally agree with you, though.

  13. Livingstón

    Oof... No Circle K... Cest la vie

  14. Jimsy

    I've been a fan of Pedro the Lion since the '00s, but this was a pretty poor performance. A shame.

    Riccardo Albertini

    I agree... I feel like the drummer is not having fun

  15. Ted Sanders

    The way Dave presents a song to us is a gift. Thank you.

  16. Micah Carey

    Oh thank goodness you finally posted it back up

  17. Joey Fester

    The groove on When They Really Get to Know You... tight. Nice refreshing of a classic Pedro tune. Well done, guys.

  18. Matt Portnoy

    I haven’t seen Dave in almost 10 years. Last time we hung out I got overcharged for Whole Foods $240 for 5 pizzas, no joke.

  19. Atwooooood

    Thank you KEXP for this awesome performance. I can never get enough Pedro the Lion/David Bazan videos.

    Riccardo Albertini

    Hl3 confirmed

  20. danman6669

    Just talk. There's no reason to scream into the mic.

  21. Pablo zeceña

    WOW is this David Bazan??

  22. Casey Taylor

    I feel like they're not that good live

    zac medeiros

    Casey Taylor I saw David Bazan 3 times live...some of the best shows of my life

    Micah Carey

    Well you felt wrong


    This sounds really close to the album version, lol. You should check the NPR Tiny Desk's Concert too, they're amazing.

    Riccardo Albertini

    David is good, but I feel like the band is... Uh... Somehow not as cohese as it should be. I don't know, it's like there's no chemistry between them.

  23. Udo Matthias drums

    love it!!

  24. Patrick Naron

    Anyone who gave this a thumbs down is an idiot. This is an amazing set, by a amazing group of musicians.

    Amy Grooves

    Lots of people don’t appreciate well written music like this. 😐 Their loss.

  25. Kurt Kugel

    The King has returned!


    Elvis is still alive! I knew it!

  26. thewintersessions

    cant believe they got back together... i was there the “last time” they would ever play the control album...

    Tynan O'Brien

    Pedro The Lion is basically David Bazan + friends, and David Bazan has been continually putting out some of my favorite music for years. Definitely check out the discography under his name. Also check out Lo Tom, another group he was/is in.

    Michael Palmer

    @Tynan O'Brien So good! Lo Tom was great as well! Headphones too!


    There was really no "getting back together." David Bazan just changed the name from David Bazan back to Pedro the Lion.

    Riccardo Albertini

    @Michael Palmer headphones were super!

  27. AE Gimenez

    wow...this was a great set. I've never heard Quietest Friend. Love it.

  28. Native Diamond

    Sounds good! Keep up the great work

  29. Nick Burklow

    What a great live mix! Good work as always KEPX

  30. Leonardo Romero

    congrats Pedro the Lion

  31. Marco Antonio

    suena a King of Leon pero con un nombre latino y mas desafinado... bless

    Alberto Ramírez

    Esta banda está desde 1995... so King of leon suena como Pedro de lion más bien...

    Christian Pedroza

    Nada que ver una con otra banda

  32. American Me


    Mel Alvarez

    Yo my ex’s brother played guitar for you guys and introduced me to your music love your shit cool you guys are fans of David too lol

  33. PACHA y su Imaginario

    Primera vez que los escucho... Enseguida te das cuenta que son una banda con grandes aprendizajes atras. Un sonido muy definido, contundente, melancólico y ajustado milimétricamente. Ya tienen un nuevo fan! ♡

  34. Nate

    Working, click latest KEXP videos, cause I listen to the music often in the background.
    After about 10 seconds, I am like; I recognize this song and voice and really enjoyed it before.

    Now I know who this is, Pedro the Lion a truly underrated band with flowing melodic tones.

    Thanks again KEXP <3

  35. Al Lakes

    Sonido Pulento!

  36. Michael Ciccia

    0:56 - Yellow Bike
    4:39 - When They Really Get To Know You They Will Run
    7:06 - Gas and Matches
    10:33 - Model Homes
    14:05 - Keep Swinging
    16:50 - How I Remember
    20:24 - Quietest Friend
    24:38 - Kept Secrets

    Also I make music on my channel if you wanna check it out that’d be awesome :)


    thank you :)

    Kurt Kugel

    Hell yeah you get a subscription just for being a fan of David

    Jonathan Sakks

    Michael Ciccia Thank you

  37. Leandro PCBit

    Amo essa banda!!!

    Tony strauss

    acho que nao estamos sozinhos nesta :)

    Fernando Ribeiro

    Caras, to na segunda música e estou gostando hein haha


    Infelizmente ele não tocou My Phoenix, é uma das minhas favoritas do novo álbum, sem dúvidas.

    Ewerton Felipe

    Brasileiros que gostam de Pedro the Lion, extremamente raro

    Alexandre Lunelli

    Tamo junto!